Sunday, July 31, 2016

Stupid, Bizarre, ANTI-Trump CIA-PsyOpts.

The level of IGNORANCE is staggering. I had a pastor an educated man with a master's degree, this evening send me a private message with a link to a CIA-psyopts website, with a convoluted story from years ago, about how Donald Trump escorting Rudy Giuliani to a charity gathering, with Rudy dressed in drag ( We all know the story and the event, if not Google it) represented a deep dark Luciferian ritual, proving that Trump is part of the Luciferian ruling elite class.

I responded:

Are you really this stupid and spiritually blind? Please do not send me another of these psy-opt article. WAKE UP!

(of course he preached me a sermon to which I responded)

You assume too much. I don't have any illusions about who and what Donald Trump is, he is not SAINT Trump. (He is also not a Globalist Luciferian) We are electing a Caesar, and Trump has some humanity about him and is a NATIONALIST, and the rest are Luciferian Globalists. Listen closely and stop trying to "pastor" me. My confessor and mentor, Great Schema Archamandrite Damian (Hart) said to me, "God may have something worldly for us to do. We must follow his will in all things. We must not judge this in ourselves or others, when we see it in others. People are not good at judging and seldom are willing to learn better."

The fact is by my political writings, I have reached and (sic) am reaching tens of thousands of people who are non-churched or Evangelical Christians, who have learned of the existence of Orthodoxy for the first time, many hundred who have given up their anti-catholic bigotry through education I have provided them by "engaging." I know that I am where I am, doing what I am supposed to be doing, and were the Lord to instruct otherwise I would drop my political teaching in a heartbeat. Until then I will provide analysis of everything (sic) I can that is happening in the world in the light of Christ who IS Truth.

BTW, the only thing Trump can accomplish is to level the playing field, as he has promised to allow you and me and others to do their job, to be the yeast in the Culture. His election signals NOT the end of the War, merely a new stage of battle.

There are two kinds of politics, Dear Pappa, here in the words of Saint Maria of Paris, “There can be no doubt but that love for anything that exists is divided into these two types. One may passionately love one’s motherland, working to make sure that it develops gloriously and victoriously, overcoming and destroying all its enemies. Or one can love it in a Christian manner, working to see that the face of Christ’s truth is revealed more and more clearly within it."

My work to save my country from Globalist Luciferians, is motivated by the latter form of love. Firstly, the Nation has to survive AS a Nation, or the possibilities of reform become impossible. If we fail to save our Nation as a Nation (sic) the blood of martyrs will be our only witness. +++

This election is not about revival and saving souls, it is about Globalist Tyranny and saving our Nation as a Nation - it is about NOTHING ELSE. Once the reigns of power have been removed from the Globalist Luciferian Elites, we then have a new battlefield, to struggle for the hearts and minds of the people caught in this culture of death.

After reading my response the same fellow responded, "
While still voting for him and convincing others what of the fact that the donald is was a high ranking Freemason too?"  And I'm sure he got that idea from one of his "reliable" websites.  One in four American adults is on one or more psychotropic drug, being fed false information 24/7.  Their judgment has been removed.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


This Adrian Chen, "friended me" on FB last year and claimed I was a Russian propagandist. I mocked him and blocked him. He is obviously a Shadow Government disinformation agent, as is the writer of this article. Every piece of TRUTH the American public has learned in the last two years has to be 'Russian Propaganda". Obama himself cooperated with this lying meme, stating publicly last fall, that the reason for the failure in Syria, and Trump's rise was the Russians superior propaganda program. He talks about losing the cyber war with Russia, while Donald Trump talks about losing the cyber war with "Radical Islam." Which one do YOU think is telling the truth.

FACT: the Muslim Brotherhood has over ten thousand TROLLS working multiple FAKE profile each, just in America through the Muslim Student's Association, as does the U.S. government, through the Broadcast Board of Governors, operating with a BILLION dollar budget. Trust me ALL of you have some of these FAKE profiles as friends on FB. Sometime back I reported some of the details of this program.

Here is the link to the propaganda article which I have mirrored below, in case it disappears like so much is disappearing these days.

Russia's troll factories were, at one point, likely being paid by the Kremlin to spread pro-Trump propaganda on social media.
That is what freelance journalist Adrian Chen, now a staff writer at The New Yorker, discovered as he was researching Russia's "army of well-paid trolls" for an explosive New York Times Magazine exposé published in June 2015.
"A very interesting thing happened," Chen told Longform's Max Linsky in a podcast in December.
"I created this list of Russian trolls when I was researching. And I check on it once in a while, still. And a lot of them have turned into conservative accounts, like fake conservatives. I don't know what's going on, but they're all tweeting about Donald Trump and stuff," he said.
Linsky then asked Chen who he thought "was paying for that."
"I don't know," Chen replied. "I feel like it's some kind of really opaque strategy of electing Donald Trump to undermine the US or something. Like false-flag kind of thing. You know, that's how I started thinking about all this stuff after being in Russia."
st petersburg St. Petersburg, Russia. Flickr/ranopamas
In his research from St. Petersburg, Chen discovered that Russian internet trolls — paid by the Kremlin to spread false information on the internet — have been behind a number of "highly coordinated campaigns" to deceive the American public.
It's a brand of information warfare, known as "dezinformatsiya," that has been used by the Russians since at least the Cold War. The disinformation campaigns are only one "active measure" tool used by Russian intelligence to "sow discord among," and within, allies perceived hostile to Russia.
"An active measure is a time-honored KGB tactic for waging informational and psychological warfare," Michael Weiss, a senior editor at The Daily Beast and editor-in-chief of The Interpreter — an online magazine that translates and analyzes political, social, and economic events inside the Russian Federation — wrote on Tuesday.
He continued (emphasis added):
"It is designed, as retired KGB General Oleg Kalugin once defined it, 'to drive wedges in the Western community alliances of all sorts, particularly NATO, to sow discord among allies, to weaken the United States in the eyes of the people in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and thus to prepare ground in case the war really occurs.' The most common subcategory of active measures is dezinformatsiya, or disinformation: feverish, if believable lies cooked up by Moscow Centre and planted in friendly media outlets to make democratic nations look sinister."
It is not surprising, then, that the Kremlin would pay internet trolls to pose as Trump supporters and build him up online. In fact, that would be the easy part.
From his interviews with former trolls employed by Russia, Chen gathered that the point of their jobs "was to weave propaganda seamlessly into what appeared to be the nonpolitical musings of an everyday person."
"Russia's information war might be thought of as the biggest trolling operation in history," Chen wrote. "And its target is nothing less than the utility of the Internet as a democratic space."

'The gift that keeps on giving'

From threats about pulling out of NATO to altering the GOP's policy on Ukraine — which has long called for arming Ukrainian soldiers against pro-Russia rebels — Trump is "the gift that keeps on giving" for Putin, Russian journalist Julia Ioffe noted in a piece for Politico.
"Life is still not great here," Ioffe reported from the small Russian city of Nizhny Tagil in June. "But it's a loyal place and support for Putin is high. In large part, it is because people—especially older people like [Russian citizen Felix] Kolsky—get their news from Kremlin-controlled TV. And Kremlin-controlled TV has been unequivocal about whom they want to win the U.S. presidential election: Donald Trump."
As such, the year-long hack of the DNC — discovered in mid-June and traced back to Russian military intelligence by the cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike — would seem to be the archetypal "active measure" described by Weiss, adapted to modern technology to have maximum impact.
"The DNC hack and dump is what cyberwar looks like," Dave Aitel, a cybersecurity specialist, a former NSA employee, and founder of cybersecurity firm Immunity Inc., wrote for Ars Technica last week.
Vladimir Putin Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
That makes sense given Russia's partiality to weaponizing information — and the digital era's abundance of hackers for hire.
The leak of internal DNC email correspondences revealing a bias against Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders — by WikiLeaks, an organization founded by Russia Today contributor Julian Assange — has divided the American left and made the Republican Party look unified in comparison.
Trump's seemingly shady financial overtures to Russian oligarchs have since resurfaced, perhaps as evidence that the real-estate mogul or his top advisers may have had a hand in the hack that made his opponents look so bad.
As Ioffe noted in a later piece for Foreign Policy, however, Trump's own influence among high-level Russian figures may be overstated given the difficulty that he has had throughout his
Sara D. Davis/Getty Images
It seems, rather, that Trump is more useful to the Russians than they have ever been to him.
Even if — and it's becoming increasingly unlikely — Vladimir Putin and his intelligence apparatus had nothing to do with the DNC hack, that the mere suspicion has come to dominate American media is a huge propaganda boon for the former KGB operative.
"The very fact that we are discussing this and believing that Putin has the skill, inside knowledge, and wherewithal to field a candidate in an American presidential election and get him through the primaries to the nomination means we are imbuing him with the very power and importance he so craves," Ioffe wrote.
"All he wants is for America to see him as a worthy adversary. This week, we're giving that to him, and then some," she wrote.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Al Franken a RARE Lucid Moment

