Monday, October 21, 2013

The American Congress Vs The Soviet Duma

Can any of you tell me the difference between the Soviet DUMA, under Stalin and the U.S. Congress under our Dictator? 

Show Bodies, ..................check

Representatives from all over the country.................check

Legislators Could offer legislation,
but it would never see the light of day without party approval .........check

Their best career path was to never question and never make waves. . . .check

Any legislator who stood against party authority was demonized in the media, and marginalized for the rest of his career, and if he became too troublesome died of a tragic accident ..........check

The REAL totalitarian situation and the brutality of the police state was NEVER mentioned .......check

The Dictator was never exposed as a Dictator . . . . . check

They all continuously made reference to their Glorious Constitution, whose high minded words of Liberty were never honored. . . . . check

They all had Government Health Care, but better than the common Russian ......check

They pretended to represent the people from their home locality, but actually only represent the interest of the State . . . . check

Here is the only difference. 

The Duma represented only one party that enslaved the Country.

The Congress represents two parties that cooperated to enslave the Country.

Well, unless you count geographic location, and the fact that Stalin had a mustache.

BTW the chambers even looked the same.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Obama's Purge of "Constitutional Loyalists"

Gen HamGeneral Carter Hamm, United States Army-Served as head of the United States African Command. Was in charge of the US African command during the fateful night of September 11, 2012 when the lives of four American citizens was taken in the Embassy in Benghazi. Hamm was extremely critical  of our Commander and Chief and stated he lied about not having reinforcements in the area on that night. Hamm “resigned and retired” on April of 2013.
Courtesy of Brandon Walker of the Free Patriot - original article link

thumb_RDML GaouetteRear Admiral Charles Gaouette/United States Navy-Commander of Carrier Strike Group Three. His most recent activity served as Deputy Commander of the US Naval Forces, US Central Command. He was in charge of Air Craft Carriers in the Mediterranean Sea the night of September 11, 2012. He testified before the hearing committee and said that there may not have been time to get the flight crews there but left the door open on if told when the events took place if that he could have had the aircraft launched upon cross-examination by Rep. Tray Gowdey. Recently fired from the Administrative post and relieved of Duty by the Obama Administration for “utterance of a racial slur”.
Major General Ralph Baker, United States Army- Major General Baker served as the Commander of the Joint Task Force-Horn at Camp Lamar, Djibouti, Africa. Was also involved in some aspect with the incident September 11, 2012, being under the African Command. Had said he believed attack helicopters could have made it in time. Relieved of command and fired for groping a civilian (no assault charges or sexual misconduct charges filed with JAG)
 Brigadier General Bryan Roberts, United States Army-General Roberts took command of  Fort Jackson in 2011. Was considered a rising star in his field. He served in Iraq during his service as the Commanding Officer of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, and was the Deputy Commanding General of the United States Army Recruiting Command, Fort Knox, KY. Relieved of Duty and Fired for Adultery. While this is still on the books in the United States Code of Military Justice, it has rarely been used since President Bill Clinton’s indiscretions.
MG_Gregg_SturdevantMajor General Gregg A. Sturdevant, United States Marine Corps-Director of Strategic Planning and Policy of  for the United States Pacific Command and Commander of the aviation wing at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan. Highly decorated soldier with two Naval and Marine Commendations and two Naval and Marine Good Conduct medals. He also has an Air Medal with a gold star. He served honorably and distinctively. He had asked about supplies to his command. He was one of two commanding officers suddenly relieved of command and fired from the military for failure of proper force protection.
MG_Charles_GurganusMajor General Charles M.M. Gurganus, United States Marine Corps- Regional Commander in the Southwest and I Marine Expeditionary Force (a forward or frontal division) in Afghanistan. Also Highly decorated with a Defense Superior Service Medal, two Legion of Merritt w/Valor, and three Meritorious Service Commendations. Major General C.M.M.Gurganus had questioned the use of Afghanistan patrols along side American patrols after two officers were executed at their desk and a platoon was lead into an ambush on the front lines. Was the other commander relieved of duty for failure of proper force protection.
220px-LTG_David_HuntoonLieutenant General David Holmes Huntoon Jr, United States Army-Served as the 58th Superintendent of the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY.   He had graduated from the same academy in 1973 and had served in Senior Planning and Education Services through the majority of his career. He was “censored” for “an investigation” into an “improper relationship” according to The Department of Defense.  Nothing was released to the nature of the improper relationship. Nothing was even mentioned if an actual investigation even took place.
thumb_VADM Tim GiardinaVice Admiral Tim Giardina, United States Navy-Deputy Commander of the United States Strategic Command. Commander of the Submarine Group Trident, Submarine Group 9 and Submarine Group 10, where every single one of the 18 Nuclear Submarines with Nuclear Trident Missiles of those three groups were in his command. This commander earned six Legions of Merit, Two Meritorious Service Medals, two Joint Service Commendation Medals, and several other medals, ribbons and decorations in his illustrious career. He was removed from service and fired from the military for the charge of using counterfeit poker chips (not making that up).
GetFile_xlargeLast on the list, Major General Michael Carry, United States Air Force-Commander 20th Air Force in charge of 9,600 people and 450 Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) at three operational wings and served in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He was Fired October 11, 2013, for “Personal Misbehavior” is what was told to ABC News. He and Giardina were both the two top Commanders over the United States Nuclear Arsenal before their dismissal within 48 hours of each other.
As ABC News reports, this is an extremely alarming rate and one of the biggest and fastest purges of military personnel ever recorded.  It apparently is such a shock at the rate even for a long time veteran of reporting the news as Dianne Sawyer, because at one point she gets heated saying two Commanders of the Nuclear Command.
You don’t put people who are not very intelligent and without a squeaky clean record over that area of the Military.  It is enough to make the hardest and staunchest of supporters as the ABC news crew to pause and ask themselves, “what step is he planning?”.

