Friday, March 23, 2018

Senior Executive Services - Only One Hydra Head


What if you were the wealthiest people on the planet earth, a Cabal of Oligarchs who had rebelled against God and had aligned with Lucifer, and you were looking at the single most powerful Christian country in the world that stood between your cabal's complete dominance of the planet earth and total failure. A Country where the Spirit of Christ was honored above the ancient fallen “churches.” Where those aligned with Christ, honored him, even above visible church and denomination? How would you defeat that country and rule supreme, in a New World Order based on Luciferian “Naturalism” Luciferian “Science” and Luciferian “Reason.” Three counterfeits of what is truly of Nature, what is Truly Science, and what is Truly Reason.

First, you would have to destroy the Christian Culture.

How to do that was designed by Antonio Gramsci, a critic of Stalin, imprisoned in a Soviet Gulag. He understood that the STATIST form of Marxism, that is STATIST atheistic communism, had not and could not conquer the West, that is Europe and most especially America, North America, Central America and South America.

What would you do?

You would do exactly as the Marxist Antonio Gramsci designed in his “Prison Notebooks” which the famed commentator Paul Harvey outlined so well in 1965 . . . and one moment of criticism of Mr Harvey, who was very conscious of his ratings. I know and he knows that his few minutes of pure prophecy did not stream from Holy Spirit wisdom and knowledge, but from his knowledge of the Marxist, Antonio Gramsci's road map. And the FACT that he did not disclose his source, (which would have destroyed his ratings and career) is note worthy, yet, with that failing, his 1965, expose' of the Luciferian's plan was absolutely PROPHETIC. You see, in 1965 the anti-communist voices were called “RED BAITERS” which was as powerful as the later term “Conspiracy Theorists.”

Those of you who do not already know what the Senior Executive Services is, a “forth branch” of the U.S. Federal government, this video may lose you. And for those that do know about the SES at one level of understanding or another, you are probably asking, “What the hell does all this religion and moralism have to do with the Senior Executive Services”? My answer is Everything, really, and until you get this you will not have the weapons to destroy the SES because you won't understand who they are and how they think. Stick with me and I will show you.

We are so far gone as a society that the majority of young people under 40 and a sizable minority of people over 40 either reject outright the theological context, the theological paradigm, in which spoke about Church, religion, responsibility, family, and morals. These people have been thoroughly MARXIZED, their mind and character warped into something less than “fully human” a character compromised to the diabolical where obvious evil is perceived as a moral good. We are to a point were life shortening sexual practices are seen and promoted in this insane culture as “morally good.”

Hate to repeat myself, but even the leftist observer of society Christopher Hedges some two decades ago,

When you have that much wisdom, two decades later you are saying about the present Coup Plot, to take down Trump, “

Quote Picture:

The reason I use these quote from Christopher Hedges is because he and I share very little in common except upon occasion he says something that is TRUE.

We share almost nothing in common, he is a journalist, a liberal presbyterian minister, a Princeton University Professor, taught at Columbia University, New York Univerity, the University of Toronto he has written for the N.Y. Times the Globalist Christian Science Monitor and for the leftist website Truthdig. And strangest of all his expertise at Princeton is “African American Studies.” We do have one thing, maybe two things in common, we both occasionally say some things that are true, and we both spent a lot of time teaching inside the American Prison System. He calls himself a Christian anarchist, and I call myself an Orthodox Christian. Not much in common here yet, except truth is truth no matter who is speaking it.

Now, think, Christopher Hedges' quote about everything in our nation, in our culture, in our society having been turned on its head where over and over what is wrong and death engendering is promoted as right and life engendering. Are you blind really? Have you missed the decades long psyop to debilitate you with drugs? Have you missed those death peddlers on the tube, telling you that health, happiness and meaningful life was just one prescription away, and to “ask you doctor about soma”? For those raised in a sea of drug promotion, and maybe even victims of the psyop, since 37 percent of the American Population is on some form of LEGALLY Prescribed Psychotropic drug, many ARE victims of it. And we have not mention anything about illegal drugs. This is Luciferian BIG PHARMA, and this is just the tip of the iceberg of chemicals being used against us in our food, in our water, in our air. This isn't a small factor in our lives, but a HUGE influence on our health, our life expectancy, our energy, our thinking, our emotional health and ability to reason. I wish I was exaggerating. I truly wish I was.

