Friday, July 1, 2016

Republicans Against Trump Society (RATS)

Are you a member of the Republicans Against Trump Society (RATS) ? Then you are for the destruction of America, for the Globalist goals of constant war, and creating genocide after genocide. You are for the lying politicians like Ted Cruz, who claims to be a Patriot and Constitutionalist while pressing for Fast Track creating TPP and TAP, destroying American Sovereignty and "The U.S.A. Freedom Act," which relegated the Constitution to the dustbin of history.

Congratulations RATS, God has to love you because SANE People can't. An Obama/Hillary Created Cultural Marxist/Jihadi State is going to have to keep you safe, with a mercenary army, of drag queens and illegal aliens in Blue Helmets, because good men and woman of conscience will not serve.

And you won't be able to defend yourselves from the marauding rapists, like in the E.U., because the same mercenary army will have confiscated your guns, as an act for "National Security" carried out by the Muslim head of DHS. 
Enjoy your open borders, and constant Jihadi attacks, government run false flags used to herd you to your early death by days of grinding evil and Marxist privations, (Globalist Austerity Mandates) until the America that could have been Great, is a faint memory in your misery, and the 3rd world North American Fascist Union is the only reality you know. Teddy boy will be screaming protest after protest, and idiots will be giving him their last pennies. But it will still be just a deceptive show while the Globalist take complete control, while Christianity is reduced to the New Ecumenical World Religion, and your children are homosexualized by the Department of Education, one phallus fits all, hedonistic deconstruction from D.C.

Is this really the future you want to see?

Thank you Sarah Palin for the RAT line and Teresa who shared it with me.

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