Monday, July 4, 2016

Globalism is Failing. Why?

What do you think is the real reason for the failure of the Globalists, why they are being challenged "for real" and battling for their lives?

(1) Is it that they do not have enough money?
That can't be it, since they create money out of thin air, AS DEBT, owning to them. (Honest that is the matrix.)

(2) Is it because they lack political power?
That can't be it, since at their height, they dominated all of Europe, a huge portion of Asia, most of Oceania, all of North America, and most of South America. At their height they controlled in real terms, all but Iran, Russia, and China. They owned some countries outright, and controlled the rest by U.S./NATO military might.

No, the reason for the failure of Globalism is two fold:
(1) Their core philosophy couched in many sophisticated and high sounding tomes, was intellectual and spiritual poverty, holding no more in common with human nature and human history than did Rodney King's plaintive cry, "Can't we all just get along."

(2) Their core understanding of the Human Being, of the Human Person is also an intellectual and spiritual poverty. They are "Enlightened Naturalists" that is a polite way of saying "Luciferians." Their view of the Human Person they intended to control was so woefully inadequate that common man has surprised them and bested them in ways the Globalists found not just surprising but incomprehensible. Remember Obama stating in deep frustration, "Why do people fight against their own best interests"? (He was speaking of animal herd stock "best interests.")

These Globalist psychopaths own that much hubris, that while not understanding the Human Person, in fact holding a caricature definition of the human person as a collection of molecules, a mere animal like other animals, thinking that Behaviorist Psychology's Operant Conditioning could conquer the complex being that is the human person, they acted on this premise to their folly.

What they could not gauge, could not accept to exist in the Human Person was the mysterious image of God. The famous Physicist and Astronomer, Sir Arthur Eddington explained their poverty of understanding in one sentence, "There are domains of the human being and the human spirit that are untrammeled by the world of physics, in art, in spiritual life, in intellect, in intuition . . . " Unlike the "conditionable biological drone" the Globalists pictured as common man, actual Human Beings grow in self-awareness as they grow spiritually, and some quickly realize that the narcissistic/autonomous animal creature, the object of B.F. Skinner's hypnotic control mechanism, is not them. Thy realize that they have aspirations greater than their stomachs and genitals; Aspirations that transcend them, like a longing resulting in a search for Truth, Love, Goodness and Justice, Beauty and BEING. Being more than biological function.

As the commentator in this linked article points out, the Globalists, trying to create their utopia, were/are just an ignorant, primitive TRIBE.[LINK]

IN Case you think that I am speaking from a strictly Christian perspective, here is an example of a Human Person, speaking with knowledge greater than his "conditioning" a firm critic of Globalism, even though he cannot articulate it.  Yet, from his intuitive intellect, recognizing in all people the reality of the Human Person, he comes very close to expressing what I have just expressed in this article and he is a Jewish/Lutheran/Buddhist and with all due respect he himself identifies as a Buddhist.


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