Updated list

This is the list I received in my email this morning.  I believe this is completely accurate–if you find an inaccuracy, please post it.  Thanks.

1-General David Petraeus
2-Gen. John Allen US commander
3-US Army General Carter Ham
4-Gen. William “Kip” Ward..
5- Brigadier Gen. Jeffery A Sinclair
6-Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford
7- Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette
8-Navy Cmdr. Joseph Darlak
9- LTC Paula Broadwell
10-Marine General James Mattis
11-Gen. David McKiernan
12-Gen. Stanley McChrystal
13-Marine Gen. James “Hoss” Cartwright
14-Navy Vice Adm. Tim Giardina
15-Maj. Gen. Charles M. Gurganus
16- Maj. Gen. Gregg A. Sturdevant
17-Maj. Gen. Michael Carey

‘Homo Georgicus’:

Mirror from RT NEWS. 
A 1.8 million-year-old skull found in Georgia could turn current understanding of evolution on its head. A new study claims that early man did not come from Africa as seven species, but was actually a single ‘homo erectus’ with variations in looks.
The case revolves around an early human skull found in a stunningly well-preserved state at an archaeological dig at the site of the medieval hill city of Dmanisi in Georgia, a study in the journal Science revealed on Thursday. 
Stone tools were found next to the remains, indicating that the species hunted large carnivorous prey, including probably saber-toothed tigers.
A team of scientists spent over eight years studying the find, whose original date of excavation was 2005. Its jawbone was actually discovered back in 2000, but only recently have the parts been assembled to produce a complete skull.
New dating technology allowed scientists to establish that these early humans come from around 1.8 million years ago. Near to the bone fragments were the remains of huge prehistoric predators; the area is next to a river and was full of them, as they encountered humans in fights to the death.
The skull has a tiny brain about a third of the size of our modern Homo sapiens incarnation; it also has protruding brows, jutting jaws and other characteristics we have come to expect from lesser developed prehistoric humans. 
But the surprising revelation came when the skull was placed next to four other skulls discovered within a 100-kilometer radius. They vary so much in appearance that it brings into question whether the current understanding of species variation is correct. 
Traditional theories accept a whole plethora of stand-alone species – but the new find strongly hints that the five remains were all one, but with striking differences in bone structure that we have come to expect only from our own ‘complex’ kind. 

