Friday, October 28, 2016

It is ALL Exposed Now, IF you have eyes to see.

We started praying (in group) January of 2012, that everything would be exposed, (1) that the Shadow Government that was spying on EVERYONE,would be exposed,
(2) that the Ruling Globalist Oligarchy would be exposed,
(3) that the Corruption of the Quislings that were posing as our "leaders" who were really mere Puppets of the Globalist Oligarchs would be exposed,
(4) that somewhere in the Church media, the Truth of our Struggle against Cultural Marxist would be exposed,
(5) that the Ghost Republic would be exposed,
(6) that the Emergency Powers Police State would be exposed, and that the Massive Shadow Government Apparatus that run False Flag events would be exposed,
(7) that CIA/Corporate Media would be exposed as the complete 24/7 Mind War Weapon it is and guess what, it has all been thoroughly exposed.

Truth is, I can take a vacation now, from writing about the Clintons, because if people cannot get THIS, cannot comprehend it, there is nothing more I can add.

Before American went insane, this single story would have been enough to (A) destroy all the Clintons' political ambitions
(B) cause them to withdraw from public life in shame and
(C) possibly, put them in prison.
(D) bring this Criminal Government to its knees.

But in the era where much of the population has exchanged the intelligence of their minds, for the urges of their genitals, and have lost all sense of principled-shame a great darkness has fallen, and hearing the corruptions recited for them, by leftist news outlets like MSNBC, the furthermost opposite of "vast right wing conspiracy" cannot comprehend what they are hearing and seeing. AS the New Testament book of Romans the first chapter reveals they have become unseeing, unhearing, unmoved and unknowing. The Zombification of America is amazing to watch, a real life demonstration of the societal dumbing-down caused by sin.

BTW, (1) was exposed by Edward Snowden [LINK]
(2) was exposed by Princeton University, in a multi-year study, proving the democratic processes had been used SOLELY for the use and benefit of the Oligarchy for forty years,[LINK] and Harvard Professor Lessig, in his video "Lesterland" [Link] which exposed the fake two party system the Oligarchs used to control us.

(3) Wikileaks has thoroughly exposed one set of puppets in the Clintons, which gives us a pattern, a playbook to understand also the likes of Ted Cruz and other Neo-Cons and all the others associated with the Bush Crime Family who have been hauling water for the Globalists New World Order Oligarchs for two generations. This incestuous relationship between[LINK]
(a) Not for profit NGOs and Foundations,
(b) Corporate Lobbying Groups
(c) Lobbying Groups for Foreign Nations
(d) Political and Cultural Think-Tanks
(e) Globalist Archons, like Soros and the Rothschilds
(f) Criminal Political Marxist Gangs and Thugs fronting as
(g) Political Consulting Groups
(h) Law Practices
(I) So-Called "Analytic Groups" - read Propaganda Machines
It has all been exposed, all you have to do is READ about it because the CIAMerican Media is NEVER going to tell you about it. 
(4) Church Militant is getting closer to telling the truth. They have truthfully reported "symptoms" but have never put together a portrait of the psychological mechanism and philosophy of Cultural Marxism that EWTN managed to do via their special that recently aired and may be purchased, which everyone needs to see, "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing."

No Orthodox Christian media (in English) has come close to telling the truth on these issues. They see themselves as "above" the cultural struggle, and even give awards to the likes of Andrew Cuomo. The Protestant Press is a wasteland of lies, with very, very few exceptions.

(5) The Ghost Republic has been thoroughly exposed in the powerlessness fo the Senate and House Hearings where department head after department head has testified in a mocking manner, and have refused to testify in a substantive way or in some cases simply refused to appear before the so-called oversight committees, ignored subpoenas, destroyed evidence requested and evidence under subpoena and all the time immune to prosecution. In one hearing a group of Constitutional experts confirmed the present state of dictatorship, the reality of the power of the Shadow Government over the visible Ghost Republic. Of course, again Hillary Clintons' record and the FBI and Justice Department's reaction, all together expose the fact that the government you see, the House, the Senate and the Supreme Court are Show Bodies, merely Psy-Opt Kabuki Play, inside the Ghost Republic, to give you the illusion of democratic processes.  [LINK]  [LINK]  [LINK]

(6) The "police powers" of the state of Emergency has been demonstrated in three ways, (I) The exposure of the False Flags, which citizen journalists have done a wonderful job exposing (I even exposed one all by myself, destroyed CNN's propaganda in less than an hour  [LINK]) (II) The excellent work of Dr. Judy Wood's heavily documented book, "Where Did the Towers Go?" which permanently and conclusively exposes the LIE of 9/11.[LINK] (III) The people that have been shot, injured, and even killed under "shelter in place orders." [LINK]

(7) Bless Donald Trump, he merely being in the race for President exposed the Psy-Opts Media proving that there is no Free Press left in America, that everything you see you call News IS NOT. [LINK]

Our prayers have been thoroughly answered, the question remains as to how many people retain enough sanity to comprehend the answers.

