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New Atlantis and Luciferianism.

The Motive, The Blueprint, The Icons of The New World Order

I recently re-read Francis Bacon's "New Atlantis" his homage to a Scientistic Dictatorship/New World Order, complete with an unelected, despotic-enlightened ruling elite, and high priests that were scientists.  I read this first more than forty years ago, and had forgotten his description of the grand Icon Hall where were statues of every significant inventor, which were venerated by the people.  It was amazing that Bacon created a mythical "christianized" tower of Babel that we are living inside today. The fact that he saw into this age so clearly is not a matter of him being a prophet. It is a matter that the ruling Elite have taken much care to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Bacon couched his arrogant Utopia inside a plot of Apostolic "magic" preformed by the Apostle Bartholomew, as a propaganda cover to make his Luciferian scheme look Christian. And a great portion of Christianity has become just that, Luciferian that is: removed from the reality of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit, and formed in alliance with the spirit, power and ruler of THIS world in this age, who is Lucifer. 

Bacon's description of the structure of his utopia, exactly fits the structure of the present New World Order. In his version, the wise men, with the aid of the "experts" rule by fiat, for the good of all. Of course in Bacon's wild fantasy these leaders are pillars of benevolent love and the government is totally without corruption down to the least minor official, who preforms his duties with meticulous courteous seriousness. It is a land totally without want. As you can see even though the structure has been realized in the form of the harmonious actions of the main actors, the United States Federal Government (USA), The British Royal Academy of Science, The International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Trilateral Commission, The World Bank, The Federal Reserve, The United Nations Education, Scientific and Culture Organization, The United Nations Proper, The Council On Foreign Relations, The Bilderberg Group, The Club of Rome, The Muslim Brotherhood, like the great god Hydra - it is one. 

(Seeing the cooperation between the NWO and the Muslim Brotherhood in the last decade and particularly and glaringly in the last two years we have to conclude that the NWO has sanctioned the MB and taken it under its wings.)

However, contrary to Francis Bacon's fantasy, rather than wise men having created paradise, evil, greedy, arrogant, power hungry men are creating greater and greater levels of hell on earth. Rather than the bastions of education and science being about discovery of truth for the benefit of people, they institute technological apartheid. Massive technological advancement of the Scientistic Elite are hidden under secrecy, claimed for the purpose of "national security"; every major discovery is first weaponized, and its peaceful uses NOT shared.  Bacon's Christianized Tower of Babel with all its wonderful and good motives was derailed by the prince of this world, co-opted by evil where for centuries now good men having believed a lie have worked tirelessly (and still do) in the employ of evil men who had casted their lot with the primary evil that inhabits this planet, Lucifer, his killing agent, Satan, and every demonic angel and fallen spirit in their Cabal. 

The tower that they have erected is a grand killing machine, granting physical power to Lucifer, allowing him to project power into the physical world he himself does not have right nor power to project on his own. Ever wondered why if Lucifer hates humanity so, why he just doesn't wipe it out? Were God's mercy and protection removed from humankind, humanity would be extinct in a day or two. Spiritual evil is restrained in this age, unable to produce man's extinction. However, God granted to men free will, and the ability to physically act in this world. Now, delusional men who deny Lucifer's existence, empower him. The shadowy leaders, the real power-core of this material-mechanism of the New World Order are of no delusion, they know Lucifer exists and honor him, having made pact with him. 

If you doubt "The Culture of Death" that is the goal of these Malthusian mad men, do your own research, don't take my word for it. They have financed 1.6 Billion abortions in the world in the last thirty years, purposely retarded development in the "developing nations" allowing tens of millions and maybe more to die of privation, starvation, wars, genocides, and diseases that have long ago been conquered, for which there are easy and inexpensive cures. This is technological apartheid, compulsory sterilization, abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide, and euthanasia for the old. It is to this Scientistic Dictatorship Elite, a Luciferian Killing Mechanism to which we are now enslaved, via compulsory taxation of Obama Care. Thank you very much, Chief Justice Roberts. 