This handout photo received October 17, 2013 shows a complete, approximately 1.8-million-year-old hominid skull from Dmanisi, Georgia (AFP Photo / Georgian National Museum / Handout)
This handout photo received October 17, 2013 shows a complete, approximately 1.8-million-year-old hominid skull from Dmanisi, Georgia (AFP Photo / Georgian National Museum / Handout)
Director of the Georgian National Museum and lead researcher, David Lordkipanidze, has come out with the claim that the find is "the richest and most complete collection of indisputable early Homo remains from any one site." 
"Dmansi is a unique snapshot of time – maybe a time capsule that preserves things from 1.8 million years ago," he told AFP.

Adding weight to the new hypothesis, co-author of the study, Christoph Zollikofer of the University of Zurich, judged that despite the striking dissimilarities “we know that these individuals came from the same location and the same geological time, so they could, in principle, represent a single population of a single species.” 

The differences in the skulls’ eyebrow ridges, jaws and other features were all consistent with what paleontologists expect of variations within the same species.

"The five Dmanisi individuals are conspicuously different from each other, but not more different than any five modern human individuals, or five chimpanzee individuals, from a given population,"Zollikofer continued.

This has led scientists to conclude that, while previously we thought that intra-species variation was an exception, it could very well be a rule instead. 

For decades researchers would separate all types of humans originating in Africa into separate sub-groups – with examples including the Homo habilis, the Homo rudolfensis, and so on. The new hypothesis suggests these could all just be Homo erectus, with the regular human variation in bone structure we witness in our own Homo sapiens peers. 3D modeling shows this clearly.

It also challenges the notion that we needed a larger cranial capacity – or brain – in order to be intelligent enough to use complex tools, hunt large prey and migrate to distant continents. It appears the humans found at the Georgian site actually migrated to Asia despite not being very‘bright.’

Milford Wolpoff of the University of Michigan told AFP that the team was “thrilled about the conclusion they came to. It backs up what we found as well.”  He was working with a colleague from Wellesley College during a study they published a year ago, which also targeted statistical variations in characteristics of skulls from Georgia and East Africa – considered to be one of the cradles of human civilization.

The study suggested active inter-species breeding was commonplace back in those days.

"Everyone knows today you could find your mate from a different continent and it is normal for people to marry outside their local group, outside their religion, outside their culture…[but] what this really helps show is that this has been the human pattern for most of our history, at least outside of Africa,” Wolpoff explained. 

However, challengers to the hypothesis believe otherwise. Their main qualm with the hypothesis is that the skull may simply have belonged to a new species of human – not a variation of Homo erectus.

Bernard Wood of George Washington University believes the conclusions of the Dmanisi research team to be misguided. 

"What they have is a creature that we have not seen evidence of before,” Wood said in reference to the small head but human-looking body of the early hominid. 

Wood feels that the small human has been deprived of what could rightfully be a separate Homo – a Homo georgicus. 

However, this matters little to the case at hand – that a new form of human has been discovered and that its practices strongly suggest that its life patterns and differences in features very closely mimicked what we see today in our modern selves.


October 15, 2013 at 2:25pm

I want to share this HARD REALITY with my friends.

Many in the Tea Party, Libertarian and Conservative movement are constantly talking about “Restoration of Constitutional Governance in America.” It is the sub-theme of most posts and conversations, the debate between what is “presently legal or tolerated” vs what is “constitutional.”

The left, the Muslims and the NeoCons, talk about the Constitution being a “Living Breathing” entity, which to the Left can breath itself into Socialism (which it has) and to the Muslims can breath itself into Sharia Law, “the true Constitution” according to Islam (which is happening), and to the NeoCons can breath itself into the New World Order, the Utopian Internationalism, nations without borders or sovereignty, which is already seen to be rather a massive and ugly Distopia, filled with genocide and every possible anti-God/anti-Liberty corruption.