Al Franken admitting that he got advanced warning what he called "the Jew Call" from former N.Y. Mayor Ed Koch, warning him to not go to his office in the Twin Towers, on September 11th, 2001 (giving the Jewish Calendar date for the same day).  This claim of foreknowledge and Jews being warned to stay away, has been totally ignored by the CIAmerican media . . . Of Course it has.

If a census was ever published of the number of Jews who worked in the World Trade center, versus the number that were present that day, who died or survived, it would be a very, very interesting "tell."  The fact is Goldman Sachs offices were nearly empty.

I'm going to put part II first:

This country will never heal, and her people will never trust the Government or the Media, until there is at the very least a "Truth and Justice Commission" and the REAL story of 9/11 told, even if the psychopaths who pulled it off are never prosecuted.

Twin Towers of TRUTH  Take the time to LEARN what is known, what is documented about 9/11.  I was blessed to lunch with one of the top structural engineer in the country days after 9/11 and he explained with the schematic plans for the Twin Towers in front of us, the physical impossibility of the event happening as the media claimed.  [LINK]

Monday, July 25, 2016

Shadow-Government/Jewish Controlled Media

Anyone who shares this PUBLIC record, the clear collection of Facts about the American Psy-Opts Media is labeled by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League (both Cultural Marxist organizations) as purveyors of hate speech and anti-Semitic.  "In a time of universal lies, telling the Truth is a revolutionary act."

Six Companies own 99% of the American media, and the greatest proportion of the worlds media, the film production companies, even local T.V. and radio stations, the publishing houses and more.  You cannot purchase a Bible in English, from the well know "Christian" publishing houses, that is not owned and printed by this Media Cartel. It is a Cartel, in violation of every one of the old, anti-monopoly (anti-trust) laws.  This information is compiled over years of research, and some of it is a little dated though the entire picture remains exactly the same. When you read these FACTS, consider if it is "hatred of Jews" to state these facts, and is it wrong to ask oneself why such a disproportionate number of Jews, are represented in the media and in fact in control of it, when their population, represents less than 2 percent in the population in the U.S., and One Half of One Hundredth Percent of the world's population.

Common sense should tell you, that when media outlet across the nation continually parrot one another, yet being hundreds and hundreds of miles apart, there is a central script that is followed.  What is the nature of this script?  And is there any "Free Press" left in the U.S?  Firstly the script is Cultural Marxist and anti-Christian. Secondly, NO there is no free press left in America.

Facts of Jewish Media Control

The largest media conglomerate today is Walt Disney Company, whose chairman and CEO, Michael Eisner, is a Jew. The Disney Empire, headed by a man described by one media analyst as a “control freak”, includes several television production companies (Walt Disney Television, Touchstone Television, Buena Vista Television), its own cable network with 14 million subscribers, and two video production companies. As for feature films, the Walt Disney Picture Group, headed by Joe Roth (also a Jew), includes Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, and Caravan Pictures. Disney also owns Miramax Films, run by the Weinstein brothers. When the Disney Company was run by the Gentile Disney family prior to its takeover by Eisner in 1984, it epitomized wholesome, family entertainment. While it still holds the rights to Snow White, under Eisner, the company has expanded into the production of graphic sex and violence. In addition, it has 225 affiliated stations in the United States and is part owner of several European TV companies. ABC’s cable subsidiary, ESPN, is headed by president and CEO Steven Bornstein, a Jew.

This corporation also has a controlling share of Lifetime Television and the Arts & Entertainment Network cable companies. ABC Radio Network owns eleven AM and ten FM stations, again in major cities such as New York, Washington, Los Angeles, and has over 3,400 affiliates. Although primarily a telecommunications company, Capital Cities/ABC earned over $1 billion in publishing in 1994. It owns seven daily newspapers, Fairchild Publications, Chilton Publications, and the Diversified Publishing Group. 

Time Warner, Inc, is the second of the international media leviathans. The chairman of the board and CEO, Gerald Levin, is a Jew. Time Warner’s subsidiary HBO is the country’s largest pay-TV cable network. Warner Music is by far the world’s largest record company, with 50 labels, the biggest of which is Warner Brothers Records, headed by Danny Goldberg. Stuart Hersch is president of Warnervision, Warner Music’s video production unit. Goldberg and Hersch are Jews. Warner Music was an early promoter of “gangsta rap.” Through its involvement with Interscope Records, it helped popularize a genre whose graphic lyrics explicitly urge Blacks to commit acts of violence against Whites. In addition to cable and music, Time Warner is heavily involved in the production of feature films (Warner Brothers Studio) and publishing. Time Warner’s publishing division (editor-in-chief Norman Pearlstine, a Jew) is the largest magazine publisher in the country (Time, Sports Illustrated, People, Fortune).

When Ted Turner, a Gentile, made a bid to buy CBS in 1985, there was panic in media boardrooms across the nation. Turner made a fortune in advertising and then had built a successful cable-TV news network, CNN. Although Turner employed a number of Jews in key executive positions in CNN and had never taken public positions contrary to Jewish interests, he is a man with a large ego and a strong personality and was regarded by Chairman William Paley (real name Palinsky, a Jew) and the other Jews at CBS as uncontrollable: a loose cannon who might at some time in the future turn against them. Furthermore, Jewish newsman Daniel Schorr, who had worked for Turner, publicly charged that his former boss held a personal dislike for Jews.

To block Turner’s bid, CBS executives invited billionaire Jewish theater, hotel, insurance, and cigarette magnate Laurence Tisch to launch a “friendly” takeover of the company, and from 1986 till 1995 Tisch was the chairman and CEO of CBS, removing any threat of non-Jewish influence there. Subsequent efforts by Turner to acquire a major network have been obstructed by Levin’s Time Warner, which owns nearly 20 percent of CBS stock and has veto power over major deals. 

Viacom, Inc, headed by Sumner Redstone (born Murray Rothstein), a Jew, is the third largest megamedia corporation in the country, with revenues of over $10 billion a year. Viacom, which produces and distributes TV programs for the three largest networks, owns 12 television stations and 12 radio stations. It produces feature films through Paramount Pictures, headed by Jewess Sherry Lansing. Its publishing division includes Prentice Hall, Simon & Schuster, and Pocket Books.

It distributes videos through over 4,000 Blockbuster stores. Viacom’s chief claim to fame, however, is as the world’s largest provider of cable programming, through its Showtime, MTV, Nickelodeon, and other networks. Since 1989, MTV and Nickelodeon have acquired larger and larger shares of the younger television audience. With the top three, and by far the largest, media companies in the hand of Jews, it is difficult to believe that such an overwhelming degree of control came about without a deliberate, concerted effort on their part. What about the other big media companies?

Number four on the list is Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, which owns Fox Television and 20th Century Fox Films. Murdoch is a Gentile, but Peter Chermin, who heads Murdoch’s film studio and also oversees his TV production, is a Jew.