While the SDE predicts doomsday, claiming limited resources they purposely stifle agricultural modernization in developing countries. This planet at the moment produces a mere fraction of the possible food it can, and manufacture capacities of every kind operate at a tiny percentage of capacity. The supposed doomsday scenario vis a vis oil is found to be a fraud, since abiotic oil (oil from non-biological sources) is the second most plentiful liquid on the planet. The Malthusian's predictions of doomsday have one motivation and it is the motivation of Satan - (he who destroys mankind) - and that motivation is murder of as many humans as possible in the shortest amount of time while not being discovered for the murdering mad men they are.  Charles Darwin himself incorporated the Luciferian, Malthus' killing philosophy into his own theory, and birthed "social darwinism" upon which the motive of the SDE is based and Francis Bacon gave the frame work to create the apparatus for that murdering enterprise. Before it is too late we need to "know our enemy" and our enemy's methods and stop cooperating with it. The great "culling" of humankind has been underway for decades and we deny it and ignore it. 

Malachi Martin the famous author and exorcist, talked in an interview on Coast to Coast more than a decade ago about the Luciferian Evil that follows families.  He described how in many families huge demonic evil is intrinsic, as the younger generation is literally initiated into the reality of the demonic "helper" from an early age. When you trace the Luciferian Darwins, generations before Charles Darwin, and the subsequent generations you will see the murderous influence they have been and they are inbred with the Huxley family following the same story.  The first head of UNESCO was a murderous eugenicist a descendant of both Charles Darwin and Thomas Huxley. And of course both Huxley and Darwin (who were best friends) were disciples of Malthus. Look at the history of the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers; I could name a list of key family lines whose contributions are celebrated by a civilization gone insane.  

I would like to share with you a visual created by the same blood line as Frances Bacon, a direct descendant of Francis Bacon's half brother, who oddly enough happens to be named also Francis Bacon. He spent his life visually portraying the distain and utter hatred that family-evil holds for humanity.  When you want to think of the hatred for humanity held by Lucifer and his Scientistic Dictatorship Elite's, Murderous Malthusian New World Order (of which Obama Care is a part) remember these very graphic IKONS of that hatred. 

  If you doubt that men have gone mad, remember that this pure demonic shit sells for tens of millions of dollars inside the cabal of the Scientistic Dictatorship Elite.

Hear this Francis Beacon describe the absolute uselessness of human existence. 

Thinking themselves wise, they became fools. 


Why should we NOT take them at their word.

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Another Periscope Into American Stupidity

NO name calling. Please refer to the guidelines and rules. Piano Butch Robinson Warning #1
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  • Piano Butch Robinson Right. 
    "A Muslim father is angry because his daughter got pregnant by a non-muslim boy, so to do the honorable thing he kills her." 

    "A Muslim father is angry because his daughter got pregnant by a non-muslim boy, so he makes her kill the unborn chil
    d and remain silent about the abortion" 

    Which is worse, "Honor Killing" or "Convenience Killing"?
    Is it name calling to call the Murderer a Murderer?
  • Joy Cauthen It is name calling when you call me stupid
  • Joy Cauthen to answer your other question honor killing and convenience killing in my view is both MURDER
  • Piano Butch Robinson Exactly, Joy - Thank you for saying so. That was the point of the video - I'm sincerely sorry I called you stupid, but I thought the video was perfectly clear and it would take an imbecile to ask "What's your point" When THAT you just said was my point.
  • Joy Cauthen the video was about the schools not teaching about Hitler
  • Joy Cauthen with your comment and the video together I didn't see your point
  • Piano Butch Robinson Watch it again - I'm afraid you missed the meaning. 
    "Who am I to judge a woman that finds herself in a bad way and chooses abortion?" "Who am I to judge Hitler and deny him his destiny?" ARE THESE TWO SENTENCES REALLY DIFFERENT? Morally and philosoph
    ically they are not. Ask yourself - If my neighbor was about to murder my daughter, would any means I used to stop him be immoral? Would I be immoral for not acting in LIBERTY to defend my own family? If the government made a law, making in unlawful for me to defend innocent life, would that be LIBERTY?