The content at beginning at minute 8:45 is the most important segment of this video below, since it is the CIA/Corporate Media being FORCED by the Wikileaks Document Dumps to report what they NEVER wanted to report. 

(Archpriest Symeon Elias - The Orthodox Philosopher)
My life in Christ: "He who does not bellow the truth when he knows truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers." - Charles Peguy (Provincial Letter)
Some call me brash, some call me bellicose and a fool. Those experiencing healing call me friend. A grandson called me a "contrarian" - I like that.

"Christ as the light of the world, as light on the world, makes the believer see things differently, even contrarily." George H Niederauer - RC Archbishop of San Francisco, 2007)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Elite Mythology: No One Really Likes Donald Trump

Teresa A. Polychronis, an Orthodox Christian Friend, who happens to be a retired correspondent for one of the major wire services, worked in that capacity for decades, sent me the following letter she sent to a young friend, a member of the "elite class" who had expressed this idea, that "No one really likes Donald Trump."  Her response was "classic" in that she reveals to her friend the disconnect between the average people in this country and those who live in the elitist's bubble, whose grasp and understanding of Mom and Pop Americans is through their cartoon depiction in the dramas and comedies in the media.

 Teresa A. Polychronis with fellow patriots.
Dear One,

The isolated elites do not like Trump because he will rock their boat (also they do not have a clue re who he is or what he is about). The man and woman in the street love him. There are more of them. He attracts tens of thousands to his rallies, 55,000+ in one city. People stand in line for 8+ hours to attend his rallies. In PA alone, almost 300,000 Democrats have switched to Republican (thanks to Trump).

Trump connects and communicates with the people, and he has pinpointed what are the problems, etc. destroying our nation -- and -- he offers practical, realistic long-range solutions. Unlike politicians, he says what he means, and means what he says (a breath of fresh air). He is a builder, a visionary who has translated his visions into concrete reality. Indeed, he is practical, realistic and gifted with great common sense. People are tired of out-of-touch fancy-speaking bull crap artists.

Trump has earned what he has -- has not mooched off the taxpayers. He said he will not accept a salary as president. The Clintons and the Obamas became multi-millionaires while on the taxpayers' dole.

I have all the "culture, erudition, cosmopolitan" credentials. I could out-snob the snobs. However, thank God, working as a news reporter, in politics and hob-bobbing with the common folk, I have become fairly able to have a finger on the pulse of our nation, to see what is really going on.

Perhaps some see Trump as a diamond in the rough. Preferable to fools gold. I know I would rather have him for my buddy in a foxhole in combat than those who turn up their noses at him.

BTW, it is commonly reported in the Alt-Media here and even in some mainstream news outlets that many European leaders are blaming Obama for ISIS and that Trump has strong support among the average European people. According to polls and surveys, Trump has majority support in most European countries (Kosovo and Turkey are exceptions). He could put an end to the international mess created by Obama and Hillary et al. The average people are fed up. Brexit in England was just the beginning.

The globalist elites are terrified of Trump; he will put an end to their oligarchy. They are employing their vast money and power to attempt to demonize and destroy Trump. Studies prove the media have worked overtime to denigrate Trump (they reportedly are 95% for Hillary). A cabal of the Democrats, Elitist Republicans, media, Soros front entities and Wall Street (Hillary's buddies) have been unable to knock out Trump. That speaks well for him.

So, that is my two cents worth. Now, I speak no more.
Thank you, Teresa!
Well said, my friend. Well said!

(Archpriest Symeon Elias - The Orthodox Philosopher)
My life in Christ: "He who does not bellow the truth when he knows truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers." - Charles Peguy (Provincial Letter)
Some call me brash, some call me bellicose and a fool. Those experiencing healing call me friend. A grandson called me a "contrarian" - I like that.

"Christ as the light of the world, as light on the world, makes the believer see things differently, even contrarily." George H Niederauer - RC Archbishop of San Francisco, 2007)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Time to BOMB Washington D.C.

Michael Moore is telling the truth - just because he is a slob and career asshole, does not mean that he cannot be as accurate as a broken clock is twice a day. He paints Trump supporters as simple minded and angry, and he has it half right. 

The people that have awakened to the Corporatist/Globalist RAPE of our Nation, are the most intelligent people in our nation, people who do not vote based on the candidate's genitalia, or vote because they want to legitimize their sexual proclivities, or vote because they want to slaughter babies in the womb, or vote because they have lost all human dignity and just want the government's handouts. 

These intelligent Trump supporters have overcome the most massive psychological operation in the HISTORY of humankind, a Psy-Opts program that makes the old Soviets and NAZIS look like pikers, mere amateurs at brainwashing. The Intelligent Trump supporter is BIGGER than every political dirty trick designed to shock their senses, BIGGER than HUNDRED OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS SPENT to smear Trump and to smear the Liberty and TRUTH Movement that adopted Trump. I hope that Michael Moore's word are PROPHETIC and we collectively do send a BOMB named Trump into the Globalist Controlled System in D.C. to BLOW IT UP.

