Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Would Be Assassin, Michele Fields?

For those of you who thought I was "over reaching" talking about the object in Michele Field's hand, when Corey Lewandowski, backed her off Trump (which she is claiming was assault) notice that Trump mentions that "first, she had a pen in her hand, which secret service is not liking, because they don't know what it was, whether it's a little bomb or . . . " Then CIA operative Anderson Cooper cuts him off to turn back to the Psy-opts meme, that Lewandowski lied, claiming that he did not know her. You can't know everyone and until this BS popped up, her name didn't ring a bell with me and her face was NOT familiar. Of course he didn't know her. But that aside, I was reading it correctly when I said that Trump was suspicious of her, and was pulling his arm away from her. He had the same thought I did. If he didn't think she was a possible assassin, he would have never mentioned an object in her hand and the Secret Service concerned.


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Trump the Vermin Hunter.

Substance Over Style 

by Larry N Johnson & Butch Robinson:

Regarding Donald J. Trump's style, some people say things like "if only he would tone it down", or "He's too brash", or "He isn't Presidential enough", or "Trump has some great ideas, but the “packaging” (his manner, language, etc.) is so repugnant that it’s very hard to see him as president" 

REALLY? Do you want someone to gloss over obvious issues that have led the USA into $19 trillion in debt, 12 million illegal immigrants, borders insecure, Islamic terrorists on the loose, our businesses and jobs going out of our country, 49 million people on food stamps, real unemployment over 20 percent, and total corruption in DC? You want another golden-tonged debater bought and paid for by the Global-elite who intend to tell WE THE PEOPLE who our candidate is going to be? 

The situation reminds me of a VERY interesting analogy....from my pal Smitty:
You've been on an extended vacation lasting several months, you come home, and your house is infested with rats. Hundreds of snarly, disease ridden rats have overtaken your home. You want them gone immediately so you hire a guy. A pro. You don't care if the guy smells, you need those rats gone pronto and he's the guy to do it! You don't care if the guy swears, you don't care if he's an alcoholic, you don't care how many times he's been married, you don't care to whom he makes political donations, you don't care that he is showing butt cleavage, you simply want those rats gone! It is a matter of survival, of saving your home, a matter of making it save for human habitation. You know that if you do not immediately fix the problem the house is gone. There won't be a timber left that is not weakened by these gnawing vermin, nothing left that is not covered in disease.  

The guy, THAT guy is ugly. He smells. He has that butt cleavage thing going, but he's the guy. He's the best. Period.

That's why Trump is winning, you see he REALLY is "that guy" "the guy" skilled and uniquely suited for this challenge in our history, when rats are infesting every institution of our government and society.

Yes, Donald Trump is a bit of an ass. You think he is an egomaniac, but I don't care. The country is rat infested, the vermin are gnawing on every pillar of our social and civil structure. The fattest rats inhabit the political parties, BOTH of them. The fattest rats feed in the halls of power. You want it all fixed! You gotta have THE GUY!

If you are awake, if you are sane, you don't care that Trump is crude, you don't care that he insults people, you don't care that he had been friendly with the criminal Clintons, you don't care that he has changed positions on social issues as he has matured, you don't care that he's been married 3 times, you don't care that he fights with psy-opts prigs like Megyn Kelly and cultural Marxist slugs like Rosie O'Donnell, you don't care that he doesn't know the name of some Muslim terrorist. Why?  Because you know he knows the rats have been gnawing at the guts of this country for four decades and now we are weak and bankrupt and have clowns for presidents and clowns for politicians and our enemies are laughing at us, and attacking our people, HERE inside the house. 

Jihadi attacks: 
Beltway Sniper attacks,
The University of North Carolina Vehicle attack,
Seattle Jewish Center shooting,
Little Rock Military Recruiting Center shooting,
Fort Hood shooting,
Attempted Times Square bombing,
Portland car bomb plot,
Boston Marathon bombing,
Oklahoma Vaughn Foods beheading,
Queens, New York, hatchet attack,
Slaying of two NYPD officers
Texas art show shooting
Chattanooga Recruiting Center shootings
The San Bernardo Massacre
And this is just a partial list of the Jihadi attacks. Add to this list the tens of thousands of major crimes committed by the criminal illegal aliens and the cost in human suffering and financial cost to our nation, and dare we mention that cost of graft and corruption at every level of government.

We are being invaded by rats, lawbreaking illegals, we are becoming a nation of victims where every Tom, Ricardo and Hamid is a special group with special rights to a point where we don’t even recognize the country we were born and raised in; “AND WE JUST WANT IT FIXED!!”  Trump understands, Trump is THAT GUY.

