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It IS ALL about the Genocide or Is it ALL about the BEAUTY?


I started to do a video about the present worldwide Genocide that is still happening.  And I will do that next, but on this Thanksgiving Day, 2017, the question hit me,
"Or is it all about the Beauty?"  Suddenly my heart was taken in a different direction.  Tomorrow, or this weekend I will do the Genocide Story - it is material you NEED to have to survive in health. But then, so is this:
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn quoted an old Russian proverb, stating that the best Russian proverbs were always about Truth.

"One word of truth shall outweigh the whole world."

You see, I believe that, I absolutely believe that.
Solzhenitsyn continued:
"So perhaps the old trinity of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty is not simply the decorous and antiquated formula it seemed to us at the time of our selfconfident materialistic youth. If the tops of these three trees do converge, as thinkers used to claim, and if the all too obvious and the overly straight sprouts of Truth and Goodness have been crushed, cut down, or not permitted to grow, then perhaps the whimsical, unpredictable, and ever surprising shoots of Beauty will force their way through and soar up to that very spot, thereby fulfilling the task of all three.

"And then no slip of the tongue but a prophecy would be contained in Dostoyevsky’s words: 'Beauty will save the world.”'

Reading those words about Truth and Goodness being cut down, not allowed to grow, but Beauty dancing between the demons and not merely escaping their axe but beguiling them and fooling them until at the peek of it all, it reveals itself, and in it is Truth and Goodness revealed - One evening in my life more than a quarter of a century ago, sprang into my mind.  A dear friend, we will call her Suzan, was graduating from the Atlanta College of the Arts, her Show was on display in the basement of the High Museum, and it was very striking "minimalism" mostly cloudy white, with some hint of movement under it, a really beautiful style I had never seen.  As I looked at the first painting she was telling me, "Truthfully, I've been praying that they don't just rip me and dismiss my art. This show is make or break for my entire career." We walked up one row of paintings, and I saw it was a series in progress. We turned down the second row and the images were becoming clearer to me. We turned down the third (horseshoe shape display) and slowly walked to the last painting. I asked Susan "How long did this take you. She answered, every available hour for the last 9 months. I asked not sure of the answer, but yet sure, "You don't know what you have painted do you?" She said, "What?"  We stepped over to the beginning and started again, and by the end Susan has tears in her eyes and panic in her heart, because painting after painting, and these were huge canvasses, Jesus Christ was progressively revealing himself to her. It was like "Where's Waldo" by the time you reached the last painting he was standing there hands outreached, a loving expression on his face and the work was gorgeous. But unless the object in the painting (Jesus was pointed out to you) the optical illusion hid him from your consciousness, from your view, but once you saw him, you could not "unsee" him. Susan turned to me in that panic and said, "Please don't say anything. Any hit of religion in my art work, especially Christianity, because they know I'm Catholic and they will DESTROY me."  She politely invited me to leave and I was relieved to do so.  But you see, in that hellhole of an Art School, were every demonic image, every anti-human and demeaning to human piece is praised and any hint of realism that is not perversely seductive or demeaning is condemned, where any Christian image is automatically mocked and given a failing grade, beauty had danced and revealed himself as Truth. I was laughing out loud, I could not help myself, and Susan was wracked with fear. Her husband was shocked and said, "I didn't see it either, now I cannot unsee it."  The demonic judges were blinded, Susan was given the highest acclaim and she has spent the last quarter of a century happily make objects of enormous beauty. 

The only recording of my original compositions and piano work I did in the pre-digital age was a lowly cassette tape release I Titled, "Creating the Beauty."  That Title was a troll actually because I thoroughly believed at the time, and still do that one cannot CREATE Beauty any more than one can CREATE Truth, just as one cannot create Goodness, one may only find it, participate in it, and enjoy its benefits, and I would add, healing benefits.  Yes we create objects of Beauty, we participate in astounding moments of Truth, and thanks to God's Mercy men and women still do share goodness with one another and all this happens against a sea of ugliness and lies. That has to be God's mercy.

When that lowly cassette tape was released, over a period of a year I collected in a very large cardboard box, the "fan letters" I received, some from some surprising people, many were from friends in the music business that went something like, "Congratulations on your recording." Others were in appreciation of the beauty of the music, but the majority were about healing, about emotional, physical and spiritual healing.  That collection of letters let me know that I had indeed found, participated, enjoyed and SHARED Beauty, so I had also shared Goodness, and I had also shared Truth, and this was inside a culture, inside a society where EVERYTHING had become false, had turned IN-human, Un-human, artificial and false. It was an age when everything evil was being celebrated as "the good." Somehow in that insanity, people were able to take an hour away and engage with the sounds that said, "Something else, something better, is possible." 

(Insert audio from creating the beauty - 30 seconds and let fade.)

(From June of 2017)
Returning Humanity to Americans - It is a Trump Trick.
Five years ago in the darkest days of American History, I wrote this article that is prophetic. I taught the lesson of "hopeful skepticism" in fact, Holy Spirit powered hope and skepticism, as opposed to the false choice of the true believer or the total cynic, that is, being a dupe and useful idiot of the Deep State, vs being a bitter cynic, rejecting all that is false without hope. In 2012, when the political election was totally false, people were insulted when you asked them to step out of the fantasy, to throw off the psychological conditioning and recognize the truth. The only choice they perceived as real to them was to (1) accept the fantasy that the election was real, falsely believe that Romney wasn't Obama lighter skinned, wasn't just a different form of the same Globalist Puppet or (2) Abandon all hope, sink into bitter cynicism and defeat.   Debbie the Sane Progressive would call this a false, either/or. 

There was a third choice and many of us took it, and that was "hopeful skepticism"; writing the politics off for the fictitious theater it was, and pressing ahead to discover the TRUTH about everything, including how the FAKE SYSTEM worked. We understood the processes of Congress were FAKE, the News Media was FAKE, even the office of the President was FAKE since it was occupied by Globalist Puppets. We stood solidly in this fact, that only TRUTH has the power to create LIBERTY. That is the message of "hopeful skepticism." NEVER be a "true believer" in ANYTHING but Truth who is a person, God in Christ, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.


June 29, 2012, four month before the election in November 2012 this is what I wrote:

Well on the morning of June 29th, 2012 I awakened to discover that my Government recognizes me as a post-human beast only, whose body and physical health is at the mercy of the State, in the persons of the keepers of all human "livestock" Obama's Medical Czars. I'm post-human because these people do not recognize my humanity, cannot recognize any higher aspect of me other than the fact - according to their religion of Scientism (extreme materialism) - that I am one of the higher primates, a member of the Great Ape family of the "species" called homo-sapien:

the species are bipedal primates to which modern humans belong, characterized by a brain capacity averaging1400 cc (85 cubic in.) and by dependence upon language and the creation and utilization of complex tools.

Isn't the family cute!

I'm post-American, also, as Obama has repeatedly stated, and since Justice Roberts falling in lock step, defecated on the Constitution, and destroyed any meaning that piece of parchment ever had; this following 50 years of assaults upon the same by the utopian planners who have to destroy it to succeed with their Luciferian goals. Their goal is to mark humanity with "The Mark of The Beast" and control humanity like livestock in a pen. Anyone who buys into the "biology only" paradigm of Extreme Materialism of the Evolutionists has accepted "The Mark of the Beast." Those agreeing to become or be "beast only" will be approved of and promoted by the establishment. You know the scientistic truths, for instance, that a homosexual is born predisposed to his proclivity, and there is nothing to be done since as a beast he is material only and a slave to his genes. Like the born pedophile, the born lesbian, the born transgender, the born sadomasochists, beast only, locked as slaves to their beastly instincts.  

But I have news for them. We will never accept The Mark of the Beast. I am more than beast and cannot be reduced to beast even in the most dire of privations.  Just as no one could destroy my Christianity by destroying every Bible on the planet and every Christian word ever written by any Christian writer, and just as no hedonistic destruction of morality and mocking of things sacred by pagans, muslims and atheists can destroy my Christianity, so the destruction of the Constitution and the mocking of its principles cannot destroy my LIBERTY.