America FIRST and AMERICANS First is not bigoted language, but the REASON God allowed the development of the Nation States. It is a matter of the well-defined teaching of the Catholic Church.

It matters NOT what your ignorance is, or with what BIGOTRY you view the Catholic Church, the fact is we owe the American Experiment of Tripartite Government, (The three branches of government with balance of power) to none other than Cardinal Robert Bellarmine who lived a couple of centuries before American's founding, a system he designed and Thomas Jefferson learned from his writings. And with that teaching comes its companion teaching called "Subsidiarity."

Subsidiarity is the philosophical ground upon which MY anti-Globalism is based. It is an organizing principle that recognizes the DIGNITY of the individual human person, and grants that upon the intelligence of LOCAL PEOPLE matters ought to be handled by the smallest, lowest or least centralized competent authority. Political decisions should be taken at a local level if possible, rather than by a central authority. The Oxford English Dictionary defines subsidiarity as the idea that a central authority should have a subsidiary function, performing only those tasks which cannot be performed effectively at a more immediate or local level. 

The failure of the Soviet System and even the NAZI System was due to their ignoring the law of Subsidiarity, and centralizing all power and operation of power, in a central authority. The PAIN we are experiencing in "healthcare" and the dysfunction of America's economy, even the Crash of 2008, ALL are directly traceable to the Corporate-Government's Centralized Control, over the states, over education, over the city and county governments, over small business, over land, over farming, over manufacturing, over every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave. All creativity and innovation is hoarded by the Elite and CRUSHED in or stolen from the local societies. Globalism is NOT God's plan, Subsidiarity is and has alway been the Biblical Model of Government.

So yes, Michael Moore, we are going to send a BIG FUCK YOU, to the Globalist Power Structure in Washington D.C.

(Archpriest Symeon Elias - The Orthodox Philosopher)

My life in Christ: "He who does not bellow the truth when he knows truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers." - Charles Peguy (Provincial Letter)
Some call me brash, some call me bellicose and a fool. Those experiencing healing call me friend. A grandson called me a "contrarian" - I like that.

"Christ as the light of the world, as light on the world, makes the believer see things differently, even contrarily." George H Niederauer - RC Archbishop of San Francisco, 2007)

The Final Battle to Save Western Civilization

I'm am not an egomaniac, in love with the sight of my ideas in print. I can identify with Stefan Molyneux's urgency since I have been working hard also, writing an average of thirty-five THOUSAND words a week, "preaching" "teaching" "scolding" "challenging" "debating" and settling for NOTHING BUT TRUTH.
Because ONLY the actual and unvarnished TRUTH holds the power to set us free. Liberty requires true and accurate information and in this International MIND WAR, most are mentally and emotionally drowning in a raging SEA of Propaganda and precious too few have retained the spiritual discernment to rationally connect the dots using thoughtful prayer and the skills of the Trivium, so as to be able to view reality. It has created a false consciousness, where the baseline upon which most exercise reason is FALSE. If the foundation is FALSE, all reasoning upon that foundation has to be false also.

Jesus was not blowing smoke when he said, "A bad tree cannot produce good fruit." The "bad tree" in this instance is the False Reality that has been carefully and skillfully created for us. I have and many others have used the imagery of "The Matrix." IN a real sense, we have been screaming into the Matrix, shocking words of Liberty and Truth. The people inside the Matrix have screamed in fear, cursed, lambasted the truth tellers, lied about us, conducted character assassination, smeared our good name, even killed some of us. Just to cling to the comfort of the FEED LOT.

I have written on many different levels and described our situation in so many different ways, my Grammarly program tells me that I have a larger vocabulary they 99% of their users and have a penchant for using "unique words." Anything to get the reality of our collective danger across to minds that have been immersed in a collective false Nirvana, blissfully enjoying their entertainments of choice while Globalist Criminals are enslaving them and generations next. In God's mercy, I have awakened a few, maybe a few thousand . . . dare I hope? Yes, I dare.

A HUGE THANK YOU, to Stefan Molyneux, Michael Savage, Rex Christi at LibertysThunder, Sundance at ConservativeTreeHouse, and hundreds of others who according to their talents and wherewithal have sacrificed so MUCH to awaken the masses.

Many of you have stated the fact, "We are one election from losing it all." Please grasp the import of that statement and know that it is not the slightest exaggeration.

(Archpriest Symeon Elias - The Orthodox Philosopher)

My life in Christ: "He who does not bellow the truth when he knows truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers." - Charles Peguy (Provincial Letter)
Some call me brash, some call me bellicose and a fool. Those experiencing healing call me friend. A grandson called me a "contrarian" - I like that.

"Christ as the light of the world, as light ON the world, makes the believer see things differently, even contrarily." George H Niederauer - RC Archbishop of San Francisco, 2007 - emphasis is mine.)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Let Us Together Slay the Dragon! The Trump Movement.

