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After reassignment surgery, you AIN'T changed nothing.

Dr Paul R McHuge Respectfully receives my 2017 Captain Obvious ButchSlapped Award.

Reassignment CLOWNS.

Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: ‘Transgendered Men Don’t Become Women,’ They Become ‘Feminized Men,’ ‘Impersonators’

By Michael W. Chapman | May 5, 2016 | 11:46 AM EDT

Dr. Paul R. McHugh
(Johns Hopkins Medicine)
Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University and former psychiatrist–in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital, who has studied transgendered people for 40 years, said it is a scientific fact that “transgendered men do not become women, nor do transgendered women become men.”
All such people, he explained in an article for The Witherspoon Institute,  “become feminized men or masculinized women, counterfeits or impersonators of the sex with which they ‘identify.’”
Dr. McHugh, who was psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital for 26 years, the medical institute that had initially pioneered sex-change surgery – and later ceased the practice – stressed that the cultural meme, or idea that “one’s sex is fluid and a matter of choice” is extremely damaging, especially to young people.

"Caitlyn" Jenner.  (AP) 
The idea that one’s sexuality is a feeling and not a biological fact “is doing much damage to families, adolescents, and children and should be confronted as an opinion without biological foundation wherever it emerges,” said Dr. McHugh in his article, Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme.
“I am ever trying to be the boy among the bystanders who points to what’s real,” said Dr. McHugh, who is also professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Johns Hopkins.  “I do so not only because truth matters, but also because overlooked amid the hoopla—enhanced now by Bruce Jenner’s celebrity and Annie Leibovitz’s photography—stand many victims.”
“Think, for example, of the parents whom no one—not doctors, schools, nor even churches—will help to rescue their children from these strange notions of being transgendered and the problematic lives these notions herald,” warned McHugh.
They rarely find therapists who are willing to help them “work out their conflicts and correct their assumptions,” said McHugh. “Rather, they and their families find only ‘gender counselors’ who encourage them in their sexual misassumptions.”
In addition, he said, “both the state and federal governments are actively seeking to block any treatments that can be construed as challenging the assumptions and choices of transgendered youngsters.”
“As part of our dedication to protecting America’s youth, this administration supports efforts to ban the use of conversion therapy for minors,” said Valerie Jarrett, a senior advisor to President Obama, as quoted by Dr. McHugh in his article.
However, there is plenty of evidence showing that “transgendering” is a “psychological rather than a biological matter,” said Dr. McHugh.

"Renee" Richards, former tennis
player who underwent male-to-female
sex-reassignment surgery. (AP) 
“In fact, gender dysphoria—the official psychiatric term for feeling oneself to be of the opposite sex—belongs in the family of similarly disordered assumptions about the body, such as anorexia nervosa and body dysmorphic disorder,” said McHugh.
“Its treatment should not be directed at the body as with surgery and hormones any more than one treats obesity-fearing anorexic patients with liposuction,” he said.
In fact, at Johns Hopkins, where they pioneered sex-change-surgery, “we demonstrated that the practice brought no important benefits,” said Dr. McHugh. “As a result, we stopped offering that form of treatment in the 1970s.”
In recent years, though, the notion that one’s sex is fluid has flooded the culture. It is “reflected everywhere in the media, the theater, the classroom, and in many medical clinics,” said McHugh.
It is biologically false that one can exchange one’s sex, explained McHugh.

(AP photo.)
“Transgendered men do not become women, nor do transgendered women become men,” he said.  “All (including Bruce Jenner) become feminized men or masculinized women, counterfeits or impersonators of the sex with which they ‘identify.’ In that lies their problematic future.”
When “the tumult and shouting dies,” McHugh continued, “it proves not easy nor wise to live in a counterfeit sexual garb. The most thorough follow-up of sex-reassigned people—extending over 30 years and conducted in Sweden, where the culture is strongly supportive of the transgendered—documents their lifelong mental unrest.”
“Ten to 15 years after surgical reassignment, the suicide rate of those who had undergone sex-reassignment surgery rose to 20 times that of comparable peers,” said McHugh.

(AP photo.) 
Nonetheless, the false “assumption that one’s sexual nature is misaligned with one’s biological sex,” can be treated with therapy and medication, said McHugh.
He further stressed that, “What is needed now is public clamor for coherent science—biological and therapeutic science—examining the real effects of these efforts to ‘support’ transgendering.”
“But gird your loins if you would confront this matter,” warned Dr. McHugh.  “Hell hath no fury like a vested interest masquerading as a moral principle.”
Dr. McHugh’s article, Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme, can be read in full at the website of The Witherspoon Institute.

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Who is Andrew Korybko & Why should we care?

I have been in a little bit of a physical struggle in the last few days. Luckily Christmas has required really nothing of me, so I have read and made a video or two, and unlike my usual life I have not been outside for a few days. I enjoyed the snow coming for Christmas, but not enough that I had to break out the snowblower. So, my point is, I have lived the last week an insulated life, protected from the elements, from the harsh winds I've heard howling in my window, and the minus 4 degrees my fancy thermometer reads outside my window. Rather than facing any of those winds and stark temperatures, I have enjoyed nearly perfect comfort. Distracted by my research and writing, when I saw that it was 4 below out my window, it took a moment or two to believe it.

It all reminded me, that the American Population has lived in nearly as protective bubble, while the world raged on the outside.

I have a friend and an acquaintance, (two different people) who have expressed finding great wisdom in the geopolitical analysis of one Andrew KORYBKO, who is a Slavic writer. I recently read one of his “in depth” articles (mirrored below) an as an old man had to chuckle at the irony of the things he perceives and the things he does not perceive. It reminded me of the Scripture written by my favorite and certainly most challenging Saint, St Paul, formerly known as Saul of Tarsus. When he was struggling with the idea of comprehending and viewing truth clearly, he said,
“ Co 13:7 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

1Co 13:8 Love never fails. But whether there are prophecies, they shall pass away; whether there are tongues, they shall cease; whether there is knowledge, it shall pass away.

1Co 13:9 Now we know in part, and we prophesy in part.

1Co 13:10 But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is partial shall pass away.

1Co 13:11 When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I thought as a child, I reasoned as a child; but when I became a man, I put away the things of the child.

1Co 13:12 For now we see through a mirror by reflection, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.

1Co 13:13 And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.


The King James Version says, “Now we see through a glass darkly.” - I remember that phrase resonating in my heart. I was a young man and I knew very well that most of what I saw happening around me was dark and confusing, and I knew that I did not understand it. These beautiful Cuban people moved into the neighborhood, a mother and father, three sons and a beautiful daughter, who was so strikingly beautiful I instantly accepted in my gut that she was out of my league, you know, look but do not touch. Then suddenly it was just Rose and her mother, Father – a noted doctor in Cuba, and his three sons, (who were fun, people I hoped to get to know) gone. I heard the title “Bay of Pigs” and it was a foreign language to me. I remember the next year, keeping a friendship with Rose, seeing that she was a totally different person than before, needy and totally vulnerable. She was so very beautiful and my entire character was created in that year, being Rose's friend and never bowing to baser instincts. It was as if I was living my life inside the comfort of this house and she existed on the outside, suffering the harsh winds and cold temperatures, having lost her father and three brother in the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

My Father and his Brothers were all convince that it was that Liberal Democrat Catholic and whore monger John Kennedy's fault. AND IT WAS, at least in a way. Because were he a better man, he could have prevented this great loss. Instead, he was a whore mongering slut who having knocked up Marilyn Monroe, was compromised by the DEEP STATE, by the architect of the Bay of Pigs, Allen Dulles, the head of the CIA.

That year taught me to NEVER be naive. It taught me that what you do not know, CAN and possibly WILL kill you. 

So all that to say – healthy skepticism is necessary, needed and REQUIRED for survival.

Rose's handsome, intelligent Father, a Doctor and his three sons, were trusting. They believed that the U.S. Would back them in their attempt to retake their homeland from the murderous communist Castro. They had no idea, that they were pawns in a bigger game they did not comprehend.

So, this morning 12 – 28 – 2017 is all about the comprehension of the game.

WHY? Because NON comprehension can KILL YOU!

Nathan Staltman is a name I've run across over the last few years. I am not endorsing his work, since I do not know it or claiming any especial tie to him. Who was that Sweet little snowflake fellow whose philosophy and world view I was destroying in my last video . . . hang on a second I have to look for his name . . . .

(Insert video Benjamin Fulford_ David Wilcock_ Robert David Steele_ New Age Scam Artists _ Lif.mp4)

Come back to this picture:

Bill Clinton and the Luciferian Cabal that controlled him made a strategic error in their partnership with Al Qaeda in Kosovo. ( FIRST posted this picture on the internet in 1999 with my commentary)

They created a generations of American Christians who suddenly realized that America was not Christian, in fact that America was willing to create Christian Genocide for some purpose foreign to the hearts and minds of the American People.

I'm guessing that Andrew Korybko was a KID back then. We should care who Andrew Korybko is or at least I should because he will be telling this story long after my repose.

( I did the meme above with the Photograph in 1999. The photo was sent to me by my brother-in-law and it cost him his life. Well, the photo and the intelligence he shared with me. Archpriest Symeon Elias - Vicar of the Orthodox Servants of Jesus)
Interview with Andrew Korybko | The Vineyard of the Saker
The Saker

39-50 minutes

An American studying in Moscow? That is a fascinating profile that sounds almost unreal. Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you came to study in a country that most Serbs greatly respect and admire, while most of your Serbian peers dream of studying in America?

Hi, and thank you for this very privileged opportunity to address your readers, I’m very honored that they’re interested in learning more about me. Let me begin by telling you about my family and that will hopefully help to explain a lot. My patronymic is Russian and my great-grandfather left what is modern-day Ukraine for Poland after the end of World War I. Aside from him, most of my dad’s side of the family are ethnic Poles and have lived in the country since time immemorial, and my dad was an immigrant from Poland (where he was born and raised) until he returned back to his homeland a few years ago. My mom’s side is what is particularly relevant to our readers. She was born in the US to immigrants that came from Yugoslavia, specifically Slovenia, after World War II. My matronymic grandparents ended up raising me because my parents were divorced, and I learned a lot from them. One thing that they instilled within me is a respect for all other people and identities, because this is what Yugoslavia was all about – strength through differences, unity through diversity!

My grandparents don’t harbor any ill will towards anyone and encouraged me to embrace my common Yugoslav roots and learn more about the broader culture and history outside of Slovenia, and I eagerly took them up on this. Before I was born, my mom won an encyclopedia set in a spelling bee while she was still in school, and since it remained in my grandparents’ house where I grew up, I ended up reading it to learn more about Yugoslavia and our common history. I also became fascinated with maps and asked my grandparents to buy me a globe when I was just a little boy, which they did. Growing up, one of my first real memories was sitting in the living room and around the kitchen table and watching the US bomb the Serbs in Bosnia. My family was of course always talking about it because this involved their former homeland, and I became so interested in learning about everything that was happening so that I could bond more closely with my grandparents. In 1999, I vividly remember watching the NATO war on Yugoslavia and reading about it in the morning news every day before school. Actually, I used to read the newspaper each morning next to my grandpa and talk about the things that were happening, and he always told me to keep reading and learning in order to understand things as best as I can.

My dad had an enormous influence on me ever since I was young because he taught me to hold Russians in the highest of regard. This might sound odd considering that my dad is most directly an ethnic Pole (despite my great-grandfather’s Russian links), but his father, my grandfather, also held a very positive view of Russians and respected them for saving Poland from the evils of World War II’s Nazi occupation. This made my dad a lot different than the stereotypical Pole and had a tremendous effect on steering my later geopolitical ideas. It was during my upbringing – while embracing my Yugoslav roots, watching the US’ two wars on the Serbs in Bosnia and Yugoslavia, hearing a lot of heated criticism about American foreign policy, learning more about the Soviet Union and Russia, and beginning my lifelong habit of daily information consumption – that I started to formulate my own view on everything. I resolved to one day leave the US in order to live and work in Russia, no matter what it took. In pursuit of this, I enrolled at the Ohio State University for my undergraduate studies and received majors in International Relations & Diplomacy, International Studies (focusing on Eastern Europe), and Russian language. While being unable to find a respectable job after graduating and being forced to work in the fast food industry, I never lost hope of my eventual dream. My whole life changed when my dad retired in 2012, sold his house, and moved back to Poland. I decided to go with him later that year and hopefully advance my goal of moving to Russia.

I spent that year in Poland learning more about my Polish roots and preparing myself to enter graduate school. I applied to and was eventually enrolled in the Moscow State Institute of International Relations’ (MGIMO) Governance and Global Affairs master’s program in English and moved to Moscow in August 2013. Early on in my studies, I knew that I had to maximize my time here and find a job that would allow me to remain in the country after graduation. Thankfully, after contacting various news organizations and sharing my analytical writings with them, the Voice of Russia (now known as Sputnik after having merged with RIA Novosti) asked me to intern with them as a “creative content generator”, which I happily did without a moment’s hesitation. I was blessed that they offered me a job after graduation and helped me get my work visa, which explains why I was able to live and work here in Moscow until the present time.

I’m attracted to Russia not only because of my familial connection with the country, but actually mostly because it’s the only state that has the capability of firmly standing up to the US and supporting the ideas that I believe in, particularly multipolarity. As a Slav, I sensed in Russia the spirits of resistance, independence, and wisdom, and I knew that one day it would rise from its knees to push back against the US’ unipolar chaos. Understanding this and believing it to me an imminent eventuality sometime in my lifetime, I dedicated all my time and passion to pursuing my personal mission of moving to Russia and living out my multipolar dream. Having studied in the US through all levels of education, yet knowing through my independent research what was true and not true, I can firmly say that American educational institutions don’t just mislead students, they outright lie to them.