You're sick of all the lying politicians, sick of the Democrat Party, Republican Party, and sick of paying for illegals. You just want this thing fixed. We don't need a saint.  Trump may not be the hero we want but the one we need, the one we have to have to survive.  Think! He doesn’t have lobbyist money holding him and telling him what he must do like all the others, he doesn’t have Political Correctness restraining and blinding him. We know that besides being very successful in the real world, a good negotiator, having built a lot of things, he has a 30 plus year history of advocating in public for America FIRST Nationalism. A 30 plus year history of publicly scolding the Criminal Globalists.  He is no politician, he is THAT GUY. He is not cowardly when facing the rats, and ALREADY in the campaign we see that he exposes them, they squeal and cry, scurry about in confusion and disappear.  Trump is THAT GUY.  OUR GUY.  We have called him Neo-Con and Globalist Kryptonite, and we are not wrong.

Oh yeah, I forgot. He has funny hair, we don't like funny hair.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

I Owe Ted Cruz a Sincere Apology.

I have dismissed him as a Globalist Puppet, easy to do with his million dollar loans from Goldman Sachs and Citi-Bank he covered up, and his ties and support from the Bush Crime Family. I mean, even that weird stuff from his Charismatic Con Man Father, about Ted being Anointed to be KING - in the Seven Mountains Christian Domenionist Cult . . . 

I can over look all that, because I've come to believe, no I think REALIZE that Ted Cruz TRULY has a "Special Purpose" - I can't deny it. 

I'm one who has always been dedicated to accepting the truth no matter where the truth is found, and I am convinced that I have misjudged Ted Cruz, and failed to recognized and acknowledge the POWER of his Special Purpose.

Ted Cruz refuses to confirm his marital fidelity.

I wonder if Teddy, used his magic on Carly? (No, she is being paid BIG TIME) Teddy, UNABLE to answer a simple question about marital fidelity. Carly calls Trump, a "serial philanderer" (by the way that is a serial redundancy). <smile> In the face of this, notice the facial expressions on Teddy's face. Tied to this guess who has cancelled her campaign appearances and WAS NOT dutifully beside here Teddy TODAY??? Answer Heidi. The Globalist SLUGS had to bring in "that face" Carly, as a pit bull stand in, trying to run interference for their LOSER. NOTICE once again, Teddy Screws, falls back on his lawyer slippery language, and does NOT deny the allegations of sexual misconduct, merely attack the STORY. If I had murdered my wife, and someone wrote about it, and you asked me, "Did you murder your wife." and I answered, "That is a scurrilous story, and totally Garbage." Did I deny that I had murdered my wife? NO. Ted Cruz has YET to confirm marital fidelity or to deny sexual misconduct.

We all know the answer and it would not matter, except that he has painted himself as a "prophet" and "anointed to be king" etc., etc., etc.

Message to Globalist: You CANNOT Avoid the Reckoning

A message to the RNC/GOP, The RNC Rules Committee, and all the Globalist Psychopaths hell bent on stealing this election from WE THE PEOPLE represented by the Massive Trump Movement and Donald Trump. 

You cannot avoid the Reckoning. 

The question you have to answer is how do you want to receive it.

You hereby, have been given notice.

We will not be Silenced.

We will not submit to robbery.

We will not stand down.

We will re-ignite the LIGHT of LIBERTY, even if that Light is blood spattered or blood soaked.

Do you remember the Battle of Athen? which is sometimes called the McMinn County War? 

How specific do I need to be?

Read this link and see if you can understand what I am telling you.

This IS WAR - The Natural Right of Self-Defense

John Kennedy was mocked and I know killed for exposing the Globalists and not just exposing them, but taking concrete measures to combat them. You see, The Globalists are at War with us, and most people are hypnotized and don't even realize there is a WAR.  Back then they were commonly labeled "Western Imperialists." Some called them, as William Guy Carr did, Zionists, others call them "The Illuminiti,"  today they are most often called simply "Globalists."  It matters little what you call them, as long as you understand that they are the psychopaths who own most of the Central Banks in the world, and all the Central Banks in the West, who shuffle paper and create money out of thin air, who have created Generational Debt slaves of our nation and her people. This war is against the criminals that expose us to Jihad, who rape our economy, destroy our borders and tell us we should LIKE IT.

Squirming Luciferians & David Gergen

I am having too much fun watching the Globalist Talking heads squirm, as they discuss Donald Trump's foreign policy, vis a vis the New York Times interview. David Gergen, adviser to Nixon, Bush and Clinton (see a pattern there) Skull and Bonesman, Bohemian Glove inner circle Globalist, just said on CNN:

"I'm afraid that Donald Trump just does not understand the World Order we have created over the last fifty years. He talks as if he wants to just tear in all apart and start all over again."