The Truth and Liberty Movement has been in existence for decades.  WE adopted Donald Trump, Donald Trump did not create us. We are PROUD to now be called the Trump Movement.  


Everything #DonaldJTrump has experience in life so far has been preparation for this moment, for this present battle.

Trump Deniers are flailing around in a panic, trying to lay a hook in him. They do not have a clue the kind of warrior Donald Trump has become by answering the call to service, by accepting a mission greater than his ambition, To Make America Great Again. That goal is to SAVE a Nation and people for whom he holds deep personal commitment and love.

There is an old saying, about 3000 years old that sums up Donald Trump's present battle against a totally evil and corrupt system. A system so very corrupt that he could accurately say, "Everything in Washington D.C. is a LIE." Even "The Elections are RIGGED" and "It is a RIGGED SYSTEM."There statements are immutable TRUTH. He said, "I have a good life, I didn't want this." He had to, in a certain way choose death to do what he is doing, because this is no typical political run. It is rather a self-sacrifice and movement into the realm of death. He has put himself and his family in jeopardy to become the warrior, God, Fate or whomever, has demanded of him. Here is the saying that sums up what you have seen from him so far.

"When going one way means life and going the other way means death, one-third will choose life, and one-third will choose death, and then there are those who love and value life so much they will move into the realm of death, and they also number one-third.

"Why is this so? Because they appreciate life very much. I have heard it said that one who excels in safeguarding life does not meet with rhinoceros or tiger when traveling on land, nor is he touched by weapons when charging into an army. There is nowhere for the rhinoceros to pitch its horn; there is nowhere for the tiger to sink its teeth, there is nowhere for the weapon to lodge its blade. Why is this so? Because for him, there is no realm of death."

Every malevolent demonic monster in our evil system had his/her teeth bared, dagger in hand, and they have not been able to leave a mark on Trump, much less sink their teeth in him or rend him through. What you are witnessing is a movement in history, greater than all the people who have exercised so much hubris that they thought THEY controlled the agenda and the movement of history.

We saw this same power at work in Egypt three years ago, where against the demonic powers that had taken control of their country, THIRTY THREE MILLION people stood in the streets of the two major cities for weeks. They brought commerce and government function to a halt and threw off their New World Order/Muslim Brotherhood masters. We saw it again in the BREXIT vote this past Summer! That same POWER has taken a different form here, but the revolution is no less historic and powerful. 

Warrior Donald J. Trump, thank you for being willing to enter the realm of death to save America and America's LIFE. Thank you for being willing to lead the Army of Warriors standing with you.
A personal note: 

The Truth and Liberty Movement is decades old. It has been a REAL WAR.  Some of us have been victims of the Shadow Government, some have been assassinated, some have seen careers destroyed, some have been falsely imprisoned, most have been oppressed by stealthy methods to thwart and silence.

When the Shadow Government discovered that I was seeing them, that they were not hidden to me, was when I wrote a letter to President Ronald Reagan, asking him to forward it to Israel's Prime Minister, Menachem Begin. The letter was Holy Spirit inspired, prophetic, detailing the vision I saw of the War Crimes, the needless slaughter of women and children in the Sabra-Shatila massacre in Lebanon. The letter prophetically signaled Israel's loss of the "moral high ground." Any real benefit they received via the horror of suffering the Holocaust was expended, paid in full when they mimicked the NAZIS. And that is what I told Menachem Begin and explained why.  

I was ripped awake seeing in a vision tanks but mostly armored bulldozers crashing through a make-shift city, populated by only old men, women and children, smashing through crudely built shelters, mostly corrugated galvanized steel walls and roofs, on frames of number five rebar, that were lightly welded or wired together.  Thousands running, screaming crushed in the debris and under dozer treads.   The razing of the camps started the late evening and lasted three days, where were heard moans and cries for help that were answered with another run at it by the bulldozers, crushing the surviving, trapped injured. Some Three Thousand plus, old men, women and children were scooped up with the camp debris and buried (dumped) in a huge pit, covered over and the Israelis and Phalangists Militia hoped they had covered their tracks.   

I was later told by three different sources, one a Jew, a dual American/Israeli citizen, a billionaire, that Menachem Begin received the letter and it shook him to his core, and that in the last years of his life, he never went out, and rarely dressed, and would walk about his house in his house coat, reading the letter over, and over, and over again.  The billionaire knew from CIA/Mossad sources that I was the author of the letter, what he did not know was the content. He wanted to know what I had said. I never told him except to say, "A slave can never become free, by mimicking the actions and behavior of his slaver."