I’ll never forget an example that I regularly recall, during which I was enrolled in a course about “Public and Cultural Diplomacy”. The final assignment of the class was to research a current example of public and cultural diplomacy and write about it. I chose the scandal that was erupting at the time in Moscow when the Russian authorities accused the British Council of being an intelligence front and subsequently closed it down. I heavily cited on Russian, British, and independent materials and my own analysis in reaching the conclusion that the NGO was in fact involved in espionage activity and that the Russian government was right in shutting it down. Suffice to say, I received a very poor grade particularly because I sourced Russian international media reports that were described by the professor as “propaganda” and “unreliable”. Well, as the truth would have it, in 2012 the UK admitted that it was in fact financing Russian NGOs and even using fake rock to assist with its spy activities. The professor was wrong – what I had cited was not “Russian propaganda”, it was actually the truth, and I never, ever forgot that instance, which is one of many, actually.

To get back to addressing the main question, I chose to study in Russia because I had faith that the educational system would be fair there (unlike what I experienced in the US) and that I could use the time during my studies to look for a lasting job, which thank God I was able to find. I never had any similar thing happen to me while studying in Moscow as I did during my time in the US, and this just confirmed to me that institutional indoctrination is endemic to the West, not to Russia. If anything, I noticed that many Russians were a bit too, in my view, optimistically naïve about the West, even after the US’ support of urban terrorism during “Euro Maydan” ushered in the New Cold War. Whenever I would express to them all of the problems that I saw with my own eyes while living in Cleveland, Ohio, such as drugs, drug gangs, crime, illegal immigration, horrible working conditions, poverty, broken families, and so on and so forth, they would tell me that this is the first they ever heard about it from a real American, while acknowledging that they had a passing knowledge about these problems but didn’t know anything in detail.

I explained to them that unlike most Americans who travel abroad, I’m proud to say that I’m from a middle class, actually if we account for my mom who I lived with during my teenage years, we could actually say middle-low class or simply “blue-collar” family, and that, like over the statistical majority of Americans, I experienced all that the country has to offer first-hand, both the good and the bad. Most Americans who travel abroad, let alone to a country such as the US, are usually upper-middle class or upper class and have no experience with any of these things. Moreover, many of them are in Russia, for example, in order to receive diplomatic training or because they’re working for an American company and also making a handsome profit while doing so. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the point is that they represent a very, very narrow class of Americans and therefore give an unrepresentative view of the country and its state of affairs, which, whether wittingly or unwittingly, serves to advance the mainstream media-driven and US government-promoted myth about the “American Dream”.

Not all Americans share my geopolitical views – they were incubated under very special conditions that not many people have gone through in the US – but most of them have lived the same regular, basic life that I did while being there, and they can attest to all of the socio-political problems that plague the country, problems which American tourists never talk about and American diplomats, diplomats-in-training, and business professionals don’t care to share whenever they interact with the “locals”. It’s better for them and their own self-interests to keep up the ‘mystique’ and the ‘reputation’ that the US has in the minds of many of people all across the world. It’s a self-perpetuating myth that can only be broken by speaking to a regular blue-collar American who is politically aware enough to disown the official state ideology of “American Exceptionalism”. Thankfully, as a result of my upbringing and personal interests, I never really fell for that charade, although I pretended to during some points of my life after realizing that I was being met with a very, very negative reaction every time I would correct their false historical diatribes or share verifiable alternative media information about Russia and others. I yearned to be able to experience a type of “freedom of speech” where I wouldn’t be personally attacked for my ideas, smeared as “crazy” or a “conspiracy theorist” all the time for evoking ‘inconvenient’ facts, and actually be respected for my research. In the US, you can say whatever you want but if it’s not in accordance with the mainstream ideology of “American Exceptionalism”, you’ll regularly experience such a negative and actually intimidating reaction that it serves one’s best interests to largely remain quiet and only express one’s views on the internet or with very close and trusted friends.

I can say with full honesty that I never experienced this type of perversion of freedom of speech in Russia, even when people disagree with some of my ideas. I know that all people are different and that there are bad apples everywhere, but it’s more than just a coincidence that my entire life – including during my university years – I went through so many negative and uncomfortable experiences exercising my “freedom of speech.” I experienced nothing of the kind or to such a degree ever since I’ve been in Russia. I feel vindicated in knowing that the dream which I’ve held all my life – that for me, not necessarily for the average American, but for me as an individual person – living in the Russian Federation is preferable to living in the US, and it’s for this reason that I one day aspire to attain Russian citizenship and hopefully spend the rest of my life inside this beautiful country and wonderful society.

Your geopolitical analyses are increasingly being translated into Serbian and many people are already familiar with your views. For those who are not, can you briefly recapitulate your vision of the multipolar world in the making? What are the prospects and benefits, but also what are the obstacles?

I’m so thankful to all of the people who have translated my articles into Serbian and the readers who take the time to go through them and appreciate them. Thank you to all of you guys! The general theme of my work is that the global system is transitioning towards multipolarity, or in simple words, towards the sharing of world power from a single source (i.e. the US, unipolarity) to multiple actors who exercise elements of this once-consolidated post-Cold War hegemony and balance it out across the world. Part of the reason why the US’ unipolar moment was so short and fleeting has to do both with its own mistakes and the resilience of certain Great Powers such as Russia, China, and Iran in not fully capitulating after the end of the Cold War. In fact, I argue that this was largely due to the spirit of the Russian people in weathering the economic, governance, and terrorist difficulties of the 1990s and specifically in Vladimir Putin for putting an end to the country’s US-controlled dissolutive process by wrapping up the federal intervention in Chechnya and geopolitically countering the US by rebuilding Russian strength and prestige immediately following his election. That being said, given its post-Cold War limitations and the change in the geopolitical situation that has rapidly developed since then, Russia by itself cannot confront the US’ aggression all across the world, and even in the instances when it does, there are clear tangible limits in its hard and soft power projections. One thing is for sure, and it’s that the nuclear parity that Russia has retained with the US since the end of the Cold War is probably the main factor behind why Washington did not end up controlling the entire world in the years right after the Soviet collapse.

Having explained this, it became necessary for Russia to work in partnership with key likeminded states in coordinating their resistance activity, whether it it’s expressed on the geopolitical, economic, or institutional fronts, among others. Former Russian Foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov, the man who ordered his plane to be turned around midway over the Atlantic after the US began its NATO War on Yugoslavia in 1999, spearheaded Russia’s turn towards multipolarity by striking strategic partnerships with China and India. The former was manifested in the Shanghai Five, which later evolved into the SCO, while the latter was more general and based on goodwill and trust established over decades. This formed the Eurasian epicenter of what would eventually turn out to be BRICS, which although coined by Goldman Sachs as a purely economic grouping, ended up taking on world-changing multipolar associations because of the Eurasian core of RIC that Primakov helped to create. There is a lot of concern about India at the moment and which I describe in some of my recent articles, so the main multipolar consistency has surely been the Russian-Chinese Strategic Partnership, which has strengthened to historically unprecedented levels amidst the US’ New Cold War aggression against both of these states in Ukraine and the South China Sea, respectively.

Russia doesn’t have the global economic capabilities of totally transforming the world, although it can surely present a firm geopolitical challenge to the US in Eurasia, but this is why China is so important in the emerging multipolar arranging. Beijing’s “One Belt One Road” strategy, popularly conceptualized as the New Silk Roads, can be summed up as a worldwide network of infrastructure corridors through which win-win cooperation and multipolarity will inevitably surge, provided, of course, that they’re completed. And herein lies the challenge, because the US is engaged in launching Hybrid Wars against the key transit states that will facilitate this global vision. To briefly explain, I conceive of Hybrid Wars not in the informational-economic sense, but in the strictly regime change manner of creating disruptive events in order to sabotage the New Silk Road corridors and the utilization of a phased continuum between Color Revolutions and Unconventional Wars. “The Law Of Hybrid War”, which I have named my new series on the Oriental Review online journal site, clearly states that “The grand objective behind every Hybrid War is to disrupt multipolar transnational connective projects through externally provoked identity conflicts (ethnic, religious, regional, political, etc.) within a targeted transit state”, and this is the reason for just about every single active, developing, and latent conflict across the world today. To simplify, Russia and China want to build a multipolar world future through worldwide infrastructure projects while the US, safe in its ‘world island’ and protected by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, seeks to sow the seeds of chaos in Eurasia, Africa, and Latin America in order to divide-and-rule key transit regions and indefinitely prolong its unipolar moment.

Do you think that your vision of a multipolar world is achievable by means of a peaceful transition? If by any other method, would it not be simply too frightening to contemplate?

No, the transition to a multipolar world or the retention of the unipolar one will inevitably be met with violence, as we are seeing it playing out on a large scale in the War on Syria and a lesser on in the War on Donbass. To add to that, there are many incipient conflicts that the US is preparing at the moment in order to activate as geopolitical ‘scorched earth’ ‘tripwires’ when the time is ripe and it feels that Russia and/or China have made too significant of a multipolar inroad into a key transit state and/or region, for example, the Balkans. Pertaining to that, we see that the Immigrant Crisis, which I have written at length about before, the Hybrid War in Macedonia, and the political instability in Serbia and Republika Srpska are predicated towards destabilizing the Central Balkans and preventing the construction of what I have taken to calling China’s Balkan Silk Road, otherwise known as the high-speed railway plan for connecting Budapest with the Greek port of Piraeus via Belgrade and Skopje. Republika Srpska in this undertaking is a vulnerable target that the US wants to use to indirectly attack Serbia and possibly draw it into a renewed conventional war in Bosnia, while Macedonia is the literal geopolitical bottleneck through which any north-south multipolar transnational connective infrastructure project must pass, including Russia’s currently suspended Balkan/Turkish Stream pipeline.

What I just described for our audience is applicable all across the world, and I’m currently in the process of writing about it for my Ph.D. and in my Oriental Review “The Law Of Hybrid War” series. Everywhere that there’s a New Silk Road, there’s going to be a Hybrid War plot or series thereof that the US is plotting at this very moment. The US, geopolitically insulated from the chaos that it creates in the Eastern Hemisphere and one could even say Latin America too to a certain degree, can and will resort to destroying a region in order to ‘spoil’ it for others instead of peacefully ceding its unipolar influence and sway there to Russia, China, and others. At the same time, the US isn’t just playing “defense”, it’s actually engaged in what I earlier called the Doctrine of Neo-Reaganism, in that it seeks not just to “contain” its subjectively defined “enemies”, but to “roll back” their influence and ultimately dismember its rivals into a collection of easy-to-control independent or Identity Federalized statelets. Because this is an obviously existential threat for Russia, China, and others, these multipolar countries are pushing back with the best of their ability and in the wisest and most thought-out manner in order to survive, meaning that the clash between the unipolar and multipolar worlds cannot but result in widespread conflict. After all, for Russia and China, this is pretty much a geopolitical fight to the death. They don’t want to destroy the US and split it up, but they know that is what the US is trying to do to them by hatching Hybrid War plots inside their borders and the steadily undermining their external security spheres through the use of neighboring and geostrategically partnered states.

Another thing too is that the concept of “proxy wars” has taken on an entirely new meaning in the context of the New Cold War. The US is engaged in a policy that I’ve described as “Lead From Behind”, in which it uses regional leaders such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and others to directly do its dirty work for it while America’s deep state (military-intelligence-diplomatic) apparatus provides varying degrees of behind-the-scenes and sometimes overt assistance during these campaigns (both military, like in Syria, and strategic, like in the South China Sea). This new and improved method of relying on capable regional partners for launching and sustaining proxy wars means that the US’ means of destabilizing the world is much more resource- and cost-efficient than it was before, for example, during the occupation of Iraq. By getting others to do the US’ on-the-ground work for it via the idea of a “shared self-interest”, Washington is now more dangerous than it ever was before, both because launching and managing such proxy wars is cheaper and more efficient than ever and because the US can always pin the consequences and direct fallout on its regional “Lead From Behind” ‘partners’ if things get rough. Again, it’s necessary to remind everyone that these “Lead From Behind” Hybrid Wars (the phased regime change continuum between Color Revolutions and Unconventional Wars) are aimed specifically against Russian and Chinese interests, and that the US is peeling away these multipolar anchors’ geopolitical protective zones piece by piece in its ultimate quest to dismember its chief rivals and control the heart of Eurasia. Thankfully, Russia is now in a position to confront the US’ chaotic aggression in most parts of Eurasia, while China is entrenched enough in Africa to do the same there, as well as supporting its Russian ally in their overlapping shared areas of interests in Eurasia.

Serbia, defined not simply as the country by that name, but as ethnic and cultural space inhabited by people who regard themselves as Serbs, has traditionally been a fault line more often separating than integrating civilizations and geopolitical blocks. How do you see the place and role of Serbia in the configuration of geopolitical forces today?

Serbia has fulfilled the traditional role that you described precisely because of its geostrategic significance in European affairs, which when the continent was the most important area of the world, actually gave it a global significance. The location of Serbia, not just the country but the ethnic-cultural space inhabited by Serbian-identifying people that you quite rightly described, allows a foreign power to project influence towards Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Anatolia, and the Mediterranean, thus making it perhaps the most important location in all of Europe. For this reason, foreign powers wanted to either control it for their own purposes or divide it between themselves and keep this space weak and under control, preventing its emergence as an independent pole of influence that could integrate with its nearby neighbors and fulfill the transregional function that I had just described.

The closest that Serbia ever came to this was Yugoslavia, which always occupied a very pivotal position and had much geopolitical potential but which was restrained from acting on it as fully as it would like because of the structural constraints of the Cold War. However, because of the importance that Yugoslavia had in the worldwide geopolitical paradigm, the US sought to undermine it economically and financially after the death of Josef Tito and then fully dismember it in the final days of the Cold War, expecting that this would create a black hole of chaos that would correspondingly suck in the USSR’s Warsaw Bloc allies and simultaneously give the US an easily manipulable divide-and-rule foothold in this crucial transregional crossroads with time. Had Yugoslavia not been ripped apart by the US and Germany’s scheming, then it would have become a multipolar center in the post-Cold War years and a beacon of development and leadership for all of the former communist countries of Eastern Europe.