Is Obama a Psychopath

The question is not very outlandish. From the range of emotions he has displayed - Glee, Anger, Frustration, Consternation, Boredom, Histrionic flashes, Infatuation, Self-love (sort of), and CONTEMPT - it is an open question.  The fact that he seems incapable of real sympathy and certainly not empathy, nor does grief seem to reach him in the midst of horror and death.  I'm thinking in particular of his out of place comment to the father of one of the Extortion 17 victims. Obama said to the grieving father, "Your son, changed the way America lives."  Personally, I believe that cryptic comment meant that the son - the young victim was a Sharia sacrifice, and the new way for the American people is Dhimmi status, something Obama would celebrate. But any man with normal feelings would never utter such a cryptic statement to a grieving father. Obama made that statement CELEBRATING an Islamic victory.

Archpriest Symeon Elias

The Psychopath’s Emotions: What Does He Feel?

1) Glee. A psychopath feels elation or glee whenever he gets his way or pulls a fast one on somebody. I can still recall O.J. Simpson’s reaction to getting away with murder (at least in my own opinion and that of a lot of other people who watched the trial, if not in the eyes of the jury): his celebratory glee at pulling a fast one on the American public, on the system of justice and especially on the victims and their families.

2) Anger. Robert Hare notes in Without Conscience that since psychopaths have low impulse control, they’re much more easily angered than normal people. A psychopath’s displays of anger tend to be cold, sudden, short-lived and arbitrary. Generally you can’t predict what exactly will trigger his anger since this emotion, like his charm, is used to control those around him. It’s not necessarily motivated by something you’ve done or by his circumstances. A psychopath may blow up over something minor, but remain completely cool and collected about a more serious matter. Displays of anger represent yet another way for a psychopath to demonstrate that he’s in charge. When psychopaths scream, insult, hit, or even wound and kill other individuals, they’re aware of their behavior even if they act opportunistically, in the heat of the moment. They know that they’re harming others and, what’s more, they enjoy it.

3) Frustration. This emotion is tied to their displays of anger but isn’t necessarily channeled against a particular person, but against an obstacle or situation. A psychopath may feel frustrated, for example, when his girlfriend doesn’t want to leave her current partner for him. Yet he may be too infatuated with her at the moment to channel his negative emotions against her. He may also believe that his anger would alienate her before he’s gotten a chance to hook her emotionally. In such circumstances, he may become frustrated with the situation itself: with the obstacles that her partner or her family or society in general pose between them. Psychopaths generally experience frustration when they face impersonal barriers between themselves and their current goals or targets. But that’s also what often engages them even more obstinately in a given pursuit. After all, for them, overcoming minor challenges in life is part of the fun.

4) Consternation. As we’ve seen so far, psychopaths don’t create love bonds with others. They establish dominance bonds instead. When those controlled by a psychopath disapprove of his actions or sever the relationship, sometimes he’ll experience anger. But his immediate reaction is more likely to be surprise or consternation. Psychopaths can’t believe that their bad actions, which they always consider justifiable and appropriate, could ever cause another human being who was previously under their spell to disapprove of their behavior and reject them. Even if they cheat, lie, use, manipulate or isolate others, they don’t feel like they deserve any repercussions as a result of that behavior. In addition, psychopaths rationalize their bad actions as being in the best interest of their victims.

For instance, if a psychopath isolates his partner from her family and persuades her to quit her job and then, once she’s all alone with him, abandons her to pursue other women, he feels fully justified in his conduct. In his mind, she deserved to be left since she didn’t satisfy all of his needs or was somehow inadequate as a mate. In fact, given his sense of entitlement, the psychopath might even feel like he did her a favor to remove her from her family and friends and to leave her alone in the middle of nowhere, like a wreck displaced by a tornado. Thanks to him, she can start her life anew and become more independent.