What was the result for me? The rejection of an "energy patient" that would have netted me hundreds of millions of dollars, and a massive attack on my career as a simple piano tuner. Shortly thereafter, I awoke one Sunday morning to discover a full page hit piece, with lead, on the front page above the fold, in the Atlanta Journal/Constitution Sunday Edition, carefully and subtly attacking my reputation and thus my livelihood since a turner's reputation IS his livelihood.  Who has ever heard of a major Newspaper going after a common piano tuner?   It happened, it is public record. (AJC Archives - 1985 Marion Robinson)

I was targeted for assassination a year after I wrote the letter to Begin and Reagan, the same week they took out Congressman Larry McDonald. I was informed by the British Char de' Fares (head of the British Consulate in Atlanta) that I was on a hit list as a friend of McDonald.  To save my life, he and several others, helped me quickly arrange a dinner party, filled with both local and national dignitaries and celebrities, which, Thank God, made the Mossad/CIA back off.

Since that time, I have been willing to die any and every day, for the sake of TRUTH.

(Archpriest Symeon Elias - The Orthodox Philosopher)

My life in Christ: "He who does not bellow the truth when he knows truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers." - Charles Peguy (Provincial Letter)
Some call me brash, some call me bellicose and a fool. Those experiencing healing call me friend. A grandson called me a "contrarian" - I like that.

"Christ as the light of the world, as light on the world, makes the believer see things differently, even contrarily." George H Niederauer - RC Archbishop of San Francisco, 2007)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hillary and Her Incestuous Family of Globalist Puppets.

Let me walk you through the incestuous world of Globalist Puppets. Here we have this email from long time aide Neera Tanden, to Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta, questioning Hillary Clinton's sanity. Really suggesting that she has to be insane or is lying to her. If Hillary was lying, Tanden suggests that the reason might be "a Don Baer intervention."
Who is Don Baer?
Long time Psy-Opts Professional, co-owner of the "Research Group" read political-psychological manipulation (Psy-Opts) group, Penn, Schoen & Berland.
Who is the Schoen of "Penn, Schoen & Beriand"?
None other than Douglas Schoen.
And who is Doug Schoen?
You know his face well from FOX NEWS: "Douglas E. Schoen has been paid millions of dollars by Victor Pinchuk, Ukranian oligarch, a former member of the Ukrainian parliament, and George Soros confederate, to agitate for WAR with Russia."
Who is Victor Pinchuk? A CIA Lackey, through whom the CIA was laundering money to Schoen, to Brainwash the American People that we NEED War with Russia.
And of course we know who Soros is, that is Hillary Clinton's main Puppet Master.

Now here is the import of what I am saying. The aid is concerned that Hillary Clinton's statements are "irrational" actually self-defeating. She posits that Clinton may not be irrational, and what she sees as insanity might just be Hillary bowing to the wishes of her Puppet Masters, "an intervention by Don Baer," partner of Doug Schoen, both employed by a CIA/Ukrainian agent, close friend to George Soros, who is DYING to create war between the U.S and Russia.

Oh, BTW, this fellow Douglas Schoen, you have lapped up his Psy-Opts spew for YEARS like thirsty dogs, ASSUMING that he was an EXPERT, and even though a Democrat was sort of a Goofy, GOOD GUY, who LOVED his Country etc., etc., etc., etc., WAKE UP, PLEASE. These people are psychopaths.

I told you these people are psychopaths and are purposely trying to create War with Russia. I told you YEARS ago that the New World Order intended to conquer Russia, and after Putin's NWO Order speech I told you that they would turn to sabotage (and for a period of about a year after that, Russia could not make a successful satellite launch - they kept blowing up on take off.[LINK] The exact same engines used by NASA functioned perfectly. And I told you that if sabotage and shaming did not work, next would come sanctions, proxy wars and finally hot war - direct conflict. We are to the last of their options and it is full court press to create hot war, direct conflict, with Russia.

"Douglas E. Schoen has been paid millions of dollars by Victor Pinchuk, Ukranian oligarch, former member of Ukrainian parliament, and George Soros confederate."

What was he paid to do?
"Schoen has moved beyond “Clinton Cash” style corruption and into agitating for a war between the United States and Russia."

Now THINK about this familiar face from FOX news, a supposed expert on "international affairs, terrorism, and homeland security" and while he is brainwashing you, he is paid millions of dollars by the CIA, laundered thru a CIA Ukrainian Front, to do that brainwashing here at home. And his job was not just to brainwash YOU, but to condition the Puppets in Congress to the idea of WAR WITH RUSSIA.[LINK]

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton is Fully Bat Shit Matrix Krazy!

Do you understand that at the debate last evening, Donald Trump had to speak to people inside of and outside of the Matrix?

Do you understand that were he to state "some" truths clearly, those in the Matrix would immediately reject him, as the "consciousness creators" in the Matrix Media painted him as insane, as any true thing stated in the Matrix is at best revolutionary and at worst, the insane rantings of madmen/conspiracy theorists.

As a witness, the only two questions Chris Wallace asked that had a basis of truth, one to which Trump commented, "True" and the other he commented, "Thank You" were called BRUTAL questions by the media. Every other question was based upon a lying assumption, a false consciousness, a fake dialectic, created by the Psy-Opt Masters. (What some of you falsely call "spin". But "spin" does not nearly tell the story.