Number five is the Japanese Sony Corporation, whose U.S. subsidiary, Sony Corporation of America, is run by Michael Schulhof, a Jew. Alan Levine, another Jew, heads the Sony Pictures division. Most of the television and movie production companies that are not owned by the largest corporations are also controlled by Jews. For example, New World Entertainment, proclaimed by one media analyst as “the premiere independent TV program producer in the United States,” is owned by Ronald Perelman, a Jew. The best known of the smaller media companies, Dreamworks SKG, is a strictly kosher affair.

Dream Works was formed in 1994 amid great media hype by recording industry mogul David Geffen, former Disney Pictures chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg, and film director Steven Spielberg, all three of whom are Jews. The company produces movies, animated films, television programs, and recorded music. Two other large production companies, MCA and Universal Pictures, are both owned by Seagram Company, Ltd. The president and CEO of Seagram, the liquor giant, is Edgar Bronfman Jr., who is also president of the World Jewish Congress. It is well known that Jews have controlled the production and distribution of films since the inception of the movie industry in the early decades of the 20th century.

This is still the case today. Films produced by just the five largest motion picture companies mentioned above-(1) Disney, (2) Warner Brothers, (3) Sony, (4) Paramount (Viacom), and (5) Universal (Seagram)-accounted for 74 per cent of the total box-office receipts for the first eight months of 1995. The big three in television network broadcasting used to be ABC, CBS, and NBC. With the consolidation of the media empires, these three are no longer independent entities. While they were independent, however, each was controlled by a Jew since its inception: ABC by Leonard Goldenson, CBS first by William Paley and then by Lawrence Tisch, and NBC first by David Sarnoff and then by his son Robert. Over periods of several decades, these networks were staffed from top to bottom with Jews, and the essential Jewishness of network television did not change when the networks were absorbed by other corporations. 

The Jewish presence in television news remains particularly strong. As noted, ABC is part of Eisner’s Disney Company, and the executive producers of ABC’s news programs are all Jews: Victor Neufeld (20-20), Bob Reichbloom (Good Morning America), and Rick Kaplan (World News Tonight). CBS was recently purchased by Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Nevertheless, the man appointed by Lawrence Tisch, Eric Ober, remains president of CBS News, and Ober is a Jew. At NBC, now owned by General Electric, NBC News president Andrew Lack is a Jew, as are executive producers Jeff Zucker (Today), Jeff Gralnick (NBC Nightly News), and Neal Shapiro (Dateline).
The Print Media After television news, daily newspapers are the most influential information medium in America. Sixty million of them are sold (and presumably read) each day. These millions are divided among some 1,500 different publications. One might conclude that the sheer number of different newspapers across America would provide a safeguard against Jewish control and distortion. However, this is not the case. There is less independence, less competition, and much less representation of our interests than a casual observer would think.
The days when most cities and even towns had several independently owned newspapers published by local people with close ties to the community are gone. Today, most “local” newspapers are owned by a rather small number of large companies controlled by executives who live and work hundreds or ever thousands of miles away. The fact is that only about 25 per cent of the country’s 1,500 papers are independently owned; the rest belong to multi-newspaper chains. Only a handful are large enough to maintain independent reporting staffs outside their own communities; the rest depend on these few for all of their national and international news. The Newhouse empire of Jewish brothers Samuel and Donald Newhouse provides an example of more than the lack of real competition among America’s daily newspapers: it also illustrates the insatiable appetite Jews have shown for all the organs of opinion control on which they could fasten their grip.

The Newhouses own 26 daily newspapers, including several large and important ones, such as the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Newark Star-Ledger, and the New Orleans Times-Picayune; the nation’s largest trade book publishing conglomerate, Random House, with all its subsidiaries; Newhouse Broadcasting, consisting of 12 television broadcasting stations and 87 cable-TV systems, including some of the country’s largest cable networks; the Sunday supplement Parade, with a circulation of more than 22 million copies per week; some two dozen major magazines, including the New Yorker, Vogue, Madmoiselle, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Bride’s, Gentlemen’s Quarterly, Self, House & Garden, and all the other magazines of the wholly owned Conde Nast group.

This Jewish media empire was founded by the late Samuel Newhouse, an immigrant from Russia. The gobbling up of so many newspapers by the Newhouse family was in large degree made possible by the fact that newspapers are not supported by their subscribers, but by their advertisers. It is advertising revenue–not the small change collected from a newspaper’s readers–that largely pays the editor’s salary and yields the owner’s profit. Whenever the large advertisers in a city choose to favor one newspaper over another with their business, the favored newspaper will flourish while its competitor dies. Since the beginning of the 20th century, when Jewish mercantile power in America became a dominant economic force, there has been a steady rise in the number of American newspapers in Jewish hands, accompanied by a steady decline in the number of competing Gentile newspapers–primarily as a result of selective advertising policies by Jewish merchants. Furthermore, even those newspapers still under Gentile ownership and management are so thoroughly dependent upon Jewish advertising revenue that their editorial and news reporting policies are largely constrained by Jewish likes and dislikes. It holds true in the newspaper business as elsewhere that he who pays the piper calls the tune.

Three Jewish Newspapers

The suppression of competition and the establishment of local monopolies on the dissemination of news and opinion have characterized the rise of Jewish control over America’s newspapers. The resulting ability of the Jews to use the press as an unopposed instrument of Jewish policy could hardly be better illustrated than by the examples of the nation’s three most prestigious and influential newspapers: the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. These three, dominating America’s financial and political capitals, are the newspapers which set the trends and the guidelines for nearly all the others. They are the ones which decide what is news and what isn’t, at the national and international levels. They originate the news; the others merely copy it, and all three newspapers are in Jewish hands. The New York Times was founded in 1851 by two Gentiles, Henry Raymond and George Jones. After their deaths, it was purchased in 1896 from Jones’s estate by a wealthy Jewish publisher, Adolph Ochs. His great-grandson, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr., is the paper’s current publisher and CEO. The executive editor is Max Frankel, and the managing editor is Joseph Lelyveld.

Both of the latter are also Jews. The Sulzberger family also owns, through the New York Times Co., 33 other newspapers, including the Boston Globe; twelve magazines, including McCall’s and Family Circle with circulations of more than 5 million each; seven radio and TV broadcasting stations; a cable-TV system; and three book publishing companies. The New York Times News Service transmits news stories, features, and photographs from the New York Times by wire to 506 other newspapers, news agencies, and magazines. Of similar national importance is the Washington Post, which, by establishing its “leaks” throughout government agencies in Washington, has an inside track on news involving the Federal government.

The Washington Post, like the New York Times, had a non-Jewish origin. It was established in 1877 by Stilson Hutchins, purchased from him in 1905 by John McLean, and later inherited by Edward McLean. In June 1933, however, at the height of the Great Depression, the newspaper was forced into bankruptcy. It was purchased at a bankruptcy auction by Eugene Meyer, a Jewish financier. The Washington Post is now run by Katherine Meyer Graham, Eugene Meyer’s daughter. She is the principal stockholder and the board chairman of the Washington Post Co.

In 1979, she appointed her son Donald publisher of the paper. He now also holds the posts of president and CEO of the Washington Post Co. The Washington Post Co. has a number of other media holdings in newspapers, television, and magazines, most notably the nation’s number-two weekly newsmagazine, Newsweek. The Wall Street Journal, which sells 1.8 million copies each weekday, is the nation’s largest-circulation daily newspaper. It is owned by Dow Jones & Company, Inc., a New York corporation which also publishes 24 other daily newspapers and the weekly financial tabloid Barron’s, among other things. The chairman and CEO of Dow Jones is Peter Kann, who is a Jew. Kann also holds the posts of chairman and publisher of the Wall Street Journal. Most of New York’s other major newspapers are in no better hands than the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. The New York Daily News is owned by Jewish real-estate developer Mortimer B. Zuckerman. The Village Voice is the personal property of Leonard Stern, the billionaire Jewish owner of the Hartz Mountain pet supply firm.