To put it bluntly, a psychopath will kick you in the teeth and expect you to say “Thank you.” Being shameless and self-absorbed, he assumes that all those close to him will buy his false image of goodness and excuse his despicable actions just as he does. In fact, he expects that even the women he’s used and discarded continue to idealize him as a perfect partner and eagerly await his return. That way he can continue to use them for sex, money, control, his image or any other services if, when and for however long he chooses to return into their lives.

When those women don’t feel particularly grateful—when, in fact, they feel only contempt for him–the psychopath will be initially stunned that they have such a low opinion of him. He will also feel betrayed by these women, or by family members and friends who disapprove of his reprehensible behavior. Although he, himself, feels no love and loyalty to anyone, a psychopath expects unconditional love and loyalty from all those over whom he’s established a dominance bond.

This mindset also explains psychopaths’ behavior in court. Both Scott Peterson and Neil Entwistle seemed outraged that the jury found them guilty of murder. Psychopaths believe that those whom they have hurt, and society in general, should not hold them accountable for their misdeeds. After all, in their own minds, they’re superior to other human beings and therefore above the law. How dare anybody hold them accountable and punish them for their crimes!

5) Boredom. This is probably the only feeling that gives psychopaths a nagging sense of discomfort. They try to alleviate it, as we’ve seen, by pursuing cheap thrills, harming others and engaging in transgressive behavior. Nothing, however, can relieve for long the psychopath’s fundamental ennui. He gets quickly used to, and thus also bored with, each new person and activity.

6) Histrionic flashes. I’m not sure if this is an emotion, but I know for sure that the psychopath’s dramatic displays of love, remorse and empathy lack any meaning and depth. If you watch the murder trials on the news or on Court TV, you’ll notice that some psychopaths convicted of murder often put on shows of grief, sadness or remorse in front of the jury. The next moment, however, they’re joking around and laughing with their attorneys or instructing them in a calm and deliberate manner about what to do and say on their behalf. The displays of emotion psychopaths commonly engage in are, of course, fake. They’re tools of manipulation–to provoke sympathy or gain trust–as well as yet another way of “winning” by fooling those around them.

I’ve already mentioned that Neil Entwistle engaged in such histrionic behavior. If you’ve followed crime features on the news, you may have noticed that Casey Anthony, the young woman accused of killing her toddler, behaves similarly. She was observed going out to dance and party at clubs with friends the day after her daughter, Caylee, disappeared. Casey’s lack of concern for her missing child doesn’t necessarily prove that she murdered her. But it reveals highly suspicious and callous behavior. It also casts doubt upon the brief and dramatic displays of grief or concern that she sometimes puts on in front of the media and for her parents.

7) Infatuation. When they identify someone as a good potential target, psychopaths can become obsessed with that particular person. InWithout Conscience, Hare compares the psychopath’s focused attention upon his chosen target to a powerful beam of light that illuminates only one spot at a time. He also likens it to a predator stalking its prey. Because psychopaths tend to ignore other responsibilities (such as their jobs and their families) and have no conscience whatsoever, they can focus on pursuing a given target more intensely than multi-dimensional, loving men could. This is especially the case if their target presents an exciting challenge, such as if she’s rich or famous, or if she’s married to another man, which triggers their competitive drive. This single-minded infatuation, however, like all of their proto-emotions, is superficial and short-lived. Because for psychopaths such obsessions don’t lead to any genuine friendship, caring or love, they dissipate as soon as they get whatever they wanted from that person, which may be only the conquest itself.

