Friday, September 30, 2016

Soviet urr . um . .Russian Agent, Fr Symeon aka Butch Robinson

They keep telling us that Russia is attacking us, even the Globalist feigning to be a Trump supporter - Newt Gingrich recently stooped to this false accusation and Psy-opt.
It is the Herman Goering ploy to try to unite the nation behind Cultural Marxist/Globalist policies. To scare us into submission.

Obama's FBI investigating Roger Stone as a possible Russian Agent.
Who is Roger Stone?
( ) One of the people who has openly exposed the Clinton's Crimes and a close advisor to Donald Trump - his "political advisor" till May of 2015. The FBI even ask me questions, wanting to know my ties to the Russian Orthodox Church, and the names of my "Russian Associates" - interested mostly in the source of information for some of my Letters From the Gulag articles.
( ) This is classic Herman Goering (actually Machiavelli) psychological operation. Paint Nationalists and Patriots (people who really love their own country) as fools, dupes, pacifists and traitors to their country and agents of the "chosen" enemy country.

Fr Symeon aka Butch Robinson's Mug Shot:

Fresh DMV Photo, posted here for the NSA/FBI and Facebook/DHS GLOBALIST Facial Recognition software - I WANT you to know who I am. I WANT this face associated with EVERY word I have written on Facebook, the Globalist Data Mining Apparatus and on my several Blogs.  I am PROUD to have been blessed with the knowledge to expose the Globalist Psychopaths, to have participated in the AWAKENING of millions.
"Wow. They aren't even trying to discredit them by calling the(m) conspiracy theorist but trying to implicate them as enemy agents of the USA. By doing this they are proving all the "conspiracy theories" right. I also noticed that Trump's name got thrown around as well. The real enemy of the US is scared and trying to shut down and silence the opposition. This is definitely war.

"Butch Robinson absolutely she (Hillary Clinton) knows what's going on and she knows that her opposition can't be discredited so what's the best way to shut them up than to implicate them as enemy agents. This is just one more step into justifying war with Russia. It's all about the globalist establishment winning no matter what the cost." _ Ambrose Stapleton

"Then I reckon every American patriot is now considered a Russian agent and enemy of the state! " -and Eva Kolosiek

Yes, Eva - especially anyone who realizes that the U.S. CIA/State Department under Obama and Hillary Clinton, created ISIS (just another of the several CIA Jihadi Legion of Mercenaries. And that Russia is NOT violating International Law in Syria and the U.S. is. Those of us smart enough to realize that just yesterday the U.S. State Department THREATENED Russia, threaten to shoot down Russia aircraft and even to attack Russian Cities if Russia did not stop attacking ISIS in Syria. People called me a nut-job when at the very beginning I exposed that ISIS is nothing but the CIA's Arab Legion. Now the U.S. is threatening War with Russia if Russia does not stop attacking ISIS. Guess I wasn't such a nut job after all. ( )

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