My Christianity doesn't come from books, it comes to me "fleshly heart to fleshly heart" a lived experience, from the witness of precious Christians I have known over the course of my life who have lovingly shared the stories of their journeys and their experience of Almighty God, where a spark of that Divinity that rested in their hearts, like a contagion took abode in my heart and burned me, and challenged the stone that was my heart and turned it day by day from stone to flesh, flowing with the blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Only then was I capable of finding the True Light, HE who IS TRUTH, in the Sacred Writings, till then the words were dust and death and sickness. It was that spark of uncreated energy Christ shared with me that progressively illumined everything. Where lie became as apparent as a dark shadow in the room and the demonic world was pushed back, where in time Truth was grasped and spoken.

One such heart of flesh, so sweetly filled with both frightening strength and gentle humility was Corrie Ten Boom whose stories told to me when I was a bitter teen, almost in a whisper sometimes with eyes welled with tears as she observed my bitter heart. She would say in her deep Dutch accent, "The shell is hard and brittle, but you are not fooling me. That shell hides a heart wounded and in need of healing. But don't worry one day that shell will turn as soft and strong as supple leather, and your heart will constantly bleed." She was right. Faith comes by hearing - sharing - experience, and I too became a witness, speaking most effectively in almost a whisper, sharing the spark in my heart that had turned to fire. This is the Liberty that is Inalienable - no book or parchment can create it or contain it, neither Constitution nor Bible.

Just as my Christianity does not come from a document, neither does my Liberty come from a government; it is NOT the result of ink on parchment. My Christianity exists in my being, and so does my liberty, and no assault can change that. My Christianity is a blessed and undeserved gift of a benevolent God, who in the Person of Jesus Christ suffered and conquered death by death so that I might share in his glorified nature and have LIFE, and that same God has endowed me with inalienable rights, the rights proper to the dignity of the human and these rights include the right to say - Nice try, utopian seeking, pagan New World Order Post-Humans - but no Cigar, I'm the same person I was yesterday, before you conquered the Constitution, just a little wiser, and tomorrow I'll be the same person by God's mercy and grace just a little wiser still, and I am your worst nightmare, a HUMAN alive, angry, joyful and un-hypnotized.

Chances are if you are reading this, you probably are not hypnotized either, or you would not give my thoughts the time of day. They would be just foolishness to you, some ignorant throwback to the pre-scientistic era. OR you may be partly hypnotized, but awakening. Saints of God we have to awaken. We cannot live in the spiritual darkness of this culture and create anything but suffering, death, and hell for our children and grandchildren. If we do not awaken, we cannot awaken them and tens of millions of them are hypnotized and victims of the deadly conditioning of the culture.

They are not bad people, but they are neo-pagans and don't even realize it, even most of the ones who think themselves Christian, having accepted the odd combination of "spirituality" that is the new paganism - the material-gnosticism that is the religion of the Beast. If you know theology and evolution you have to know what an unlikely combination those two words are, "material-gnosticism" but that is the truth of it. The spirituality is physical and is composed of mythology that is material-rationalism and emotionalism. What is positive and good in this sick system has no moral context. It simply means what feels good and seems on the surface ego satisfying that is, what is "inspiring to the ego." These poor young people have become such "sheep" of the Luciferian fold that Lucifer is using them as living Ikons of the gnostic and pagan theology he is teaching them. They turn themselves over to be bill boards, to be canvases of Satan's theology, and the further into the darkness they sink, the uglier the symbols become.  They are BOWING to the ultimate Luciferian Maxim,

Aleister Crowley - the father of Modern Satanism.

Many find themselves "shell shocked" viewing where this evil day has taken them, as they were swept into it, unawares and they are unprepared. You have to be the sons and daughters of the Light, the sons, and daughters of the Day. If you are here reading this you can't remain sons and daughters of the darkness. "For those who sleep, sleep in the darkness and those who get drunk are drunk at night." For the healing of ourselves, our families and communities, we have to awaken and sober-up. We have to take to our hearts the vitality, the LIFE, the protection of Faith and LOVE - the God who IS LOVE, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and we have to "in hope" begin the process of healing our minds, ridding ourselves of every lying illusion and delusion of this pagan culture of death. We have to TURN THE T.V. off! We have to stop allowing the corporate manipulators and controllers to hypnotize us as we stare blankly at the screen - allowing our emotions to dance and be conditioned by lies and death.

A precious friend who was a wonderful Christian Science "practitioner" (yes I know Christian Science is gnosticism - but that doesn't mean that everything said by a Christian Scientist is a lie) - that precious lady said to me, "There is nothing more evil than calling what is evil, good. Discovering what is evil and death engendering and what is good and life engendering is the highest wisdom." And she is absolutely right. In fact, there has never been a more profound statement made by a human being, other than Jesus saying, "Come unto to me, all ye that labor and are heavily burdened and I will give you rest." We cannot be set free by the illusion contained in demonic-lying uplifting sounding words, and "inspiration" that reaches merely to our emotional response and not to the bottom of our heart with the power to CHANGE us for the Good. Such uplifting speech merely adds layer upon layer of delusion upon our hearts and minds. Nothing but Truth may set us free and start the process of our healing; healing where our mind becomes continually conscious of God, and our hearts turn from stone to flesh. This is the hope - - the ἐλπίς
elpis = el-pece' = From ἔλπω elpō which is a primary word "to anticipate, usually with pleasure; to hold expectation, abstract or concrete and confidence" - - this is the hope of salvation, which Saint Paul called, a helmet of protection. Why a "helmet" because it is this hope that is the protection of the MIND.

(Remember I'm writing in 2012)
We have witnessed in this last political year thousands of people whose core psyche is anger, disappointment, frustration and some expressing defeat and hopelessness. Their infant egos are insulted because things haven't automatically gone like they thought it should. They have been tricked and they are pissed. Most conservatives, and Libertarian, Ron Paul supporters have to fit this category. They can grump and grouse but are clueless what has to come next to restore to Americans, their HUMANITY.

IF we are to be Truly Human and a source of LIGHT, to share the FIRE that should inhabit our heart, that FIRE of LOVE, LIGHT, HOPE, and TRUTH, we cannot fall victim to "anger only." We are not called to anger. Certainly, there are times when if we are not angry we are not right. Anger is not a sin. But when anger hangs on and torments us, well that is a sinful nature expressing itself. We are not purposely sinning, we rather have become the victim of sin. Saint Paul said it rather graphically, "God did not appoint us to wrath, but to the obtaining of healing through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us." Did not appoint us to wrath - - we think that means simply anger, when we read it in English. But the word in the original Greek is Orgay - you don't have to be very creative to imagine the etymology of the word, "orgy" do you, and that is exactly the meaning of this word, "violent passions." We are not appointed to "violent passions."

One of the Holy Father/Saints - I can't recall which and it doesn't matter, said, "The proof of an insane man is one who is still flailing his fists in the air, boxing at shadows long after the conflict is over." By the way, this is where the term "shadow boxing" comes from. Anyway, he is depicting a man full of wrath - full of orgay - full of violent passions. Violent passions cannot change a single mind, in fact, cannot do anything but spread the disease. This has been the Marxist Trick, according to Antonio Gramsci, and Saul Alinsky, to exaggerate the natural animosities, to excite the natural passions, to create violence, to create revolution.

I'm the least religious person you will ever meet. I HATE the persona and pretension of "holiness" and "piety" and "humility." Wait now, I didn't say that I hate holiness, or piety, or humility, I said I hate the persona and pretension of the same. When it is real it is buried in the perfectly appropriate and full range of human emotions, ever ready for expression "INSTANT in season and out of season" as Saint Paul taught. From the conflict to being finished with it, is one-tenth second in length. The anger of the conflict cannot hang on and have sway with our day like an orgay, that is coloring our day with violent passions. Appropriate Anger and Violent Passions expressed in the political arena are not synonymous. Appropriate Anger is expressed against the lie and the Father of Lies, and any means to expose him is appropriate, and healing. It lances the wound in the victim who holds the lie festering like an infection and MAY provide a healing therapy, if it doesn't kill them. That is what the holy scripture means when it says that "the word of God is living and effectual, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intentions of the heart."

