Sunday, September 30, 2012

2000th Soldier Death in Afghanistan Goes Un-Reported

Not one mention on any of American T.V. Media today on this Sunday, September the 30th, 2012 of the 2000th American soldier killed in Afghanistan.
And to add to the bitterness, he was the 54th soldier killed by so-called Afghanistan Allies, murdered by a man he was supposed to be training.

The usually stoic General John Allen, U.S. Commander in Afghanistan let loose saying, "I'm mad as hell about them, to be honest with you. (speaking of the murders of American soldiers at the hands of "allied" troops)  We're going to go after this. It reverberates everywhere across the United States . . . (editor has to add except in the American media) We're willing to sacrifice a lot for this campaign, but we're not willing to be murdered for it."  For a commander to speak in country, this openly and bluntly, what support could he be feeling from home?

The gathering cloud of insanity:
Today I conversed with an American "contractor." In this case "contractor" is code for C.I.A. operative in Afghanistan.
What held his attention?
Whether or not openly gay men and women would be successfully integrated into the military, and he wanted to know who had a problem with it.  His discourse was in favor of it on grounds of "pragmatism." No understanding whatsoever of the overarching moral and societal implications. Not a word that the number of soldiers killed in country has now reached 2000, nor a word about the latest of 53 U.S. soldiers murdered by our so-called "Allies." No complaint that our men are placed in an untenable predicament, to hand illiterate beasts weapons and try to train them.

What is very telling is that the nature of our conversation had been about LIFE and the dignity of LIFE having to be the central focus of our actions, and NOT pragmatism, because pragmatism is devoid of the abstractions based on FACTS that would otherwise allow sanity to reign.  And here is the exposition of Obama's pragmatic Afghanistan policy and the mind numbing results of warfare via the dictates of humanism, devoid of truth.

Humanism has lost sanity and cannot recognize the Natural Law of Non-Contradiction, which states, something cannot be true and false, at the same time, in the same place, in the same respect.  For these say Gay activists, they believe a Man can be both a Man and a wife and mother. And that a Woman, can be both a woman and a husband and father.  The insanity is complete. Such a military will win nothing because her commanders have grown INSANE. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

All Calls to Limit American Free Speech Must Be Answered With Ten Thousand Statements of TRUTH.

Ten-thousand statements of TRUTH – can you deny them?

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God the Father, have mercy on me a sinner; and may the false prophet of Islam, who is Mohammed be mocked. May Mohammed be exposed for the pedophile, psychopathic serial murderer and blood thirsty tyrant he IS. Let the number - TWO HUNDRED and SEVENTY MILLION MURDERS be upon Mohammed's head.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Left, Bought by Islamists and not the Right, Too?

Blindness caused by intellectual laziness is no longer an option IF you want to restore LIBERTY in the U.S.A.    Naivete is okay for a Dhimmi population, it makes the oppression easier to handle. But Liberty requires better.

There is a massively wealthy,violent terrorist cult, that had ties to Saddam Hussein called the MEK. It began as a Marxist/Islamist group in Iran, and allied against Iran, with Saddam's Iraq when Iraq attacked Iran. The U.S. State D
epartment has just announced that it has decided to remove the MEK from the list of Terrorist Groups when the MEK has not renounced terror.

How could that happen? 

Lots of Money and Lots of Corrupt politician, willing to tell any story for a buck.
It is reported by both the Christian Science Monitor and Aljazeera that a who's who list of politicians have saddled up to accept (1) huge speaking fees, (tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars) to speak in favor of removing the MEK from the terrorist watch list, (2) or took money directly to lobby for the MEK.

I keep saying that the corruption of our system by Political Islamist groups, like the Muslim Brotherhood is a bipartisan corruption. Compared to the Muslim Brotherhood the MEK is tiny, yet they have expended hundreds of millions of dollars to push their agenda in Europe and the U.S. Let us remember that to accept money from a terrorist organization, directly or indirectly for the material support of that terror organization is a felony.  Taking money to lobby directly or to speak on their behalf IS material support.