Psychologists talk about in some cases having to enter a person's psychosis to manage to communicate with them. Whether you can grasp it or not, some of us have lived decades having to enter into the "common psychosis," the false consciousness created by the Matrix Psy-Opts Masters, to communicate with ninety-nine percent of the people we knew.

So understand what I mean when I say that Donald Trump had to communicate with people inside and outside of the Matrix at last evening's debate. For sixteen months at every Trump appearance, he has been speaking at first 95% inside the Matrix, then 90% inside the Matrix, then 85% inside the Matrix. Now he is speaking about 60% inside the Matrix. Like the Pied Pipper, he has been gently coaxing people towards REALITY, and away from Hillary Clinton's "fully bat shit matrix compliant KRAZY."

The level of mass hypnosis is so strong in our society, where has been installed a "false consciousness" unable to view objective fact and connect the dots. I have endured this week, a Ph.D. intellectual with a "following" (he actually broadcasts on Ancient Faith Radio) who just this week for the first time, entertained the idea that America "might not be a democracy" that it might actually be an "Oligarchy" and he posted an article to that effect, I first shared with him almost two years ago.

This is nothing short of mass hypnosis. People literally do live in the Matrix, unaware of the "reality of things" accepting as reality, the false reality, the Psy-Opts Masters paint as real.

If you think you have awakened, because you have learned that the Elite are Globalist, please understand that is only a degree of consciousness and you are anything but fully conscious. If you can get past your "programming" and realize there really is much more to learn, then guess what? There really is much more to learn, LIFE and LIBERTY depend on it.


Will the massive Wikileaks exposures of the Crimes of the Shadow Government cause Political Revolution?

That is what the Trump Movement is you know, a counter-Revolution. People are still hypnotized because they are not retaining the memory of the information they received last week, last month, last year and two years ago and five and ten years ago. For instance, NSA Whistleblower William Binney, revealed EVERYTHING that Edward Snowden revealed TEN YEARS before Snowden, and only a hand full of us noticed and remembered.

Even now after masses of people realizing that ALL PRIVACY has been erased, merely yawn, and go about business as usual.

When it is proved that the right of Habeas Corpus has been revoked, a right held by British Common Law for 800 years, and codified into our Constitution, people yawn - what difference does it make if people are arrested without charge and incarcerated without trial or right of Habeas Corpus?

NO, sadly people are STILL hypnotized and cannot recognize the powerful Stalinist-like state in which they live. Ignorance and blindness still abound. Although, few are absolutely comatose anymore, likewise, few are fully conscious.

(Archpriest Symeon Elias - The Orthodox Philosopher)
My life in Christ: "He who does not bellow the truth when he knows truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers." - Charles Peguy (Provincial Letter)
Some call me brash, some call me bellicose and a fool. Those experiencing healing call me friend. A grandson called me a "contrarian" - I like that.

"Christ as the light of the world, as light on the world, makes the believer see things differently, even contrarily." George H Niederauer - RC Archbishop of San Francisco, 2007)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Bryan Flood and the MIND WAR.

Bryan Flood posted Psy-opts (fake) Polls showing Trump losing to Clinton, on one of my threads. The GOP Criminal Cartel is trying to create the illusion that Trump's salacious words eleven years ago are torpedoing his campaign. So I took the opportunity to exposed Bryan Flood for the Psy-Opts agent he is. After I accused him of being a Psy-Opts operative for the Globalists, he proved it. After I stated the fact that his poll was Psy-Opts and fake, he replied:

Bryan Flood writes:
Um, I kinda do this sort of thing for a living. All polls have some implicit bias. You just need to understand that fact going in and account for it. That's why you need to look at trends across multiple surveys. And if I'm an idiot, y'all are delusional. But let's not call each other names... 😏
2 hrs

Butch Robinson writes:
"Kind of do it for a living" - no joke jake. You are a psy-opts agent. Get off my page, you lying ass.
Like · 2 hrs

Bryan Flood
Butch Robinson Um, what? Seriously, man, I've been a spokesman for a GOP governor and a GOP presidential candidate. I'm not trying to be an asshole. But the facts are the facts. The polling strongly suggests he's gonna tank in four weeks.
1 hr

Butch Robinson
Thank you for proving my point. Your facts are LIES. The entire GOP is nothing but a Globalist puppet organization. YOU are NOT welcome on my page.

Butch Robinson
BTW you Globalist Puppet, please tell me a single plank of the GOP Platform that has been passed into Law, in the last 30 years. Better than that, tell me the single overarching grand accomplishment of the GOP while they held the White House and both houses of congress for six years of the Bush years.