When you speak truth it punctures the festering passions of those caught in lies and you have to be careful because, if they are not ready for it, they will simply hate you. And I say don't be too careful, we cannot let the threat of violent hatred hamper us. Properly used only Truth may lance the festering passions and start the healing process. This holds nothing in common with the battle of "ego vs ego" "pride vs pride" "orgay vs orgay." NOTHING good can be gained of such exercise. Now at times, it may appear "passionate" when two people are speaking "contaminated" truth, that is Truth that is not "sharp" that is not clear, that is confused. When that communication is in love it may be iron sharpening iron, or it could be two egos wasting their time in mutual mental masturbation.  Come on, it could be both.

The Cultural Marxists are constantly serving up a pansy FAKE Jesus. No one does it better than my favorite foil, Frank Schaeffer.  So let me ask you:
Do you think Jesus came to make the pagan cultures peaceful - to create a utopia upon the earth by masking over the horrors of human neglect and abuse? No, he said, "Do not suppose that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." He wasn't speaking of a weapon of iron or steel. He was speaking of the "sword of the Spirit of Truth" that has to be used judiciously, that is capable of creating "wounds that are therapeutic."

In this mix of all the "battling" for what is true and right, there is food and drink for the sacred warriors. It is a food and drink that is inexhaustible, capable of sustaining an army of the righteous for decades and centuries if need be. That food is HIS real presence - and if you know about it already you understand what I'm saying is true - and if you don't believe in HIS real presence, there is nothing I can do to change your mind except to invite you and say, "Come, Taste and See how sweet is the real presence of the Lord." And accompanying that presence is prayer, not often, but constant, where every motion is taken as unto the Lord. So that even a sinner like me may say, "Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, Have Mercy on me, a sinner." My friend Fr Paul always reminds me, "With St Paul's challenge to pray unceasingly, the Orthodox tradition offers the Jesus Prayer, which is sometimes called the prayer of the heart. It is first and foremost a prayer of the Spirit because the prayer addresses Jesus as Lord, Christ, and Son of God; and St. Paul tells us, 'no one can say Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit." Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, have mercy on us. Lord Jesus Christ Son of God have mercy on me.

Archpriest Symeon Elias - Here I Stand.

A Prayer to Break Free of the Cultural of Death.

Come to our aid, Oh Lord

Make haste to help us!

Your Children are asleep

and suffer destruction.

We are disarmed in this battle

we cannot rightly name our enemy.

We are taught that evil does not exist

that there is no cunning intelligence, seeking to destroy all of mankind.


here we are in the age of Genocide!

When the stated goal of the most powerful empire history has ever produced, is a population reduction in the 21st Century of 90 percent of the world's population!

That means erasing seven billion people from this planet, in the next 85 years.

Is this the future you want for your children, Lord?

Is this suffering we are required to suffer?

Would that the premise of this prayer were the rantings of an insane man, and not the Real, World, Reality, and the publicly stated plans, of the International Globalists, who have taken control of Western Civilization.

Julian Huxley, the first head of UNESCO, outlined the plan of Genocide we see unfolding all across the Globe, with the help of Non-governmental organizations and the IMF, the World Bank and American A.I.D.

Poor, African nations, are told that to gain protection from Islamic Jihadis, they have to accept the gay agenda, abortion, and other means of soft genocide.

The Powerful empire of Chaos has created wars, destroyed peaceful countries, created false, that is artificial famines, artificial droughts, and engaged in weather and earthquake terrorism.

They have erased 250 Million people in the last 120 years, with their world revolutionary movement.

Following the cold war, they have redoubled their genocide and paid for, and accomplished fifteen hundred million abortions. That is one and a half Billion abortions, just from 1990 to 2012.

Lord, the increase of Christian persecution is obvious, and even our own Luciferian State Department and the U.N. officially recognize the Christian genocide under ISIS, in Iraq and Syria.

Lord, would that these facts were not true, but they are true.

The horror of it, is beyond the mental and emotional capacity of most people to grasp, to retain, so damaged are their souls by the Mind, War.

They remain hypnotized by the pop culture and news media propaganda.

Lord, they rave, and write billions of words every day, on social media, expressing their dissatisfaction, pointing their finger at each other, while the true enemy remains hidden in plain sight.

They cannot name him, nor can they recognize his henchmen in powerful positions.

Instead, they sacrifice their time and talents, playing a fake political game, supporting politicians, who are Malthusian monsters, like they are rock stars.

And they are idols.

Idols, they look to, for salvation.

Nothing they can opine or conjecture about the sociological problems of their own families, their own communities can have any real world meaning until they face the genocidal nature of the enemy, and all the ways those dark forces use, to get them to destroy themselves, to actually participate in their own soft-genocide.

Lord, a famous social commentator, Christopher Hedges said, a generation ago.

We now live in a nation where Doctors destroy health

lawyers destroy justice

universities destroy knowledge

government destroys freedom

religion destroys morals, and, our banks destroy the economy.

In a generation, Lord, we have discovered that Mr. Hedges' dark assessment, actually did not come close to telling the truth of the story.

Now having discovered the over-arching agenda of the international Globalists

we know that needless wars are created for the purpose of genocide.

economics is being used as a tool of genocide.

the new morality of the new religion, of the New World Order, is all seen as a tool of soft genocide

modern health care in America has become a tool of Eugenics, a means of soft genocide.

It may feel soft, to the young adult in good health, but it is not soft, for the infant or senior denied critical care and allowed to die.

Some schemes of modern medicine, are clearly for genocidal purposes, like the massive amount of poisons a poor infant born into this country has to endure.

At this point in time, Lord, the mental health professions have been exposed to us as tools of the Marxist, Mind War,

designed to keep people calm, while the genocide continues, and to label, any one who resist and opposes the agenda, as, mentally ill.

Lord, they have better than one in five adults on psychotropic, mind altering drugs.

And almost one in five minors on the same mind-altering poisons.

A great portion of modern science has become demonic-scientism.

It has turned anti-human and is being used as an instrument of control and genocide.

Lord, why are so many so blind?

The genocide is so well documented, it takes one who is nascent, or purposely ignorant not to see it.

And the propaganda apparatchiks are very willing to keep the innocent nascent and the ignorant entertained and distracted like cats ever chasing elusive mice in a political maze. Never catching the prize. Or catching it, only to discover it is a puppet and not real.

At this point, they are without excuse.

Lord, the propaganda apparatus is a powerful demonic influence, and many cooperate with it, totally unaware they are being controlled by the father of all lies.

The lying propagandists are the agents of genocidal monsters among us!

Lord, we cannot accept this agenda of genocide and hold respect for you, and respect for the dignity of the human person who is created in your own image.

Father, we know that the paleo-Hebrew symbol for Satan was a set of jaws with big teeth. Satan was understood even in ancient times, as the one, who chews up humanity.

And we know that Jesus confirmed this, saying that Satan roamed the earth like a hungry lion, seeking whom he might devour.

In this age of Global Genocide, with evil men pressing even for nuclear conflagration with Russia, we know that Jesus was not speaking metaphorically.

We are witnessing the great harvest

There were More Christian martyrs in the last century, more than all the previous centuries of church history, Combined.

We witnessed great tribal wars in Africa, three world wars in the 20th century if you count the Cold war with all its proxy wars.

Now we experience world war four, with its proxy wars, rampant jihadism and terrorism, and accompanying genocides.

Plus, the billions of infants offered on the pagan altar to Moloch, by abortion and infanticide.