In the present-day geopolitical construction, Serbia’s role as an independent country outside of the historical state framework of Yugoslavia is still very important and for a similar reason as well. While the Serbian space is no longer united under one government and less capable of exerting the geopolitical influence that I described even if it was, that doesn’t at all take away from its centripetal function in being the irreplaceable Balkan core. I’m not saying that a neo-Yugoslavia will ever rise again, but what I am getting at is that a strong, confident, and sovereign Serbia that is closely connected to the multipolar world forces of Russia and China has the intrinsic possibility of drawing its neighbors together and positively influencing them. This is made possible both because of the shared civilizational memory of the Southern Slavs during the heyday of Yugoslavia and more importantly due to objective geopolitical factors in facilitating this process. It’s for this reason that the Chinese are building the Balkan Silk Road in the first place and why Russia had plans to construct Balkan/Turkish Stream parallel to that as well, because both Beijing and Moscow astutely understand that just as “all roads led to Rome” in the past, “all multipolar European roads lead through Belgrade”, and there is no way to avoid this geopolitical fact in the 21st century.

In the short-term, the construction of the Balkan Silk Road and other Chinese and complementary Russian investments in Serbia will transform the country into a multipolar bastion for projecting positive soft power through the region and attracting the neighboring economies (and by extension, eventually their governments) to the critical infrastructure that will run right through it. The obvious appeal to self-interest that each national government and its affiliated investors should theoretically have to the multipolar transnational connective infrastructure project of the Balkan Silk Road should be enough to retain regional stability in and of itself, but you see, that’s the thing – the key word here is theoretically, because only without outside interference and provocations, this is likely to happen. However, we all are aware that the US has pushed Croatia into entering into a dangerous missile race with Serbia, and this of course serves to heighten regional tensions, as does the distrust that multiplied between the two sides as a result of the Immigrant Crisis. Furthermore, Washington’s backing of Sarajevo’s institutional aggression against Banja Luka and the presence of US-affiliated Islamic terrorists in Bosnia portends quite negatively for the regional balance, leading to a plethora of dark scenarios where the Balkans plunges into destructive chaos once more and state-to-state militant tension between Croatia and Serbia once more becomes a real threat that is seriously regarded by both sides.

To remind everyone, this is due to the US’ Hybrid War plans in offsetting Russia and China’s multipolar infrastructure projects that are set to lay the foundation for the emerging multipolar world order. To be sure, there’s a certain level of “domestic” support in these initiatives, such as the hate that some Croatian politicians still have for Serbia and all things Serb-related, but the US undoubtedly plays the crucial role in facilitating or outright planning these destructive scenarios and guiding them along applying the “Lead From Behind” strategy. This is why I said earlier that it’s very difficult for me to see a smooth transition to multipolarity, or likewise, an easy retention of unipolarity, because the actors that are involved – both on the Great Power scale such as Russia, China, and the US and on the medium-regional power one such as Croatia and Serbia – are either being manipulated (like Croatia is) or see in this coming clash an existential battle for their survival (whether directly like Serbia does or indirectly as Russia and China see it vis-à-vis the Balkans).

Nevertheless, things aren’t all doom and gloom, and there’s no inevitability that a major war will once more break out, but it’s just that the global situation is very precarious right now and the US is setting off geopolitical ‘time bombs’ in critical regions by lighting the Hybrid War wick. If conflict can be avoided and regional stability returns to all areas of the Balkans – including of course Bosnia and the Republic of Macedonia – then Serbia, assisted by its key Russian and Chinese allies, can once more regain its historical and destined leadership role in the region and play a role in infrastructurally reconnecting the Balkans, and by extension, the rest of Europe to the unfolding multipolar world order.

The Republic of Srpska has been facing severe difficulties on many fronts. Its economy, like that of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a whole, is in tatters, its government seems to have a hard time defining a clear political course, and although it projects an image of solidarity with Russia it flirts also with the other side. Two years ago, it was the target of a failed “color revolution” attempt which is now being revived using more sophisticated methods. Can the Republic of Srpska survive under these pressures, and how?

Yes, I believe that Republika Srpska will survive just as Serbs always have, regardless of their historically challenging circumstances, but it’s just that the present threat is different in all of its main aspects than the one which Serbs have faced before. First off, Republika Srpska’s difficulties were first experienced due to the US’ ‘conventional’ Hybrid War against Serbia, in that informational-economic tools were used against Republika Srpska as an indirect means of harming the Republic of Serbia (herein referred to simply as Serbia). At this moment in time, the ‘conventional’ Hybrid War is morphing into the form of Hybrid War that I described in my book, a phased regime change continuum from a Color Revolution to an Unconventional War, representing a very dangerous escalation of subversive US policy that threatens to throw the entire Balkans into chaos, as planned. In responding to this threat, I’d first like to say that I believe that Milorad Dodik has done a fairly good job, although of course there’s definitely room for improvement and I feel that he’s being led down a dark road by his EU ‘partners’.

Whether or not he feels he can safely say “no” to them is another topic, but I’m sure that the prior and presently incipient Color Revolution threat gave him a strong warning that he had better reconsider what multipolar policies he has instead of aligning more closely with the unipolar bloc. At the same time, though, such regime change intrigues against him could also serve to fortify his will to resist and outright reject the EU if he really wanted to, and there’s a possibility that he’s just playing a game with them for now and might turn against them when he feels the time is right. No matter the analytical speculation, however, it’s clear that he is being threatened by the US and EU with a Color Revolution overthrow, and this is being done not only as punishment because of his multipolar sympathies and engagement with Russia, but also as a Hybrid War means of indirectly destabilizing Serbia and thereby disrupting Russia and China’s transnational connective infrastructure plans for the Balkans. That geopolitical imperative must never be forgotten when considering present-day Balkan geopolitics, and Republika Srpska fits perfectly into this puzzle as the ultimate ‘bait’ for drawing Serbia into a trap and possibly setting it up for a clash with Croatia inside of Bosnia.

When I speak about this, I am not just throwing out some wild idea. I am basing it on the fact that both Serbia and Croatia have geopolitical and security interests in Bosnia which they would defend in some form or another when the made-to-fail “federation” inevitably unravels. Just as Bush Sr. chose not to invade Iraq during 1991 so as to indefinitely keep it as a future war to wage whenever the time was ‘right’, so too did the US opt for the creation of an inherently unstable and untenable Bosnian Federation in order to activate a geopolitical ‘time bomb’ at a future ‘opportune’ time. The documented history of Islamic terrorism in Bosnia and the current uncountable cells of Daesh, Al Qaeda, and other sorts of terrorist groups within the country are the most unpredictable factors, and depending on if (or when…) they are activated, they could create a plethora of potential scenarios that would lead to the breakdown of the Bosnian state and/or the possibility of Croatian and/or Serbian intervention (of a presently undetermined nature) to deal with it. Considering the post-war domestic situation in Bosnia and the West’s ongoing and incessant War on the Serbs (now fought out largely through historical revisionism, ‘victor’s justice’ against Karadzic, and other unconventional ways, to name but a few), the global mainstream media ‘narrative’ is already set for the activation of an Islamic terrorist attack against the Serbs in Republika Srpska.

This is but one of the Hybrid War threats facing the country, and it’s a huge problem which is very difficult to deal with due to its amorphous and unpredictable nature. Republika Srpska will need to intensify its security cooperation with Russia and Serbia in order to properly deal with this to the best of its capability, but even then it’s impossible to 100% protect oneself from such attacks. What can be done, however, is that the state adequately prepares for responding to the most likely scenarios and trains its relevant assets with the professional high-level competencies for doing so. The same goes for Color Revolutions, although this threat is comparatively easier to identify, predict, and respond to. NGOs are the devil’s nest of Color Revolutions, and the hostile ones are already known and identified. Republika Srpska should also use Russian strategic advice in adapting its own NGO-related law to compel foreign-funded groups to identify as foreign agents. Appropriate legislation should be crafted to ban undesirable organizations.

This may be difficult to implement in practice owing to Sarajevo’s inevitable opposition to these initiatives and the constitutional problems that it may try to manufacture in order to stop it, but it needs to be done whether de-jure or de-facto via the work of patriotic and genuinely non-governmental organizations (identifying and naming and shaming the subversive groups and their employees, not physically shutting them down of course). Parallel to this, Republika Srpska needs to learn from Russia the best ways in which its police forces can respond to Color Revolution provocations on the street at the moment of their activation, carefully dealing with them just forcefully enough to stop them but not quite strongly enough to unwittingly create ‘sympathy’ for the regime change organizations, leading to the positive spread of their message among the civilian base. All in all, surviving these threats comes down to cooperation between the relevant state organs and their better-trained international counterparts in Russia, the launching of patriotic organizations that can de-facto assist with these measures, the liberation of the media from unipolar control and influence and its redirection towards patriotic purposes, and soliciting the support of knowledgeable experts and their institutes in studying the latest Color Revolution technologies and forecasting their changing forms while also proactively engineering appropriate solutions (preferably in cooperation with their much more experienced Russian counterparts).

In your opinion, would the integration of the geographically disconnected Serbian space with the Eurasian Union be feasible and desirable?

In a sense, both yes and no. If Serbia remains geographically disconnected from the Eurasian Union, then it’ll just be a larger version of Transdnestria or Armenia, very closely linked to Moscow but physically dependent on the temporary ‘goodwill’ of unipolar-influenced transit states in order to facilitate economic relations with its partner. However, as we see from both cases of Russia’s other geographically disconnected partners, this doesn’t make relations impossible, it just means that there are long-term challenges in ensuring their sustainability, which is of course very formidable task in both cases. Considering that, the benefits obviously outweigh the detriments, and it is in Serbia’s self-interest to diversify as much of its relations as possible by embracing its multipolar partners, especially nearby Russia.

Ideally, though, while Serbia is geopolitically disconnected from the Eurasian Union, with China’s help, it won’t be infrastructurally disconnected in the future. The completion of the Balkan Silk Road would create a corridor to the south through the Republic of Macedonia and Greece which would enable Serbia to conduct maritime trade with Crimea and the other parts of Russia. Looked at this way, with China creating the geo-economic possibility of connecting Serbia and Russia, any prospective integration between the two under the aegis of the Eurasian Union is both feasible and desirable, but it’s all contingent on the construction of the Balkan Silk Road. To return back to one of the main themes that I’ve presented in this interview, that explains why the US is targeting the Balkans once more at this very time and is poised to unleash a series of Hybrid Wars in order to stop this scenario from unfolding.

Again, I want to repeat – China is creating the Balkan Silk Road which, if completed, would make integration between Serbia and Russia feasible and desirable, and this is precisely why the Balkans have become so destabilized right now and will likely remain so for the coming years, although I have faith in the Balkan nations that they can and will surmount these difficulties and emerge stronger, more unified, and more multipolar than ever before.

What impressions will you take away from Serbia? What message do you have for the Serbian people?

I’ll take away only the best of impressions because that’s all that I received! Serbian people are so warm, friendly, and relaxed, and I found the social atmosphere in Belgrade to be very pleasant and easygoing. Coming from Moscow with our daily hustle and bustle, it’s a welcome change of pace to go to Belgrade and live life a little bit differently for a couple of days. I also noticed just how clean a lot of the city was, which puts it in marked contrast to many American cities. It was really nice to see that Serbs care about their capital just like Russians do. In fact, speaking about Russians, it seems to me that there are many more similarities between these two closely related people than even I had initially thought.

Having interacted with many Serbs during my visit, I saw with my own eyes just how much they are like their Russian brothers and that reinforced my conviction that the two countries must continue moving even closer together. After all, Russians and Serbs are Slavs and they have many more similarities between themselves than Russians and Czechs do, for example. This isn’t coincidental but is a product of socio-cultural and religious heritage that ties the two together in a fraternal way. It was definitely a welcome realization to see – no, to actually feel – this, and I can now fully understand how so many Serbs turned out to greet Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Belgrade last year.

As for my message to the Serbian people, I’d like to thank them for such an amazing and unforgettable time. My brief visit to Belgrade filled my heart with happiness and was the perfect respite that I genuinely needed to experience. I truly felt like I belonged in Serbia and that everyone accepted me and appreciated my grandparents’ Yugoslav (Slovenian) roots. It’s an indescribable feeling to come to a place and feel like everyone has been waiting for you to arrive. I’ll never forget this experience. While I still have the readers’ kind attention for a final moment, I’d like to end my interview on an upbeat and optimistic note. For as much as the Serbian government has backtracked on national sovereignty through the treacherous agreement with NATO, I am now 110% convinced that this does not in any shape or form represent the sincere will of the Serbian people, and I am positive that if Serbs make the sustained effort to peacefully change this, that agreement can in fact be rescinded.

All that’s needed is prolonged patriotic conviction and the proper organizational tactics, and while Serbia already has the former, it needs key individuals to help manage the latter. As a Slav myself, I can personally attest to our kind, warm, and trusting nature that sometimes inadvertently leads to naiveté and apathy, and my general assessment is that the Western-controlled media in Serbia has exploited these psychological tendencies in order to neutralize Serbian resistance to the NATO Agreement. That being said, we Slavs are courageous, proud, and clever, and if we put our minds to something and dedicate ourselves to a cause, we always succeed in whatever we set out to do. I know in my heart that if Serbs focus on this part of our common Slavic identity, then there’s no doubt in my mind that they can make history and be the first country in the world to ever pull out of a NATO Agreement.

The time is now, and I believe that the Serbian people can succeed in pulling off this unprecedented feat of patriotism in liberating their country from NATO occupation, but the pivotal question is – do Serbs believe in themselves?

The Essential Saker: from the trenches of the emerging multipolar world

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

CIA ALIEN INVASION PSYOP: Trigger has been pulled.


For a full understanding of the meaning of Trump's Tweet today.  He has destroyed their "coup d'etat" game and cut the legs out from under them with the last Declaration of National Emergency, which by the way, is the only way he would have to take down the Shadow Luciferian Government and their henchmen in the Deep State, as I outlined more than two years ago.

To understand this last paragraph reference:



So Trump is destroying the "terrorist threat" which the DARK STATE CREATED and used to keep us in fear, to keep us in a state of perpetual war with a perpetual enemy.  Needing that perpetual enemy, The DARK Luciferian State HAS pulled the trigger on a 70 year old psyop, decades of brainwashing, trying to convince you that you are the product of genetic manipulation by "friendly alien CREATORS".  You see, you really are an Ape they "bettered" they "evolved" and now those same Aliens have returned to escort us through the next stage of our Evolution. However their is a problem, Evil Aliens want to stop this process, so we much SUBMIT to the work of the GOOD Aliens and UNITE as ONE WORLD behind them for our "SALVATION" and survival. 