Well yes and no, you Luciferian Globalist Psychopath. He understands completely and understands that for America to Survive, the New World Order you and your Luciferian Club created HAS TO BE dismantled. You speak as if America FIRST is evil. You speak as if a Globalist Empire is like the heartbeat of the planet. You think we do not know the massive genocides your Luciferian Club has unleashed upon us. For YOU, since you sold your soul to it, it must feel like impending DEATH. Good, there are only several thousand of you and there are MILLIONS of us, who are fully awake to the purposeful bleeding of our Nation for the sake of your club's Luciferian Globalist Utopia. There of millions more awakening every week.

(Apologies accepted from all you sincere dunderheads, who have been brainwashed by the CIAmerican Media, and have called me a "conspiracy theorist" for working hard to expose the criminal Globalist Psychopaths, and expose their methods of operation. I've now written many hundreds of thousands of words, explaining it at many different levels of understand and from many different angles.  You told me there was no such thing as a group of people working hard, pulling the strings in secret to create a New World Order, now commonly called Globalism, previously called Western Imperialism. You told me that the present World Order just sort of happened by happenstance in history, and I've called many of you fools. But at any rate.  Apologies accepted.

The cremation of care - do you know this phrase, if not you should. Watch the tape. I'm not a fan of Alex Jones and expose him often, but facts are facts even if
Satan states them. 

Newt Gingrich - "He (Trump) is an outsider, he is not one of them, he is not part of the club, he is uncontrollable, he has not been through the initiation rites, he did not belong to the secret society."

The Neo Conservatives Exposed as Globalist Psychopaths

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Trump the Egotist


A name that had remained lost to me since around 1985 suddenly reappeared to my memory this morning.  John Townsend. John was a professional friend, who was murdered in a robbery, a professional Tenor Sax player who played with the Dorsey brothers, Benny Goodman, Glen Miller and several other of the "big bands."  For 31 years the name has been lost to me, and I was embarrassed to ask any mutual friends his name, for the simple reason, since we were good friends, it would make it appear that we really were not.  I wrote about it three years ago.  So that name appearing to me after 31 years, I was prompted to revisit where I had used the loss of his name as an illustration. Reading the article entitled, "How Do You Want To Be Remembered" I realized that what I said, also fit the profile of who Donald Trump is.

Trump is constantly accused of being an "Egotist" but as the lives of those around him prove, he is not an Egotist, but an Ego-all-ist. It is the only thing that explains his willingness to place himself LITERALLY in the cross-hairs of the Largest Criminal Cartel in the world, the Criminal Globalists. When he sees an American, Donald Trump sees himself.  He thrives on seeing people around him developing their God Given Talents and Abilities, and is not interested in those people merely surviving, but rather wants to see them thrive. And that extends to America and Americans; he wants to see this nation and us thrive.  

The story of Donald Trump stopping a would be rapist, who he saw trying to drag a woman off the streets of New York, without thinking of his personal safety he made his limo driver stop and he himself confronted the attacker and the man ran in fear.  We saw the story of him saving the Georgia family's farm, and other such stories.  NEVER used for photo-opts to build a public image, but rather these stories are coming from the people who were involved, coming forward and telling their stories.

I wrote: "People accuse me of being an egoist.  What they don't realize is that I'm an "ego-all-ist." I really want to see everyone that I see, friend and stranger, do more than survive but thrive, to be imbued with LIFE.  I really want to see everyone that I see,  . . . develop the talents the Good Lord has given them. I have always basked in the success of all around me and grieved for their loses. On any day I would have taken a bullet to save friend or stranger, alike.
"In these many decades of living, flawed as I am, sinful as I am, egoist as I am, I have never missed thanking God for my life and the life of others - not one day lived without acknowledging the blessing of mere breath, life, light in my eyes, beauty, truth, justice, liberty, the experience of just "being."

"How do I want to be remembered? - as a serious man who would kill you for abusing another, but who would take a bullet to keep you from suffering abuse. Do you understand what I am saying? I am talking about in our sinfulness and imperfection standing for the GOOD. Perfect people don't stand for the Good, instead they stand in constant protection of their own egos, and self-image. Being possessed of radical love is something very different. It is being willing to accept being thought a genius or a fool, a saint or a sinful man, whatever it takes to help the person who will never be able to repay you, to love the unlovely as well as the lovely, the broken as well as the strong,  . . ."

How Do I Want To Be Remembered

Globalist Experts Vs Donald Trump & JFK

The Globalist Experts (not the Experts on Globalism) but the Globalist Psy-Opts Experts . . . do you understand the distinction? I am an expert on Globalism, and I have several friends who are experts on Globalism, and such people are never given space in the Globalist Psy-Opts Media.