Other Mass Media

The story is pretty much the same for other media as it is for television, radio, and newspapers. Consider, for example, newsmagazines. There are only three of any note published in the United States: Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News and World Report. Time, with a weekly circulation of 4.1 million, is published by a susidiary of Time Warner Communications. The CEO of Time Warner Communications, as mentioned above, is Gerald Levin, a Jew. Newsweek, as mentioned above, is published by the Washington Post Company, under the Jewess Katherine Meyer Graham.

Its weekly circulation is 3.2 million. U.S. News & World Report, with a weekly circulation of 2.3 million, is owned and published by Mortimer Zuckerman, a Jew. Zuckerman also owns the Atlantic Monthly and New York’s tabloid newspaper, the Daily News, which is the sixth-largest paper in the country. Among the giant book-publishing conglomerates, the situation is also Jewish. Three of the six largest book publishers in the U.S., according to Publisher’s Weekly, are owned or controlled by Jews. The three are first-place Random House (with its many subsidiaries, including Crown Publishing Group), third-place Simon & Schuster, and sixth-place Time Warner Trade Group (including Warner Books and Little, Brown). Another publisher of special significance is Western Publishing. Although it ranks only 13th in size among all U.S. publishers, it ranks first among publishers of children’s books, with more than 50 percent of the market. Its chairman and CEO is Richard Snyder, a Jew, who just replaced Richard Bernstein, also a Jew.

The Effect of Jewish Control of the Media

These are the facts of Jewish media control in America. Anyone willing to spend several hours in a large library can verify their accuracy. I hope that these facts are disturbing to you, to say the least. Should any minority be allowed to wield such awesome power? Certainly, not and allowing a people with beliefs such as expressed in the Talmud, to determine what we get to read or watch in effect gives this small minority the power to mold our minds to suit their own Talmudic interests, interests which as we have demonstrated are diametrically opposed to the interests of our people. By permitting the Jews to control our news and entertainment media, we are doing more than merely giving them a decisive influence on our political system and virtual control of our government; we also are giving them control of the minds and souls of our children, whose attitudes and ideas are shaped more by Jewish television and Jewish films than by their parents, their schools, or any other influence.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


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WHAT did Donald Trump's Nomination this evening mean? You need to understand this lesson.

Here is what the Donald J Trump MOVEMENT SMASHED this evening. WE nullified the power of the massive money of the LESTERS. The Trump Movement in Trump Cash and Donation spent less than 10% of the money spent against US. And IF we rightly counted the cost of the BILLIONS of CORPORATE DOLLARS spent in the 24/7 Negative News cycle, we actually spent maybe one, one-hundredth of the money spent against us. WE SMASH THE REPUBLICAN SIDE OF THE LESTER ELECTION.




Miniaturization and What It Means for Your Mental Perceptions

[Edward Snowden - American Hero]

Snowden did NOT betray the American Constitution or the Constitutional Republic, because they had ceased to exist. [LINK]

Without Edward Snowden, Our System Could Have Failed [LINK]


PRISM EXPOSED - Confuse and Obfuscate

When the NSA wonks were on my page a few years back spreading the psy-opt that the communications Edward Snowden was claiming the NSA was vacuuming up and storing every single day was physically impossible because of the massive "storage space" it would take. The NSA furthered the illusion by building a massive empty warehouse in the desert.

I blew them away with the reality of the advancement of miniaturization where multiple sources were reporting (for a few years at the time) that they were manufacturing on the NANO-level. Most people could not (CANNOT) grasp what that means, what the implications are, how that will effect EVERYTHING.

So here we are three years later with the PUBLIC admission that they have computer storage capacity, on the nano level, where every book ever written by the human race could be stored upon something the size of a single postage stamp. That means the entire content of cyberspace - all communications of every digital source, and analogue turned to digital (bar codes and the like) could be stored on something the size of a single sheet of paper. So at the end of a year you would have a whole volume equal to a 365 page book. That means they could store the next 1700 years of communications (were it at present levels) on my personal book shelves. And folks this is the technology they are telling us about. What they hold in secret is light years advanced of what is publicly acknowledge ALWAYS. It is first developed, weaponize or investigated for its weapons potential BEFORE it is ever leaked into public knowledge.
So LYING NSA WONKS who called me a nut, and "tin foil hat wearer" eat this.

Scientists create 'world's smallest hard disk' with 500x more storage space than best hard drive

Michelle, Melania = SMOKE SCREEN for Cultural Purge In Turkey

The Plagiarism accusation against Melania Trump, and the counter charges of Obama plagiarisms, are a smoke screen. And like kittens chasing catnip . . . . . 

Look what is happening in Turkey, a Muslim Brotherhood Cultural Purge as deep as the Cultural Revolution in Red China and all idiots can talk about is Melania Trump's speech. Almost 1600 College Deans demanded to step down! The license of thousands of teachers revoked! I would say that the CIAmerican Media is covering for Obama's Best Buddy and Muslim Brotherhood Partner Turkish President Erdogan.

Turkey post-coup purge: Licenses of 21,000 teachers revoked, 1,577 deans ordered to resign
Turkey has revoked the licenses of 21,000 teachers working in private institutions, an Education Ministry official told Reuters. It's the latest in a string of crackdowns on workers allegedly tied to the exiled cleric blamed for last week's coup attempt.

"The licenses of 21,000 teachers working in privately-run institutions have been cancelled. Tip-offs that these [people] are mostly linked with terrorist activities have been taken into consideration," a ministry official said.

An earlier report from the state-run Anadolu news agency stated the ministry had dismissed 15,200 education personnel.

Meanwhile, Turkey's High Education Board has ordered the resignation of 1,577 deans at all universities – both public and private – across the country, state broadcaster TRT reported. The news caused the Turkish lira to weaken beyond 3 to the US dollar.

In addition, 399 employees of the Ministry of Family and Social Polices were stripped of their responsibilities on Tuesday, and 257 people working at the office of the prime minister were also sacked, Anadolu reported.

Turkey's courts have also ordered that 85 generals and admirals be jailed pending trial over their roles in Friday's coup attempt. Among those arrested include former air force commander Gen. Akin Ozturk, who is alleged to be a ringleader of the uprising. Gen. Adem Hududi, commander of Turkey's 2nd Army, which is in charge of countering possible threats from Syria, Iran, and Iraq, was also detained.

Thousands of officials suspected of links to US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen – who the government blames for the coup – have also been purged from the judiciary and Interior Ministry.

The newest sackings and calls for resignation are the latest in a movement that Prime Minister Binali Yildirim says is aimed at removing the influence of Gulen “by its roots.” A total of 49,337 public sector workers – including military and police personnel – have lost their jobs since Friday, according to Hurriyet.

President Erdogan and his government blame Gulen for orchestrating the coup attempt on Friday in which over 200 people were killed and 1,400 injured. Ankara has called for Gulen's extradition from the United States, where he resides in the Pennsylvania town of Saylorsburg.

However, Gulen, 75, has rejected allegations that he was involved in the attempt, telling prosecutors in a statement that he is “not the person who planned or led the coup. Who planned it and directed it I do not know.”

He said that Erdogan may have staged it himself – a claim which the Turkish president has called “nonsensical.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry has said that Turkey would need to provide “evidence, not allegations” against Gulen in order to have him extradited to Turkey.

Obama talks to Erdogan, offers help after failed coup

Two leaders reportedly discussed the status of United States based Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen.

President Barack Obama spoke to Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, offering US assistance as Ankara investigates last week's attempted coup, but urging the government to show restraint as it pursues those connected in the failed attempt.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the two leaders discussed the status of US based Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen, whom Erdogan has accused of being behind the coup attempt and whose extradition Turkey has said it will seek.

Earnest said the Turkish government had filed materials in electronic form with the US government, which US officials were reviewing.