Now, ask yourself who is in control of this massive apparatus doing these things to us? How can they get away with it? How is it that when ground breaking inventions arrive they disappear into the “security state”? How is it that a foreign government, literally a corporation headquartered in London, runs the American Patent office? How can that be?

With out the mechanism of the Senior Executive Services, and other heads of this great Luciferian Hydra, these things could not be, and the Luciferian Apparatus controlling these things would crumble, because the SES is the BACKBONE of the Luciferian Shadow Government.

You may scoff and say, “I know this person or that person who are in the S.E.S, and they are nice people. Joe Blow is married and has a beautiful wife and two grown daughters and three grand children. He attends Church almost every sunday and volunteers in the Church's homeless kitchen. He loves to cook.” BTW who I am calling Joe Blow is a real person and he matches all the things I just said, and he is clueless, middle aged, raised in his Marxist education, he goes to church because he want his children and grand children to “be nice people.” The HELL that he administers in his job, he does out of duty, often choosing the lesser of two evils. Over population frightens him to death, he really believes the earth itself is bleeding and dying and too many humans is the cause, he truly believe that man is killing the planet. Its not a joke to him, he has been thoroughly brainwashed by his Luciferian handlers, richly rewarded for his betrayal of his fellow man and fills that what he does in this Luciferian Systems is a MORAL GOOD.

You see these people have been so thoroughly Marxized by these Luciferians that their moral base has LITERALLY been reversed, they see the pain that they are inflicting on masses of people as the cost of saving the earth for the humans that deserve to live, thrive and participate in the singularity. If you are not excited about the prospect of becoming “mechanized” “cyborged” “de-humanized” you are not worth saving. THEY see themselves already “more evolved” than you. How many times have you seen human beings who have Traditional Christian moral values described a “throwbacks” “un-evolved” “backward” “ignorant” and “a drain on the future and possibilities of humankind.” These people have already lost what it means to be human and have through their Luciferian Philosophy of “Naturalism” which is really most un-natural, fallen in league with DEATH, they lack the tools for the survival of the species and are too brainwashed to understand it.

IF you doubt what I am saying, read Raymond Kurzweil's books, Google's chief inventor and A.I. Pioneer. He is predicting that in just a few years time that humankind will have reached what he calls “the singularity” and will cease being human as we know it. Are you even aware of the un-human, inhuman, inhumane, research that is being carried out on large ships and barges in international waters, to escape American law, and other countries restraints. For these Luciferians they have seen the vision of technological paradise, and it is Katy Bar the Door, full speed ahead into the Brave New INHUMAN world. This is a massive apparatus with as many as two million people involved in science, he said with air quotes, and administration of every kind to keep us distracted until they pull the trigger. These is the nature of the Senior Executive Services, they operate above and beyond any human constraints and rule of law. This is the Deep State, This is the Shadow Government, it is far more than simply about greed.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Unrolled Thread from @NameRedacted7 - mirror