The ONLY "foreign and domestic" policy experts you are allowed to hear, are Globalists. The only experts on Terrorism you get to hear, are Islam Compliant (Dhimmi) Globalists. And it does not matter if they are left leaning or right leaning in the little Left/Right Hegelian Checkers game the Globalists created to keep us busy, while they played Three Dimensional Chess and destroyed our Republic, filled it with illegal aliens, extracted our wealth and jobs, left us with a semi-socialist welfare state, with generational debt slavery and an Omni-Surviellance National Security Police State, apparatus that scoffs at Constitutional restrictions and has abandoned true Rule of Law. If rule of law applied, we could not have the felon Hillary Clinton on the left, and the Canadian, Ted Cruz, on the right, running for president. But they share something in common, they are both servants of the Globalists, and thus above the law.

The Globalist Psy-Opts Experts tell us that Donald J.Trump does not understand "how the World Order was formed." I will submit to you that he became fully aware of it a generation ago, and fully aware when American Foreign Policy became an enemy of the American People.

John Kennedy was mocked and I know killed for exposing the Globalists and not just exposing them, but taking concrete measures to combat them. You see, The Globalists are at War with us, and most people are hypnotized and don't even realize there is a WAR.  Back then they were commonly labeled "Western Imperialists." Some called them, as William Guy Carr did, Zionists, others call them "The Illuminiti,"  today they are most often called simply "Globalists."  It matters little what you call them, as long as you understand that they are the psychopaths who own most of the Central Banks in the world, and all the Central Banks in the West, who shuffle paper and create money out of thin air, who have created Generational Debt slaves of our nation and her people. This war is against the criminals that expose us to Jihad, who rape our economy, destroy our borders and tell us we should LIKE IT.

John Kennedy understood and stated that our nation at the time of the Cold War faced TWO enemies to Liberty.  You have been told for 50 years that we only faced ONE enemy in that era and that was Soviet Communism.  But Kennedy knew better, he knew it was TWO enemies; one was Soviet Imperialism, but the other was Western Imperialism. He said, "If we fail to meet the challenge of either Soviet or Western imperialism, then no amount of foreign aid, no aggrandizement of armaments, no new pacts or doctrines or high-level conferences can prevent further setback to our course and to our security." 

The terrorism already on our shores is a bloody demonstration of this, double and redoubled in the E.U., (the Euarabian Union). Do you think that the Politburo of the European Union is different than the Politburo of the Soviet Union?  The name European Parliament is cosmetics to cover up a Politburo, a Central Control Apparatus, populated by Apparatchiks not elected and not answerable to the people they "control."

History has proved John Kennedy right, Soviet Imperialism was destroyed, and Western Imperialism, now called Globalism, conquered the Western World INCLUDING the United States of America. Donald Trump is mounting a Counter-Revolution, to wrest control of American Governance from the CONTROL of the Globalists. 

Kennedy further said that if either one won, we would reap a "bitter harvest" and left with the grim choice "between radicalism and feudalism."

I thought we had reached that place in American history and have written much about our choices being radical resistance or excepting the techno-feudalism the Globalist have in store for us. I have seen the plan, Agenda 21 a large part of it and it is not pretty. It includes herding population into defined massively populated human ghettos, it includes the destruction of Classical Education, the latest assault being (Common Core) and hypnotic and drug induced dumbing down of populations and genocide, euphemistically called "depopulation." The plan is well underway already on this planet. For instance nations in Africa cannot get aid to combat Jihadis, without submitting to genocidal pre-conditions. They are literally left to the choice of hard genocide by Jihadism and constant war, or soft genocide by U.N. mandated programs.

For me, for any Liberty loving person or True Christian, Luciferian Feudalism, in a Dhimmi Compliant World System is NOT an option. And until August of 2015 I believed that Radical Resistance was our only option. I WAS WRONG. It appeared this way, until Donald Trump entered the race and began to speak the Truth. They call him radical, but he is not, he may actually save us from having to become radical to save our Nation as a Nation from the enemy that is Globalism.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Trump - When Angels Sing.

This reference to Christian Nigerian School Girls is from two years go, when the Muslim's kidnapped 200 school girls, some of whom are now brainwashed and turning up as "weapons" for Islam, as Suicide bombers. 

When American Power started openly bombing Christians who were trying to survive in the post Cold War years, faced with Massive Jihadi slaughter, Nuns raped and killed by Jihadis, Priests raped and killed by Jihadis, Bishops raped and killed by Jihadis, Monks raped and killed by Jihadis - - FOR the first time in my life I was ashamed to be an American.

The next day I arrived to Prison, angry, wondering how I would ever Celebrate Mass, when MY country was AT THAT VERY MOMENT, slaughtering Christians. We pretended to be trying to find the Terrorist Osama Bin Laden, yet we had formed a alliance with the Al Qaeda branch in Kosovo, called the "Kosovo Liberation Army, (the KLA).

The former head of "after-care services" for the State of Georgia Department of Corrections, My Anamchara, (Jessie Harris) looked at me as if I had lost it and said, "SING, we Orthodox Christians SING. We do not allow the heartbreak of any event in history to stop us from worshiping the ONLY God. Our True God, the God/Man Jesus Christ".