WE watched the literal Satanists and the Luciferians (who are different than the Satanists) infiltrate the 9/11 Truth Movement and in the process of mis-directing the actual purpose of the Truth Movement, simultaneously create the new virulent Internet Atheist Movement, leading hundred of thousands of young people first into cynicism (easy to do the way the government was obviously lying to us, creating a cesspool of cynicism) and then into atheism, "as a matter of reason" and then into "alternative spiritualities" and "Cults" - as atheism never REALLY lasts.

Now we are seeing the same EVIL power trying to harness the energy of the Trump Administration and the Truth and Liberty Movement's take down of the Luciferian Shadow Government, to promote the "New Ascension" "The Singularity" "The Convergence" the Creator Alien meme. You see, let no good crisis go to waste, so while they are being taken down, they are setting up the new basis for mind-control, with the cooperation of evil elements in the Government/Military/Intelligence and OF COURSE the MAIN STREAM MEDIA. Which has suddenly started beating "The Aliens are Coming! The Aliens are Coming! CIA hysteria. To Wit:

Here is a list of MSM links that started appearing in email chain letters shortly after this happened -- in addition to the New York Times and Politico links we already shared:

MSNBC: UFO Pentagon Program
CBS: Government UFO Program
CNN: We May Not Be Alone
Washington Post: The Aliens Are Coming -- And No One Cares
UK Independent: US Gov Recovered Material They Do Not Recognize from UFO
Fox News: Out of This World Encounter

Here is how this Psyops Master tried to explain the Mainstream Media's cooperation in this psyop:

Okay, I told you that the Luciferians would next pull the Alien Creator psyop, since they are down to nothing else. The author of this sophisticated bit of psyop says, "just cannot understand why the MSM has jumped upon this story" He is obvious a "True Believer" or at least playing one for the Shadow Government/CIA.

Let me Quote him - but before I do, REMEMBER WHAT the MSM is, and if they are pushing this Alien Invasion BS what it means:

"For really the first time in recorded, modern history, UFOs are being treated with complete seriousness -- by whatever is left of the mainstream media [MSM].

"This included military films of strange UFOs in flight, as well as statements from Pentagon insiders that unusual, non-terrestrial alloys have been found.

"A group of credible experts who are calling themselves "The I-Team" are behind this, and they do indeed have impeccable credentials.

"For whatever reason, the entire MSM has jumped on board this story, unlike anything we've ever seen in history. It has been quite stunning to watch.

"Also amusing is how little anything has changed. The public has been so conditioned to UFO reality that we really haven't felt much of a pulse in the public.

"Here is a list of MSM links that started appearing in email chain letters shortly after this happened -- in addition to the New York Times and Politico links we already shared:

MSNBC: UFO Pentagon Program
CBS: Government UFO Program
CNN: We May Not Be Alone
Washington Post: The Aliens Are Coming -- And No One Cares
UK Independent: US Gov Recovered Material They Do Not Recognize from UFO
Fox News: Out of This World Encounter
Here is the link for the very sophisticated CIA psyop.

As with the infiltration of the 9/11 Truth movement, where Satanists and Luciferians under the cover of "Truthers" were given audience by people who would have NEVER given them the time of day, without the Government creating the cesspool to fester by their OBVIOUS LIES, the 9/11 commission report, we see these same Cultists and Luciferian Bastards, using now the take down of the Deep State/Shadow Government as an opportunity to push the NEW AGE CULTIST meme, that Space Aliens are about to "help us evolve" to our next level of "evolution" through the "convergence." AND THIS TIME THEY HAVE THE POWERFUL TOOL OF THE CIAmerican media psyops apparatus helping them!

When someone is talking about the take down of the Deep State, and use the word "Convergence" with you, BE VERY WARY. They are hoping to brush your ego, praise you for your "insights" and then lead you down the next Anti-Christian, Anti-God, Luciferian Psyop.

David Wilcock is a High Priest of this New Age "Convergence" Movement and has been very busy with much sophistication brainwashing hundreds of thousands of people who lack the spiritual discernment to understand who and WHAT he is.…/davids-blog/1223-targeted-arrests

Notice that he uses YOUR interest in Truth and Liberty, your hope to see JUSTICE to HOOK YOU, ("Massive Indictments, Targeted Arrests" etc., etc.) to introduce you to, and indoctrinate you in, his NEW AGE CIA Cult. "The Coming Convergence."

Mass Indictments, Targeted Arrests and Disclosure

David Wilcock

On 12/21, we received remarkable high-level briefings about the takedown of the Deep State now in process.
Hours later we called the now-legendary 4Chan insider Mega Anon, who confirmed almost everything we heard in the briefings as being true.
She added much more detail we had never heard before, almost all of which is included in the second section of this report. I am very glad she reached out and made personal contact with us.
Mass indictments of arch-criminals are already happening. We can prove that 4,289 sealed indictments have appeared just between October 30 and November 22, 2017.
The normal limit is not more than 1000 sealed indictments for the entire year. 
We are now also seeing many quiet arrests of lower and mid-level Deep State operatives.
Many higher-level people from the Deep State are apparently now wearing ankle bracelets with GPS monitoring to prevent them from fleeing the country.
[UPDATE: The Deep State is attacking the s--t out of this with hacks. Best bet is to use a Mac and stay away from Google browsers and/or Android phones.]
Just as our insiders had predicted, a limited UFO disclosure is now starting to happen as the Deep State's back is up against the wall.
This is the last card they have left to play. They are hoping that they can throw off the 'heat' by getting us captivated in a magnificent new story.
Disclosure is only the latest in a series of very exciting signposts that true change is upon us.
So much new information has come in from high-level briefings that this is only the first of a series that will be at least three parts in length.
This first section illustrates how the Alliance "mass arrest" strategy has evolved – taking the Cabal / Deep State completely by surprise.
The accusations and resignations we are seeing in the open world, such as of politicians and Hollywood figures, barely begins to cover the full story.
This information will certainly trigger mega-hack attacks on this site and increase personal risks – so please help us spread the word ASAP!
And Merry Christmas! Here's some Disclosure under the tree for you to unwrap and enjoy this holiday season.
On Saturday, December 16th, the New York Times and Politico both announced that we are not alone in the universe... nor in our airspace.
For really the first time in recorded, modern history, UFOs are being treated with complete seriousness -- by whatever is left of the mainstream media [MSM].
This included military films of strange UFOs in flight, as well as statements from Pentagon insiders that unusual, non-terrestrial alloys have been found.
A group of credible experts who are calling themselves "The I-Team" are behind this, and they do indeed have impeccable credentials.
For whatever reason, the entire MSM has jumped on board this story, unlike anything we've ever seen in history. It has been quite stunning to watch.
Also amusing is how little anything has changed. The public has been so conditioned to UFO reality that we really haven't felt much of a pulse in the public.
Here is a list of MSM links that started appearing in email chain letters shortly after this happened -- in addition to the New York Times and Politico links we already shared:
MSNBC: UFO Pentagon Program
CBS: Government UFO Program
CNN: We May Not Be Alone
Washington Post: The Aliens Are Coming -- And No One Cares
UK Independent: US Gov Recovered Material They Do Not Recognize from UFO
Fox News: Out of This World Encounter
Blink-182 was arguably the top rock band of the 1990s, or at least could comfortably share the title belt with groups like Green Day and Oasis:
Blink 182 is Hugely Significant to Millennials
In fact, to fans of previous musical generations, Blink-182 might be two notches above nursery rhymes in terms of the grand musical canon.
Rolling Stone would call their 1999 album Enema of the State "harmless," which is profoundly wrong.
Simply because there's a huge demographic of college kids thinking hard about music who consider Blink-182 one of the most important bands of all time, in about a decade, the band's best songs will achieve the respectable ubiquity of classic-rock radio.
This trio's former guitarist Tom DeLonge has spearheaded the disclosure effort that just launched its first real volley into the mainstream on Saturday, December 16th, 2017.
DeLonge left the band in 2005 to focus his time on building towards the events now taking place. In 2015, he notably turned down a reunion offer, arguably to remain focused on this goal.
DeLonge's initial public unveiling of his initiative took place in an event on October 11th, revealing that he did indeed have a team of high-level insiders.
We covered this event here, on this site, when the team suddenly announced it the day before.
Many people complained that they didn't get more information at the time... and Tom De Longe's very next tweet from that same day was quite revealing:
Every word [we have] spoken has been planned for months. Very interesting. Planned by who? And for what purpose?
This tweet strongly suggests that the Department of Defense (DOD) was either conducting this as a coordinated effort that went well beyond DeLonge himself, or was actively blocking it.
It may also be that people in the "I Team" believe the DOD is opposing them, when in fact their efforts are being carefully guided behind the scenes.
DeLonge's statement that "the biggest stuff has yet to come" is now prophetic, as the October 11th event was ignored, but the December 16th event lit up the entire MSM like a Christmas tree.
Let's not forget that it is now an "open secret" that the mainstream media is still largely CIA-controlled, just as Congressional hearings revealed in 1975-76.
The CIA is apparently the intelligence agency most directly connected to the Deep State, based upon the testimony of multiple insiders.
In the aftermath of the Watergate scandal in the early 1970s, public scrutiny was aimed towards the US intelligence agencies.
Journalist Seymour Hersh published a damning expose' of domestic CIA surveillance in 1975. This led to the Church Committee investigating these wrongdoings in Congressional hearings.
In April 1976, the Church Committee published its findings, which included the following revelations about both foreign and domestic media:
Congressional Church Committee Findings on CIA Control of Mainstream Media, 1976
For foreign news media, the report concluded that:
The CIA currently maintains a network of several hundred foreign individuals around the world who provide intelligence for the CIA and at times attempt to influence opinion through the use of covert propaganda.
These individuals provide the CIA with direct access to a large number of newspapers and periodicals, scores of press services and news agencies, radio and television stations, commercial book publishers, and other foreign media outlets.[7]
For domestic media, the report states:
Approximately 50 of the [Agency] assets are individual American journalists or employees of U.S. media organizations. Of these, fewer than half are "accredited" by U.S. media organizations ...
The remaining individuals are non-accredited freelance contributors and media representatives abroad ...
More than a dozen United States news organizations and commercial publishing houses formerly provided cover for CIA agents abroad. A few of these organizations were unaware that they provided this cover.[7]
This is just a small taste of what you start learning when you delve into conspiracy analysis.
It is now widely accepted that the mainstream media is a mouthpiece for the Deep State, as the Church Committee discovered over 40 years ago.
Therefore, since the MSM jumped on this story with unprecedented enthusiasm, almost everyone in the existing UFO community is freaking out about it.
That same day, October 11th, DeLonge announced on Twitter that they have Steve Justice, a former Lockheed Skunkworks employee, who can actually build us an anti-gravity machine:
The apparent mis-spelling of the word "secret" in the above tweet is a nod to DeLonge's co-authored, two-part book series entitled Sekret Machines.
With the inclusion of the letter K, it becomes a German word. [Correction: it is German-like, but actually means "secrete" in that language, not secret.]
Sekret Machines is "truth disguised as fiction" that describes how the German Nazis were the first to invent anti-gravity technology.
It also delineates how a cover-up has continued, complete with German scientists migrating to the US after WWII under Project Paperclip.
Therefore, DeLonge's tweets strongly imply that a breakthrough like this must come from the private sector, and that it is a "dangerous game" to try to release it because of this hidden German element still present in the US.
Another tweet from this same day pointed to the Department of Defense as owning everything built by the defense contractors -- and therefore holding it all back from us:
In response to ongoing criticism of the launch event, DeLonge tweeted on November 19th in a hashtag that their "strategy (was) unfolding brilliantly" and said the initial October 11th event "was nothing:"
When someone accused him of "insanity" on this same day, he told them to "wait three weeks" and he would get the last laugh:
Three more weeks would have led to Sunday, December 10th.
The actual event did not occur until the following Saturday, December 16th, which was nearly four weeks.
For whatever reason, the timing of the big announcement had to be delayed -- for reasons DeLonge was not privy to.
Just three days before the big news dropped, on December 13th, DeLonge tweeted his strong anticipation of a coming event.
He was obviously not in control of when this was going to happen. An undefined "they" was responsible for picking the exact moment:
DeLonge obviously knew the gravity of what this event would be, if he was saying it would be "one of my life's greatest accomplishments."
Howver, when he said "something's coming," that may imply that he himself wasn't exactly sure what the contents of this disclosure would be.
Sure enough, the entire MSM jumped behind this story in a coordinated effort unlike anything we've seen in UFO history.
In some ways this became like a litmus test of how much the MSM can still sway the public opinion.
Judging by the response, any old-school fears of a 1938 War of the Worlds-style "mass panic," with people stuffing wet towels up their chimneys, are a relic of a forgotten past.

Nothing happened. It was more of a mass "Already knew that."
The company I work for, Gaia, experienced a very similiar response in June when video investigations of a three-fingered humanoid mummy were released.
These videos did get millions of views, and every video was released for free, but again... nothing changed.
The next day after the above tweet, on December 14th, an ever-more-anxious DeLonge tweeted a strong hint that they had something very amazing.
Apparently, they already have an experiment that may demonstrate dematerialization as well as anti-gravity:
This really caught my attention, as insiders have told me for many years that electrified bismuth can do all sorts of unusual things if handled properly.
It is not clear whether this experiment causes optical "dissolution of mass", as in dematerialization, or just the reduction of its apparent weight -- as in anti-gravity.
There are certainly techniques known in the classified world that can do both, which I have been hearing about from insiders for many years.
DeLonge is not making up a strange term by saying "terahertz energy." This refers to very high-frequency electromagnetic waves.
And since I have been researching UFOs online almost since the dawn of the internet in 1995, I immediately made some connections from "the old days."
It's like the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the ending of the UFO cover-up investigation online are coming together -- across a 21-year bridge.
First of all, Pete Peterson, a high-ranking insider, designed a system for extracting bismuth into long, thin wires, as coils made from this wire would indeed demonstrate anti-gravity.
The engineers had experienced a problem with these wires not extending long enough, which Pete was able to solve for them. He first told me about this in 2009.
However, back in 1996, Coast to Coast radio host Art Bell received strange artifacts in the mail, which he soon entitled "Art's Parts."
Art was given these materials by a listener whose father apparently was part of the retrieval team for the Roswell crash, as you can read in this archived, vintage link.
When this first came out in April 1996, it was a gigantic sensation throughout the UFO community. I had only been online for six months at this point.
Art had an estimated 20 million people listening to each of his radio shows. There was almost zero competition back then.
Here is an actual image of what Art saw when he opened up the manila envelope with the parts in it, along with a US 25-cent piece for a size reference.