The Mug Shots:

All these people have taken money and not small amounts directly or indirectly from the MEK for the purpose just stated, and this is just a tiny portion of the complete list.

Pictured at top with MEK operative Maryam Rajavi is Rudolph "Rudy" Giuliani, Former mayor of N.Y. and 

Former Republican Presidential Candidate. When Ms. Rajavi was investigated in France, she was found to be in physical possession of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Tom Ridge, Republican - former head of Homeland Security,under George W. Bush.


Hillary Clinton, Democrat, former First Lady, present Secretary of State under President Obama.

Edward Gene "Ed" Rendell, Democrat, 45th Governor of Pennsylvania, former candidate for President.

U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen from Floirda's 18th district, Republican party. Co-Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Howard Dean, Democrat Former Candidate for President.

Bill Richardson two term Democrat Governor of New Mexico, speaker and chairman of APCO Worldwide's executive advisory service Global Political Strategies (GPS)
Wesley Clark, Retired U.S. General, former NATO commander who cooperated with KLA Terrorists in Kosovo to kill Orthodox Christians. The KLA is Al Qiada in Iraq.  He is also an also ran Democrat Presidential Candidate. 
Clark here pictured with Muslim Terrorist and head of the KLA.

Patrick Joseph Kennedy II (born July 14, 1967) is the former U.S. Congressman Democrat from Rhode Island, serving from 1995 until 2011. Life long drug addict.

Newt Gingrich, who for my audience will need no introduction. Amazing that he could make this statement while accepting speaking fees in the tens of thousands of dollars to push the MEK's agenda. 

It is time to rethink EVERYTHING. 
Link for the Christian Science Monitor Article.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Muslim Brotherhood Has Lost Control of the Narrative

The New World Order Has Lost Control of the Narrative. Without control of the dialectic, a lot is going to be exposed for you to see, if you will just wake up and see it. 

We must not let this win for TRUTH be temporary!
After spending hundreds of billions of dollars to control the narrative in the West, the New World Order/Muslim Brotherhood has suffered a major defeat. It is a battle lost, but they have not lost the war. Make no mistake, we are still losing the war.

Mohammedanism is in a panic, they have lost control of the narrative and instead of hampering free speech in the West they have emboldened it. So now there is a major and massive psy-opts operation underway to recover the narrative. The operatives for the Brotherhood include the Dhimmi American president and Secretary of State, AND the mass media, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc., etc. What is the narrative they wish to establish?

“Islam is a Religion of Peace, we just should not offend Muslims by saying TRUE things about Mohammedanism.  If we will just let them control what WE may say, what WE may write, depict in art and literature, all will be peace and light.”

This it a fourteen centuries old Jihadi ploy to control the dialectic. THINK! How easy would it be for you to win an argument with me, if you controlled what I can say to you DURING the debate?

That is the situation Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood friends are trying to create; a noose around the neck of American Free expression; a situation where Mohammedans can say and do ANYTHING, including murder, rape and sodomy of American diplomats and we must be quiet and understand. But most of all, we must not say anything true about Islam which might offend them. Because, you know they may be offended and something may happen and of course it would be OUR fault, blood might be on OUR hand.  

Are you coming to understand the suicidal INSANITY of kowtowing to Mohammedan sensibilities?

This Benghazi fiasco is a kidnapping plot. Our oh to smart president conspiring with his MB crony Morsi.  Stevens died because he people fought back.  This was a blessing of God, because from this moment forward, in the Middle East and Europe Obama is no longer the Messiah. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Decorating the Out House With Glorious Islamic Symbols

Fox News commentator, Daniel Pipes asked the question, "What would happen if publishers and managers of major media outlets reached a consensus -- '“Enough of this intimidation, we will publish the most famous Danish Muhammad cartoon every day, until the Islamists tire out and no longer riot”'? What would happen if Korans were recurrently burned?
Read more:

What would happen?

We are not the first generation to face the savagery and ignorance of Islam. Locked away in the subconscious of both the African Slaves of early America, who were sold into slavery by Islamic Slavers (note below) and our European Ancestors was a warning that over the centuries lost its meaning for most. 