That morning angels joined me in singing the Divine Liturgy - I wrote about it, that day.  I will look through my old files to find it.  Others witnessed the voices of the angels that morning.  

Donald Trump:

Donald Trump with Larry King on the occasion of the anniversary of the bombing of Serbia criticized Bill Clinton and criminal attack on Serbs, the ally of America in both wars.

"The Clintons have made a mess in the Balkans and Kosovo. Look what we did to Serbia in an aerial bombardment from a safe height. Those same Serbs rescued American pilots in World War II.

"It is a mistake that we bombed a nation that has been our ally in two world wars. Clintons believe that was a success, and I find it shameful. I extend an apology to all the Serbs for the error of American policy, primarily Clinton's. We need allies in fight against Islamic terrorism who have combat experience fighting this evil - and that in Europe are the Russians and the Serbs.

"If I become the head of America the foreign policy will change the course that has until now often been wrong."

The LGBTXYZBS Movement

Trump and Education placed in the power of the Local Community, with PARENTS in charge:

I pity those in Western Civilization, who are not classically educated, who do not hold an ancient language in their grasp, Greek or Latin, who are thrown to the mercy of Cultural Marxism, which you know as Political Correctness. They are adrift without an anchor, unable to in reality, find the meaning and significance of History and the words used in History.

Knowledge is gained by understanding how knowledge unfolded in human history, and those who do not understand the sequential unfolding of the Revelation of GOD, in TIME, in Human History, are doomed to view their own existence and life, as the life of a mere dumb beast.

DNA Determinism

Trump and Education placed in the power of the Local Community, with PARENTS in charge:

I pity those in Western Civilization, who are not classically educated, who do not hold an ancient language in their grasp, Greek or Latin, who are thrown to the mercy of Cultural Marxism, which you know as Political Correctness. They are adrift without an anchor, unable to in reality, find the meaning and significance of History and the words used in History.

Knowledge is gained by understanding how knowledge unfolded in human history, and those who do not understand the sequential unfolding of the Revelation of GOD, in TIME, in Human History, are doomed to view their own existence and life, as the life of a mere dumb beast.

This 21t century generation knows their animal emotions, their sexual instincts (diverted and confused by Cultural Marxism), they know their levels of energy, their willingness to sacrifice what natural instincts prove to be true, for the false hope of hedonistic privileged. Yet, they hold no understanding of who they are as a Human Person, Created in the Image of their Creator God.

The LGBTXYZBS Movement is a beastly movement. It is a brand of extreme materialism, a slavery to the mythology of DNA determinism. Gosh, I was born a hedonist-sexual, what can I do?

What difference do FACTS make? Does it matter that multiple studies of TWINS, separated at birth, one homosexual and one heterosexual, with IDENTICAL DNA IN REAL TIME, IN REAL MATERIAL EVIDENCE, totally refute the DNA slavery story? No in politically correct - Cultural Marxist DECONSTRUCTIONISM, Facts, EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE, Do Not Matter.

N.Y. Times - Trump's Foreign Policy

News Meme of the day, Easter 2016 vis a vis Donald Trump's New York Times, Foreign Policy interview:
"Has Donald Trump gone completely insane? Has he no mercy? Has he no shame? Has he so little decency as to actually ask even demand that sovereign, industrialized, foreign nations, especially wealthy ones provide for and pay for their own national defense? How dare he! Doesn't he know that does not fit the ALL HOLY Cultural Marxist Globalist Model! He is either, insane or naive and can't be trusted (1) to further the Globalist System (2) with American Foreign Policy.
(1) and (2) are identical to the Globalist CIAmerican Media, since IT is a part of the Globalist System.

Guess what? Again Donald Trump has proved that he is exactly who I have been telling you he is, and in this New York Times interview he clearly adopts the phrase I have used about him ad nauseum "America FIRST." He clearly states that he is not a doctrinaire isolationist, that he fully believes in protecting legitimate American interests, and without stating it so boldly, he draws a "uuuuuuge" line of distinction between the interests of Globalism and legitimate and rightful American NATIONAL Interests.

I haven't read the New York Time Article, yet I'm reviewing it.  How can that be? It is because I know what is in it. For me there will be no surprises in it, because I know it reflects an innovative, robust, flexible, common sense, America FIRST Nationalism that I know to be the core philosophy of Mr. Trump. It will reflect "The Art of the Deal."  Think! There is no greater negotiation upon the planet, than the milti- dimensional chess moves of American Foreign Policy.