Different from the Left, the Muslims, and the NeoCons are the Tea Party, Constitutionalists, and true Christian Conservatives. They agree in lock step that the Constitution is not a living-breathing entity able to morph into philosophies foreign and antithetical to its core principles, which are LIFE, Liberty and the rights of Private Property.

Where they are confused is the state of constitutional “authority” here in now, at this point in history.

Please, do not confuse me with the TRUTH I am telling – I would LOVE to be Wrong. From the bottom of my heart I wish I was wrong. But I am not. You see, a grief filled, but objective view has to teach us that although Constitutional Principles BURN in our hearts and we long for the justice and fairness represented in those principles, the Constitution itself, in terms of legal authority that govern us is DEAD, at this point in our history. I has been replaced with a totalitarian, authoritarian Socialist/Sharia Compliant police state, with ALL true legislative, judicial and executive powers concentrated in the office of the “president” alone.

If you doubt this, please consider that the only power the Legislative Branch (Congress) reserved to itself against the Tyranny of a “state of national emergency” under the Emergency Powers portion of the War Powers Act WAS the power of appropriation. When “knowing” people screamed about this Constitution Killing legislation, our representatives who were betraying us said, “Don't worry, we will control the money. We can stop any unnecessary-unconstitutional action in a heartbeat by withdrawing funding.”

THIS very day, TODAY, our Dictator, Barrack Obama, is suggesting that he will use “extra-ordinary measures” to keep from allowing the nation to “default on its dept.” In other words, he will usurp the last restraint on his ABSOLUTE POWER. The FEW Liberty Lovers in Congress are refusing to approve any legislation about the “Debt Ceiling” or a “Continuing Resolution” to fund the Government, without a clause “Voiding the President's authority to use extra-ordinary measures for debt payment.”

I'm truly Sorry! I missed this one folks. I studied all the executive orders from Nixon to Obama. This presidential authority was put in place before that, under John Kennedy. And NOW we know the reason for the partial government shut down, and the reason that on the first morning the professionally printed signs appeared suddenly all across the country shuttering OUR property against us. Obama planned for a shutdown, wanted a shutdown, needed a shutdown, to remover from Congress their LAST restraint on his dictatorial powers. It is a catch-22 in which the congress finds itself: they give him authorization to spend what he wants, or he removes from them the power of the purse. Either way this week will see him subsume ALL STATE POWER. AMAZING evil craft!

Folks we have to stop kidding ourselves! All recourse to Constitutional Authority if FINISHED. Yes we SHOULD in our REBELLION call on Constitutional and Moral Principles as a guide. But NO Constitutional means has any power to restrain the Tyrannical, Oppression of this Regime. Those days are gone and finished and if we cannot come to realize it, we are DOOMED to exert energy in “causes” that have NO BASIS for success.

I have many friends who are involved in great efforts that have NO HOPE of success, because they are based on this Regime suddenly and miraculously coming to recognize Constitutional Restraints.

One has been trying for years to alter the tyranny via “single initiative amendments to the Constitution.” BASELESS.

Another friend has a grand plan to organize twenty million people, based upon some constitutional principles that in reality amounts to an illegal plebiscite. So you have twenty million people agree to politely ask this Regime to relinquish power and restore constitutional governance, what will happen? THINK! This regime is governing by RAW POWER, with legally NO constitutional restraint whatsoever!

I heard from the Impeach Obama (bridge protest movement) that there are 50 thousand people protesting every week. I LOVE their passion but it is a TOTAL waste, and without BASIS, since impeachment is a “Constitutional Authority” and there IS NO Constitutional Authority at this point in our history, only the exercise of RAW POWER by a Despot. If the signs said, “Arrest Obama” and there were enough of them, maybe the Military and the Law Enforcement would step up and HONOR THEIR OATH.

Everywhere, in the military, in the police, in our towns and communities, there are millions of actions of “civil disobedience” every day. They have to become a FLOOD of resistance.