We used to know, Lord, and had the sense to ask a woman,

are you with child?

understanding that the life within her was a human child, a person.

Now, she is just pregnant, a word the Cultural Marxist medical establishment adopted to wipe away the personhood of the child in her womb.

We ask, how pregnant are you? 6 weeks? 6 months? As if being with child is a condition like cancer

stage 3

stage 4?

In the midst of the great harvest, most who were waiting to see it, are absolutely blind to it.

Lord, Jesus, open our eyes

teach us to arm ourselves to defeat this evil, that is devouring mankind.

teach us to recognize the insanity of Trans-humanism.

What vision of mankind could exhibit more insanity than a man trying to migrate his soul into some hybrid, humanoid, cyborg, monstrosity, mocking your image, while he slaughters billions of his own kind!

I know, it is ridiculous, even comical in a truly sick way. But, here we are.

Is this insanity less insane than was Hitler's slaughter of millions to produce his master race?

It is, on the face of it, much, more, insane, but we talk about it in our society as if it is an academic discussion, when millions, no, actually, Billions suffer.

Of course, it is more insane! The master race we are trying to create is a cyborg, a demonic mockery of the human person.

This devouring evil is so intelligent and cunning, it has us denying it even exists!

Come to our aid, Oh Lord!

We are weak, foolish, arrogant and blind.

We have turned a blind eye to this slaughter, filled our bellies, and allowed Satan to lull us into a sleep of death, using entertainment

political games


illusions and delusions of the gay agenda, the mythology of the singularity, and trans-humanism.

We have expended our passions on video games, sports, lotteries, parties, drugs, fake Christianity, arrogant ego-driven spirituality, in Mega Churches, using the tools of mass hypnosis to keep us blind and temporarily satisfied.

Teach us how to take hold of the True Christian Faith, that engenders life.

Teach us to become strong in the Lord, and in the power of your MIGHT.

Our strength is feeble in the face of the Luciferian Genocide.

Teach us to put on the whole armor of God, that we may be able to stand against the wiles of Lucifer

Our struggle is not against mere men of flesh-n-blood, but against authorities and against fallen angelic and demonic powers

against the rulers of the darkness who have assumed high offices of authority.

Teach us how to gain, hold and use, Truth, that has the power to slay evil.

Teach us how to gain, hold and use the protection of righteousness

Ground us in the truth that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Let us take hold of the faith, once and for all delivered unto the saints as our shield

the shield that has the power to protect us from the lies of the propagandists

the propaganda that has produced this culture of death

May our minds become healed and freed from the hypnosis and mind control of the Globalist Mind War Apparatus

May our swords be sharpened with your wisdom

He who is the eternal word of God, the source of all life.

teach us to pray always

to establish constant communion with you, Lord

Give us the prayer of the heart, that we may plead your mercy always, covered in the sacrifice of your blood.

Fill our hearts with gladness that we

may be joyful warriors of God

frightening to the enemy with the energy he cannot understand, nor cope

Cause debilitating fear to rise in the hearts of all who maim and murder

Cause fear to rise in the hearts of those who plan and execute the Genocide

Let their victims haunt them night and day

cause them to use their own mind destroying drugs to seek relief from their tormentors.

cause them to become the victims of their own cunning, of their own diabolical plans

Awaken to repentance those who will.

in the Name of the Father, the author of all good gifts.

in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God, by whom all things exist.

In the name of the Holy Spirit the Lord and giver of life

one god

unto the ages of ages


(Prayer by Archpriest Symeon Elias - in the world Butch Robinson)

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Socratic Q Disambiguation


Socrates, the early Greek philosopher/teacher, believed that disciplined practice of thoughtful questioning enabled the student to examine ideas logically and to determine the validity of those ideas, in the give and take of conversation. In this technique, the teacher professes ignorance of the topic in order to engage in dialogue with the students. Sadly, with the damage done to the minds of so many via the Mind War, the Deliberate Dumbing-down of Americans by Cultural Marxist Behaviorist Brainwashing Methods, falsely called "education," which is well documented by the Lifelong Work of Charlotte Iserbyt, most people faced with Socratic dialogue, only know the distortions of it taught by the Marxists. In a certain way, Socratic Q is taking advantage of this hypnotic conditioning in younger generations and using it as a very effective teaching tool. Let me give you an example of Socratic Questioning used as a Brainwashing Tool. I googled Socratic Questioning and was quickly presented with the following exchange as an example, and this is how Socratic Questioning is used for Cultural Marxist Brainwashing, where students are taught to regurgitate the answers provided by the false consciousness installed in them, by what many now call "The Matrix." This is taken from actual Cultural Marxist school curriculum designed for both institutional school use and homeschooling use. Think about the implications of that for a moment, or as Socrates may have asked, "If mind control propaganda is taught, does it matter whether the location of the teacher is in an institution, say like a public school with a public school teacher, or in the home where a parent or guardian takes the role of teacher?" My answer would be, "more damaging in the home since it is a breach of trust issue and that breach between parent and child is more damaging."

Teacher: What is happening to our global climate?
Stan: It’s getting warmer.
Teacher: How do you know it’s getting warmer? What evidence do you have to support your answer?
Stan: It’s in the news all of the time. They are always saying that it’s not as cold as it used to be. We have all of these record heat days.
Teacher: Has anyone else heard of this kind of news?
Denise: Yeah. I have read about it the newspaper.  They call it global warming, I think.

Teacher: Are you saying that you learned about global warming from newscasters? Are you assuming they know that global warming is occurring?
Heidi: I heard it too. It’s terrible. The ice caps in the Arctic are melting. The animals are losing their homes. I think the newscasters hear it from the scientists that are studying the issue.
Teacher: If that is the case and the scientists are telling the newscasters, how do the scientists know?
Chris: They have instruments to measure climate. They conduct research that measures the Earth’s temperature.
Teacher: How long do you think scientists have been doing this?
Grant: Probably 100 years.
Candace: Maybe a little more than that.
Teacher: Actually, it’s been studied for about 140 years. Since about 1860.
Heidi: We were close.
Teacher: Yes. How did you know that?
Grant: I just figured that seems like when instruments were available and scientists had the means to measure climate like that.
Teacher: So, looking at the last 100 year’s climate on this graph, what can we say about the earth’s climate?
Raja: The 20th century has become much warmer than previous centuries.
Teacher: Can we hypothesize why?
Raja: One word: pollution.
Teacher: What are you assuming when you say that pollution is the cause for the temperatures to rise?
Heidi: Carbon dioxide from cars causes pollution and chemicals from factories.
Frank: Hairspray causes dangerous chemicals to get into the atmosphere.
Teacher: Okay. Let’s take a minute to review what we’ve discussed so far.

Okay, that's enough of that, so we see how the Socratic method can be used for brainwashing. The government Trolls on Social Media and in fact, the Psyops Agents in the FAKE NEWS MEDIA, use the Socratic Method weaponized as Brainwashing all the time. Just watch any White House Press Secretary News Briefing where every question has an implied LIE. That was the circumstance in the "science" lesson I just read where every question the teacher asked had an implied lie, misconception or misleading premise.

So when we approach the Socratic Q, who would seem to be Trolling us with his personal perceptions of what is presently happening, we ask, or could it be that he has more than personal perceptive, that he has more DATA than most and instead of just blurting out the DATA in a few cogent paragraphs, is seeking to awaken people to events coming they are not yet prepared to "digest" to "process" to "come to understand" to "accept as real and true" to "accept a just and right" to "accept as necessary actions" etc., etc.  So by asking the questions, he is stimulating his audience on THEIR level of understanding.