However, American Foreign Policy has become foreign to America, usurped by the Criminal Globalists where for the Post Cold War Decades we have been used by the Criminal Enterprise, NOT as is often stated as "the world's policeman" but rather as
"The Criminal Globalist Enforcers" " The Mob's Mussle"  "George Soros' Pit Bull,"  ripping sovereign nations to shreds so the Globalist Criminal Vultures can feed on the carcasses of what were, relatively stable mostly peaceful Nations. We have also acted covertly, like a disease destroy cultures and societies from within, purposely creating soft and hard genocide.  We have aided the RISE of Islam in the process, and chewed up and spit out people of all sorts, now numbering in the Tens of Millions, Christians as well as ordinary Muslims have suffered and are suffering because of it. Globalism, which grew out of the ideology of World Peace through Interdependence first, and leading to Integration next (from European Common Market to European Union - from the North America Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to the North American Union)  is a Utopian Ideology and like all Utopian Ideologies, it has created Hell UPON THE EARTH.   
TRUMP News on Foreign Policy will cause the Globalist Establishment to recoil in shock, but not nearly the shock they will experience when he starts implementing it.
However, what Trump's Foreign Policy will actually be is reasoned, well thought, innovative and creative, respectful of the Sovereignty of the United States, but as importantly, respectful of foreign nations and their sovereignty that are friendly to us (friendly to us in REAL terms) and cunningly, inventively, innovatively pressure-filled for both our FAKE allies, like Saudi Arabia, and a steal wall of resolve toward any nation foolish enough to call itself or position itself as our enemy.

Now I'm going to read the article and see if I am insightful or a fool. You be the judge.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Western Easter, 2016

It is not "Easter" for me until May the 1st. But for all you Roman Catholics and Protestants, Baptists who claim NOT to be Protestant, Evangelicals and Reformed Church members, who are suspicious of ROME, yet . . WHO FOLLOW THE ROMAN SYSTEM and celebrate Easter today. I offer you a few links to inspire your Easter Celebration.

The first is my personal testimony, now "frozen in time" from November 1991. - BTW, the white dog, SAM, who was given up by the vet, to die two years ago, taken off all medications, is thriving and almost 17. We walked two miles together today on Saturday.

Next is a challenge to your understanding of your own "theological formations." THE THREE PATHS OF SPIRITUALITY/THEOLOGY.

I beg you, all my friends and relatives and even the strangers who monitor my writings, (especially you CIA, NSA and FBI wonks, who sometimes engage me) take the challenge of this article and report to me, where you fit, on these "three paths of understanding."

NEXT, for the survival of our nation, for the health of your parents, grand parents, children, grand children, great grand children, BOOKMARK this page, and PLEASE pray these prayers with me. Hundreds of Thousands of people I know, have joined me, since the winter of 2013, praying with me my morning and evening prayers. UNDERSTAND this is a promise. IF you pray these prayers with me, between 9 and 10 AM CENTRAL TIME, 10 and 11 Eastern time, 8 and 9 Mountain Time and 7 and 8 Pacific TIme - I WILL BE PRAYING WITH YOU. There is power in communal prayer. Remember the bumper stickers in the REAGAN era, "Give Peace a Chance." Those sad Marxists did not have a CLUE, what they wrought.

Next, I want you to know what Mercy God Is Showing to our Nation.
All that is hidden will be exposed. George Orwell talked about TRUTH being Revolutionary, in a time of Universal LIE. Donald Trump is THAT TRUTH TELLER, and thus Revolutionary.

Trump speaking - "President Bush (George W.) says that he is religious. Yet FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE, the way I count it have died, and probably MILLIONS have been badly maimed and injured. What's going on?"

Did you ever think that you would live to see the day that a simple question like, "What's going on?" Would BE HATED in the media and REVOLUTIONARY?


If, you have followed through all these links in progression as I have arranged them, and you are open to the influence of the Holy Spirit, you will know that:

(1) God is showing mercy to America VIA Donald J Trump.
(2)That this is a spiritual battle.
(3) That my supposed "accident" in 1991, was a HIT, using an MKUltra victim as the assassin.
(4) That the Almighty destroyed their assassination attempt.
(5) That Donald Trump is speaking more in "wisdom" than he understand in knowledge
(6) that serous prayer is our WEAPON. I will post as the last link, the serious prayer that is crucial for VICTORY.

Reject Cultural MUSLIM Psy-Opts Media

You cannot draw a line where the Muslim Brotherhood Ends, and the CIA begins.

LEARN to REJECT the Cultural Muslim Psy-opts that is constantly in the CIAmerican Media.

I watched ten minutes of T.V. just now, to confirm what you are constantly fed as the reasons for Jihadi Attacks, and EACH one is a LIE.

(1) It is a socio-economic problem, the terrorists are economically deprived. Enrich us and we will be less angry.

FACT: The Jihadis are anything but poor. Blaming Jihad on poor economic conditions would be directly analogous to claiming that poverty creates Mormon Missions and Missionaries.