Last evening a person told me of an event in a large southern city. (I will not name it to protect the Patriots.) She said that an inter-city charity run by private funds had donated to them larger operating space. Something they desperately needed. They called the local Marine Base and asked for volunteers to make their move. It was schedule with the base commander and six young men volunteered twelve hours labor. The day before the move was to happen, which had to happen because the lease had expired, one of the volunteers showed up and said, “We have been ordered by Washington not to help you. We said, 'Look we will just wear civilian clothes and do it anyway.' The base commander said, 'If you do, I am under orders to charge you with disobeying a direct order.”'

THIS is the exercise of RAW POWER. The morning when the move was supposed to happen, six young Air Force officers showed up in civilian clothes. The Charity director asked, “How did you know we needed help?” They answered, “We ask our base commander to order us to help and he did, but instructed that there would be no paper trail, and we were not to wear our uniforms.” HEROES, Practicing CIVIL Disobedience.

The point being that now, our only option is Resistance by Civil Disobedience, like you saw Sunday, 10/13/2001. One of my friends made the claim that this movement was based on “hatred.” He is a man who cannot distinguish between hatred and anger – and has forgotten the admonition of the Apostle Paul who said, “Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath.” Notice that he did not say, do not be angry, nor, do not be wrathful. Any REAL reading of Holy Writ, makes it very clear that sometimes to FAIL TO BE ANGRY is SIN. So, if you are a peace-nick/pacifist and want to be a part of the restoration of LIBERTY in this country, sit down when told, shut up when told, sit where you are told and resist with the weight of your bodies, or get out of the way of those of us who will not brook Socialist/Sharia Compliant Governance.

Finally, we are OBJECTIVELY to the point that our only option is “plebiscite via Civil Disobedience.” Because NO polite request of this Regime to relinquish power has ANY meaning in reality. INDEED we will resist on Godly and Moral Principle, but we will not relinquish Liberty and Property, except at the sacrifice of our LIVES. We pledge our Lives, our Fortunes and Our Sacred Honor, to see LIBERTY prevail.

Archpriest Symeon Elias - Here I Stand.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Day They Torn Ole Glory Down

October 16, 2013 - Another Day of INFAMY:
Even though we have had the Constitution RIPPED from us, and it took its VERY LAST GASP this evening, and it is NO LONGER the Law of the Land, IN ANY WAY, it IS STILL the Social Contract upon which we AMERICANS and Patriots agree to live, to honor one another and be governed.  THIS IS HUGELY IMPORTANT to grasp.  EVERY WAY that Constitutional Principles are not honored by this Government, WE STAND in opposition to that Government, ready to sacrifice honor, property and LIFE to defeat of that Government's oppression. 

THINK!  What is Obama Care? (And a thousand other Government abuses) But the attempt to install a RADICAL NEW Social Contract. A Social Contract that is removed from the True anatomy of the Human Being, who is Mind/Spirit, Body, and Soul.  The REAL Constitution recognizes that TRUE HUMANITY, where the protection of LIFE, Liberty and Property, was for the purpose to foster the conditions for health of Mind, Body and Soul. That pursuit of Happiness created Family and Home - hopefully FREE from ALL outside Spiritual Coercion. 

Obama Care IS Coercion for the CONTROL of Mind, Body and Soul.  Obama Care is Sharia Compliant, and destroys the nature and meaning of the Human Being, and even confuses what is Human Health.  It is about control, not LIFE. 

What they don't want you to think they will name a mental disorder (they already have). They are already persecuting Christians for Traditional Christian Thought, calling it "homophobic and islamophobic". Before long they will add the categories, pederastophobic, and pedophileophobic, it is just a matter of time.  After all the New Social Contract taught in the new educational Common Core is Sharia Compliant, and Mocks the Christian God and Traditional Values. They have named those who love the ideals of the Constitution, "potential terrorist." Those Longing for TRUE Liberty they claim suffer from a mental disorder called "Oppositional Defiance Disorder."  

Between you and me, I Greatly suffer from this ailment as you might guess.  And so have generations of my family all the way back to the American Revolution.  This picture is General John Robinson, whose memorial rest at Gettysburg and remains in New York State.  You may notice the resemblance.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

When is it time to fight?