I have to tell you it has been great theatre watching the "Truth Community" try to grapple with Q's Socratic Lessons.  I've watch many people wrestling with these question, from UFO, Planet X, New Age Spiritualists, Covert Luciferians in the Zeitgeist Movement, Marxist Libertarians, pure mentally ill kooks, along with a host of other CIA disinformation Agents, Operatives, Trolls and their useful idiots and finally more than a few honest Truth seekers who are finding a lot of "confirmation" in Q's questions, reading their carefully constructed "Truth Narratives" into his questions. The amazing result is that weighting for the various points of insane perspective, the result from all except the CIA Trolls is very, very similar. Oh, they are different, but remember I said, "Weighting for the various points of insane perspective." In other words, what people are deriving from Socratic Q is (1) a certain measure of vindication for their own level of understanding, PLUS (2) a challenged to dig more deeply. I am no different from the gang I have just outlined. The fact is I could take every question Socratic Q asked and point you to the quote in my body of work on this Blog, FB and YouTube where I have already answered the questions and in most cases in quite some detail. I literally could just quote myself and answer the questions (or at least most of them - he said with mock humility). So now I'm going to engage with Socratic Q, be his student and attempt to answer his questions. I may even ad a few questions back to him, we will see.

What is a key?
An object and/or concept that unlocks what is locked away, what is hidden and protected.
What is a key used for? To unlock what is hidden and protected. It may be an actual physical key, or a key idea, a key formula, a key concept, a key control structure. What is a guard?Any person in possession of the Key.

What is a guard used for? Let us use the example of all of the people who hold in their possession a key to my home and the key-code to my alarm system.  Each one of these people is a defacto guard having agreed to use their physical key and coded key for the protection of our home. Who unlocked the door of all doors? Could you be any more vague? Are you counting on each person's perspective to automatically construct in their minds what "the door of all doors" references? Haven't you already laid the groundwork in previous posts to make people assume you are referencing the NSA Archives? Was it pre-planned? Prior to WHAT? Pre-planned before Trump announced that he was running for President. Pre-planned from last week? ALL human action requires "volition" making even standing to flip a light switch a "pre-planning" after all why would one stand to flip the switch if flipping the switch were not "pre-planned." So for this one, I give you an F. Do you believe in coincidences? No, I believe in the Synergistic Work of the Holy Spirit, operating on a level outside of human comprehension, inside the warfare with Evil and modified and changed by human volition and action.

What is information?Information is not an elemental object, it exists in many forms and levels of complexity. But I think you are going for the Solipsist idea that "information = data." Who controls the release of information? Anyone who possesses it. But of course, you are going for the "gatekeepers" those guards with keys to the locks. WHO HAS ALL OF THE INFORMATION? Only the Supreme Being most people reference as God. But of course, you are referencing again the NSA Archive.
Who disseminates information?

Again overly vague, but I see you are going to the Main Stream Media as the gatekeepers of the Data.

What is the MSM?

According to your leading questions, the Gatekeepers of the Data.

Who controls the MSM?
(1) They all operate under a National Security Letter Gag Order, so are under the control of the Department of Homeland Security.
(2) The Department of Homeland Security is controlled by the DARK State, that is the Luciferian Globalists, enemies of the American People.
(3) The majority of the Main Stream Media, together with Newspapers, radios stations, book publishers and the major Social Media Platforms are owned by Zionists.
(4) So the ruling Oligarchy, with the tools of the CIA, DHS, The Board of Broadcast Governors (the psyops masters), the Luciferian/Zionist control the MSM.
Who really controls the MSM?
The Luciferian Marxist Zionist Oligarchy, the Central Banks run by one percent of the one percent.
Why are we made to believe the MSM are the only credible news sources? Decades-long Behaviorist Conditioning, i.e. brainwashing, and the constant demonization of any voice outside the FALSE Consciousness created by the MSM. Who controls the MSM?
Asked and Answered.

Who really controls the MSM?
Asked and Answered.
Why are we made to believe the MSM are the only credible news sources? Asked and answered, but I will add an "in other words": So that the MSM can control the "Dialectic" "the common consciousness" so that anything stated outside that common consciousness is met with, "that's just crazy man!" "You sound like a conspiracy theorist." Why is this relevant? Because so many people have never had a thought outside of the Matrix. They are unprepared for the actual steps that have to be taken to restore Liberty, Property, Privacy and the Rule of Law.
Why are non MSM platforms cast as conspiracy and/or non-credible?
Asked and answered - but I will cut and paste.

Decades-long Behaviorist Conditioning, i.e. brainwashing, and the constant demonization of any voice outside the FALSE Consciousness created by the MSM.
So that the MSM can control the "Dialectic" "the common consciousness" so that anything stated outside that common consciousness is met with, "that's just crazy man!" "You sound like a conspiracy theorist." Why are non MSM platforms cast as conspiracy and/or non-credible?
Asked and answered - but I will cut and paste. Decades-long Behaviorist Conditioning, i.e. brainwashing, and the constant demonization of any voice outside the FALSE Consciousness created by the MSM. So that the MSM can control the "Dialectic" "the common consciousness" so that anything stated outside that common consciousness is met with, "that's just crazy man!" "You sound like a conspiracy theorist." What happens when an entity and/or individual accumulates power? Too general a question. Not all power is evil. To automatically equate power with corruption is cynical. If you added the qualification, "accumulates too much power" then the obvious answer is they are tempted to corruption. Of course, you are going for the maxim "Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely." This is only contextually true, or you are making an argument for the total corruption of the Almighty. Which you may be, who knows. Define corruption. This would not be the answer you would give, but it is the correct one, "everything that is anti-human and anti-life." Sour milk is contextually "corrupt" it will poison you if you drink it, but it is not truly corrupt since it makes cheese and butter, etc.  So in political science terms, the moral corruption of men, all of the common vices, corrode the instruments of governance, rot the institutions of education, justice, etc. Wealth = power.
Power = influence.
Influence = control.

Rinse and repeat.
Here Socratic Q takes of this Socratic Hat and gives us a Marxist Formula. IF we add the previous concept of power, corrupting. That is the Marxist Maxim, "all power of which they do not control is corrupt."  Remember the Antifa Manual that stated that a "fascist" was anyone who disagreed with them, they named the "fascists."  So Q's formula is not a knowing as his questions, but he is pointing to the Ruling Oligarchs.

To discover just how thoroughly the MSM is herding you, Google Oligarch and the first pages will be filled with references to evil Russian "Oligarchs" as if the Luciferian/Zionist Oligarchs like the Rothschild Criminal Family are NOT Oligarchs and are angels.  Soros is an Oligarch, Jacob Rothschild is the top Oligarch.  The "evil Russian Oligarchs" are paupers by comparison.
What power of influence was recently discovered (specifically re: 2016 election)? (1) Fake media was exposed as a psyops tool the Luciferian/Zionist Oligarchs. (2) The Marxist/Corporate Collective was thoroughly exposed and is still being exposed, you see this in the NFL battle. (3) The Department of Homeland Security's function as a tool of the Oligarchs was exposed, in their gambit to take over the election process of the 2016 election and in their construction of the FAKE Trump/Russia Collusion Narrative as justification for this act of Tyranny. Seven brave State Governors and Secretaries of State managed to block them with the help of some Patriotic power in the Federal Government able to expose their State Election Data Base Hacking. How much power of influence does Twitter, FB, Reddit, etc. have in influencing the minds of people?
It is replacing the MSM IF it is not derailed.  That is why I find YOUR influence in the CYBER WORLD a little bit frightening.

Has the stranglehold of the MSM been diminished?

Conquered, NO.  Diminished, Yes.
What is open source?
Literally "Open Source" is all information in the public domain. "Open Source" is the opposite of "State Secrets."