(2) Islamophobia. Don't you get it, the VICTIMS of the JIHADIS are themselves the cause of it. It is because CHRISTIANS and others REJECT integration into Muslim Culture that Jihadis attacks. This particular Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, given air time on CNN and MSNBC, actually said that it was "the rejection of the scarf, and Muslim's not having a place to pray at the workplace." And I know the list goes on and on, until the majority non-Muslim populations are living like Dhimmis, in submission to the Muslim Culture. Until then, Jihad is OUR fault, not the Muslim's fault they simply cannot help reacting to resistance to Islamization by slaughtering those who resist.

(3) Foreign Wars causing anger in the Muslim Community. While never a mention of the tens of thousands of European Muslims and the Hundreds of American Muslims who traveled to the Middle East to practice their barbarism. Too bad they were not vaporized while openly fighting with ISIS.

Compare this to the simple statement by Donald Trump. "There is hatred in Islam. Until we understand what is causing it, we need to ban Muslim immigration." The hatred in Islam is called ISLAM. It is not "radical Islam," or "islamofascism." No it is the regular ordinary heart and soul of Islam itself.

 This quickest most thorough website to learn everything a CRUSADER needs to know about Islam

Being "Silly Doves": The Prophet Hosea Was Right. 

Why Not Cruz? by Larry N. Johnson

Guest Contributor:

"Why not Cruz?" you ask. I do not want to argue or offend anyone but to me personally, there are five reasons that I cannot support Cruz. Some are opinions, some are facts.

1. Always worked in government. No practical business experience. No executive leadership that I deem needed for the job as Chief Executive.

2. Deceptive tactics. For example in Iowa, he published a flyer or ad that stated Ben Carson had suspended his campaign so vote Cruz. He has published many millions of dollars worth of ads that include statements about Trump that are blatantly untrue.

3. Cruz is a natural-born Canadian citizen, born in Canada. The US Constitution is clear, only a natural-born American shall be eligible to become President. The framers of the Constitution were absolutely clear what this meant as English common law stated grounds for English citizenship as being born on English soil, therefore subjects of the King of England. (Not bloodline or parents) To me the Constitution is a fixed document to protect us from government over reach. It is not a "living breathing document" to be twisted by every golden-tongued debater that comes along. Why have the cloud of doubt hanging over the head of the US Presidency? Here is a link defining the citizenship arguments.

4. Heidi Cruz (Ted's wife) is a member of the CFR. See This is the group who promotes NAFTA that allowed American companies to move to Mexico leaving millions Americans without jobs. If they have their way, say goodbye to American sovereignty. Open borders, illegals, laws not enforced, Constitution set aside; Is this the future we want?

5. Ted Cruz's marriage fidelity is in doubt as exposed by National Enquirer 3/25/2016. Another adulterer in the White House? I don't think so!

6. Ted Cruz denouncing health-conscious Americans as "anti-science zealots" for their opposition to GMOs. In a shameless endorsement of agrichemical giant Monsanto during an Iowa speech, Cruz made it known that he was all-in for the agricultural establishment that poisons America with weed killers and toxic GMOs linked to cancer. We Americans reserve the right to know what is in the food we eat. Big-agriculture has to be reigned in. 


Vote #Trump2016

Ted and Heidi Cruz and Introduction

Ted and Heidi Cruz and Expose'

Ted Cruz's NeoCon Bonafides 

 Ted Cruz, Bush Crime Family Puppet

 The HONEST portrayal of CHARACTER is important.

Why Trump: by Larry N. Johnson

Ten Reasons for Supporting Trump by Larry N Johnson: Guest Contributor.


1. Donald Trump is immune to special interest lobbying because he has accepted no large donations or special interest money. No other candidate can make this claim.

2. Donald Trump is a Uniter, pulls people together, and knows how to negotiate. No one builds an international business empire the size of Mr. Trump’s without being able to win at the negotiating table.

3. Donald Trump is an executive. The President of the United States is the Chief Executive Officer of our nation. We don’t need a policy expert or a legislator – we need someone who knows how to run an organization. Mr. Trump is the only candidate who has a superb record as a successful executive on a large scale.

4. Donald Trump is honest. Mr. Trump is a man who tells the truth. He may not always say it in the most polished way, but our country has had enough suave liars. It is time for some straight honesty.

5. Donald Trump is decisive. We hear about his having business interests that filed for bankruptcy. In each case, he looked at the situation as it was, and then he cut his losses. We need someone who will look at government programs realistically and if they are failures; will end the wasteful Washington spending.

6. Donald Trump is courageous. Mr. Trump has been viciously attacked by the Washington establishment and the media – and he has not budged one inch. In other words, he is willing to take charge and lead.

7. Donald Trump listens. At Trump Presidential events, the audience gets to actually speak to him without being screened, and he responds without a teleprompter.