8) Self-love (sort of). Since psychopaths only care about themselves, one would think that self-love would be the one emotion they could experience more deeply. In a sense that’s true, since their whole lives revolve around the single-minded pursuit of selfish goals. But this is also what makes psychopaths’ self-love as shallow as the rest of their emotions. Just as they’re incapable of considering anyone else’s long-term interest, they’re incapable of considering their own. By pursuing fleeting pleasures and momentary whims, psychopaths sabotage their own lives as well. Rarely do they end up happy or successful. They spend their whole lives hurting and betraying those who loved and trusted them, using and discarding their partners, disappointing the expectations of their families, friends, bosses and colleagues and moving from one meaningless diversion to another. At the end of the road, most of them end up empty-handed and alone.

9) CONTEMPT. I’ve capitalized this word because this is the emotion that dominates a psychopath’s whole identity and way of looking at other human beings. No matter how charming, other-regarding and friendly they may appear to be on the outside, all psychopaths are misanthropes on the inside. A psychopath’s core emotion is contempt for the individuals he fools, uses and abuses and for humanity in general. You can identify the psychopath’s underlying contempt much more easily once he no longer needs you or once his mask of sanity shatters. As we’ve seen, psychopaths hold themselves in high regard and others in low regard. To describe the hierarchies they construct, I’ll use an analogy from my literary studies. I was trained in Comparative Literature during they heyday of Jacques Derrida’s deconstruction as it was being applied to pretty much everything: cultural studies, gender hierarchies, race relations, post-colonialism and the kitchen sink.

Although looking at life in general in terms of “indeterminate” binary hierarchies hasn’t proved particularly useful, this polarized worldview describes rather well the mindset of psychopaths. For such disordered, narcissistic and unprincipled individuals, the world is divided into superiors (themselves) and inferiors (all others); predators (themselves) and prey (their targets); dupers (themselves) and duped (the suckers). Of course, only giving psychopaths a lobotomy would turn these binary hierarchies upside down in their minds. This is where the applicability of Derrida’s deconstructive model stops. Although psychopaths consider themselves superior to others, they distinguish among levels of inferiority in the people they use, manipulate and dupe.

The biggest dupes in their eyes are those individuals who believe whole-heartedly that the psychopaths are the kind, honest, other-regarding individuals they appear to be. As the saying goes, if you buy that, I have some oceanfront property in Kansas to sell you. Such individuals don’t present much of a challenge for psychopaths. They’re usually quickly used up and discarded by them. The second tier of dupes consists of individuals who are lucid only when it comes to the psychopath’s mistreatment of others, not themselves. Wives and girlfriends who are clever enough to see how the psychopath cheats on, lies to, uses and manipulates other people in his life, but vain or blind enough to believe that they’re the only exception to this rule form the bulk of this group.

This brings to mind an episode of a popular court show I watched recently. A woman testified on behalf of the integrity and honesty of her boyfriend. As it turns out, he had cheated on his wife with her (and other women as well). But his girlfriend nonetheless staunchly defended his character. She maintained that even though she knew that her lover was a cheater and a liar, because she herself was such a great catch and because they had such a special and unique relationship, he was completely faithful and honest to her. The judge laughed out loud and added, “…that you know of!”

Women who are cynical enough to see the psychopath’s mistreatment of others yet gullible enough not to see that’s exactly what he’s doing to them constitute his preferred targets. Such women are not so naive as to present no challenge whatsoever for the psychopath. But they’re definitely blind enough to fall for his manipulation and lies. A psychopath will wrap several such women around his little finger. Those who finally see the psychopath’s mistreatment as a sign of his malicious and corrupt nature occupy the third rung of the hierarchy. They’re usually women who have been burned so badly by the psychopath that they don’t wish to put their hands into the fire again.

Claudia Moscovici, psychopathyawareness

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Did "" Fall for Muslim Brotherhood Propaganda?