I can tell you all that the GOP has accomplished, they have helped to usher in Cultural Marxism (you know as Political Correctness) and designed and created the Omni-Surveillance National Emergency Police State. If I have missed something, you Trotskyite, please inform me.
Like · 1 hr

Bryan Flood
Okay, then... 🙄
1 hr

Butch Robinson
Really, you can't name the great Republican Accomplishment? and you have been "a spokesman for a GOP governor and a GOP presidential candidate"? I know you can't.
Like · 49 mins

Butch Robinson
Look at this lying Globalist Puppet pretend to patronize me. Trust me, if he could name an accomplishment he would be crowing like a rooster.
Like · 48 mins

Bryan Flood
Seriously, my friend, I'm not trying to be a jerk. Not sure why you are being so aggressive.
45 mins

Butch Robinson
You don't have to try, you have already succeeded when you came on my page posting Psy-Opts poll numbers.
Like · 44 mins

Butch Robinson
Here is Byan Flood's "Linkedin" bio: - BTW -  He is for real a Republican Wonk. Spokesperson for Governor John Engler, who lied like a dog to Archbishop Alexander (Bykowetz) to gain the Ukrainian vote in the Detroit area, and renigged on every promise he made to him and allowed ALEC (The most pernicious Globalist Organization) to write all the new legislation that was passed, further destroying the manufacturing and economic base of Michigan, exporting THOUSANDS of jobs to Mexico.

This man LIES for a living.

(Linkedin) - Bryan W. Flood, Senior Vice President-Public Affairs, joined K¹² in 2002. Mr. Flood previously served as a public affairs strategist, consultant, and spokesman for corporations, interest groups, and senatorial, gubernatorial, and presidential campaigns. As vice president at the MPGH Agency, a Virginia-based public affairs consulting firm, he advised clients ranging from high tech start-ups to Fortune 500 firms, including several leading education companies. Mr. Flood helped clients like MCI, The Learning Company, and Achievement Technologies win complex public policy and opinion battles by designing and managing advocacy campaigns at the local, state, and national levels. While serving at MPGH in 1999,
Mr. Flood helped direct a sweeping review of the military recruitment process for the United States Department of Defense. Mr. Flood was chief spokesman for Michigan Governor John Engler’s successful reelection campaign in 1994, and was national spokesman for United States Senator Lamar Alexander’s presidential campaign in 1995-96. Mr. Flood holds a B.A. in public policy from New College of Florida.
Like · 34 mins

Butch Robinson
"Bryan W. Flood, Senior Vice President-Public Affairs, joined K¹² in 2002." Which also means he is a Cultural Marxist pushing the Common Core Agenda.

Like · 15 mins

Butch Robinson
Bryan Flood is too slick to openly bash Trump, so the next move is to demoralize you and make you think Trump can't win. Why? His company K 12 Inc, stands to lose badly if Donald Trump kills Common Core. They are heavily invested in the Cultural Marxist curriculum for Common Core.  In fact, it was their founder who introduced the Cultural Marxist agenda into K-12 education in America.

K 12 was founded by William Bennett, who was Ronald Reagans Secretary of Education who signed the Marxist Education agreements with the Soviet Union, beginning the Complete takeover of K-12 Education in America, by the Cultural Marxists - documented by Charlotte Iserbyt in her Book the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.[LINK]
So Bryan W. Flood, really is a Trotskyite, Psy-Opts agent, a foot soldier in WAR AGAINST YOUR MIND, and I KNEW IT from the very first words out of his mouth.

To understand what Bryan W Flood does, here is the history of the hypnotic methods the Mind War uses. This is the history of his basic bag of tricks.[LINK]

Here is a demonstration of Sean Hannity using these methods. [LINK]

News Media vs Propaganda Apparatus [LINK]

Inside Donald Trump's Head - here you will find the answer as to why K12 Inc. needs to defeat Donald Trump. [LINK]  "
I’m not part of the corrupt system. In fact, the corrupt system is trying to stop me. I’ve been paying my own way. The voters in the Republican Party this year defied the donors, the consultants, the power brokers, and choose a nominee from outside our failed and corrupt and broken system."  - Donald Trump

A Demonstration of a Psy-Opt Meme generator.[LINK]


What is Cultural Marxism?
Satan, Hiding In Plain Sight - The Seduction of 20th Century America

Political Correctness is the WEAPONIZATION of language.

What is a Conspiracy Theorist? What is Conspiracy Theory?

Anthony Sutton, THANK YOU!

CIA History 101

The Hypnotic Assault On Your Soul: What you don't understand about the media. 

"Tyranny Cannot Happen Here!" Really?

The Beast is Loosed and it is Technology

The LIAR Exposed - Psychiatry/Psychology = Luciferian/Marxist Mind Control:

New Age Movement = New World Order

The Failure of American Christian-ism

Are Your Thoughts Controlled by the New World Order?

The Ghost of the Republic

Twin Towers of Truth

American Zombification: Spiritual and Intellectual Blindness

Monday, October 10, 2016

News Media VS Propaganda Apparatus

"There a none so blind as those who will not see."