Unrolled thread from @NameRedacted7

1. Thread time. Let's unpack some news that broke in the past couple hours. It's not a coincidence this news broke a couple days after Andrew McCabe was fired. But this news has vast implications.
So today ABC broke the story that Andrew McCabe on his own, opened a criminal investigation into the sitting Atty Gen of the US.…
3. This is breath taking. We already know Andrew McCabe was one of the primary conspirators in the plot to illegally spy on, manufacture evidence against, and then impeach a duly elected president using Illegitimate criminally obtained FISA warrants as seudo legal cover.
The first implication of this revelation that the Dep Dir of
covertly launched a criminal case against the AG is that the plan to remove this administration was wider than just removing the president. This specifically targeted the DOJ.
5. This investigation was opened at a time before Sally Q Yates was fired. It was In an attempt to stop and failing that remove Jeff Sessions. The ramifications would have been to install one of the conspirators as acting AG: Sally Yates.
Sally Yates was actively involved & instrumental in Framing
over legit calls as part of his transition team duties as NATSEC adviser. It's important to remember the person running point on that w Yates was none other than Andrew McCabe.
7. We also know from several verified news reports that preibus, mcgahn & POTUS all asked Yates & McCabe about the Flynn 'case' & were lied to to shut out.
8. Think about this: at the exact time McCabe, Strzok, Yates, Ohr, Page, Preistap, Baker, Comey, Rybicki were *actively* spying on Team Trump via the 702 queries & Carter Page title 1 FISA warrant, they were actively running a case to frame the Attorney General of the US.
9. This is f___ing staggering. They were launching an effort to decapitate via show trials the entire Exec branch.
There's more: notice how this news came out THREE BIZ DAYS after mccabes firing but not before? This case isn't still open. Mueller cleared Sessions long ago.…
Think this all the way through! What outlet broke the news? ABC. Who is the most closely connected network to team obama and the coup? ABC.…
12. This is a calculated smear aimed ENTIRELY at AG Sessions using a huge media outlet that will reach as many normies as possible to paint McCabes firing as revenge by the AG & to cover up the *true* nature of what McCabe did.
13. Think about it: ABC isn't cable. It's basic channel. This smear is gonna run in every American household all week potentially. This is a direct attack by the coup conspirators.
14. These people are scared, and they are going nuclear trying to stop what's coming. Let's explore why:
15. Jeff Sessions had the most arduous confirmation of ANYONE in the trump admin. They smeared the guy who destroyed the Klan in 'bama as a racist & other lies about Russia.
16. The attacks on the AG began during hearing attempting to falsely paint him as a Russian agent. Two senators led the way. Sen Leahy & Sen Franken. By the way, McCabe opened his politically motivated case based on a letter from them.
17. Ask the question: why are Ds in congress & conspirators at FBI so afraid of Jeff Sessions as to go this far? I think the answers have become apparent recently.
We found out that
Horowitz is investigating actions associated w the coup and has been for a while now. We also know that AG Sessions has paired an outside prosecutor to Horowitz.
19. Start at the 1:00 mark and listen *carefully* to what he says:
20. @tracybeanz
have documented the FBI OPR process for investigations which happen for criminal activity that leads to OPR review of FBI personnel: specifically they found:
That OPR *does not* allow legal counsel to FBI personnel under OPR review *unless* they are being reviewed for criminal conduct. McCabe throughout the OPR review, triggered by
has had Counsel present.
22. McCabe was referred to OPR w recommendation fit firing. OPR investigators determined seperately base on Horowitz's evidence the same result was needed.
23. In other words, OIG Horowitz & OPR people appointed by obama felt McCabes actions so egregious that immediate termination was warranted and Sessions agreed.
24. Earlier today, FBI Director Chris Wray stated unequivocally that all actions at FBI under his leadership would not be politically motivated & would be run by the book. Mccabes termination was setting the example for the rest of the bureau.
25. In waiting for Horowitz& OPR over the course of the past 5 weeks to take these actions following protocols *exactiy* we can see Wray is telling the truth. But two other important facts are now crystal clear:
26. First, Andrew McCabe wasa key player abusing his authority to overthrow a lawfully elected govt, and second the war over who will control the FBI is over. Comey & McCabes faction lost. Wray has total control.
27. It's important to note that the OPR team by mccabes lawyers own statement saw only a FRACTION of the evidence the OIG report amassed. It's also noteworthy that OPR investigationstart coincides w the day Dir Wray relieved McCabe of duties.
28. It's not a coincidence that the disgraced, fired Director & Deputy Director of FBI who were key players in the coup are launching a media counter attack on Horowitz & Sessions the moment McCabe was fired.
29. You'll note that Page, Strzok, Preistap & former FBI Gen Counsel Baker have all been demoted, reassigned & have no duties. Why? Why not fired? This angers a lot of people. The simple answer is: they're not witnesses w deals.
30. The entire time mueller has had key anti trump people under his thumb accomplishing little, Jeff Sessions & OIG Horowitz have been documenting the coup & building criminal cases.
31. Andrew McCabe was permitted a lawyer bc he's almost certainly under indictment; Horowitz has a prosecutor & a grand jury empaneled. The way OPR handled McCabe proves it.
32. Sit back and watch: these media attacks are the death throes of this conspiracy. Breaking McCabe was the beginning. This is well under way.
33. It is important that you remember even though it looks as though nothing is happening, *titanic* moves are being made behind the scenes. This was run & is still being run as a Special Access Program. Until recently it was i acknowledged for good reason.
34. As the news rushed to paint this as a revenge firing and to cover McCabe, expose the lies. As they try to build on it Comey, expose the lies.
When you see something that doesn't fit, stop and think about it before reacting.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Firing of Andrew McCabe IS HUGE