Young folks, did you know that your ancestors put Islamic symbols found atop Mosque on their OUT HOUSES? (And for you really young, an "out house" is an outdoor poop shed common before indoor toilets) They were saying that the only thing a Mosque was good for was to take a dump. Everyday when nature called they expressed their opinion of Mohammed and the barbaric civilization that is Political Islam.  Are you familiar with the half moon carved into the doors of the 17th, 18th and 19th century out door toilets? Some art depicts this custom in Europe at least as far back as the 1400s. No Outhouse ever said, "Restroom" they were all decorated like mosques.

I've seen several articles in magazine and newspapers over the years celebrating the venerable outhouses of a lost era. They were always humorous pieces about the inconvenience of having to answer nature in the heat and cold, flies and other insects, and the elements in general.  Always they would question the origin of the crescent-moon and star decoration which invariably distinguished the outhouse from some other tool or utility sheds.  They would tell some politically correct and unconvincing story of the decoration's origin. Trust me there are many people still alive today who heard elderly relatives say, "I have a message for Mohammed" and head to the outhouse. I am one, heard it and said it many times. Are you shocked?

Don't be:

The slaughter of 270 million people across fourteen centuries by people all wishing to do as Mohammed did, and kill "kafirs", that is unbelievers, gives me the right to relegate Mohammed to the same Outhouse of History where I keep my memories and opinions of Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, and truthfully where I keep my thoughts of our present Dhimmi president.

The half moon symbol over Mosques are there because the driving spirit of Islam is the murderous demonic angel whose shrine is the Holy of Holies of Islam, the Kabah in Mecca. This is history and undeniable. She was usually called, "Al Allah" (The God) so common was her devotion to the pagan Arabs of 600 B.C. to 600 A.D.  Today still millions circle her shrine every year, in fact if you are Muslim you are required if humanly possible to circle her shrine at least once in your life.

If you doubt the history I have related take the time to watch the two short videos on this LINK:

Survival Information: Volume One, The Threat of Islam

Opps, I have to cut this short, nature calls, I believe I have a message for Mohammed. 
The Throne of the Moon God Al'Allah
The symbols fit for the outhouse. 
Ancient depiction of the Moon God and her symbols. 

Little Satan, Big Satan and the Libertarian Movement

When a person's politics makes the Jews or the state of Israel the goat, I know their complete spirituality and psychological make up. It is monolithic and foreign to liberty.

 What hides behind a protest, "I'm secular and libertarian" is in reality the most intolerant of all religious sicknesses. Such people are Political Islamists, pursuing their civilization Jihad, or someone duped by them. I've met scores of young people in the last 20 months of political debate that fancy themselves Libertarian but have been brainwashed through conspiracy theories, to believe that the only evil in the world is Little Satan, Israel, not realizing that they are cooperating with Political Islam, that they actually participate in the propaganda war to bring down the Big Satan, America.

Here is the fact of Israel. It is the only true ally in the Middle East being the only democratic republic in the Middle East. It is a tiny country bothering NO ONE.  Israel exist surrounded by the great cancer upon the earth called Political Islam. The Arab and Persian lands that surround Israel are oil rich or have other resources and have no need of the tiny country of Israel. 

Yet there Israel sits, an insult to Mohammedian Jihad, and just like some cartoon in a Danish newspaper could cause the demonic hatred of Islam to be manifest, like the last ten days of Islamic/demonic manifestation we have been witnessing all across the Muslim world, (writing 9/21/12) so the tiny state of Israel keeps the demonic spirit of Islam writhing with resentment and hatred. The Little Satan, Israel and her brother the Big Satan, America are the cause of every pimple on butt of every Arab and Persian in their sick minds. If only these two could be removed, all the world would be a paradise. They really believe this. It is religions sickness from the Father of Lies, an ideology of hatred and death that has blinded hundreds of millions, a spiritual/psychological/demonic cancer, robbing hundreds of millions of real human beings of their real potential; creating of them mere caricatures of the humans they could have become, if not diseased.

