Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Day They Torn Ole Glory Down

October 16, 2013 - Another Day of INFAMY:
Even though we have had the Constitution RIPPED from us, and it took its VERY LAST GASP this evening, and it is NO LONGER the Law of the Land, IN ANY WAY, it IS STILL the Social Contract upon which we AMERICANS and Patriots agree to live, to honor one another and be governed.  THIS IS HUGELY IMPORTANT to grasp.  EVERY WAY that Constitutional Principles are not honored by this Government, WE STAND in opposition to that Government, ready to sacrifice honor, property and LIFE to defeat of that Government's oppression. 

THINK!  What is Obama Care? (And a thousand other Government abuses) But the attempt to install a RADICAL NEW Social Contract. A Social Contract that is removed from the True anatomy of the Human Being, who is Mind/Spirit, Body, and Soul.  The REAL Constitution recognizes that TRUE HUMANITY, where the protection of LIFE, Liberty and Property, was for the purpose to foster the conditions for health of Mind, Body and Soul. That pursuit of Happiness created Family and Home - hopefully FREE from ALL outside Spiritual Coercion. 

Obama Care IS Coercion for the CONTROL of Mind, Body and Soul.  Obama Care is Sharia Compliant, and destroys the nature and meaning of the Human Being, and even confuses what is Human Health.  It is about control, not LIFE. 

What they don't want you to think they will name a mental disorder (they already have). They are already persecuting Christians for Traditional Christian Thought, calling it "homophobic and islamophobic". Before long they will add the categories, pederastophobic, and pedophileophobic, it is just a matter of time.  After all the New Social Contract taught in the new educational Common Core is Sharia Compliant, and Mocks the Christian God and Traditional Values. They have named those who love the ideals of the Constitution, "potential terrorist." Those Longing for TRUE Liberty they claim suffer from a mental disorder called "Oppositional Defiance Disorder."  

Between you and me, I Greatly suffer from this ailment as you might guess.  And so have generations of my family all the way back to the American Revolution.  This picture is General John Robinson, whose memorial rest at Gettysburg and remains in New York State.  You may notice the resemblance.

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