Here is a relevant excerpt of the groundbreaking Art's Parts discussion from the original insider. This page is now no longer online except for the magic of
Art's Parts: April 18th, 1996
My grandfather was a member of the Retrieval Team, sent to the crash site, just after the incident was reported. He died in 1974, but not before he had sat down with some of us, and talked about the incident.
I am currently serving in the military, hold a Security Clearance, and do NOT wish to "go public", and risk losing my career and commission.
Nonetheless, I would like to briefly tell you what my own grandfather told me about Roswell.
In fact, I enclose for your safekeeping "samples" that were in the possession of my grandfather until he died, and which I have had since his own estate was settled.
As I understand it, they came from the UFO debris, and were among a large batch subsequently sent to Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio from New Mexico.
My grandfather was able to "appropriate" them, and stated that the metallic samples are "pure extract aluminum". You will note that they appear old & tempered, and they have been placed in tissue-paper, and in baggies for posterity.
I have had them since 1974, and after considerable thought and reflection, give them to you. Feel free to share them with any of your friends in the UFO Research Community.
This insider's grandfather apparently received telepathic communication from a still-living occupant of the craft, as this classic article went on to reveal:
A lone surviving occupant was found within the Disc, and it was apparent [that] its left leg was broken....
Grandad was part of the Team that went with the surviving occupant. The occupant communicated via telepathic means. It spoke perfect English, and communicated the following:
The Disc was a "probeship" dispatched from a "launchship" that was stationed at the dimensional gateway to the Terran Solar System, 32 light years from Terra.
They had been conducting operations on Terra for over 100 years.
Another group was exploring Mars, and Io.
Each "probeship" carried a crew of three. A "launchship" had a crew of (100) one-hundred....
Grandad spent a total of 26 weeks in the Team that examined and debriefed the lone survivor of the Roswell crash.
Grandad's affiliation with the "project" ended when the occupant was to be transported to a long-term facility. He was placed on-board a USAF Transport aircraft that was to be sent to Washington, D.C.
The aircraft and all aboard disappeared under mysterious and disturbing circumstances enroute to Washington, D.C.
It may interest you that three Fighter aircraft, dispatched to investigate a distress call from the Transport, experienced many electrical malfunctioning systems failures as they entered the airspace of the transport's last reported location.
No crash or debris of the Transport was ever found. The Team was disbanded.
Electrical malfunctions are frequently associated with portal activity -- whether natural or technological, as I discuss in my first book, The Source Field Investigations.
Several of the "Partial Disclosure" scenarios we've heard about, including the recent X-Files reboot, want to shed new light on the story of the surviving Roswell occupant.
Many insiders said this being was code-named EBE, for "Extraterrestrial Biological Entity."
This may also be why Spielberg chose the similar-sounding term ET for his movie of the same title.
Remember... if the US government came into possession of the Roswell wreckage, they gained access to a craft that was capable of interstellar travel.
And if they could study, analyze and "reverse-engineer" it, then we would have the abilty to take ET home.
Ben Rich, the second director of Lockheed Skunkworks, frequently ended his talks with a joke, saying "The Air Force has just given us a contract to take E.T. back home.”
Many investigators have suspected there was truth within this seemingly tongue-in-cheek "joke" he told.
Under electrical stimulation, researchers such as Linda Moulton Howe were seeing what appeared to be anti-gravity effects from these alleged Roswell artifacts.
When "Art's Parts" were analyzed in a laboratory for their exact chemical composition, they were found to have large amounts of bismuth... and magnesium.
That's right. These exact same two elements just appeared in Tom DeLonge's tweet about the "unusual alloy" from December 14th.
DeLonge said they generate anti-gravity and the dissolution of mass under high electromagnetic charge.
You can read a transcript of a classic 1996 program where Art Bell discusses these enigmatic artifacts with Richard C. Hoagland here.
This is a link to a Linda Moulton Howe article explaining how she came into contact with this same bismuth-magnesium alloy back in 1996.
With all of this in mind, I was very surprised to see this same bismuth-magnesium alloy appear in an "official disclosure" fully 21 years later. The Alpha and the Omega.
It may be that later, planned stages of the Tom DeLonge disclosure will actually feature a discussion of Art's Parts.
Even if no one else had access to this wreckage but Art, anyone with a sample of this material has still had over 20 years to build working prototypes out of it.
On the same day the blockbuster articles emerged, December 16th, 2017, Senator Harry Reid tweeted a surprisingly open-minded endorsement of the disclosure:
Reid's tweet, saying "this is about... national security," coupled with the fact that the disclosure came from the "Threat Identification Program" in the Pentagon, has many investigators worried.
The idea that UFOs might be a "threat to national security" has been a constant feature of Deep State fear-mongering from the very beginning.
Yet, after all this time, not one openly hostile action has ever been taken against us by anything UFO-related -- whether it is one of ours or one of 'theirs.'
On December 21st, it was announced that Harry Reid is calling for Congressional investigations into the UFO phenomenon.
12/21: Sen. Harry Reid Calls for Congressional Inquiry Into UFOs
"I don't know anything about exotic materials, but [there is] a lot of talk about it," Reid said.
What he does know is that the explosion of news coverage about the UFO issue has caught the attention of Congress.
Reid's phone started ringing immediately, he says, [from] people from Congress and the business community who've always been interested in the subject but were afraid to admit it.
Reid thinks the time may be right to re-launch a formal inquiry.
This is exactly what the Disclosure Project and its 39 witnesses have been demanding ever since 2001... and never got.
Oh, the times, they are a-changin'....
There is enormous, almost unilateral concern in the UFO community that all of this could be building to some sort of "Alien Threat" narrative.
I attended the original Disclosure Project event in 2001 as an invited VIP, after having appeared twice on the Art Bell Show a few months prior.
At this event, Carol Rosin revealed that the Deep State's final endgame, if they were ever really in danger of defeat, would involve a hoaxed "alien invasion."
This was confessed to her by NASA founder and ex-German scientist Wernher Von Braun on his deathbed.
By that time, he knew the Deep State had the reverse-engineered craft in place that could make an "alien invasion" seem fully believable -- and utterly devastating.
In light of what we now know from a group we call the Alliance, (more on that below,) it seems very unlikely that this "Alien 9/11" could ever actually occur.
At this point, disclosure seems to be more of a tool to try to distract the public... as we build toward an epic exposure of the darkness within the Deep State.
The arrests and indictments are working their way up to some of the very highest-level people -- who have been sitting on these UFO secrets for 70 years.
We did also find out from the principal author of the initial New York Times article, Leslie Kean, that it was number one on the NYT website after its release:
This shows that within the MSM's own universe, this has indeed become an immensely popular story -- overshadowing everything else in their entire arsenal.
So what exactly is going on here? Why now? And who, or what, is the Alliance?
In case you are new to all of this, my participation in the Disclosure Project was not the beginning of my direct involvement in this community.
I have had access to various insiders with highly classified information all the way back since 1993.
As of 2018, I will have been online as a UFO researcher for 22 years. During that time I have gained the trust of many insiders.
Part of how I "made it" this long is by being able to maintain confidentiality when asked.
Keeping certain things private also gives me an excellent means to assess and evaluate new insiders as they appear.
Many, many people have come forward with fake narratives. To the best of my ability, I will never call any attention to someone who is doing this.
One of the best ways the Deep State can destroy a researcher's credbility is to develop a fake insider, and then destroy his crediblity after the community embraces and publicizes him.
This all started for me in 1993, when a college friend of mine revealed that his physics professor had worked in the higher echelons of NASA throughout most of the 1970s.
This professor confirmed to his entire class that UFOs were real. We were not being told the truth because "they" were afraid of a mass, public panic... so he said.
My friend got a private student-teacher briefing after class that went on for two hours, where he got far more detail than the rest of the class had received.
I heard all the details soon after it happened. This was the 'spark' that ignited my life-long quest to uncover the truth of the UFO phenomenon.
I looked up the professor, who is now deceased, and confirmed his NASA service. I am not sharing his name out of respect to his family's privacy.
The professor said that he was allowed to tell people one-on-one like this, but he would deny everything if anyone ever asked him about it again.
He also said “they” would never allow this story to become headline news on the New York Times.
You can imagine how excited I was when my brother called me on December 16th, 2017. I hadn't seen the headlines yet. It finally happened!
Now that the New York Times actually broke a story telling us that UFOs are real and are extraterrestrial in nature, we have clearly reached a very unique moment in time.
Something has shifted that has caused this jealously-guarded secret to finally be released.
The true story of what is really going on in the world right now is very deep.
If you are new to this, what I am about to tell you may seem like little more than the treatment for an amazing sci-fi conspiracy film.
Nonetheless, many people are fighting and dying in a "shadow World War III" right now, and most of us don’t even know about it.
This war includes weather-manipulating technology responsible for the lack of rain in Southern California for well over 250 days now, leading to huge wildfires.
I was personally affected by this on December 6th, when terrifyingly loud Emergency Broadcast System sirens went off on our phones -- and we were threatened with possible imminent evacuation.
Thankfully, we were fine. Despite the lumps we are taking, this war is now reaching a stunning and very positive conclusion.
Almost everything I heard in my initial 1993 disclosure was validated four years later in The Day After Roswell, by Col. Philip Corso.
This colonel was personally responsible for taking key items from the Roswell wreckage and farming it out to defense contractors as "foreign technology."
I met further insiders at a UFO conference I attended in Connecticut in November 1996 – including a Lockheed official who again validated what the professor told my friend.
Everyone including Corso said that the Roswell crash really happened, and we were able to “reverse engineer” many very useful technologies from it.
This included computer chips, solid-state transistors, lasers, LED lights, fiber-optic cables, infrared night vision, Velcro, Kevlar and non-stick cling-wrap.
In addition, other technologies remained classified – including free energy, anti-gravity, energetic super-healing systems and warp drive / portal travel.
Even back then, it also occurred to me that if interstellar-capable spacecraft were crashing here, and we were rebuilding them, then we might well be able to fly outside of our own solar system.
This also meant that we would almost certainly be building outposts and bases on other planets and moons -- while keeping it all very highly classified.
This could help to explain monuments on the moon and Mars that Richard C. Hoagland was frequently discussing on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell.

After meeting most of the 39 insiders at the Disclosure Project in 2001, including Carol Rosin, I came into contact with a man wanting to be called Daniel as of 2003.
Daniel is only one of a series of insiders who gave me fascinating information about the secret UFO-related programs that have been going on.
The information each insider has shared with me is truly vast. Any decent summary of what I learned is far beyond the scope of this one article.
I summarized many of the key insiders and their secrets in the second half of my new book, The Ascension Mysteries.
Here is a rough list of the ten most important insiders I met, the year it started, and a very brief summary of some of what they told me.
2003: DANIEL. A seat from a crashed UFO was hooked up to a power supply and generated portals allowing travel through time and space.
2007: BRUCE. Worked at Area 51. Hoagland's top insider, revealed glass-like ancient ruins have been found all over our Solar System.
2007: HENRY DEACON. Claimed to have worked on Mars and other outposts, repairing advanced technology and meeting multiple ETs.
2008: BOB DEAN. Told me in confidence that he had been through portal travel, and it felt like a sudden, moderate electrical shock in the body.
2008: JACOB. Claimed to have visited over 2000 off-planet locations and personally seen over 400 different types of ETs. Very high-level.
2008: EMERY SMITH. Personally involved in autopsying some 3000 different extraterrestrial corpses at Sandia, in Los Alamos / Kirtland AFB.
2009: PETE PETERSON. Confirmed a vast, hi-tech secret space program (SSP), interactions with 14 different types of ETs, including reptilians.
2010: MARK. An aeronautics designer I met through Pete who has eight different ways of generating anti-gravity, and worked with ETs at Area 51.
2014: COREY GOODE. Gave much more detail on the SSP outlined by Deacon, Dean, Jacob and Peterson. Went public in 2015.
2016: WILLIAM TOMPKINS. Vet from WWII who debriefed US spies in German SSP. Learned of ET reptilians, helped develop SSP craft.
Each one of these insiders has shared vast amounts of intel with me -- often enough to fill entire books without ever getting boring.
As of this time, Daniel, Bruce, Jacob and Mark have never come forward, and have said very little, if anything, to anyone else.
Deacon appeared briefly in 2009 and then went back into hiding. He has refused all my requests to ever speak again. 
Mark has indicated a potential openness to come forward, but it hasn't happened yet. With the right funding we could develop anti-gravity propulsion systems.
I recently gave Emery Smith the psedonym Paul. He stayed hidden until last week, when his debut episode appeared on Cosmic Disclosure.

The threats on Emery's life led to him sharing far, far more with me, immediately before and during these tapings, than I had ever heard him say before.
For this same reason I only briefly mentioned some of what he had talked about in The Ascension Mysteries.
There were a few conversations we had when he visited me in 2012 that I had so sorely wished we had recorded for posterity.
With all that being said, the discussions we just had on camera were much, much better.
The Gaia staff were all saying this was some of the most amazing disclosure-related testimony they had ever heard.
Emery was essentially forced to come forward after having everything he owned stolen, followed by a head-on collision that totaled his vehicle and nearly killed him.
Both of these events occurred very soon after I had leaked aspects of what he had told me, under the pseudonym "Paul."
The burglaries occurred only shortly after he had finished living in my house for two months -- after he had already suffered a variety of crippling setbacks.
Then, his head-on collision occurred only 30 minutes after I published another article with more of his intel.
The other driver deliberately steered into his lane and accelerated, as we described in previous articles. It was very highly suspicious. We got the message.
Emery had already shown off his ET-autopsying skills in the movie Sirius, where he worked with Dr. Steven Greer to obtain samples from the Atacama Humanoid.