We have to become much wiser than the folks at Bare Naked Islam, Gateway Pundit and a slew of other sites that Parroted the propaganda, if we are going to have prayer of defeating this monster. This article blames Vladimir Putin of Russia, for Ambassador Christopher Steven's death. It is claimed to be authored by an X-Muslim Brotherhood member, Mark Christian (who was slated to become an influential leader of the Muslim faith).
Remember Mark Christian's name HE IS A GROTESQUE FOOL, OR A MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD DISINFORMATION OFFICER. I vote for the latter. Ask yourself, if Christian was even today a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (which I think he is) what would he know of the plots between Iran, Russia and Syria? That he claims to be an ex-member of the MB, does that make his perceptions any keener? 
Do you find it a little convenient that this ex-Muslim Brotherhood member, manages to absolve the MB from any responsibility, while he serves up the scapegoats, Russia, Iran and Syria.  - Amazing how gullible reasonable and normally intelligent people can be!

Please read the text below the picture before you click this link to read the article, so you will be equipped to see the total fabrication this article represents.


Facts, circumstantial facts no doubt, but a preponderance of circumstantial facts point to the fact that the night of Benghazi was a botched kidnapping plot. I honestly believe that two Muslim Brothers (Obama and Morsi) conspired to kidnap Stevens, so that he could be exchanged for Omar Rahman - the mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing. Morsi (last summer 2012) had publicly asked for Rahman's release, promising that he would be kept under "house arrest" in Egypt. All summer there were planted stories about Obama considering sending Rahman to Egypt. (Google it. People were outraged at the idea.) 

You see, Rahman was a professor at Cairo University and the foremost Koranic scholar in Sunni Islam. He was kicked out of the country by Mubarak, because he was also the darling of the Muslim Brotherhood. He came to New Jersey where he planned and executed the plot for the first World Trade Center Bombing.

When the gunmen arrived in Benghazi they said to the muslim security force, "Don't shoot! the Doctor sent us." Morsi is known as "the doctor" in the Ummah. Had the heroes of Benghazi not refused to stand down, Stevens would have been taken alive, and then exchanged for Rahman - Obama would have come off looking like someone able to deal with "Radical Islam." Morsi would have been a hero in Egypt (because of Rahman's popularity among Sunni Muslims) and the Egyptian Revolution would have never happened. The elite lost control of the dialectic that night and have been in panic mode ever since to regain control. They sure lost control of the public-image in Egypt, because the people of Egypt suddenly became aware that Obama and Morsi were not just allies but co-conspirators, and both Muslim Brotherhood.  This article by Christian is part of the effort to regain the dialectic.  Obama has been trying to paint Putin as "the monster" for quite some time. Especially after Putin blocked Obama/Muslim Brotherhood ambitions in Syria, and even more so when the Muslim Brotherhood lost control of Egypt.

Whether the plot was foiled by the American Heroes of Benghazi who REFUSED TO STAND DOWN, or whether the plot was foiled by Syria, Russia and Iran or both is of little consequence to the criminality of the kidnapping plot itself, and the blood on Obama and Morsi's hands. 

After you read the Propaganda link above, read this text below and if you have time watch the video. 

Obama's New Ally, Al Qiada:

This is pretty chilling hearing Obama and Clinton mouthing the exact same words as Al Qiada leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. With the events in Syria, it is all too obvious that Obama and Al Qiada have formed an alliance. Their goals in Syria are exactly the same. This is also a pretty good video, giving the details of the subversion of the revolution. However, it misses a major point - it never mentions the Muslim Brotherhood and links the Saudis - Obama and the British in a conspiracy to take down Assad. What it does not explain is that Obama and the British allied with the Muslim Brotherhood betrayed the Saudis. The Saudis were backing the Syrian opposition Army, NOT the "Third Element" which is the Muslim Brotherhood's Al Qiada fighters. The five billion sent to the Egyptian Army by the Saudis following the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood leader Morsi, tells the story of it.

Obama Officials Spied on Trump Campaign Using at Least Five Methods | Donald Trump | Barack Obama | spying By Jasper Fakkert 10-13 minutes During the heat of th...