No politically correct toleration of this sickness creates its cure, and as the fate of Ambassador Chris Stevens proved, those using this "medicine" will die by the disease, seduced into its hatred, like the left and the libertarian movement, made Dhimmis unaware, or dead by violence at its hands. Actually these are the only two choices Political Islam allows for non-muslims.

When I discovered that Ron Paul's Blow Back theory was actually a revision of history written by the Muslim Brotherhood, and adopted by Ron Paul, I was a little shocked. Since then I've come to understand that the Libertarian movement in America is basically a "useful idiot" movement of the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB front groups have completed an insurgency of the "radical Liberty" movement, brainwashing a young generation that Liberty is Licence, and that liberty can exist without the Ancient Hebrew, Ancient Christian, principles of Morality and Justice - stated in the Two Great Commandments by Jesus Christ. 

They have co-opted the language of the founders, using the constitution and the federalist papers like "proof texts" like all ignorant fundamentalists do. They are clueless as to the power, the energy that fired our Liberty. In fact, they don't want the Liberty of America's founders, they want a deconstruction of that Liberty, because the movement itself is a deconstruction of the founder's ideas and ideals, designed to push them past the limits of reason, to make something constructive, destructive. It is Jihadi money behind the radical left, and the radical Libertarians. Many Christian conservatives have been duped by the latter to believe that it reflects their own heritage. It does NOT. It fact it was invented by the psyopts wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, as a tool to help take us down.

We cannot make deals with this evil, we have tried and Benghazi is the answer. I would bet this is a failed kidnapping attempt by our oh so intelligent President working with his Muslim Brotherhood crony Morsi, for the exchange of Stevens for the Blind Sheikh, Rahman.  All the talk this summer about releasing Rahman to Egypt for "humanitarian reasons. . . . what you want to bet that talk immediately stops. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jeffrey Toobin - His Book "The Oath"

Jeffrey Toobin - The Oath:

Here is another so-called conservative pundits you can write off as "propagandist for the NeoCons."

The NeoCons - represent the "approved establishment" of the Republican party and all their conservative think tank experts (90% at least)

What is a NeoCon?
Neo- is a common prefix to words like "neo-pagan" differentiating the ancient pagans from the modern ones. "Neo Con" is shorthand for "the new conservative movement" to distinguish it from the older and true meaning of "conservatism." The NeoCons are actually "internationalist collectivists." They have a vision of a New World Order, about which they have written extensively, about which George Herbert Walker Bush spoke publicly. They are "utopia seekers" and are willing to sacrifice the Declaration of Independence, The Constitutional form of governance, and anything else including millions of human lives to the goal of their sought after World Utopia. They spout the language of God and Country, Rights and Freedom, actually co-opting the language of conservatism while they seek their foreign agenda. They have fooled most true conservatives, and as we see in history and now, conservatives are willing to bow to them, calling it the lesser of two evils. My major lesson is that they are in the end no different than Marxist-Collectivists and in fact the NeoCons, the Marxist and the Muslim Brotherhood have formed an alliance that engulfs both major political parties - that cabal rules not only the parties, but has been in complete control of our Government unfettered since Reagan.

The book, "The Oath, The Obama White House and the Supreme Court" is a disinformation book designed to make you think that Justice Robert's ruling, upholding Obama Care (June 28th 2012, a day that will live in infamy) was the act of conservative genius on the part of John Roberts. This deception was created on the day of the ruling with headlines by all the NeoCon Talking Heads, "Justice Robert's Ruling, The Work of a Genius" - and similar titles.  
This is propaganda, not fact and is explained at this link:

Neo-Conservatives' Inability To See The Forest For the Trees.

Justice John Roberts is either one of the great NeoCon traitors of this decade, or in the present dictatorship he was order to rule as he did.   I personally believe the latter, though that is strictly a personal opinion.

If you have any doubt that we are living in a Dictatorship, please read this short page. Hundred of thousands have in different forums and no one has been able to disprove a single point.  If what this short page states is true, then very little coming to us in the media, and from the so called "experts" is true. 