In case you missed this fascinating story, some of the world's leading geneticists confirmed this tiny, shrunken corpse was not a deformed fetus.
It was human-like, but had very unusual characteristics, including a much-larger skull and other abnormal skeletal features.
A DNA test of the sample Emery removed ended up demonstrating about 88 percent human characteristics -- and as much as 12 percent that was "anomalous."
When you take a look at it, you can easily see why.

Gaia is still awaiting the results of similar tests from multiple three-fingered humanoid mummies found in Peru.
In this case, they were mummified with a mixture of diatomaceous earth, forming a white powdery surface over the bodies.

These attacks against Emery were almost certainly from the Deep State, and its online troll-attack subsidiary we have been calling the Dark Alliance.
Corey Goode and I both had our lives threatened. My warning apparently came straight from the Rothschilds through an insider, as I discussed in earlier articles.
I was concerned enough about the risks that I waited for months until the Dark Alliance had given us enough rope to hang them with -- metaphorically speaking.
William Tompkins actually died during this same timeframe -- just hours before the total solar eclipse of August 21st, 2017. The threat was very real.
Pete Peterson had everything he owned stolen out of his house. These items were worth much more than the low six-figure amount the bank was claiming he owed on his property.
Corey Goode was being smeared online with an unbelievable number of videos and articles featuring highly exaggerated, overblown attacks.
I was threatened with death if I did not "publicly divorce" him. The plan was then for him to be killed and for it to appear as a suicide, out of despondency and ruin.
Once I decided to support Corey anyway, my car suffered a sudden loss of all braking power -- seemingly in direct response to the threats I had received.
In the aftermath of this violent brush with death, I told Emery the only way he could protect himself would be to come forward.
We have now taped 15 episodes of his testimony at Gaia for his own safety. The copies are stored in multiple locations for security reasons.
I do feel we managed to capture a good summary of his most amazing experiences after many years in the insider world.
That being said, we still have barely even scratched the surface of describing the three thousand different types of ET bodies he witnessed and autopsied.
This was only one of a series of mind-blowing assignments he had during his time in the Air Force and related black-ops divisions.

Emery has already produced multiple authentic documents that prove his elaborate, high-level military service.
His testimony is very, very amazing. His public outing is as significant of an event in the UFO community as what we saw with William Tompkins.
Emery is prepared to do live videos, radio shows and other events to help get the word out, and encourage a fuller form of disclosure.
He also helps to "ground" the Corey Goode info in a more terrestrial package. His MD-level knowledge of anatomy and related jargon is very impressive.
At this time, Emery has been all but completely financially devastated by the Deep State. He has no car, no furniture and can barely even afford food.
I have helped him as much as I can this year and am also low on funds at this point, due to initiatives I will be announcing in the coming year.
I therefore strongly encourage you to step up and send Emery an emergency donation at
This war for disclosure is very real, and without your support, the soldiers on the front lines won't make it. So please help Emery have a Merry Christmas.
Emery's alleged experiences shed amazing new light on everything we have heard from other SSP whistleblowers, as mentioned above.
As I said, Corey Goode has been providing intel to me personally since October 2014, and went public as of the spring of 2015.
Much of Corey’s information concerns the so-called Secret Space Program. He claims to have served on a cigar-shaped craft in a program called Solar Warden.
It is very rare that people in these programs ever get to return to Earth. Those who do are typically "blank-slated," with their memories erased.
Only an average of 4 percent of them have any memories at all. The scope of Corey's recall is very rare, and makes him a highly valuable asset for Disclosure.
I might not have believed everything Corey was saying if it hadn't been for Daniel, Bruce, Deacon, Dean, Jacob, Emery, Pete, Mark and others I had spoken to before him.
With this pedigree as a background, I found Corey telling me dozens upon dozens of things I had already heard from others, and had never made public.
William Tompkins further enhanced Corey's credibility -- and with Emery finally stepping forward, it has gone up even more.
Emery claims to have been in underground bases, but was never taken off-planet as far as he consciously knew.
Nonetheless, it is fascinating to speculate as to how the folks at Kirtland AFB could have come into possession of such a dazzling variety of ET corpses.
There were dozens of operating rooms just on the one floor of Sandia Labs that Emery worked in -- and there were also dozens of floors.
Corey's experiences read like an amazing series of sci-fi movie scripts -- and as he has revealed, there is high-level interest around this content from various groups.
I encourage you to visit to see what he is up to now. His other existing website is
I am not going to recap all of his testimony in this article, as I have done it before in many previous entries of David's Blog since 2015. Some of it also appears in The Ascension Mysteries.
Much more of it will be covered, as well as how it ties in with my own bizarre experiences, in my new book Awakening in the Dream, due in August.
You can help us out, and lock yourself in for the fun on the publication date, by pre-ordering Awakening here.
Additionally, our half-hour-long Gaia show Cosmic Disclosure has been running weekly now for two and a half years. Only now have we gotten through most of Corey's testimony.
The best way to dive into this story is to become a Gaia subscriber, which gets you full access to everything, and begin watching Cosmic Disclosure from the inaugural episode.
That same debut episode -- Season 1, Episode 1 -- can be watched freely on YouTube by clicking here.
Parts Two and Three of this new article series will have far more to say about Corey's remarkable experiences, bringing this cosmic narrative right up to the present.
Emery was never allowed to ask questions about the many bizarre humanoid bodies he autopsied at Kirtland Air Force Base.
Everything he saw was human, more or less. However, it appeared as if any type of life we see on earth had evolved into a human-like form somewhere else.
They all typically had two arms, two legs, a head, two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two ears and so forth. This was called "the five-star pattern," after the head and four limbs.
With that said, some looked like they evolved from insects. Others were aquatic types. Many were mammalian in some way. Others were reptilian-derived.
He told me that many ETs are shorter than we are. The overall average of what he saw is only slightly above waist height for a typical human adult.
Others can be significantly taller. In one case he saw a body that was nearly 40 feet tall, and had a very rough skin -- almost with a rock-like appearance.
This might seem fanciful to you, but Emery never profited off of any of this -- and only came forward after suffering the head-on collision.
In our inaugural episode, which will be released freely online in January, Emery breaks into tears near the end when talking about these threats on his life.
As a result of coming forward so prominently, Corey was contacted by multiple different groups of insiders, at various levels of secrecy.
This included an alliance that formed within the Secret Space Program, or SSP, he originally worked in. This group has full interstellar travel capability and was started by the US Navy.
More recently, he was contacted by another SSP that is run by the Air Force-based military-industrial complex here on Earth. We call this the MIC SSP.
The MIC SSP folks are told that we have craft zipping around the solar system, but they cannot travel outside of its boundaries.
Most of them believe that modern ETs do not exist -- though they are told that our solar system is littered with ruins of ancient civilizations.
Bruce is an example of an insider I know who has access to the MIC / Air Force SSP. Pete Peterson, to a degree, is working with it as well.
Pete had heard rumors about a greater Navy SSP, and went from an initial great skepticism of Corey's claims to an overall acceptance.
Emery has realized that his own experiences with the autopsies, and other special projects he worked on, give compelling clues that Corey is telling the truth.
Bruce tends to think the MIC SSP narrative is the highest form of truth there is, and feels, as Pete once did, that Corey must be lying.
This just helps shed some light on how complex the interactions between insiders can be. Not everyone is "on board" with everyone else.
Beginning in 2016, Corey was also abducted and interrogated by a tough colonel within the MIC SSP who we are calling Sigmund.
This is a brand-new artistic rendition, from Corey's team, that is pretty close to what Sigmund looks like:

Sigmund only believed what he was taught about the MIC SSP -- namely that we had advanced craft, but had never left our solar system.
In fact, he was being lined up as a major public whistleblower who would emerge in later stages of the disclosure process we are just starting to see now.
It was very important that someone like Sigmund absolutely believe that the Air Force / MIC secret space program was as far as we had ever gotten.
That way, even if he was captured, interrogated, tortured and killed, he would never deviate from the "approved" storyline he had been given.
Yet, when doing advanced testing on Corey, such as with hair analysis, Sigmund confirmed trace elements that can only be found when people travel to off-planet areas in our solar system.
Sigmund rooted out and compromised many SSP Alliance members before realizing that Corey was telling the truth -- and that he had been lied to on an epic scale.
At that point, the Deep State went after him. He was forced to go into hiding. He has only recently resurfaced, and is fascinated by what he is now learning.
Our third update will have detailed new reports of what Sigmund has most recently seen and heard. It is very, very fascinating stuff.
Corey has also been approached by people within what I usually call the Alliance, for short, and which he tends to call the Earth Alliance.
This is a group of multiple factions that are opposed to the Cabal / Deep State. It may consist of as much as 90 percent of the US military at this point.
The Alliance also encompasses a significant majority of the sixteen US intelligence agencies, as well as the governments in most other countries of the world, to varying degrees.
The Deep State / Cabal has been cranking out films that support their agenda since the dawn of the silent era.
Much more recently, the Alliance has been fighting back with a variety of films that reveal critical elements of the truth.
The latest must-see Alliance film to blow the whistle on the Deep State is American Made, starring Tom Cruise -- who is a key figure in many Alliance films.
American Made just came out this past week on streaming video for purchase, and will be available to rent as of January 2nd.

This film totally exposes the Clinton-Bush cocaine-smuggling and money laundering operation that was conducted out of Mena, Arkansas. Don't miss it.
If you used to believe that all Hollywood films were made and controlled by the Deep State, this one may very well change your mind.
The most shocking scene in the movie is when the smuggler has been arrested by a huge team of different agents, only to have Governor Clinton personally call in and set him free.
You watch as the entire town of Mena, Arkansas -- the state where Bill Clinton was governor -- is transformed from a sleepy hamlet into a money-laundering boom town.
Tom Cruise's character ended up making so much money that he literally ran out of places to hide it -- even by digging holes to bury it in the yard.
The film shows exactly how the CIA worked to out-maneuver the DEA and other agencies, and even how it all spilled over into the Iran-Contra scandal.
The movie did not do very well at the box office, but will undoubtedly soon be considered required viewing as the arrests reach critical mass.
Certain elements within the CIA and the FBI are among those most heavily compromised by the Deep State at this time, according to various insiders.
The high-level personnel in the Deep State -- some politicians and others who are not -- are well aware of the Navy and Air Force secret space programs.
They are obsessed with power. Their ability to "control space" and keep us land-bound has only enhanced their feelings that they are "gods."
They have been hiding an incredible amount of information from us since these programs first began picking up steam in late-1930s Germany.
The only way to really understand how people could be this cynical, harsh and diabolical towards others is to delve into the mind of the psychopath.
We now know that psychopaths have an abnormally low amount of electrical activity in their frontal lobes, which help to process empathy, love and compassion.
Here are the twenty key traits of these people, as defined by the Hare Psychopathy Checklist:
  • glib and superficial charm
  • grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
  • need for stimulation
  • pathological lying
  • cunning and manipulativeness
  • lack of remorse or guilt
  • shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
  • callousness and lack of empathy
  • parasitic lifestyle
  • poor behavioral controls
  • sexual promiscuity
  • early behavior problems
  • lack of realistic long-term goals
  • impulsivity
  • irresponsibility
  • failure to accept responsibility for own actions
  • many short-term marital relationships
  • juvenile delinquency
  • revocation of conditional release
  • criminal versatility
Standard psychological estimates have concluded that four percent of men and two percent of women in today's world are psychopaths.
Most of them are not violent. However, they have a nearly unstoppable need to dominate, control and manipulate others every single day of their lives.
If they even miss one day where they don't get to humiliate, degrade and abuse someone, they start to become very agitated and unbalanced.
I have unfortunately had multiple experiences with these types of people, which strongly motivated me to take on the Deep State.
Imagine what would happen when you have an entire group of these types of people who are working together to seek total world power.
Unfortunately, these top Deep State people have a very, very sick occult religion that includes pedophilia and satanic-type practices, such as animal and human sacrifice.
We have extensively covered this aspect of the story on this website, including the constant appearance of their symbols in movies, television shows, video games, music videos and the like.
This includes elements like the Masonic square and compass, the All-Seeing Eye, the two Masonic pillars, the Templar cross, and so on.
Strangely, their religious tradition requires them to "hide it out in the open" and tell us what they are doing, such as in thinly-disguised fiction.
If you want to see a truly shocking film example of this that checks off almost everything on the list, watch the 2009 Sherlock Holmes film.

This accurately portrays how a satanic group infiltrated elite secret societies, and helped to terrorize them into supporting the creation of the Federal Reserve.
The film begins with a truly disturbing scene, where the head villain is using black magic to force a woman to sacrifice herself with a dagger.
The Vigilant Citizen website did a decent job of summarizing some of the occult themes and symbols in this movie.

It also very interestingly shows how these people do not actually possess occult powers, but rather use elaborate trickery to make themselves appear as evil gods.
Again, this is the Revealing of the Method. Hiding it out in the open. The film is absolutely loaded with Cabal symbols from beginning to end.
They feel that if they openly show us what they are doing, and we still fall for it, then we deserve to be enslaved.
This may also explain why Robert Downey, Jr. ended up getting involved very heavily in making films for the Alliance, as his Iron Man / Tony Stark character.
The second Sherlock Holmes film from 2011 wasn't as in-your-face with the propaganda as the first one, but still has some obvious elements, such as Downey drawing a pentagram with a serpent and cross, and sitting inside of it.