He said any extradition request from Turkey, once submitted, would be evaluated under the terms of a treaty between the two countries.

US state department later said it was still in process of analysing materials submitted by Turkey, but that it could not characterise the documents as an official extradition request for Gulen.

Gulen, who is resident in the US, has denied any involvement in the military plot to topple the government, and hinted that the coup might have been staged to justify his arrest.

Widening purge

Around 50,000 soldiers, police, judges, civil servants and teachers have been suspended or detained since the coup attempt, stirring tensions across the country of 80 million which borders Syria's chaos and is a Western ally against Islamic State.

"This parallel terrorist organisation will no longer be an effective pawn for any country," Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said, referring to what the government has long alleged is a state within a state controlled by followers of Gulen.

"We will dig them up by their roots," he told parliament.

Al Jazeera's Bernard Smith, reporting from Istanbul on Tuesday, said as many as 20,000 government employees have been detained, or are being pursued by the authorities, including 185 admirals and colonels, and 1,500 finance ministry officials.

They are part of a widening purge by the Erdogan government targeting alleged supporters of a coup attempt on Friday.

Reuters reported that on Tuesday that 257 employees from Yildirim own office had been removed from duty.

Turkey's Education Ministry on Tuesday suspended 15,200 personnel in connection with the failed coup, state media reported. Later, the High Education Board ordered the resignation of all 1,577 deans employed at all universities, TRT reported.

Turkey’s religious directorate issued a statement on Tuesday, saying it would not offer religious funerary services, including funeral prayers, for soldiers involved in the failed coup attempt, except for those who had been “forcibly dragged” into the military actions attempting to overthrow the government.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Heterodoxy (other than Orthodox) Christianity Vs The Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith

God I get tired by people posting their broken protestant mythologies and theologies on my threads. They speak such ignorance with such arrogance, and in their many iterations on the same subjects, all believing something opposite or at least skewed from the previous person, yet they all believe they are "teaching the bible." It may come as a shock to you but I don't believe "the bible"; I believe only Sacred Scripture AS it is reflected in the Christian Faith and Christ’s Body the Church, which is the source of the texts, those Protestants influenced by Islam call, "The Book."
I can see the accusation, “Archpriest Symeon does not believe in the Bible.”  It is true, I don’t.  But I love, have respect for, study, cherish the Church’s Sacred Scriptures.  Simply put, outside of the Apostolic Church, the one confessed in the Christian Creed, “The Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church” scripture has NO context.  It does not belong to the Talmudic Jews, they have abandoned it and it does not belong to the Heterodox they have both destroyed it and made an IDOL of it.

Let me give you a picture of the Church vs the Heterodox, (other than Orthodox) you have never heard before. I've never spoken it because it was my personal observation coming to Orthodoxy; an observation bought with a life lived in the heterodox fire and years absorbing and entertaining its myriad confused theologies and practices.

The psychological group mentality teaches us a very important lesson about the Apostolic Church vs The Collection of Heterodox groups.  Group Mentality says that a group, in common life sinks to the lowest common denominator.  Take a family whose one parent is a beast; the whole family is degenerated by that beast, every life in that home becomes dramatically less because of the influence of that beast.  Take an angry mob, the group moves toward and follows the most demonstrably angry ones.  Take a conversation around dinner tables in a hunting lodge, some highly educated professionals and some school dropouts, the conversation will quickly move to the lowest common denominator; to communicate they have to move to what they hold in common.   The standard of a medical practice or plumbing company will quickly degenerate to the level of the least dedicated physicians/plumbers, etc., etc.  

Now as to Apostolic Church, I am not talking about "apostolic" as era in time but apostolic as in content, VS the other than Orthodox Bible Believers of all sorts, both the Sola Scriptura heretics and the Sola Fide heretics and all mutations in between, and the Christian Zionists, and other cultists et al.   History has proved that because of the presence of Jesus Christ in his Holy Spirit in her Thanksgivings (Eucharists) and HIS physical presence upon the Altars of her "communion" (Koinonia) the some total is better than the parts, or in group psychological terms, the Orthodox Church defies the law of lowest common denominator and rather it rises towards its highest common denominator who is the God Man/Jesus Christ, and produces clarity, faithfulness, fullness of the Gospel and not the preservation of Tradition, but the LIFE of it “communion in Christ” (Ortho-Doxia and Ortho-Praxis) and amazingly this Church is filled with self acknowledges SINNERS, from those witnessing sanctity in themselves (coming to sainthood) to the lowest struggling pervert, self-acknowledged SINNERS ALL.

Where on the other hand the Protestant movement is filled with self-acknowledge saints, people who haven't sinned or asked forgiveness for sins for very long times, who find the idea of confession abhorrent, who operate in great spiritual gifts with many, (especially in the Evangelical, Fundamentalist Bible societies) claiming a very close personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And yet it (The entire Heterodox Movement) spirals toward its least common denominator, The Liar and The LIE. As witnessed by the fact that the collective whole has produced deeper and deeper levels of chaos and delusion, spiritual hubris, collective theological insanity, and woeful degrees of apostasy; the Culture of Death and Sodomy in America and near total apostasy in Europe.  It sat by silently as more TRUE CHRISTIAN Martyrs were produced in the 20th century than all previous centuries of Christian History COMBINED, and even aided in FINANCING this genocide in cooperation with the Wall Street Zionists.  And very amazingly, it is hard to find a self-acknowledged sinner among them, yet they have produced the "Enlightenment Movement" which is nothing but the perennial paganism of Luciferianism (accept these heresies and you will KNOW THE MIND OF GOD) and all its children, Marxism, Communism, Liberal Theology, the two sided coin of Biblical Rationalism (1) Biblical Deconstructionism and (2) Biblical Fundamentalism and the common semi-Arianism they collectively hold, where it leads inexorably to the conclusion that God is great and Jesus is somehow less, even if he is reduced to their pocket-sized best friend, (most times their ego in the mirror) or elevated above the Holy Trinity as some over arching Christic Principle of Love, (Ecumenism).  The Roman Popes have excelled at producing the latter.

Now in all fairness we know there are some devils in Orthodoxy more than a few, and some saints in Heterodoxy, more than a few, we have witnessed both. But we are not talking about "personal salvation" but the witness of the Church in history, vs the Witness of Heterodox/Protestantism and all the isms it has produced in history. Simple fact, the saints produced in Protestantism were moving toward Orthodoxy, (read the books of Corrie Ten Boom and the witness of her life) and the devils in Orthodoxy are moving toward Luciferianism to which all heterodoxy is compromised and I dare say “comprised” (witness the Heresiarchs of Crete 2016).  

Fundamentalist Christians In the Service Of Cultural Marxists

Ted Cruz, David Barton, Glenn Beck and others, even the Globalist Zionist Puppet Mark Levin have groomed (brainwashed) a large number of Christian fundamentalists of various Evangelical sects, even some conservative Roman Catholic and Orthodox into service of the Cultural Marxist Globalists.  

How did they do this?  

Firstly by creating a romanticized, Iconized and fanciful picture of America's founding. Barton, the brainwashing master, has taken every pious word ever written or attributed to a founder, and published them as if these words were the reality of the Society of the Time.  By his Iconizing (IDOLIZING) standard, it is really Saint Ben Franklin, Saint Thomas Jefferson, etc., even though real history records a very different story. The "christianity" of both men is more than suspect and they lived very sinful lives, of which they NEVER repented, at least there is not public record of such. Belief in this Romanticized mythology, believing the founders to be SAINTS, instead of the very flawed and wealthy men they were, leaves these people frozen in a fanciful time that never existed, frozen in fear, so thus seeing all the very real corruption and flawed people in politics and in our society today, they are left unable to cope with the secular reality of American Culture and Government.  Instead of actively engaging, in their hypnotized state, they recoil and say, "God must intervene; we are helpless."