If you doubt the reality of the Collective Utopia into which these "experts" are herding us you may read about its structure here:

New Atlantis and Luciferianism. - The Motive, The Blueprint, The Icons of The New World Order

Survival Information: Volume One, The Threat of Islam

This is the most succinct and cogent introduction to the threat of Political Islam, Islam's history and the historic means of Islamic Jihad I have ever witnessed. These two tapes should be mandatory viewing for every freedom loving person you know. 

Dr Bill Warner introduces himself and his subject: Tape One

Tape Two:

The Real History of the Crusades - A merely defensive war against Islamic/Sharia Slavery.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Licence v Liberty - Intelligent Pragmatism v Foolish Truth

When I tell the Libertarians that they do not comprehend the meaning of Constitutional Liberty I use the analogy of understanding the difference between an engine and the fuel that runs it. They know all about the mechanism called the constitution but are clueless what fuels it. When I ask them, "Well, okay that is what the constitution says, it is obviously not being honored now, and can you tell me why should anyone honor it?" Their basic answer is "just because."

Without the knowledge of the energy, which is the Spirit of LIFE reflected in the ideals of Liberty, which are uniquely part of Western Civilization, and reflected brightest in the teachings of many of the early church fathers and Christian voices across the centuries, the constitution is just dead paper and ink. I explain to them that their humanism (not to be mistaken with humanitarianism) removed the spirit - the fuel - the energy from the constitution and left it worthless, just a dead engine with no fuel. Until they learn to energize it with something besides death, our only future is license mistaken as liberty, oppressive collectivist slavery and death. What is so sad is that the energy was outlined for them in the Declaration of Independence, the constitution was just a flawed mechanism to express that energy.

I stared a FaceBook group, whose purpose was stated as:  ‎"A non-political party group for the analysis, and discussion of politics, government, culture, national and world current events and relevant history to those events, with a Judeo/Christian perspective." After some time I notice how much of the conversation on the page had fallen outside this goal of the page. It was clear that some claiming Christian understanding haven't a clue what a Judeo/Christian perspective is.  

We have had some interesting conversations though, but in the dichotomy of 'intelligent pragmatism' vs 'foolish truth.'  Who can doubt that Beacon, Malthus, Darwin, Huxley, Freud, Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Sanger, Wilson, and a host of others were/are intelligent people, who left distortions and death in their wake. In this fallen world they represent a class of people in whom faux intelligence and foolishness join, these being the two sides of the coin of pride. Ultimately humility found in the wisdom of Faith in TRUTH, a very foolish proposition engenders LIFE. 

I think about the humility of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, who were foolish enough to call on the help of the Lord and Giver Life, created a document which encapsulated the wisdom of 4000 years of developing Human Dignity and Liberty-Wisdom, which had unfolded across the span of Western Judeo/Christian civilization. They produced a document containing Wisdom more than the sum total of intelligence in the room, IF you exclude the Lord and Giver of Life, who is also called The Wisdom of God, and The Holy Spirit. They stated something evolutionary in scope, each human individual recognized as equal before God, with God given dignity and inalienable rights and a society where the citizenry were collectively the sovereign, who granted to government powers limited by WE THE PEOPLE.  

Every way that the framers of the Constitution, compromised the foolish wisdom of the Declaration of Independence, for intelligent pragmatic reasons, they ultimately caused distortions in society creating suffering and ultimately massive death. Until we grasp this foundation, which is humility before the Lord and Giver of LIFE, and accept the radical premise of the procreation, nurture, protection and dignity of HUMAN LIFE, and all LIFE, in harmony with HUMAN NEED, we will continue in the pragmatism that is enslaving us; the pragmatism of Beacon, Malthus, Darwin, Huxley, Freud, Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Sanger, Wilson, the Liberal, the Liberation, the Libertarian counterfeits of LIBERTY.  Why are Liberalism, Liberationism and Libertarianism counterfeits and NOT purveyors of true Liberty?  Because they are not based in HUMILITY before the God of the Ancient Christians and the Ancient Hebrews, the Lord and Giver of LIFE.      

Sola Scriptura INSTRUCTIVE Entertainment.

James White handed Lee Baker his ass, but Lee is too wrapped up in his ego (to stupid) to grasp it. Truly SAD show, but BEAUTIFUL in ...