Christianity and Pacifism are not related. Christianity can never sanction aggression and conquest, but it blesses with the word JUST, all Wars, police actions and personal actions that happen for the protection of home, family, community and the innocent.

Here is Saint Paul's instruction. "Rom 12:18 If possible, as much as depends on you, keeping peace with all men." Saint Paul is talking of motivation, literal translation, "τὸ εξ υμων
 =as to that which proceeds from you." 

Jihad and Sharia Slavery does not proceed from me. Secular Humanism and the Slavery of Marxism in all his incarnations does not proceed from me. But I am confronted with them both, and so are you. Inaction and acquiescence is NOT a Christian option. 

What did Saint John Chrysostom say about Paul the Apostle's words? 
"He says, IF POSSIBLE, because there are cases in which it is not possible" and the two examples he gives (not meaning to be an all inclusive list) are when you are coerced to commit an un-pious act, or "to contest (fight) for those who are wronged." Can truthfully believe that the man who took whip to hand because of the crime of thievery, the abuse of the innocent, would not have taken up whip or worse, faced with the massacres of both Jihadism and Marxism? What did he say when he took the little child onto his lap? "What you do to the least of these you do also to me." I wonder how 1.6 BILLION abortions since 1990 sits with him. 

When one acts to DEFEND, the violence does not proceed from the Defender. And at the present time the aggression is ISLAMIC and Secular Humanist. The Islamists have killed 270 million non-muslims in conquests of aggression in 14 centuries and the Secular Humanists killed 120 million in the 20th century alone. 

Saint John C. put this in the terms of "be angry but sin not" saying further, "Make a valiant stand even to death. And even then be not at war in soul, be not averse in temper, but FIGHT with the THINGS only . . but if the OTHER will not be at peace, do not thou fill thy soul with tempest, but in MIND be friendly, as I said before, without giving up the truth on ANY occasion." He also said in the same context of Saint Paul's same words, "But if you see the cause of religion suffering anywhere, do not prize concord above truth . . "

For the Christian there can RIGHTLY be no "go along to get along" when our Freedom of Religion is being attack and now actively suppressed. 

This condemns the concessions to BOTH Islamic AND Secular Humanist Ideology. NO Christian can submit to either slavery, Sharia or Marxism, and not commit a terrible sin.

Those who try to paint Christianity as pacifist do not know the difference between force for peaceful purposes and force for conquest. 

Saint Irenaeus, one of the earliest and universally respected Fathers of the Church said of Christian peacekeeping, "The new covenant that brings back peace and the law that gives life have gone forth over the whole earth, as the prophets said: 'For out of Zion will go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem; and he will rebuke many people; and they will break down their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks, and they will no longer learn to fight" 

The pacifist and heartless cowards hiding behind the Rational Philosophy of Pacifism who allow the brutalizing of the innocent end with his statement there. They don't include the whole paragraph that gives definition to the first statement, "These people (he is referring to Christians) formed their swords and war-lances into plowshares . . . that is, into instruments used for peaceful purposes." This clearly shows that the use of swords to plowshares is a metaphor for the instruments of conquest and revenge being used exclusively for the purpose of creating and keeping the peace, that is the protection of the innocent. It is NOT the literal statement of "disarming" people try to make of it. He is talking about abandoning "conquest by arms." Not about disarming. He states further, "So now, they are unaccustomed to fighting." That does NOT say forbidden from fighting or that fighting is absent. He further says, "When they are struck, they offer also the other cheek." Meaning to punch the idea that Christian do and SHOULD go to great and extraordinary lengths to solve the problem, that is to keep the peace by reason and faith, BEFORE violence is necessary. 

If this were not so, All of the Holy Father's words about the right place of MORAL governance, would be meaningless, since every statement on the subject by EVERY Holy Father of the Church CONFIRMS as did Saint Paul the Ordination of Moral Governance for the protection of the innocent and the stability of society. In America, the citizenry is the source of Governance, Divinely empowered by God, and the "the well armed militia" designed to be such to protect against both criminals, enemies foreign and domestic and even the excesses of Tyrannical thus immoral Governance.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Open letter to the House Republicans:

October 2, 2013.

Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen of the House of Representatives,

One of the lies President Obama told to get elected was that he would go down the Budget line by line, eliminating waste and duplication. REMEMBER? How was he going to do this without a line-item veto, which has NEVER been passed by Congress? 

Using his "kingly power" which as a candidate he understood he would LEGALLY hold.  He knew that under the Nation Emergency Powers Act he had the power to speak it into existence, merely signing an executive order, as he did passing the "Dream Act" without Congressional participation or approval. 

We The PEOPLE, understand that we have been living under a constantly renewed Nation State of Emergency, under the National Emergency Power Act (part of the War Powers Act) since George Bush declared a national state of Emergency on 9/14/2001.  We understand that the only true power the Congress retains is the power of the purse.  So being, we ask you NEVER to fully fund this Emergency Powers Act Tyranny again. You have the power to do just exactly as Candidate Obama promised, go through every Federal Program, program by program, fund what is CONSTITUTIONAL moral and needed, continue to de-fund what is UN-Constitutional immoral, oppressive, and unneeded.  When the "KING" rails and raves, stomps in public and talks about Constitutionalism being "Terrorism" please state the following BOLDLY: 

"The American People and WE their Representatives will not brook the foolishness of a Dictator and President Obama is not OUR Dictator. We represent the American People and hold the power to disburse or withhold THEIR money. They and WE stand willing to fund ANY GOOD PURPOSE President Obama MAY HAVE and will steadfastly refuse to fund what is blatant violation of Constitutional Governance."

Please also, halt the Black Opts funds to Jihadis around the world. 

Respectfully with Much Prayer for God's Mercy on us all in these challenging times. 
Archpriest Symeon Elias.   
Ukrainian Christian Orthodox Church 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Dare I hope? Or has hope led me to naive optimism?

10/1/2013 - The ONE Power Congress did not relinquish under the Emergency Powers Act, (part of the War Powers Act) was the power of the purse. Clinton in cooperation with the Republican Congress November 14, 1994, altered "The Act" and placed this in question. I and others raised such a stink that Clinton altered the language (only a cosmetic cover) on May 14, 1998. He very quietly signed Executive Order #13083, entitled, "Federalism." This left no question that even though all Constitutional Rights were "suspended" in times of a "National Emergency" that Congress or what fraction of Congress survived in time of emergency, retained the power of the purse, unless no remnant of Congress remained. I remember William (Bill) Cooper calling it a "Death Sentence for the Constitution," which has surely been the case, as the last twelve years of NSA Spying and the Ungodly "Patriot Act" and 4.9 years of JIHAD in the White House have proved.

Today, Congress is acting, exercising their power of the purse. It is awkward it is ugly and confuses many. But, just as they funded the Military during the night, last night on a temporary basis, they have the power to fund - (refund) any particular part or program of government they wish, or keep it shut down. They can stipulate (via the changes in language in Executive Order #13083) that particular agency or program is and will remain subject to the Constitutional Limits and exempt from the Emergency Powers Act, exceptions. According to the language of the Act, (Executive Order #13083) this places a cloud over "presidential authority" and leaves legal wiggle room for RESISTANCE.

Further, we could be watching a faux battle between the House and Senate, the Kabuki Play needed to withdraw support from the Dictatorship, without anyone having to publicly proclaim or admit it.

And I could just be engaging in wishful thinking.

We may be witnessing a quiet but powerful push back against the Emergency Power Act Tyranny, that has held seeming absolute power since 9/14/2001 when GW Bush declared a National State of Emergency and at least partial restoration of Congressional Authority.

Sola Scriptura INSTRUCTIVE Entertainment.

James White handed Lee Baker his ass, but Lee is too wrapped up in his ego (to stupid) to grasp it. Truly SAD show, but BEAUTIFUL in ...