8. Donald Trump understands that a nation without borders, language and laws is not a nation.

9. Donald Trump has actually read the Bill of Rights, and is willing to defend its provisions. He is vocally pro-life, is not afraid to speak about Christian persecution, and is for protecting gun rights.

10. Donald Trump is without doubt a natural-born American citizen who loves this country – and says so. He wants to make America great again!
VOTE #Trump2016

The HONEST portrayal of CHARACTER is important.

Donald Trump is an honest sinner, who is a "Reformed Christian" member of what was called the "Dutch Reformed Church" and not an evangelical. In line with his Reformed beliefs, he took the great reformer's words of advice, "If you sin, sin boldly. -Martin Luther" Trump's sins have been public information, in the tabloids for years, he has NEVER pretended to be what he is not. 

Trump has visibly matured in public view as the years have progressed. You see, if one is honest, and recognizes mistakes along the way, one gains from the experience of them and with years comes wisdom.  Trump also has a 30 year public record of advocating for the principle of common sense America FIRST Nationalism, in all areas of policy, foreign and domestic.
 Mat 6:5  And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.
Mat 6:6  But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

The Ted Cruz's Pharisee crowd has made much of Trump stating that he never asks God's forgiveness. He said, "When I recognize I have made a mistake, I try not to repeat it." 
Strange as it will be for you Evangelicals to hear, that is the very definition of "Repentance." 
Repent - From the Greek - metanoeō
met-an-o-eh'-o; to think differently or afterwards, that is, reconsider. It is a change of mind.  Example: "That was wrong, I'll try to remember that and not do it again."

This sexual scandal about Cruz, is IMPORTANT because it shows a hypocritical and lying character, which merely confirms what we already knew about him.

Why is this important? Because ultimately the perception of Truth is primarily an aspect of CHARACTER. 
EXAMPLE: This morning a man was telling me all sorts of perceptions about Trump and Cruz and conservatives, and none of it was true. He shared something he claimed to have heard from Donald Trump's own lips in person and then challenged me to state whether or not I believed he was lying. All I could say is, "The things you relate are so far from truth, I cannot trust your witness." That was a kind way of saying, "How can I trust your witness when I have observed you bearing false witness."

Ted Cruz's grasp of truth has been non-existent. Every Neo-Conservative (Neo-Con) is the very presence of the BIG LIE. They speak lies, wrapping themselves in Mom, Apple Pie, God and Country, Constitutional Patriotism; they advocate the "promotion and spread of democracy" but in fact merely spread the Corporate/CIA Globalist interest in international affairs, even using violence, covert and overt, military actions to accomplish their goals.  They are NOT conservatives but World Revolutionaries, seeking Centralized Globalist Control. ** (End Note)

Ted Cruz has, day in and day out, for months borne false witness. The hypocrisy of his secret live just punctuates what we already had witnessed about him. His denials, have been in slippery lawyer language, not denying the sexual relations, but merely attacking the "story." Listen carefully, to his word parsing, he does not directly deny it, only called the story "a lie" "total garbage" etc. Do you understand what I am saying. If I had murdered my best friend, and the detective said, "We know you murdered your best friend, and here is the evidence." And I said, "That statement is a lie, it is total garbage, there is not truth in it" I would NOT have denied the murder.

Definition of a Neo Conservative:

(1) a Rhetorical Conservative, who wraps him/herself in Mom, Apple Pie, God and Country, who advocates the assertive promotion and spread of democracy (Read American/Globalist Control) and United States Government-Corporate interests in international affairs including through military means

(2) One who advocates U.S. Empire building in the form of U.S. economic, political and military dominance using occupation or other means of total influence and dominance, making of foreign nation states, mere Vassal States of the Anglo-American Globalist Empire.

(3) One who increases American National Debt for the purposes stated in 1 and 2.

(4) One who cedes National Sovereignty through international Trade Agreements.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Is Piers Morgan Awakening?

Following the Jihadi attacks in Brussels, and witnessing the Jihadi violence in London, PIERS MORGAN is feeling the JIHAD!

GOOD!   This is the prissy Psy-Opts SLUG, who sat in the New York Studios of CNN and assaulted the AMERICAN people and their NATURAL RIGHT OF SELF DEFENSE, their 2nd Amendment RIGHTS five or six nights a week for over TWO YEARS, trying to whip of fervor for Gun Confiscation, in conjunction with Barrack Obama False Flag operation in Sandi Hook Newtown - and event that NEVER Happened. I haven't forgotten the COWARD Globalist SLUG, that is Piers Morgan. Now he wants common sense protection from the most PRO-SECOND Amendment candidate in our lifetime. THAT IS RICH.

PIERS MORGAN: When it comes to terror, isn’t it time we started listening seriously to Trump?

Obama Officials Spied on Trump Campaign Using at Least Five Methods | Donald Trump | Barack Obama | spying By Jasper Fakkert 10-13 minutes During the heat of th...