Sunday, October 6, 2013

When is it time to fight?

Christianity and Pacifism are not related. Christianity can never sanction aggression and conquest, but it blesses with the word JUST, all Wars, police actions and personal actions that happen for the protection of home, family, community and the innocent.

Here is Saint Paul's instruction. "Rom 12:18 If possible, as much as depends on you, keeping peace with all men." Saint Paul is talking of motivation, literal translation, "τὸ εξ υμων
 =as to that which proceeds from you." 

Jihad and Sharia Slavery does not proceed from me. Secular Humanism and the Slavery of Marxism in all his incarnations does not proceed from me. But I am confronted with them both, and so are you. Inaction and acquiescence is NOT a Christian option. 

What did Saint John Chrysostom say about Paul the Apostle's words? 
"He says, IF POSSIBLE, because there are cases in which it is not possible" and the two examples he gives (not meaning to be an all inclusive list) are when you are coerced to commit an un-pious act, or "to contest (fight) for those who are wronged." Can truthfully believe that the man who took whip to hand because of the crime of thievery, the abuse of the innocent, would not have taken up whip or worse, faced with the massacres of both Jihadism and Marxism? What did he say when he took the little child onto his lap? "What you do to the least of these you do also to me." I wonder how 1.6 BILLION abortions since 1990 sits with him. 

When one acts to DEFEND, the violence does not proceed from the Defender. And at the present time the aggression is ISLAMIC and Secular Humanist. The Islamists have killed 270 million non-muslims in conquests of aggression in 14 centuries and the Secular Humanists killed 120 million in the 20th century alone. 

Saint John C. put this in the terms of "be angry but sin not" saying further, "Make a valiant stand even to death. And even then be not at war in soul, be not averse in temper, but FIGHT with the THINGS only . . but if the OTHER will not be at peace, do not thou fill thy soul with tempest, but in MIND be friendly, as I said before, without giving up the truth on ANY occasion." He also said in the same context of Saint Paul's same words, "But if you see the cause of religion suffering anywhere, do not prize concord above truth . . "

For the Christian there can RIGHTLY be no "go along to get along" when our Freedom of Religion is being attack and now actively suppressed. 

This condemns the concessions to BOTH Islamic AND Secular Humanist Ideology. NO Christian can submit to either slavery, Sharia or Marxism, and not commit a terrible sin.

Those who try to paint Christianity as pacifist do not know the difference between force for peaceful purposes and force for conquest. 

Saint Irenaeus, one of the earliest and universally respected Fathers of the Church said of Christian peacekeeping, "The new covenant that brings back peace and the law that gives life have gone forth over the whole earth, as the prophets said: 'For out of Zion will go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem; and he will rebuke many people; and they will break down their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks, and they will no longer learn to fight" 

The pacifist and heartless cowards hiding behind the Rational Philosophy of Pacifism who allow the brutalizing of the innocent end with his statement there. They don't include the whole paragraph that gives definition to the first statement, "These people (he is referring to Christians) formed their swords and war-lances into plowshares . . . that is, into instruments used for peaceful purposes." This clearly shows that the use of swords to plowshares is a metaphor for the instruments of conquest and revenge being used exclusively for the purpose of creating and keeping the peace, that is the protection of the innocent. It is NOT the literal statement of "disarming" people try to make of it. He is talking about abandoning "conquest by arms." Not about disarming. He states further, "So now, they are unaccustomed to fighting." That does NOT say forbidden from fighting or that fighting is absent. He further says, "When they are struck, they offer also the other cheek." Meaning to punch the idea that Christian do and SHOULD go to great and extraordinary lengths to solve the problem, that is to keep the peace by reason and faith, BEFORE violence is necessary. 

If this were not so, All of the Holy Father's words about the right place of MORAL governance, would be meaningless, since every statement on the subject by EVERY Holy Father of the Church CONFIRMS as did Saint Paul the Ordination of Moral Governance for the protection of the innocent and the stability of society. In America, the citizenry is the source of Governance, Divinely empowered by God, and the "the well armed militia" designed to be such to protect against both criminals, enemies foreign and domestic and even the excesses of Tyrannical thus immoral Governance.

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