What has become blatantly obvious since the election of POTUS? (1) The enormous power of the Globalist Oligarchy and the fact that they had just about completed construction of their one world control mechanism (not actually government) but collective MOB rule. (2) The fact that nearly ALL the institutions in the U.S. from Think Tanks, to Colleges and Universities, to Charitable Foundations, to Congress, to the Federal Courts, to State and Local Governments (Charlottesville), the MSM, the major Social Media Platforms, FB, Google, YouTube, are still under the control of this Globalist/Luciferian Criminal MOB. (3) They have been plotting a Revolution against Trump and the American People (4) The Trump Truth and Liberty Movement is America's Second War of Independence. This time it is not the British Crown from which we must wrest our Liberty, but this Luciferian/Zionist MOB, this anti-God, anti-American Oligarchy. Why would they allow this (visibility) to occur? The arrogance of the Bush/Obama New World Order era, caused them to blunder. The most significant blunder was Benghazi, which was a CIA/Obama/Muslim Brotherhood plot to kidnap Ambassador Stevens, and trade him to the MB in Egypt (which they controlled at the time) for the Blind Sheik Omar Rahman, the alleged mastermind of the 1993 FBI created FALSE FLAG attack on the World Trade Center. Speaking of that "Door of Doors" the tapes proving that the plot was lead by an FBI operative has been released. Soon I'll do an article/video about it.  Obama's Muslim sensibilities, his promise to punish any who dared not accept their Dhimmi Status, cramming the VIDEO scenario down our throats, lying to the parents of the fallen, at that moment the MSM lost control of the Dialectic, and try as they will, and they have tried to insane measures, using every psyops ploy ever devised, they cannot regain control of the "public discourse." The MSM has become something to be MOCKED, even though it is still powerful, for the "conditioning" reasons stated in my answers. Were they not prepared to counter? They thought they were "countering" in their effort to use Trump as a foil. What miscalculation occurred? AS per Election: DENIAL (1) They refused to believe the MSM's loss of control. (2) They refused to believe the strength of the Truth Movement. (3) They refused to believe they were not in control of the RIGGED SYSTEM (4) They refused to believe they could not destroy Trump with the tool of Ritual Defamation (The Dossier). (5) In their denial, for months in 2015, the CIA psyop program "Morning Joe" functioned as Trump biggest cheerleader. They miscalculated believing they could pump him up to destroy GOP rivals, then destroy him with Ritual Defamation. (6) They did not realize that the Trump Supporters were more awake and smarter than they.
What opposite impact did this generate?

AS per Governance:
(1) They refused to believe Trump was actually as smart as he is.
(2) They refused to believe they could not control him using ego assaulting psyops
(3) They failed to gauge the number of Patriots remaining in the Government and Country.
(4) They planned their "revolution" and because of all of the above, Trump used it against them.  A great number could be indicted for Treason.

How did POTUS recognize and invert?
The most important, in fact, pivotal action that Trump has taken is described in this Video I made August 10th. (insert "The New War for American Independence" Aug 10th)



What happens when an entity and/or individual accumulates power?
Asked and answered above.

Define corruption.
Asked and answered above.

Define censorship.

The suppression of disfavored information.

Define ‘controlled’ censorship.

Idiot, all censorship is 'controlled' censorship, else there would be no censor.  It you are trying to get at an idea more than mere "censorship" (keeping information from us) to active propaganda, (that is purposely feeding us false information) you failed.

What action is Twitter taking effective mid-Dec?
More censorship supposedly against people who advocate violence.

What is the purpose of this action?

More Cultural Marxist Control over Free Speech, making anything outside the Matrix harder to communicate. OR were they anticipating having stomp on ANTIFA's use of Twitter? 

Possible test to understand public / gov’t response? We will see. 

When was this announced?
November 17th 2017

When did events in SA transpire?
When the Saudi Prince who owns a large portion of Twitter was arrested.

Who controlled a large portion of Twitter stock?
The same Saudi Prince.

Why is this relevant?

Panic on the part of the Globalist Mob.

Define oppression.
Pressure from above.

Who controls the narrative?
The DARK State TRIES to control the Narrative.

Who really controls the narrative?
Same answer

Who guards the narrative?
Asked and Answered

Does the MSM shelter and protect select ‘party’ members?
Of course, I call it the Cultural Marxist Bubble. IF you are Cultural Marxist, fully in compliance with the Puppet Masters, you are protected. Unless they have a strategic reason to sacrifice you. (Harvey Weinstein et al.)

Does this protection insulate these ‘party’ members? Yes, not only from bad publicity, but from prosecution.

Who controls the narrative?
MSM tries.

What laws were put in place to protect the MSM from lawsuits?
Are you going for the Anti-SLAPP Statutes?

Who specifically passed this law?
The Courts in litigation, I.E. Activist Judges.

What is immunity?
Vis a vis Reporters - The Shield Law.
Immunity from criminal prosecution, Immunity from civil liability.

What prevents a news organization from simply ‘making up sources & stories’?

What prevents a news organization from simply ‘making up sources & stories’? NOTHING.

What previous SC ruling provided protection to reporters from having to reveal their ‘confidential’ source(s)?
US v Sterling

How many people are unaware of the ‘truth’ due to the stranglehold? Percentage of the population. I don't have a clue, but the number if far less today than a few years ago. In fact I have seen reports claiming that only 6 percent of the population trust the media.

How must people be made aware of an alternate reality?
You have it backwards. They presently live in the alternative reality, so the question is who to expose them to the TRUTH. I've been working at it very hard, but we lack the proper platforms! We have to endure arbitrary censorship and oppression and suppression of our work.  We NEED a level playing field.  The Truth and Liberty Movement can EASILY win the argument, IF it can have a platform to be HEARD.

What are crumbs (think H-wood/DC)
No comment needed.

Define ‘lead-in’ (think play)? We will see, or maybe we have all been having a wet-dream.

What has been occurring recently?

Massive exposures on multiple fronts.

The stage must be set.
I'll take your word for it.

Crumbs are easy to swallow.

No some are bitter, extremely bitter.

What if Hugh Hefner was /a Clown In America?
You mean Blackmail PIMP in America. While you are at it, explain who it is that the Federal Government and the State of Indiana are still supporting the Pedophile/Rape Center called the Kinsey Institute on the University of Indiana Campus, Bloomington?

What is a honeypot? Sex Trap.

Define blackmail.

How could this be applied?

The Playboy Mansion, along with many other places are great "honey-traps" for Blackmail Material. Epstein's Sex Island is Mossad, etc. Hefner was CIA. The Whole Apparatus of the Sexual Revolution, but the sick art, to the FAKE Clinical Work of the Kinsey Institute, to the Psyop publications of Playboy, Ms, Hustler, even the Feminist Movement, ALL DEEP STATE Cultural Marxist attack on Christianity and Traditional CHRISTIAN Moral Values.

Fantasy land.

All of them.


No Such Agency.

National Security Agency (can't paint yourselves as "good guys."

The hunter becomes the hunted.

Hope so.

Operations underway.
Hope so.

Operators active.
Hope so.

Disinformation is real.
In that it has contextual reality.

Disinformation is necessary.
All War Is Deception and we are in the middle of the Second American War for Independence.

Silent war (some gets out).

The Great Awakening.
Absolutely IMPOSSIBLE without the regaining of our Christian Heritage.

Iron Eagle.
Clueless, never saw it.

Godfather III.
Clueless - unless you are just point to the Mob.

The Hunt for Red October.
Clueless - Can't make a jump from that movie to what is happening now.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Getting to Troll YOU. Getting to Troll ALL ABOUT YOU.

This is the power of the CIA.


Here is the link to the CIA Psyops Trolling Manual
When you click the site it will tell you that The Intercept is a "Dangerous Site" That is a Bull Shite scare tactic to keep you from reading the Snowden Material.

What we were saying a year ago, the President's Son is Saying TODAY.

Please understand that I do not know this fellow Michael Trimm and am not endorsing him or his YouTube Channel "The Michael Trimm Show" all I am saying is that what he says HERE is absolutely TRUE.



Saturday, November 18, 2017

He Touched My Bum Smokescreen vs What is Really Happening

We are in the midst of the Second War for American Independence. This time it is not the British Royal Family from which we are seeking to wrest our Liberty, but a Luciferian Globalist Cabal far more evil and destructive. This is a report card on the progress of the War, as of November 18th, 2017.



Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Marxism is Guilt by Accusation, the American Standard is Presumption of Innocence

Wednesday November 15th



I got my heartstrings yanked a little bit this morning, as I witnessed my dear friend and fellow warrior Rex Christi step outside his usual coded language on Face Book and express some genuine disappointment.

Rex Christi wrote:
"On Sunday's show I defend (tepidly) Hannity and CTH, then Hannity attacks Moore and CTH attacks Bannon. The right loves to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory; the Left is always organized.

"The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition."

There is nothing rationally incorrect in what Rex expressed. It is logical game theory. But that would be assuming that you have a team, that your are part of an army that is not filled with saboteurs, provocateurs, enemy psyops masters, greedy opportunists, Marxist traitors and their useful idiots.

IN my best Zell Miller, "I really feel Rex Christi's pain" and all humor aside, I really do.  How lonely it feels in this material world seeing the enemy arrayed against you, and your supposed allies deserting, and worse seeing them act as enemies within.

So what is the source of this pain, it is an illusion against which Rex, himself has been a champion warning us all, cautioning us to think bigger. He wants to believe that in the Corporate/State/CIA Media Apparatus there are, if not Apparatuses, say like Fox, or Alex Jones, or Brietbart or Conservative Tree House, that are REAL, and so if not complete Mechanisms that are real, then at least Apparachiks that is some individuals inside some of these "Platforms" individual personalities that are REAL.  I will submit that they are all contextually real, they are just not always truthful. Some are NEVER truthful. Some are SOMETIMES truthful. Some are most times truthful. Some are truthful when truth is lucrative, (Hannity) and will lie like a dog for money (Hannity). But who of the bunch is dedicated to the TRUTH WHO is REAL?

It is a great temptation to believe that the media whores are true lovers. These media whores are ACTORS, designed by the deep state (designed by the DARK State) to imitate True Lovers of Truth. They are designed to make you fall in love with them, feel a familiar bond, learn to trust their words and thoughts.  The second you fall into that familiar bond, you are the victim of Marxist Brainwashing. You have been, what Rex would heartily agree, Marxized.

Sean Hannity's empire grosses 42 Million Dollar a year, (last I researched - six years ago - probably more now). Candidly, how much "integrity" do you think those now HUNDREDS of millions of dollars have purchased? 

Quick answer, rational answer, reasonable answer, logical answer, ZERO Integrity.

I saw one of those discussions by some women on Facebook, where they were discussing how much money it would take for them to falsely accuse Judge Roy Moore. The truth is, they all named a price, they all proved they were liars and whores. It took every bit of grace I own to bypass the thread and not comment the obvious, after all they were liars and whores just dickering about price.

Conservative Tree House has build a mini kingdom - he is fully amortized, it is all profit, not on the scale of Hannity, but does he stick his finger in the wind to see which way the friendly sponsors and donator's money is blowing? Sometimes it appears so. Do you remember that CTH was calling people unwilling to vote for the Globalist Traitor Mitt Romney "traitors"? I have no idea what religious principles Sundance holds, but in 2012 he was a whore.

I'm surprised that Jones has not followed suit, to attack Moore on the sole basis of Marxist Ritual Defamation Accusation.  But then Alex Jones' platform has an operation now with multiple voices all telling slightly different stories, often contradictory stories. He can be for and against anything at any time, just like FOX. As he defended himself while capitulating to the FAKE Consciousness of the Globalists Masters, claim Sandy Hook was real, on ABC in that Megyn Kelly interview, he stated that the "entertained all sides." That was his common practice of INFO Wars.  That would be great if they were merely reporting, but every word from Info Wars in a positive assertion, giving people the information often time they want to hear, what they "emotionally" think they need. On the other hand TRUTH is not fun or entertaining.

In the psyops puppet game, the love of money is at the root of all deception; Truth is always poverty stricken.

When Doug Ibendahl the GOP apparatchik from Illinois, who has put on a good act as a Trump supporter for the last 18 months, immediately jumped on the Judge Roy Moore Marxist Ritual Defamation Band Wagon, I challenged him and really pissed him off.  Why would Ibendahl bow to the Marxist Standard of Guild by Accusation? Because of his lucrative lawyerly GOP insider lobbyist connections. It reminded me when he blocked me on Facebook a few years back for daring to say that Trump's potential nomination of Joe Lieberman for some Cabinet post was "Window Dressing." It really triggered Doug, only to discover there were "lawyerly connections" and he was rooting for Lieberman nomination and approval.  In the psyops puppet game, the love of money is at the root of all deception.

There is no organized RIGHT, as Rex Christi longs to see, that is in terms of some slick cunning psyop machine capable of keeping constant pressure on the Marxist Left. No the Standard of TRUTH cannot BE a mechanism, an apparatus, a contrivance, a gimmick, even a system, it can only be an "instrument" in the service of TRUTH, like the reed dancing in the wind, dancing in the pneuma, dancing in the very Breath of God, dancing in the Holy Spirit that IS TRUTH.

We should not take this as a point of weakness. I will remind you anew that in January of 2012 thousands organized to pray a prayer against the evil that had hold of our country, one of the things we prayed was that "our enemies would become the victim of their own schemes."  It seemed too much for which to hope, they September came and Benghazi causing the Luciferians to lose control of the Dialectic, (the public discourse, the subject of what will and will not be discussed in public square) and they have never regained that control; and they have been the victims of their own plots, over and over again. Look at how the FAKE Trump Dossier blew up in their faces. Keep praying folks, keep praying.

The second that you capitulate to the Mechanisms of the lie, you lose.

What do you think these weeks, now, forty-five days of the Marxist/Luciferians offering up their own on a patter for Ritual Defamation has been for; in other words, what was it purpose?  (They offered up Al Franken today) Its purpose was/is to NORMALIZE in YOUR MIND the process of Marxist Criminal Justice, Guilt by Accusation, that is Ritual Defamation, and to make you forget the American MORAL SYSTEM of Innocence until PROVEN guilty.

In your fevered obsession to see your gut knowledge proven true, about Hollywood scumbags, and about Media scumbags and about political scumbags, panting to see the next person OUTED, take a COLD dispassionate shower for two minutes and listen to a SANE man explain what you have forgotten.  Here is Paul Nehlan, who by the way is running against the Globalist Marxist Paul Ryan.

(Insert Paul Nehlan Audio - Paul Nehlen on Judge Roy Moore and the American Presumption of Innocence.  - he suggest that lawyers who bypass the American Standard of Justice, even in politics, even in elections should be disbarred, since they have betrayed the very core premise of our Justice System.)

Now let me remind you, how absolutely upside down the Marxized Consciousness is.  The very same politician/MOB with torches in the night screaming for Judge Roy Moore's head, are so very, very concerned for the RULE of LAW, and presumption of INNOCENCE when it comes to protecting their MARXIST Globalist Criminal COMRADES. 

For Instance: (Insert picture of Trey Gowdy)

While you were worshiping this IDIOT ACTOR, and hanging on his every "outraged word" during the 8 years of Obama, I kept telling you it was ALL THEATRE, purposely using the British spelling of the word THEATRE, hoping that it would leave an impression.

You have to understand they are ALL Traitors to America, and American Rule of Law, these Senators and Congressmen are PUPPETS of the MARXIST MOB that still controls this country.

Why do you think that BOTH the Republicans and Democrats are trying to destroy Roy Moore with false sexual allegations? Ask yourself, what the hell would they do with a non-Marxized, non-Puppet in the Senate. Look at the Holy Hell raised by others who were drummed from those Hallowed Chambers, some by assassination, most by Ritual Defamation, some by blackmail (Michelle Bachmann), some by intimidation and fear engendering mind-control, most who were at least HALF Marxized.  Come on, the U.S. House even 20 years ago was too Marxist for Newt Gingrich, who was at least half Marxized! After all, Obamacare complete with "individual mandate" that is a universal breath tax, was offed by Gingrich FIRST. They assassinated Congressman Larry McDonald who was completely free of Marxism, in a joint CIA/KGB operation, because he had exposed on national T.V. for the First time the MARXIST/GLOBALIST Reality of the Council on Foreign Relations that controlled BOTH U.S. and Soviet Foreign Policy through the Oligarchs and Elite Foundations that financed the Soviet System and BOTH Political Parties in the U.S. along with the Trilateral Commission, the International Monetary Fund and others. 