Many audience members sounded off about the excessive attempts to infuse the entire film with blatant sexual jokes and innuendoes.
Speaking of nonsense, allow me to talk (briefly) about the naked man scene. For no apparent reason at all—a pudgy, middle-aged man comes out to greet his young, just-married female houseguest one morning while wearing … nothing.
[DW: He also expresses his fascination that any man would ever be interested in a woman.]
Did the scene get a laugh? Sure. Unexpected nudity is reliably effective at accomplishing that feat. But it's also a textbook definition of gratuitous. As is, I'm compelled to add here, the sequence in which Holmes and Watson "share a sleeper car" with the former dressed in drag.
Equally squirmy, in a radically different way, is Moriarty skewering Holmes with what amounts to a giant fishhook, then watching in catlike amusement as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's ageless hero contorts and dangles—screaming.
I realize Moriarty's a really bad guy and all, but I could have done without that scene too.
Many, if not most people in the so-called Illuminati / Cabal are deeply traumatized victims who would do just about anything to escape it with their lives.
This is not commonly understood in the alternative community. Everyone in this group is abused. Many people only are participating because they are forced to.
However, at the highest levels you do have some truly sick individuals who actually enjoy what they are doing, and embrace the practices.
As an example, the Pizzagate revelations that emerged from the October 2016 Wikileaks data dump are not at all fake news.
Sadly, this is all very real. We covered it in stomach-churning detail last December, in Endgame: Part I.
Most people in the inside world of the Deep State are not doing these heinous things. Many of them didn't even know about it until fairly recently.
That being said, some insiders have told me that "rank and file" members of the FBI have been systematically blocked from investigating elite pedophilia all along.
That, thankfully, has changed just since the end of last year... dramatically so.
The MIC SSP is now largely opposed to the Deep State, as is the Earth Alliance.
For years now we have been sharing details of a hyper-complex operation to expose, indict and arrest the Deep State.
Benjamin Fulford was telegraphing an operation of this nature as of 2007. I began getting personal leaks about it from Pete Peterson in 2009.
Once Corey came forward, he was "brought back in" by various groups and given detailed briefings on Alliance operations.
By 2011, I was regularly sharing intel I was hearing about a plan for "mass arrests" of top Deep State operatives.
Bear in mind that Pete Peterson alone was gathering intel from well over 20 completely different sources within the Alliance.
It appeared that the arrests would involve military operations in multiple key areas here in America and around the world to grab the bad guys.
We were also told to expect a possible disruption of goods and services for up to two weeks -- and therefore to have stored food and water on hand, good for at least that length of time.
Furthermore, the insiders told us that when the Deep State was treading very close to the boundary of this type of full defeat, they would start releasing some of the "Crown Jewels" they have been holding on to.
What we are seeing in the media just since our last article in November makes it seem quite obvious that this is now taking place.
However, let's not get too caught up in the Tom DeLonge group's announcement.
That is only one of a whole constellation of "options" for disclosure that are being put out there.
The Deep State wants to have multiple back-up plans -- even dozens -- in the event that any one, or a series of options becomes compromised or otherwise useless in some way.
They may back off of the plans to use the "Antarctic Atlantis" storyline after we so thoroughly exposed it, beginning last December, as an example.
With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the stories that are emerging, and add in the insider perspective we have on them from Corey and others.
The first relevant piece of data concerns a very large new chamber that was announced in the Great Pyramid as of November 2nd, 2017.

11/2: New Chamber Discovered Inside the Great Pyramid
11/2: Great Pyramid’s Hidden Chamber Revealed

According to multiple insiders, the Deep State operatives are already well aware of this chamber and its contents.
This huge, hidden room may very well be what John Ora Kinnaman discovered in or around 1922, in the enigmatic story of Kinnaman's Entrance.
This archived article goes into great detail on the subject. Noted scholar Andrew Collins believed Kinnaman may have been creating fantasy stories.
Nonetheless, our insiders have confirmed that this chamber in the Great Pyramid has been known about for some time, and plans are in place to reveal it to us.
They may discover a "secret passageway" that leads into this chamber, where they then dazzle us with the obviously ET, high-tech toys and artifacts we have heard are still inside.
Since the Deep State occult religion is very Pyramid-centric, this might help cement their narrative that their belief system came from "the gods."
Less than two weeks after this announcement, on November 14th, another enigmatic "new discovery" was announced at the Mayan pyramid of Kukulcan.
In this case, the stories refer to it as a "secret passageway" that was discovered, which leads to a "natural underground cave" or cenote that the pyramid was built over.
The hint of this cave can be seen in the below image where it says "Cavidad," or cavity.

11/14: Secret Passageway Found Under Mayan Temple
A secret passageway has been discovered under a 1,000-year-old Mexican pyramid....
The new discovery of the underground passage is believed to lead to a cenote or water-filled cave at the Temple of Kikulkan in Mexico’s Chichen Itza....
At present, the team have discovered the passage, although have not physically explored it yet as it’s currently blocked by a smaller burial chamber known as the Ossuary.
Dr de Anda told El Universal: ‘Through the Ossuary, we can enter the cave beneath the structure and there we found a blocked passageway, probably closed off by the ancient Mayans themselves.
‘We will enter again and this time we will try to open it to see if the passageway leads us to the entrance of the cenote beneath the pyramid.’
Once again, we are told that this underground chamber has already been entered and explored by Deep State operatives, and has ET relics that would not disappoint us in the least.
Remember that Tom DeLonge's team is aiming to fund a Lockheed-inspired anti-gravity craft that may be based on crashed extraterrestrial wreckage.
It is any coincidence, then, that on the day after the Mayan chamber was announced, we were told about an Earth-size, possibly habitable planet right next door?
Think about it... if some type of SSP is announced, and the craft already exist, we could "pop over" there in no time -- just like the "Art's Parts" grandfather suggested the ETs had done at Roswell.
11/15: Earth-Size Planet May Be Habitable 11 Light Years Away
11/15: Nearby Earth-Sized World May Be Best Candidate Yet for ET Life
Another tantalizing planet has been found outside our Solar System: an Earth-sized world that’s our cosmic next-door neighbor — and it could be in just the right spot to host life.
Meet Ross 128 b, a newly discovered planet found orbiting around a small, faint star known as a red dwarf.
The world, which is about one-and-a-half times the mass of Earth, may be in the star’s habitable zone, too.
(That’s the spot where temperatures are just right, possibly allowing liquid water to pool on a planet’s surface.)
Most exciting of all is that this planet is situated just 11 light-years away.
Just three days later, the Los Angeles Police Department announced that they are investigating nearly 24 different criminal sexual cases in Hollywood:
11/18: LAPD Investigates Nearly 24 Sex Crime Cases Tied to Hollywood
Los Angeles police are investigating almost two dozen cases of alleged criminal sexual misconduct connected to multiple people within the entertainment industry, a senior department official told NBC News.
The cases involve individuals who are known publicly as well as others who have not yet been identified, the official said Friday.
Allegations span from misdemeanor sexual battery to felony rape, and in many cases, there are multiple complaints lodged against the same individual, the official said. With calls from victims continuing to roll in, the number of investigations is expected to rise.
While police have not said publicly who is under investigation, law enforcement's response comes after a mounting list of Hollywood heavy hitters, including Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey, have been accused of some form of sexual misconduct.
Then, one week later, the number had jumped from less than 24 up to 28 open investigations in Hollywood, and 37 more in other areas. Take a look:
11/25: LAPD Reveals 28 Open Investigations Into Hollywood, 37 More in Other Jurisdictions
The LAPD says it has 28 open sex-crime investigations linked to Hollywood and the media, and that it expects more will come.
As well as the investigations it currently has open, the force has also passed on 37 cases to other jurisdictions where it believes the crimes may have occurred.
'We anticipate the LAPD and other jurisdictions will receive even more high profile sex crime reports in the coming weeks and months,' Police Chief Charlie Beck told the LA Times.
'We encourage all victims of sexual assault to come forward to report these crimes.'
That last sentence is very important. The LAPD is saying that even if you have signed an NDA, as most have been forced to do, now is the time to come forward.
When we add it up, we are talking about an astonishing sixty-five different figures in the entertainment world now under investigation.
However, as we study the very exciting subject of recent, sealed indictments, there appear to be at least 4,289 cases now in progress.
A sealed indictment may be filed in a case where an organized crime syndicate is under active investigation.
This allows the authorities to nab certain individuals in the cartel, without making a public statement of who is being targeted.
It is now a provable fact that the number of sealed indictments on the current Federal record is vastly higher than usual, by orders of magnitude.
Read this excerpt for the provable details, obtained from the legal website:
11/27: 4289 Sealed Federal Indictments / Cases in All 94 Federal Districts

From October 30 through November 22, 2017, there are 4,289 sealed indictments filed in past 3 weeks in all 94 federal District Court Districts in the United States. This is utterly unprecedented in US history.
The "normal" is 1000 in 12 months.
[DW: Notice there are a total of 687 different indictments in the four federal districts of California alone.]
Scuttlebutt from my former colleagues in the Intel Community is that the feds are going to "swoop" all of them in one massive action, to "drain the swamp."...
At the link below is the PROOF, taken directly from United States District Court computers via the Public Access to Court Electronic Records ( system, which is the automated filing system for ALL United States federal courts.
These official court records show that between October 30 and November 22, 2017,  a grand total of 4,289 SEALED Indictments/Cases now have docket Numbers from various federal courts. This has NEVER happened before. 
Yes, there have been occasional SEALED cases- maybe three or four per District.  It was previously considered "unusual" to have five or six such sealed cases.
Now, in some Districts, there are several HUNDRED such sealed cases, all filed between October 30 and November 22, 2017 ----- about three weeks!
The most remarkable feature of this Hal Turner update is the production of what appears to be the actual search warrant for Anthony Weiner's laptop.
We have covered this story before. Weiner apparently had a folder on this computer entitled "Life Insurance," which had multiple, highly incriminating pieces of evidence in it.
This apparently includes photos and videos of extremely high-level Deep State personnel involved in pedophilia, satanic activities and so forth.
Alex Jones has been claiming in recent weeks that he has gotten to see some of this "disgusting" content, and it included footage of "an orgy on Air Force One," (one of) the (former) presidents' planes.
Here is the first page of the warrant, dated almost exactly a year ago: December 20th, 2016.

If you go through this entire document, you will read statements about the Clinton emails that were found in the laptop.
Most interesting is entire pages where much of the text has been blanked out.
It appears that these multiple blanked-out passages have “smoking gun” intelligence that has paved the way for the indictments.
This could very well include highly upsetting, Pizzagate-related content.
Number 3 on this next page clearly mentions that damning information related to Hillary Clinton was found on the laptop:

Clinton is again mentioned on page 9 of the document, along with one of many large chunks of "sealed" text:

The last page of the indictment, seen below, said that the full contents of this information is "not known to (blank) or the public."
In this case, the "blank" may very well be Hillary herself. Notice also that the investigating agent's name was blanked out for his / her own protection:

The 4,289 sealed indictments are a provable fact, as are the contents of this document... which again are "not known to (Hillary) or the public."
Again, I recommend visiting the Hal Turner website to read more of the details on this stunning case.
Various insiders such as Mega Anon, who we are now in contact with, has said Hillary is already wearing a GPS bracelet because of this and other sealed indictments.
She is apparently hiding it by wearing a surgical boot out in public.
On December 14th, the Daily Mail and other outlets noted that Hillary was still wearing the boot two months after allegedly breaking her toe, which is unusual.
Two days after the LAPD called for anyone and everyone to come forward with information against Hollywood elite perversions, another major disclosure event occurred.
NASA announced that a bizarre, cigar-shaped "asteroid" had been spotted tumbling end-over-end through our solar system.

It was given the Hawaiian-sounding name Oumuamua -- and this obviously looked much more like a spacecraft than an asteroid.
11/20: NASA’s Cigar-Shaped, Interstellar “Asteroid” (Summary of Articles)
Almost immediately, people began speculating that this was much more like a spaceship than an asteroid.
It also triggered a raft of hilarious internet memes, such as this Cheech and Chong-inspired spoof:

Exactly three weeks after NASA first announced the existence of this very strange object, the MSM began exploding with speculation of its ET origins.
Bear in mind that this was December 11th... only five days before the epic Tom DeLonge mass disclosure event:
12/11: Cigar-Shaped Asteroid Could be Artificial, ET Investigators Suggest
It could turn out to be the greatest discovery humanity has ever made.
Scientists are planning to investigate a mysterious cigar-shaped asteroid which entered our solar system to see if it’s an alien probe.
The strange space rock has been named A/2017 U1, or ‘Oumuamua, and is the first asteroid seen arriving in our galactic neighbourhood after speeding through interstellar space – the name for the blank and vast void between stars.
The 400 metre-long asteroid may have been travelling through space on its lonely journey for hundreds of millions of years before it was snared by the sun’s gravitational pull.
But scientists from Breakthrough Listen project think there’s a small chance it’s a spaceship built by some advanced civilisation.
A telescope will now be trained on the object to see whether it’s producing any signals – which would indicate it’s alien in origin – or whether it’s just a plain old asteroid on a solitary path through the heavens.
The unidentified object is up to 800 metres long but very thin and elongated. It is bright red and appears to have been blasted by cosmic rays.
It zoomed through the solar system at a speed of about 60,000 miles per hour before catapulting out into space again to continue its solitary trek between the stars.
However, its strange shape offers few clues about how it was formed, boosting speculation about its artificial origins.
Could it actually be a reconnaissance craft sent out by an alien mothership?
Avi Loeb, an astrophysicist from Harvard University thinks there’s a small chance that the asteroid could finally reveal whether humanity is alone in the universe.
‘Perhaps the aliens have a mothership that travels fast and releases baby spacecraft that freely fall into planetary systems on a reconnaissance mission,’ Loeb told Scientific American.
‘In such a case, we might be able to intercept a communication signal between the different spacecraft.’
Here is another example of many articles that speculated on the same idea:
12/11: Cigar-Shaped Asteroid Being Investigated For Signs of ET Tech
Then on December 14th, it was announced that Stephen Hawking, our modern-day Einstein, was leading an investigation on whether this was an exterrestrial probe.
Bear in mind that this was now only two days before the epic DeLonge surprise disclosure announcement. Was this why they made him wait?
12/14: Stephen Hawking Leading Investigation Into Whether Massive Space Object is ET Mothership
The mysterious cigar-shaped object, dubbed “Oumuamua”, soared past Earth last month.
It travelled unimaginable distances at almost 200,000mph.
And now a scientific body, led by Mr Hawking, is trying to find out if the object is an alien probe or a previously unseen natural phenomenon....
Hawking and his colleagues at Breakthrough Listen said: “Researchers working on long-distance space transportation have previously suggested that a cigar or needle shape is the most likely architecture for an interstellar spacecraft, since this would minimise friction and damage from interstellar gas and dust.”...
Scientists believe the space rock is made of alien metal and has been ravaged by cosmic rays over millions of years.
Just to give you a teaser of what Corey is feverishly writing up for Part Three of this new series, this object apparently IS an extraterrestrial spacecraft.
The MIC SSP, as we said, has craft that can travel throughout our solar system -- and has had them for many years.
According to Sigmund, they have already flown out to this object, landed on it and managed to find a way inside.
Corey was lucky enough to see actual video of the interior. This was one case where I definitely felt jealous.
Most of the technology in the object was long since cleaned out.
Nonetheless, there is a stunning treasure-trove of super-advanced goodies inside.
The MIC SSP now feel our technology will make quantum leaps by examining, studying and emulating this technology.
They have advanced chronometric dating systems that suggest the object is over a billion years old.
This ties it back in with the enigmatic "Ancient Builder Race," which apparently left ruined, glass-like pyramids, domes and obelisks all over our solar system.
The Ancient Builder Race is heavily discussed in the second half of The Ascension Mysteries, based on reports from multiple insiders.
Most excitingly, there are apparently three different types of beings in advanced stasis fields inside the craft.
Written inscriptions have also helped to give us possible insights into this mysterious culture.
I know, I get it... this sounds crazy. Just remember what you read here. It may "go mainstream" a lot sooner than we think.
Add it up: the MSM is already heavily teasing that they have interstellar-capable craft, that habitable worlds are nearby, and this "asteroid" may be a ship.
Hidden chambers in pyramids of Giza and Kukulcan may have artifacts in them that directly relate to what we will find in Oumuamua.
On this same day, December 14th, we had the MSM declare that Hillary was still wearing her suspicious surgical boot:
12/14: Hillary Wearing Surgical Boot TWO MONTHS After Alleged Broken Toe
We also heard the surprising news that Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, was stepping down in the near future:
12/14: Paul Ryan Stepping Down