Here is an example of the "non-reasoning" of these brainwashed people:


Butch, let me make this as simple as I can for you my friend--I, like the founders of this nation believe God: "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." II Chronicles 7:14

In an address to the Constitutional Convention Ben Franklin asked this poignant question:

“In the beginning of the contest with Britain, when we were sensible of danger, we had daily prayers in this room for Divine protection. Our prayers, Sir, were heard, and they were graciously answered… do we imagine we no longer need His assistance?”

This nation cannot be healed apart from God doing the healing. The Holy God revealed in the Holy Bible cannot see a nation choosing between Hillary Clinton, a serial liar, corrupt to her very soul and the equally lying and corrupt owner of strip clubs and sin palaces as a nation humbling itself before God.  (Do you notice that in his Muslim Like reduction of God, he manages to reduce God to the level of his own brainwashing and blindness. Nothing about this paragraph can stand in the face of the actual history of God's People HIS CHURCH.) 

Such people are saying directly to God we do not need to heed your tenets when choosing our leaders. On the left they completely disregard all of the things of God as a matter of course. On the right, you are putting the things of God on the back burner out of fear for Hillary and the left.

This is a recipe for disaster without regard to how this race ends up. You do not vanquish corruption with more corruption.

BTW, our brainwashed friend thinks these ideas are his own, however they are taken DIRECTLY from Glenn Beck's sick stump speech for Ted Cruz, often with David Barton standing by nodding agreement. What you just read is infantile non-reasoning and anything BUT based in Christianity or Christian Principles or any clear reading of Christian History.

My answer:

Dear XYZ, you are simply conflating two things.   

(1) The Spiritual Awakening, which cannot be to the former Protestant religions which corrupted by the Enlightenment movement created this Culture of Death in which we find ourselves. Yes, not spiritual renewal, but spiritual awakening is necessary in America, after all 90 percent of people in the United States in 1989 self-identified as Christian.  It is obvious from the events since that 90 percent of those Christians were blind.  But this should not be a surprise since the Founders corrupted the American system from the BEGINNING.  If you doubt me read the attached article asking simply "What is Liberty."

(2) The political survival of our Nation as a Nation will not, cannot happen under Hillary; it will happen under Trump.  If we do not save our Nation as a Nation we will NEVER AGAIN have a voice. - that reason ALONE is enough to vote for Trump

Now non-conflated, will a Trump presidency create the Revival you seek? 

(1)  No! A presidency under the American System is a SECULAR thing.  The best he can ever do is create a level playing field in which Christians may compete with other ideologies in the PUBLIC SQUARE, for the hearts and minds of people. Presently Christianity is being suppressed, and Trump has repeatedly promised to stop that.  Tell me, was the Emperor Constantine a Christian or a Corrupt Roman Pagan when he stopped the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire. (In case you are ignorant, he was a Pagan. He converted to Christianity only on his death bed, decades later.) 

  (2) Frankly that question of spiritual awakening is not even up to praying Christians, it is up to GOD, because either Jesus was a LIAR, or what he said is TRUTH, "No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him"

(3) Jesus told us (His Church) to preach the Gospel, he didn't tell us to control politics, or to control government.  We are to in EVERY INSTANCE witness Jesus Christ and him Crucified and leave the result of our faithfulness to GOD.  

(4) Influencing politician and thus politics, so that we may influence the public dialogue, all these things are very important. Just as it is important to influence academics, and thus academia, so that we may influence the public dialogue. Frankly the Cultural Marxists have us on the ropes in this regard and useful idiots like yourself, are AIDING them.  The Christian's place is the place of the Humble Servant, not as the prideful ruler. And if God actually calls that Christian to Public Office, GOD will place that person IN that Public Office.  Those claiming they were called to public office, and yet were blocked, are LIARS. 

(5) Trump is a worldly man who lives in much pride of life; he is proud of his accomplishments and proud of his family, he is also proud of his Nation and grieves for her.  God is USING that pride and grief for HIS purpose.  For Instance, Trump has promised to void the Johnson Act, which the Luciferians have used to cow Christian voices ONLY, to silence Christian voices in the Public Square, while giving free reign to Cultural Marxist, the Gay Agenda, even Cultural Marxist Christians, (Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al) and Muslims and Atheists and radicals of every Luciferian stripe.    Common sense alone as a Christian ought to teach you the necessity to vote for THAT, the voiding of the Johnson Act, even if in your ignorant passions you HATE the man, Trump, even were he a Pagan. 

Now tell me Sir, do I need to point out in scripture the number of times God used corrupt amoral people to save his people?  If you do not have this knowledge then you are an ignorant person and do not know the history the truth of the book you call Holy, or the Christian Church of which you claim membership.

Archpriest Symeon Elias


What Is Liberty?

Jesus Christ has set us at liberty to do what love demands. There is no other liberty. That is the sole purview of liberty, that is doing what love demands.

I had a conversation with a bitter Libertarian today. A rabid Trump hater. The Libertarians in America have constructed a mythology of the Golden Age of American Liberty, the age of the founders, and they trumpet the broken and flawed document of the American Constitution, a document that said some men were only 3/5th human, as if that document were inspired by God. Some conservatives deluded by the Christian Dominionist Movement actually make the claim that the U.S. Constitution was inspired by God. But let us be clear, If it was, that god was Moloch, because 80 years later it took the sacrifice of more than Seven Hundred Thousand men to redact the document and change that 3/5th of a man, to a whole human being.

Before you curse me for the sake of your own mythology, let me share with you that Christianity is the cure of superstitions and false mythologies. In the glaring light of history the U.S. Constitution was a gravely flawed document.

A simple question, what did it take to set it right? The simple answer, Seven Hundred Thousand Men WILLING TO DIE.

We sit on our comfortable couches tweeting and facebooking about Liberty, and this year hundreds of thousands of people have braved many hours in extreme weather, and fair weather, waiting to attend political rallies, standing and cheering for renewed Liberty, to restore the rule of law and yes, making a new commitment to do what love demands, the hard work of Liberty. Considering the many years of collective apathy, THIS IS REALLY SOMETHING. (And I am referencing both Trump and Sanders crowds.)

But please understand something. There is no Golden Age to which we may return. When you seek the good you don't take hold of the plow and look backwards. Jesus said that himself - "He who puts his hand to the plow and looks backwards is unfit for the Kingdom of God." WE have to take the realities of this harsh world into account, and move forward, as Saint Paul said, "straining towards what lies ahead" and in love, do the things that are life engendering. Even if we have to die to do it.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Christian Martyr of WWII, who first rebuked the NAZIS to their faces in a large meeting of German Clergy where ALL except a few, accepted the antichrist, and turned their Churches into NAZI propaganda organs, removing the symbols of Christ and substituting the symbols of National Socialism and Luciferian Mythology. One German friend told me of the experience in Germany, where one Sunday things were as normal, and the next week they arrived to find a Swastika having replaced the Cross of Christ on CHRIST's Altar! "I left the week before a Christian and returned the next week to discover we were all NAZIS now." Rev Bonhoeffer rebuked them to their faces. He then went underground to survive, to reemerge with a false identity and almost succeeded in killing Hitler. Arrested and placed in a concentration camp, he said, "When Christ calls a man, he bids him, come and die." I submit to you that Bonhoeffer's rebuke of the NAZIS was an act of love. I submit to you that Bonhoeffer's attempted assassination of Hitler was an act of love. I submit to you that his ministry inside the Concentration Camp, to both the guards and the prisoners was an act of love. I submit his walk to his execution was an act of love. When we do what LOVE demands it can take many appearances.