Well stating the obvious, but for those who might not know, the FIRING of Andrew McCabe, a KEY ACTOR/participant in the plot to overthrow Donald Trump, the duly elected President of the United States, is more than a "boom" it is a KABOOM. Coupled with the fact that Trump more than two months ago taunted McCabe about the impossibility of McCabe riding out his time and qualifying for his pension, and then again about a month ago taunted him again with his pension, then less than 48 hours till McCabe would have been eligible for his pension he was summarily TERMINATED and escorted out the door, at the recommendation of the FBI/DOJ Office of Professional Standards which is really a whitewash bureau and has NEVER before fired a high ranking FBI official. Remember Andrew McCabe was once HEAD of the FBI and they played him psychologically, allowing his hope to build day by day for the last many months that McCabe was exposed as a Coup Conspirator, as he looked toward hoping against hope to bail out with his pension. And twisting the knife in his gut with the termination letter was the notice that criminal charges were likely to follow. Also with the Termination was a public statement from the Attorney General strongly suggesting that felony charges are to follow.

This is the first domino to fall in the coup d'etat gang that includes others in the FBI, Lawyers in the Justice Department, at least one Judge in the FISA court, the former head of the FBI, the former Attorney General, the former Secretary of State (and maybe two former secretary of States as the rumor that Rex Tillerson was working for the coup plotters when he was summarily Terminated as he was plotting with the Muslim Brotherhood in Kenya to protect Barrack Obama). Further, those in jeopardy include many powerful operatives and politicians, of both the Republican and Democrat Parties.

A major operative in the Coup Plot is Christopher Steele a "retired" GCHQ British Spy who has previously been recommended for criminal prosecution, and one of his co-conspirators (The Russians in Britain) has been assassinated, another and his daughter poisoned with nerve gas and both in a coma, (both former "double agents" the Globalist Cabal cannot trust) so they have been prevented from testifying.

Q and gang reported that the 19 Coup Plotters who met in the SCIF at the D.C. Capitol building, which included people that did not have the Security Clearance to be in that room, one being Eric Schmit (former head of Google) have been neutralized, that is they are now unable to wage further war, and that three more very top officials have been neutralized as well.

This is far from the first step in dismantling the Globalist Cancer that infests D.C. Government, but it is the biggest, the keystone eventually causing all the others to fall.

BTW, even CNN is shaken in their arrogant lying psyops actually running with a story that Tony Podesta is "rumored to be a Satanist." They would never state such a thing about their loyal Luciferian Brothers if they were not pretty sure that he is going to be exposed as such in his prosecution as one of the active Coup-Plotters.

Sola Scriptura INSTRUCTIVE Entertainment.

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