Of course, the usual reasons such as wanting to spend more time with his family were given.
However, in light of the 4,289 sealed indictments and the raging #MeToo campaign, the timing of this is more than a little suspicious.
Now we are finally back to the point in our timeline where this article began. Here again are some of the many links that flourished at the time:
12/16: The Pentagon’s Secret Search for UFOs
12/16: The Pentagon’s Mysterious UFO Program
12/16: Two Navy Airmen and an Object That “Accelerated Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen”
MSNBC: UFO Pentagon Program
CBS: Government UFO Program
CNN: We May Not Be Alone
Washington Post: The Aliens Are Coming -- And No One Cares
UK Independent: US Gov Recovered Material They Do Not Recognize from UFO
Fox News: Out of This World Encounter
12/18: The Most Intriguing Details in the Pentagon UFO Reports
12/18: Govt Admits UFO Studies. So About Those Area 51 Conspiracy Theories…
For decades, Americans were told that Area 51 didn’t really exist and that the U.S. government had no official interest in aliens or UFOs.
Statements to the contrary, official-sounding people cautioned, were probably the musings of crackpots in tinfoil hats.
Well, score one for the crackpots.
The Pentagon has officially confirmed that there was, in fact, a $22 million government program to collect and analyze “anomalous aerospace threats” — government-speak for UFOs.
Right in the thick of all this excitement, on December 19th, the top story on Drudge Report was of a remarkable and secret new plane from Boeing.
This was exactly the type of craft we were told would start being released to the public in the "Partial Disclosure" scenario.
I go through multiple slides of this sort of craft, as seen in predictive Hollywood movies, beginning at 2:07:04 in The Antarctic Atlantis, a YouTube video with over 1.2 million views.
Furthermore, Goode and other insiders have said that once they declassify anti-gravity, the rotor-style propellers would be replaced with anti-gravity generating engines.
If you start at precisely 2:10:28, you can hear the exact moment where I predicted that very thing on stage in February of this year.

12/19: Drudge Top Story: Boeing Unveiling Secret VTOL Plane
The radical design combines fixed-wing technology from planes with rotary-wing technology from helicopters.
This same day, December 19th, we heard results from initial analyses of Oumuamua.
It continues to defy expectations. It does not at all have the characteristics of a comet, as would be expected -- and it is very, very ancient.
12/19: The Icy Secrets of an Interstellar Visitor (Oumuamua)
The earliest analysis of the light from ‘Oumuamua, conducted by its discoverers in Hawaii, revealed a strange, fast-spinning, cigar-like object unlike anything they’ve ever seen. The latest analyses continue to produce tantalizing results, further challenging long-standing predictions for the first visitor to our solar system.
‘Oumuamua has a thick crust of carbon-rich material, hardened by years of exposure to cosmic radiation in interstellar space, that could be protecting an icy interior, according to a new analysis in Nature Astronomy of the object in visible and near-infrared wavelengths.
The coating could explain why ‘Oumuamua shows no signs of being a comet, the kind of object scientists long expected would coast into our solar system.
‘Oumuamua didn’t show signatures of ice or minerals found in rock, which means it’s neither icy nor rocky, at least not exactly. But it did show signs of carbon compounds....
If ‘Oumuamua has ice, as a comet would, it may be hiding beneath a mantle half a meter thick, formed after hundreds of millions—perhaps even billions—of years of bombardment by high-energy particles.
This one may appear to be a stretch, but then again maybe not.
If the Deep State truly has an elaborate presence in space, it wouldn't be hard for them to sculpt an asteroid with a death-like skull symbol using mining machines.
The skull and crossbones, after all, is one of the most common symbols of the Cabal. And this asteroid does look "too good to be true," in the natural sense.
It is also interesting to note that this creepy asteroid last came by on the ritually significant date of All Hallow's Eve -- and was announced as returning again, exactly on the Winter Solstice.
Both dates are of key significance in the occult religion of the Deep State.

12/21: Skull-Shaped Asteroid To Make Close Pass By Earth
·  The space rock first passed our planet on October 31, 2015, in time for Halloween
·  Experts studying the 2015 flyby published a paper detailing their observations
·  The comet's approach led to claims  that it could spell doom for planet Earth
·  Its comeback will give scientists opportunity to study the strange object again
Halloween has very dark origins in European history as the day called Samhain, which featured human sacrifices.
The Winter Solstice is the darkest, most difficult day of the year due to it having the latest sunrise and earliest sunset.
If the features of this asteroid were deliberately sculpted by the Deep State, it could have been intended to give a subconscious message of "death from space."
One of the bullet points in the list at the top of the article said, "it could spell doom for planet Earth."
This could again be used as a type of occult foreshadowing, in an attempt to get the public fearing an "alien invasion" in light of the "sanctioned disclosure" now underway.
Nope. Not buying it. Sorry, guys.
Also on 12/21, the content-aggregator site Digg, which pools the most popular articles online, had a feature entitled "Aliens Definitely Exist:"
12/21: Digg – Aliens Definitely Exist
Oh Hell Yeah Baby, Aliens Are Definitely Real
By now, you've probably already read that the Pentagon was secretly investigating reports of unidentified flying objects from 2007 to 2012. They have the videos. They have the freaking alloys. Alloys!
I know you know all this. But I just want to point out two things.
First, I think it's fantastic that we're all just excited and welcome the existence of extra terrestrials on this planet. Not in a delusional "Abduct me baby!" kind of a way, but "Heck, this planet could use an outside actor to really come in and shake things up."
This planet has been running on autopilot for the past few millennia, it's about dang time some consultants come in and determine if humanity really is all it's cracked up to be.
Second, the group that now possess the alloys, To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, was co-founded by none other than Blink 182 frontman Tom DeLonge.
We are now aware of the presence of aliens because of the guy who released an album called "Take Off Your Pants And Jacket."
Incredible. What a small world and universe we live in.
Google has exhibited enormous criminal behavior in their mass, unconstitutional censorship of content on YouTube, Gmail, their search-engine results, and so on.
Another sign that the Alliance's plans are really working occurred when Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, announced his sudden resignation.

This occurred amidst rumors that he was a serial womanizer:
12/21: Google Exec Chairman Stepping Down in Surprise Announcement
Eric Schmidt shocked Silicon Valley with a surprise announcement Thursday that he’s stepping down as executive chairman of Google’s parent company, Alphabet....
But the timing of Schmidt’s sudden move — along with the fact that Alphabet waited three days to disclose that Schmidt had told the company he was stepping down, according to a filing — raised questions.
Schmidt is a known womanizer despite being married for 37 years to Wendy Schmidt, who said in 2012 they started living separate lives because she felt like “a piece of luggage” following him around the world.
As if everything else I've shared with you wasn't enough, on 12/21, top scientists announced that "life in the universe is common."
This paves the way for Oumuamua to be an ancient spaceship, for Roswell to have been a genuine extraterrestrial craft, and so much more.
Take a look:
12/21: Ancient Fossil Microorganisms Indicate Life in the Universe is Common
A new analysis of the oldest known fossil microorganisms provides strong evidence to support an increasingly widespread understanding that life in the universe is common.
The microorganisms, from Western Australia, are 3.465 billion years old.
Scientists from UCLA and the University of Wisconsin–Madison report today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that two of the species they studied appear to have performed a primitive form of photosynthesis, another apparently produced methane gas, and two others appear to have consumed methane and used it to build their cell walls.
The evidence that a diverse group of organisms had already evolved extremely early in the Earth’s history — combined with scientists’ knowledge of the vast number of stars in the universe and the growing understanding that planets orbit so many of them — strengthens the case for life existing elsewhere in the universe, because it would be extremely unlikely that life formed quickly on Earth but did not arise anywhere else.
“By 3.465 billion years ago, life was already diverse on Earth; that’s clear — primitive photosynthesizers, methane producers, methane users,” said J. William Schopf, a professor of paleobiology in the UCLA College, and the study’s lead author.
“These are the first data that show the very diverse organisms at that time in Earth’s history, and our previous research has shown that there were sulfur users 3.4 billion years ago as well.
“This tells us life had to have begun substantially earlier and it confirms that it was not difficult for primitive life to form and to evolve into more advanced microorganisms.”
Schopf said scientists still do not know how much earlier life might have begun.
“But, if the conditions are right, it looks like life in the universe should be widespread,” he said.
As we will explore in Section Two, also on this same day, the Winter Solstice, December 21st, another surprise attack was pulled against the Deep State.
Many operatives had their money, and all access to further money, frozen as of the wee hours of December 21st.
They woke up to find there was nothing left in their bank accounts, whether on or off the books, and no way to get more.
Here is a bit of the text of the order, which we will read in more detail in Section Two:
12/21: Declaration of National Emergency For Serious Human Rights Abuses Worldwide
....This Executive Order... [is] declaring a national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States posed by serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world….
The order blocks the property and interests in property of persons listed in the Annex to the order.
It also blocks the property and interests in property of any foreign person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General:
(1) to be responsible for or complicit in, or to have directly or indirectly engaged in, serious human rights abuse;
(2) to be a current or former government official, or a person acting for or on behalf of such an official, who is responsible for or complicit in, or has directly or indirectly engaged in:
(a) corruption, including the misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources, or bribery; or
(b) the transfer or the facilitation of the transfer of the proceeds of corruption….
We will inevitably get comments from people who are terrified by this, and say it is a Hitler-type attempted takeover of the US government.
Let's be clear, again, that I never thought I would have anything nice to say about Donald J. Trump in the past.
That being said, his candidacy was supported by the Alliance, and the Alliance is calling the shots in the decisions that are being made -- not the Deep State.
This is a mess for many people, who are not seeing anything positive come out of this, and in fact are terrified -- as the MSM has taught them to be.
The briefings I have received have painted a very, very different picture, as we will again cover more in Section Two.
There is clearly a civil war going on between Deep State elements, such as the CIA-controlled MSM, and this administration.
Friday night, December 22nd, shortly after dark, my phone started buzzing. And buzzing. And buzzing. And buzzing.
I didn't check it at first, but then I wondered what in the world was going on.
Friends of mine from Venice all the way to Joshua Tree were breathlessly encouraging me to "go outside right now!"
Sure enough, there in my backyard was a staggering sight -- the gorgeous, glowing remnant of a SpaceX rocket launch by none other than Elon Musk.
This was unannounced, and traumatized many people. Was it a missile attack from North Korea? Was it a UFO? Were we OK?
I ended up consoling each of my friends who wrote in. I knew right away it was just going to be a missile test. Similar things had happened before.
Once again, we had the Deep State seemingly coordinating moves like this to achieve a greater overall purpose.
Almost immediately, it became the top story on the Drudge Report:

The very next morning after this epic sighting, right before Christmas on December 23rd, the DeLonge disclosure went even farther than it had before.
Headlines were now saying that UFOs had been proven to exist beyond any reasonable doubt whatsoever:
12/23: Fmr Pentagon Chief: UFOs Proved “Beyond Reasonable Doubt”
Earth may well have been visited by UFOs from outer space, the former head of a secret US government programme has told The Telegraph.
Luis Elizondo said the existence of supremely advanced unidentified aircraft, using technology that did not belong to any nation, had been "proved beyond reasonable doubt".
Until two months ago, from his office on the fifth floor of The Pentagon, Mr Elizondo, a career intelligence officer, ran the innocuously named Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP), which was funded with $22 million in "black ops money" from Congress.
The existence of the real-life X-Files department, which began in 2007, was revealed this week and confirmed by the Pentagon.
In an interview with the Telegraph, Mr Elizondo said much of what he could discuss was still classified.
All of this is very exciting. It appears to be confirming an epic dream I had a few months ago, in which I was told that disclosure would happen.
The dream said everything I've been working to achieve throughout my entire career would soon be coming true. And even before the end of 2017, it is already starting to happen.
As we head into Section Two of this report, we will delve into what the new briefings have told us about the Alliance's plans to defeat the Deep State once and for all.
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Joe Myers Thank you for sharing your musical gifts.
You and your friend are far into the vortex of the creative stream, focused and allowing the force field to generate maximum interpretive strength through you,creativity in action.
The human musical spiritual instrument is blessedly served through your talent.
Thank you so much for demonstrating the rare taste, feel and execution of the percussion while remaining the observer with gifted sensitivity while your friend joins in kind.
As a fellow wanderer and RA Material student I send you,your friend and your work Light and Love as you proceed on your path.

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