Someone sent me an article today, telling about the national meeting of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A, bowing to antichrist and engaging in Islamic Prayer at their opening ceremonies, their prayer actually lead by an Imam. (LINK go to minute 14:00 of the video of the opening ceremony.) There were no Dietrich Bonhoeffers there at that meeting, NONE to stand and rebuke them and proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone. None willing to say, "Come let us worship Christ HIMSELF, our King and our God." None willing to stand and say, "the overarching heresy of this age is Ecumenism, because if it is right, then Christianity must be wrong. IT then is the over-arching TRUTH, greater than Mohammad, Buddha, Lao Tsu, and Jesus. But this is not Christianity. Jesus Christ did not say, "I have found the truth, let me tell you about it." As Mohammad, Buddha, Joseph Smith and others have claimed. NO, rather Jesus Christ said, "I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life" (the only life).

What was it that Saint Paul said about the Judaizers? Oh yes, I remember, "I wish they would mutilate themselves." And that was an expression of love. WOW, Fr S. what are you saying? I am saying that I hope these antichrist Presbyterians, willing to MOCK Jesus Christ and bow to Mohammad . . . will soon experience the complete reality of Islam. And that is a statement of Love, also. AS Saint Paul was saying, in other words, "Better for them to harm themselves than continue to spread their poison."

"Turn such a one over to Satan for the destruction of the body, that his soul may be saved for eternity."

Archpriest Symeon Elias.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mt. Athos Rejection of the Council of Crete

(It is with no pleasure that I report this:  I did publish prophetic words about the nature of this Council and the obvious result, predicting that it would be a false council and produce schism. This slap in the face of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople mirrors reality, because for all his tenure he has knowingly or unknowing I know not, served the cause of Cultural Marxist Globalism and not Christ. Holding that knowledge in my heart, being a lowly priest and stating it, writing it, and then seeing it in the words of Abbots, Priests and Monk of the Holy Mount, are two different experiences. I found tears flowing as I tried to read this statement from Mt Athos. - Archpriest Symeon Elias)


An "Open Letter" from Athonite Fathers to the Holy Community of the Holy Mountain of Athos is calling for an immediate convocation of the governing body of Mt. Athos in order to condemn the "false council" of Crete and cease the comemoration of the Patriarch of Constantinople on Mt. Athos.

OVER 60 Hieromonk and monks, with a disciple of Saint Paisios, Elder Gabriel of the Kelli of St. Christodoulos (Holy Monastery of Koutloumosiou) at their head, have written an open letter to the Holy Community of Mt. Athos calling upon the Abbots to reject the Council in Crete and stating their intention to cease commemoration of the Patriarch of Constantinople on account of his leadership in the "false council" at which the pan-heresy of ecumenism was given a green light and bolstered in word and deed.

The Athonite Fathers briefly list 12 points of divergence of the Cretan Council from Orthodox Tradition and Faith, promising to return in the near future with an extensive analysis of council and texts in question. Referring to the controversial section 6 of the text "Relations of the Orthodox Church with the Rest of the Christian World," the Athonites see this as acceptance of the Papal-Latin parasynagogue as a "church". Furthermore, as they point out, the text's positive estimation of the decisions of the Dialogue with the Latins (especially the texts produced in Munich in 1982, Bari in 1987, New Valaam in 1988 and most particularly in Balamand in 1993) signifies acceptance, on the part of those bishops who signed the text in Crete, of the "ecclesial character, apostolic faith, authentic mysteries and apostolic succession" of the "Papal heresy." "From this alone," the Fathers write, "it is apparent that this Council has fallen away from Orthodox Faith and Confession."

With regard to the role played by the Patriarch of Constantinople in the promotion both of "the pan-heresy of ecumenism and in particular of the false council of Crete," and the need for the Athonite community to cease his commemoration "until such a time" as the heresy is condemned, the Athonite Fathers write characteristically:

"The Patriarch of Constantinople stands as the chief inspirer and promoter of the Synodical text and as such for us Athonite Fathers, but also for all Orthodox Christians, priests and laymen, he has been shown to be, in word and deed, a Heresiarch, as once was Arius, Nestorius, Bekko, etc., as distinguished clergy and theologians have clearly demonstrated. This is the case not only on account of [his promotion] of the pan-heresy of Ecumenism but also on account of [his promotion] of the Pan-thriskeia [religious sycretism], shown in and word and deed and through common prayer [with non-Christian religious leaders]. He teaches strange dogmas, unorthodox and anti-patristic, and thus, for this reason, according to the words of our Lord, "And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they known not the voice of strangers." (Jn. 10:1-5)

In conclusion, the Athonite Fathers write:

"Holy Fathers, the Orthodox Church and Orthodox Christians have been declared undesirable and singled out for harassment. Already at the heretical false council of Crete all those Orthodox Christians who stand opposed to it and reject it, whether they be bishops, priests, monks or laymen, were characterized as "heretics," "zealots," and "hyper-Orthodox." Will we allow this false characterization to pass into the popular conscience? With much humility, fear of God and love for our Orthodox Church we entreat you and ask that we may all stand together so that a truly Holy and Great Orthodox Council may be called in order to reject this false council [of Crete].

Venerable and Respected Fathers of the Holy Community, Holy Abbots, 100 years of extreme oikonomia and tolerance of the ecumenist, latinizing, unionist Patriarchs and bishops has brought about a terrible erosion of faith and fed heretical deviations. The damage and corruption which has been brought about by this falsely-called "oikonomia" in the mindset of the Orthodox clergy and laity is of astounding proportions. We entreat you once again: struggle to guard the Holy Deposit of our Orthodox Church and Faith."

The twelve point are:

Σεβαστοί Πατέρες,
Μελετήσαντες μετά πάσης προσοχῆς τά κοινοποιηθέντα τελικά κείμενα τῆς λεγομένης Ἁγίας καί Μεγάλης Συνόδου, καθώς καί τίς ἀπαντήσεις ἐγκρίτων θεολόγων καί μητροπολιτῶν, προαγόμεθα ὅπως ἐκθέσωμεν τά ἀκόλουθα.
Τό συμπέρασμα πού ἀβίαστα ἐξάγεται ἐκ τῆς μελέτης των εἶναι ὅτι τελικῶς ἡ σύνοδος αὐτή ἀποδεικνύεται ἀντορθόδοξη, ληστρική καί αἱρετική, διότι:

 1. Ἀκολούθησε καινοφανεῖς μεθοδεύσεις στήν θεματολογία καί τίς πρακτικές της.
2. Ἀπέκλεισε τούς Ἐπισκόπους καί κατέλυσε τήν Ὀρθόδοξη συνοδικότητα καί ἐν γένει χρησιμοποιήθηκαν ἀντορθόδοξοι μέθοδοι στόν τρόπο λειτουργίας της.
3. Δέν ὑπῆρχε ἐπαρκής ἐνημέρωση τοῦ ὀρθοδόξου πληρώματος· ἀντίθετα ὑπῆρχε ἀπόκρυψη τῶν ἀποφασιζομένων κατά τήν προσυνοδική διαδικασία.
4. Καθιερώνει τήν μεταπατερική θεολογία.
5. Νομιμοποιεῖ ἐπίσημα καί συνοδικά τήν παναίρεσι τοῦ Οἰκουμενισμοῦ.
6. Ἐπετεύχθη τελικά ὁ στόχος τῆς ἐκκλησιαστικοποιήσεως τῶν αἱρέσεων, δηλαδή ἔγινε δεκτό ὅτι ὁ Παπισμός καθώς καί λοιποί αἱρετικοί εἶναι Ἐκκλησίες καί ὄχι αἱρέσεις.
7. Ὑποβιβάζει τόν χριστιανισμό στό ἐπίπεδο τοῦ κοινωνισμοῦ («κοινωνικό εὐαγγέλιο»).
8. Δέν ἐκφράζει τήν ἁγιοπνευματική ἐμπειρία τοῦ ἐκκλησιαστικοῦ σώματος.
9. Δέν ἀκολουθεῖ τήν ἁγιοπατερική Παράδοση τῆς Ἐκκλησίας, μιᾶς καί δέν ἔγινε ἐξ’ ἀρχῆς ἀναγνώριση ὅλων τῶν προηγουμένων συνόδων, καί κυρίως ἀναγνώριση ὡς Οἰκουμενικῶν συνόδων τῆς 8ης καί τῆς 9ης.
10. Καταλύει ἀποφάσεις Οἰκουμενικῶν Συνόδων.
11. Ἀναγνωρίζει τό Προτεσταντικό λεγόμενο Παγκόσμιο Συμβούλιο ᾽Εκκλησιῶν.
12. Παραγκωνίσθηκε καί ἀγνοήθηκε ὁ ρόλος τοῦ Μοναχισμοῦ, καί ἰδιαίτερα ἡ στάση τῶν Ἁγιορειτῶν ἔναντι τοῦ Παπισμοῦ καί τοῦ Οἰκουμενισμοῦ.

