Sunday, July 31, 2016

Stupid, Bizarre, ANTI-Trump CIA-PsyOpts.

The level of IGNORANCE is staggering. I had a pastor an educated man with a master's degree, this evening send me a private message with a link to a CIA-psyopts website, with a convoluted story from years ago, about how Donald Trump escorting Rudy Giuliani to a charity gathering, with Rudy dressed in drag ( We all know the story and the event, if not Google it) represented a deep dark Luciferian ritual, proving that Trump is part of the Luciferian ruling elite class.

I responded:

Are you really this stupid and spiritually blind? Please do not send me another of these psy-opt article. WAKE UP!

(of course he preached me a sermon to which I responded)

You assume too much. I don't have any illusions about who and what Donald Trump is, he is not SAINT Trump. (He is also not a Globalist Luciferian) We are electing a Caesar, and Trump has some humanity about him and is a NATIONALIST, and the rest are Luciferian Globalists. Listen closely and stop trying to "pastor" me. My confessor and mentor, Great Schema Archamandrite Damian (Hart) said to me, "God may have something worldly for us to do. We must follow his will in all things. We must not judge this in ourselves or others, when we see it in others. People are not good at judging and seldom are willing to learn better."

The fact is by my political writings, I have reached and (sic) am reaching tens of thousands of people who are non-churched or Evangelical Christians, who have learned of the existence of Orthodoxy for the first time, many hundred who have given up their anti-catholic bigotry through education I have provided them by "engaging." I know that I am where I am, doing what I am supposed to be doing, and were the Lord to instruct otherwise I would drop my political teaching in a heartbeat. Until then I will provide analysis of everything (sic) I can that is happening in the world in the light of Christ who IS Truth.

BTW, the only thing Trump can accomplish is to level the playing field, as he has promised to allow you and me and others to do their job, to be the yeast in the Culture. His election signals NOT the end of the War, merely a new stage of battle.

There are two kinds of politics, Dear Pappa, here in the words of Saint Maria of Paris, “There can be no doubt but that love for anything that exists is divided into these two types. One may passionately love one’s motherland, working to make sure that it develops gloriously and victoriously, overcoming and destroying all its enemies. Or one can love it in a Christian manner, working to see that the face of Christ’s truth is revealed more and more clearly within it."

My work to save my country from Globalist Luciferians, is motivated by the latter form of love. Firstly, the Nation has to survive AS a Nation, or the possibilities of reform become impossible. If we fail to save our Nation as a Nation (sic) the blood of martyrs will be our only witness. +++

This election is not about revival and saving souls, it is about Globalist Tyranny and saving our Nation as a Nation - it is about NOTHING ELSE. Once the reigns of power have been removed from the Globalist Luciferian Elites, we then have a new battlefield, to struggle for the hearts and minds of the people caught in this culture of death.

After reading my response the same fellow responded, "
While still voting for him and convincing others what of the fact that the donald is was a high ranking Freemason too?"  And I'm sure he got that idea from one of his "reliable" websites.  One in four American adults is on one or more psychotropic drug, being fed false information 24/7.  Their judgment has been removed.

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