Monday, May 29, 2017

White Supremacism vs Islamic Supremacism. Is there really a difference?

Why does the Media recoil at the mere mention of White Supremacism and NEVER mentions Islamic Supremacism? Oh, you did not know that Muslims are Islamic Supremacists? If you are Muslim, you have to be a Supremacist, it is a core doctrine of Islam. Every Muslim knows this doctrine of “Al Walaa wal Baraa.” It is, in fact, Islamic apartheid.

When a Civilization Jihadi in the English-speaking world talks about “human rights” “racial equality” and all the sweet touchy-feely “equality issues” they are speaking ONLY of Muslims. In Islam, it is required that others “submit” to Islamic Supremacism to live in Peace with Islam. Yes, Islam IS the religion of PEACE, for Muslims. But it is the religion of discrimination and civil oppression for Dhimmi Christians who live in Muslim Majority Countries. Further, it is DEATH to any NOT in submission to Islam, the Kefir.

I am a Christian, but I will NEVER be a Dhimmi Christian, and as Jesus Christ would, were he walking the earth today, I claim the title Kefir PROUDLY.  If I will not submit to the White Supremacists NAZIS or the White Supremacists of the KKK, what possible logical reason could I find to submit to ISLAM?

For Islam, Muslims are the permanent KINGS of the Castle, a Royal Cast that tolerates those enslaved to Islam, ONLY if they are in submission to Islamists.

This is the IDENTICAL doctrine of White Supremacism. Those sick whites see themselves as the Aryan Master Race, and all who are not White are inferior to them and can only be tolerated when they are in submission to them.

This psycho-White Supremacist in the Pacific Northwest, who recently cursed Muslim teens and killed a couple people who came to their defense, perfectly demonstrated his kinship with the common Muslim Jihadi, exhibiting the exact same “prejudice” and VIOLENCE we have seen Muslims display now THOUSANDS of times in the last 15 years.

White Supremacy is EVIL, but the fact remains that in the U.S. in the last 100 years, death at the hands of White Supremacists remains less than One Hundred people, including the racist lynchings of the 1920s, 30s and 40s and the deaths of civil rights workers in the 50s and 60s. Where on the other hand, Muslim Supremacists have now killed IN THE U.S. THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE and Millions across the Globe in the same time period.

I am not excusing anything, I am pointing out the threat BOTH pose and the relative danger to you. When the civilization Jihadis stand on their high-horse and preach “tolerance” they are LYING. They know that a core tenet of their “faith” is Al Walaa wal Baraa i.e. Islamic Supremacism.

Why is it that we have all heard the terms Hijab, Quran, Jihad, Burka, Caliphate but NEVER hear the core Islamic Doctrine of Al Walaa wal Baraa, Islamic Supremacism?

IF people understood the Supremacist Nature of Islam, they would view any religious Muslim with the exact same social opprobrium as they view the KKK and NAZIS. The Cultural Marxist Media will never share this FACT with you because their goal is the Destruction of Christianity and any remnant of Christian Civilization.

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Why is John McCain's Girl Friend So Angry

John McCain's girl friend is really pissed.  It seems that her friend James Comey, lied to him and screwed over his very best friend Hillary Clinton, and Lindsey was not kept in the loop.  He realizes that no matter how it went down, his friend James Comey lied to him and played him like the insignificant little girl he is. 

You can skip the first 1:16 seconds, since it is just the usual anti-Trump BS.



Sunday, May 28, 2017


You are not likely to hear anything about this in the media. Here is the finding of the FISA Court, April 26, 2017, exposing the Obama Administration's use and abuse of FBI, CIA and NSA spying programs, to spy on political opponents. (Published by Wikileaks)

THIS is the story that has to come out, presently blacked-out by the CIA's FAKE STREAM Media. Multiple people across the DNC and Obama Administration were given access to CIA, FBI, NSA stored DATA, for POLITICAL purposes. 

Yes, Trump was "wiretapped" and those around him. Does this finding name Trump? Some of it is redacted so we cannot know. But with myriad incidents of illegal accessing by political operatives, what other common sense explanation can you conjure?

This illegal spying occurred over a period of five years, intensifying from the time Donald Trump won the GOP Nomination.

Cosmological Irony.

It requires knowing the latest discoveries in Cosmology and some history to understand what irony this statement is coming from Bruno, since EVERY important theory for which he claimed "truth" has been proved "not truth," though 99% of supposed intellectuals, brainwashed by Cultural Marxism's "Naturalism" remain as ignorant as Bruno.