(If you can provide me with a batter and more accurate translation please do. This is my feeble attempt.)

Venerable Fathers,

It is sad to report that after the final text of the so-called Holy Synod was carefully communicated and also the replies by prominent theologians and metropolitans (and others)are as follows.
We conclude it is easy to draw from the Final study that the meeting demonstrated itself to be, anti-Orthodox, predatory and heretical, because:

1. it followed innovative approaches to the themes and practices. (This would be the way in which it was constructed and called and the reason for calling it.)

2. excluded the bishops and overthrew the Orthodox conciliarity and general anti-Orthodox methods used in the way it works.

 3. There was adequate information to follow orthodoxy; instead there was hidden agenda within the Pre-Conciliar process.

 4. Establish metapateriki theology. (I believe this means self-generated theology - as the council was called for no reason other than to hold a council and generate theology - this was the same format of both Vatican I and Vatican II - the creation of innovative theologies.) 

 5. legitimize official and summit pan-heresy of ecumenism.  

 6. finally achieved the goal of ekklisiastikopoiiseos sects, that it was accepted that the papacy as and other heretics are churches and not sects.  (The concept of multi-churches) 

7. relegate Christianity to the level of koinonismou ( "social gospel"). (This "social gospel" is the gospel of Cultural Marxism and the clear indication the Council was I predicted it would be, Cultural Marxist/Globalists.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ has to be conquered for the Globalist scheme of one world religion to work - the ekklisiastikopoiiseos - many paths all equally valid)

 8. do not express the holy spiritual experience of the ecclesiastical body. 

9. does not follow the patristic tradition of the Church, since it was not from the beginning recognition of all preceding sessions, and mainly recognize as ecumenical meetings of 8 and 9th.
10. catalyses decisions Ecumenical Synods. (ignores the previous Ecumenical Councils?)

 11. recognizes the so-called Protestant World Council of Churches.

 12. marginalized and ignored the role of monasticism and especially the attitude of the Mount against the papacy and of ecumenism.

The full letter in the original Greek can be found here:

Elder Gabriel, IK Holy Christodoulos, I.M.Koutloumousiou.
Elder Savvas Lavriotis, I.M.M.Lafras.
Elder cheerful I.Kath. St. Maximus the Confessor.
Monk Dositheos I.Kath.Agiou Maximus the Confessor.
Elder Graces Ierom. I.K.Analipseos, I.M.Vatopaidiou.
Elder Kirill, I.Is. Immaculate, Katounakia, I.M.M.Lafras
Elder Cherubim, I.K.Archangelon-Koukouzeli-, I.M.M.Lafras.
Elder John I.K.Eisodion Mary, Lookout, I.M.M.Lafras
Elder George I.K.Agiou Barlaam and Ioasaf, I.M.M.Lafras
Elder Blaise, Xerokalyvo Vigla I.M.M.Lafras
Ierom. Paisius, I.S.Timiou Baptist I.M.M.Lafras
Ierom. Damascus Popa, I.S.Timiou Baptist I.M.M.Lafras
Ierom. Damascus Raus, I.S.Timiou Baptist I.M.M.Lafras
Ierom. Joel, I.S.Timiou Baptist I.M.M.Lafras
Ierom. Savvas, I.S.Timiou Baptist I.M.M.Lafras
Ierod. Matthew I.S.Timiou Baptist I.M.M.Lafras
Monk Ephraim I.S.Timiou Baptist I.M.M.Lafras
Monk Nicodemus, I.S.Timiou Baptist I.M.M.Lafras
Monk Gerasimos, I.S.Timiou Baptist I.M.M.Lafras
Monk Tarasius, I.S.Timiou Baptist I.M.M.Lafras
Monk Mark, I.S.Timiou Baptist I.M.M.Lafras
Monk Arsenios, I.S.Timiou Baptist I.M.M.Lafras
Monk Raphael I.S.Timiou Baptist I.M.M.Lafras
Monk John I.S.Timiou Baptist I.M.M.Lafras
Monk Seraphim, I.S.Timiou Baptist I.M.M.Lafras
Elder Paul I.K.Koimiseos St. Anne, I.S.Kafsokalyvion, I.M.M.Lafras
Elder Nektarios, I.K.Agiou Demetriou I.S.Kafsokalyvion, I.M.M.Lafras
Elder Simeon I.K.Neou Simeon Theologian I.S.Kafsokalyvion, I.M.M.Lafras
Monk Isaiah I.K.Neou Theologian Symeon I.S.Kafsokalyvion, I.M.M.Lafras
Monk Eustatius, IK Sint Eustatius, I.S.Kafsokalyvion, I.M.M.Lafras
Elder Polycarp Ierom. I.K.Agiou immortality I.S.Kafsokalyvion, I.M.M.Lafras
Ierom. Joachim, I.K.Agiou immortality I.S.Kafsokalyvion, I.M.M.Lafras
Monk Christodoulos I.K.Agiou immortality I.S.Kafsokalyvion, I.M.M.Lafras
Elder Panteleimon I.K.Agiou Anthony Cherry, I.M.M.Lafras
Elder Maximus Ierom., I.K.Agiou Anthony Cherry, I.M.M.Lafras
Ierom. Romanos, I.K.Agiou Anthony Cherry, I.M.M.Lafras
Elder Athanasios bouleuteria, I.Sk. St. Anne, I.M.M.Lafras
Elder Thomas I.K.agiou Apostle Thomas, I.Sk. Little St. Anne, I.M.M.Lafras
Monk Theologian I.K.Ag. Apostle Thomas, I.Sk. Little St. Anne, I.M.M.Lafras
Monk Fotios, I.K.Agiou Apostle Thomas, I.Sk. Little St. Anne, I.M.M.Lafras
Elder Philip Ierom.I.K.Meg. Immortality, I.Sk. Little St. Anne, I.M.M.Lafras
Elder Panteleimon Ierom. I.Is. St. John the Theologian, Katounakia, I.M.M.Lafras
Elder Gerasimos, j. Isa. Saint Gerasimos, Katounakia, I.M.M.Lafras
Elder Athanasios I.Is. St. Sava, Coils, I.M.M.Lafras
Monk Simeon, Coils, I.M.M.Lafras
Monk Elias, I. Sk. St. Basil, I.M.M.Lafras,
Ierom. Irenaeus, Kapsala
Monk Paisius, Karyes
Ierod. World, IK St. Athanasius, I.Sk. Koutloumousiou
Elder Nicodemus, I.K.Agiou Nektarios Kapsala, I.M.Stafronikita
Elder Meletios, I.K.Genesion Virgin Kapsala, I.M.Pantokratoros
Ierom. Makarios I.K.Genesion Virgin Kapsala, I.M.Pantokratoros
Monk Makarios I.M.Chilandariou
Elder Cyprien Ierom., I.K.Agiou George I.M.Filotheou.
Elder Efstratios monk monastery of Great Lavra.
Elder Spyridon m. I.K.Agiou Nicholas Monastery Koutloumousiou
Elder Paisius m. I.K.Agiou Charalambous Monastery of Vatopedi.
Elder Pachomius monk I.K.Agioi PANTES Kapsala Pantocrator Monastery.
Elder Chrysostomos monk I.K.Agios Spyridon only Koutloumousiou

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