(Insert Video of Congressman Larry McDonald on CrossFire with Pat Buchanan in 1982)

Why do you think that BOTH the Republicans and Democrats tried to drown Donald Trump in a pool of Prostitutes' Piss, paid FOURTEEN MILLION DOLLARS to Fusion GPS, and colluding with the Russians to try to make the story credible, funneled the Dossier through the FBI, hand delivered by the Traitor and Songbird of Hanoi, Mohammed John McCain, (
so that the FAKE dossier could have the official patina of an FBI LEAK. (and the FBI PAID FOR IT). 

(Insert Jordan Video grilling AG Jeff Sessions on appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the crimes just mentioned.)

WHY are they STILL Ritually Defaming Donald Trump?  Because Trump is Globalist Kryptonite and these politicians Democrat AND Republican are MARXIST GLOBALISTS puppets. ALL OF THEM, including your precious RAND PAUL and TREY GOWDY and any other ACTOR/PUPPET you have taken as REAL.

(Insert Video of Trey Gowdy's capitulation to Comey's LIES.)

Trey Gowdy is as much a TRAITOR as Maxine Waters or Nancy Pelosi, WORSE in fact, since they proudly display the insanity of their Marxism, and Gowdy and others wrap themselves in the sheep's clothing of Christian Right and Conservatism, feign dedication to Rule of Law while continuing to foster the very lawlessness they decry.

Do you want to know the real reason that Gowdy does not want an investigation? It is because it would EXPOSE HIM. You all keep posting, post after post, explaining how THE LEFT is the problem. WAKE UP PEOPLE! THE GOP is a house of TRAITORS, of GLOBALISTS MARXIST/CORPORATIST PUPPETS. WE have to restore rule of law by constant people pressure, exposing the lies and telling the truth. WE have to becoming smart enough not to accept the PUPPETS who BARK in a manner that fulfills our wet dream fantasies but produce no real work in the real world.

And the ONLY pressure that makes any difference, the ONLY power that can stand against the rulers of Darkness in the DARK STATE, the Principalities and Powers of the Ruling Luciferian Elites, the only thing capable of cutting through the sea of lies, the swamp of snakes are those willing to become the instrument, the willing reed, the violin, the cello, the trumpet of TRUTH. Willing to dance in the Holy Spirit of LOVE and damn to hell every lie.  EVERY LIE, even the convenient ones we think are our friends, on the Right; even the friendly liars on the right.

So we see the GOP establishment, and their wonks like Doug Ibendahl, and I'm sure the Marxist Puritan Frank Schaeffer, the Trotskyite Globalist Mitch McConnell, and all the rest, using the MARXIST method of Guilt by Accusation against Judge Roy Moore, while at the same time, like Jeff Sessions and Trey Gowdy, straining every gnat of legal nicety, every scintilla of good ole, Innocent Until Proven Guilty for their Marxist Co-conspirators.




Damn! Come on, Damn! Did you ever think that you would ever see the Cultural Marxist/Globalist/DARK State so desperate that it would be sacrificing so many of its own, just to lower the bar to make the Cultural Marxist Tool of Ritual Defamation easier to use on Christians and Conservatives? 

Here is what I mean:
Social Media, and the Psyops mainstream media, has been filled with story after story of actual Pedophiles being exposed that is, serial child molesters and rapists, actual Sexual Predators being exposed, and then even more stories of a different class.  You know the stories that go like, "oh, I was so frightened on a cold January night in 1992 X Celebrity, or Y News Person, or Z politician, fondled my bum."

The actual cases of pedophilia, rape, and molestation are one thing and long over due, but the incessant parade of this other class of stories about famous people is another thing.  I can't remember which sleazeball Wholly Weird type it was told against, but I think it was John Travolta, where the little starlet in one of his movies actually said about an incident about two decades ago, "On set, I stepped up the steps into his trailer, looked to my left, and standing at the back of the trailer, x had his penis out and it was erect, and I don't remember how I got back there, but I remember my face being very close to his penis but I would not touch it."  That's the magic penis story, drawn by the magic penis, like in a trance to his crotch. People were passing the story, "X Male Star accused of molesting Y Female Star" on the bases of the headline and no one was bothering to read how absolutely ridiculous the actual accusation was.  I kept asking myself, why?  Why has Holly-Weird suddenly gone on a confession binge when we know that Holly-Weird is about sex, just like Rock Music is about sex. We know it traffics in FLESH, that is the nature of the BUSINESS.

I kept wondering what on earth is the reason for these types of insane, unsubstantiated, unprovable, decades old stories running in the Psyops Media. Even if they were all true, and they are not, but it is free publicity for a lot of no-names at the moment, trying to enhance their celebrity on the backs of their "molesters."  But for the sake of argument say these class of accusation WERE TRUE, they are still, unsubstantiated, unprovable and decades old. And there have been many dozens of them, equally as empty of content as the magic penis story, yet defaming very famous people.  This isn't accidental, this is MASS Ritual Defamation, it is on the one hand a smoke screen to try to protect the worse and real offenders by burying the truly traumatizing violations and violators in a sea of absolute chaos and insanity, like a generation ago they buried the very real rise of Satanism, complete with Child Sacrifice beneath a sea of fake stories where ultimately the public dismissed it as hysteria; yet the children are still going missing. This is the long term goal, their hope. But the second and immediate purpose of this mass of Ritual Defamation is to condition the public to accept unsubstantiated, unprovable, accusations decades old, to accept the Marxist Method of Guild by Accusation. What a powerful tool that is! Want to derail a career, hire a tart, a whore, a queer and a fiction writer. That is exactly what they tried to do to Trump.

Now, excuse me folks, but I have to speak bluntly.  You see, we saw this Ritual Defamation at work against Trump days before the election and the DARK STATE planned to bury Trump under a sea of Prostitute's Piss on a bed in Moscow, previously occupied by Barrack Obama, and they spent fourteen millions dollars trying to make this sick Defamation seem believable.  The FBI helped FINANCE IT. This is the Luciferian DARK STATE at work, and it is exactly what is at work in the Roy Moore Case.

Who is Roy Moore? Let me give you the short answer. He is a man that has not been Marxized; a man who still holds enough sanity, despite the INsanity of the culture to understand that it is an anthropomorphic impossibility for a MALE to have a vagina, he may have some plastic surgery mockery of a God Created Vagina, but he is not capable of being a WIFE or MOTHER;  Judge Moore is so un-Marxized that he still holds enough sanity to understand that a Woman cannot have a penis, she may have some artistically created living dildo, but it is not a penis and cannot perform the duties of a husband nor the procreative function of a father.

I'm being grossly graphic, because it is not enough to say that Judge Roy Moore holds Christian Values and Christian Morality, because even those terms in this sick society have been Marxized. There are those who would claim "Christian Values" to condemn me, to blast me, even to Ritually Defame me for daring to speak so bluntly and state truths they have long been abandoned.

So we see dozens of Cultural Marxists Celebrities, from Hollywood, from New York Media, taking one for the team, and in this case I'm not talking about Harvey Weinstein's penis. This is scorched earth Ritual Defamation, and good Leftist Cultural Marxist soldiers are going down, and not in the common and usual way.  Why are the Luciferians risking this much exposure? (1) They are desperate, and (2) the Swearing in of a Senator in the U.S. Senate who has NEVER bowed to Cultural Marxist Insanity, who stands OUTSIDE the Luciferian Matrix, sends a huge signal that it is alright to be SANE AGAIN. It is alright to call sexual deviancy, deviant and unnatural. It is alright to BE SANE and UN-MARXIZED.