Some of you suffer cognitive dissonance, and cannot mentally process the fact that ALL AMERICAN NEWS IS FAKE. Rather you see it in terms of "personalities . . . I LIKE this personality or don't like another personality . . . this one is real and honest and the next is dishonest. And you believe that the "failure of journalism" is all about money and sensationalism. You see a "focus group" you think it is real and cannot wrap your mind around the fact that the participants are FAKE, hired Psy-opts ACTORS. It is as if you are infants, and T.V. Consciousness is the Womb, and you just cannot imagine cutting the umbilical cord.

What you see as "unprofessionalism" relegating legitimate journalism to the level of supermarket rags, is actually a very, very effective, planned, scripted MIND WAR. There is NO Free Press in America, and that includes the supermarket rags. Under the National Emergencies Act, we have been under TOTAL CENSORSHIP and Government Scripted Propaganda Programing for a LONG TIME.

Even that "Townhall" with Trump and Clinton last night, was set up by a Psy-Opts Planning Group called the Commission on Presidential Debates. That is why CIA Agents, like Anderson Cooper, and/or CIA Assets are the only ones allowed to moderate. That is why the audience is stacked with FAKE questioners. That is why the questioners and the questions they ask are put through four levels of screening. IT IS ALL A CONTROLLED SHOW. If you cannot grasp this, you cannot grasp how POWERFUL The Trump MOVEMENT is, and how courageous and talented Donald Trump is because WE TOGETHER are BLOWING THROUGH the FAKE SYSTEM, SMASHING IT WITH TRUTH. We have, in FACT, OVERWHELMED the Mind War's Apparatus, made fools of its Apparatchiks - but some of you STILL DON'T GET IT. You think the election "process" is REAL, that the "parties" are real and the media coverage is REAL, just "biased." If you think that you are still asleep.

If Hillary is the replacement, NOTHING WILL CHANGE, except the eradication of the illusion of liberty that remains.

No! This is RAW POWER produced by a MASSIVE MOVEMENT, SMASHING a RIGGED and TOTALLY CONTROLLED SYSTEM, using the TOOLS they have created and OVERPOWERING THEM and against all odds. This is Biblical Movement of History, where Hundreds of Millions of lives are at stake, where the fate of Christianity hangs in the balance, where even nuclear war is being contemplated as a False Flag Operation by the Globalists to create a CRISIS, to justify keeping control. They are literally pondering the annihilation of tens of millions for "political manipulation purposes."

This is not an election, this is a Counter-Revolution to overcome the Globalist Psychopaths that have stolen our Republic. HERE IS THE REAL HISTORY IS YOU DARE VIEW IT[LINK].

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Reince Priebus and the Moral High Ground.

Listen, you IDIOTS, this is the kind of salacious dick fest you Cultural Marxist Gay and Feminist Propagandists have been pumping into the living rooms of American homes, via the most POWERFUL Propaganda Apparatus ever created, and this is not just "okay" with you, but "enlightened" and "more evolved." 

NOW, you want to beat Donald Trump up for some salacious private locker room boasting? You Cultural Marxists would not know the moral high ground if it dorked you in the ass.

Friday, October 7, 2016

How Many People Has Donald Trump Murdered?

Hate to be this crude, but the Billy Bush audio tape of Trump's locker room salaciousness requires it. (BTW did you know that Billy Bush is George Bush's FIRST COUSIN - did you know that? Did you know that this attack is not coming from the Hilary camp but from the Bush CRIME family?) Past the truly vulgar banter, between Trump and Bush, here is the FACT:

I don't care how many people Donald Trump has fucked, or how many women Hillary Clinton has seduced. I care only about how many people Trump has murdered.
and how many people Hillary Clinton and her husband have murdered.

Trump Salacious Tape

The Globalists Just Shot their wad. This is it, they have nothing left.

Donald Trump engaged in some salacious locker room talk. DID YOU HEAR ME? DONALD TRUMP ENGAGED IN SOME SALACIOUS LOCKER ROOM TALK!

Hillary Clinton engaged in Christian GENOCIDE and the slaughter and displacement of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. She ARMED and FINANCED Jihadis. She ran cover for a SERIAL RAPIST. She LIED under oath before Congress and together with Obama have corrupted both the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

But remember, Donald Trump engaged in some salacious locker room talk!

You all need to be reminded of the MASSIVE Globalist Psychological Operation to KILL Donald Trump. I wrote this a year ago and the method has not changed.

Catherine Lee I don't care about locker room talk. The Middle East is in flames, Europe is invaded, and they're poised at our door. I want a Patton, not a venal, thieving, lying policywonk.

Jack Marino 

It doesn't matter what he said eleven years ago or twenty-five years ago, he wasn't President or running then. He is better than having both these white trash Clintons back in the White House. We had them for 8 years and now she wants to get in there and complete the mess they started. Hillary Clinton couldn't run a lemonade stand and make it work.

Tim Flaherty I agree with you Jack.

Ron Sewell
Can you say Heil Hitlary???? I fear the end is near...Goodbye America.....Hello communism!!!!
Like · Reply · 7 mins

Esther Merritt Worsham This is probably their best shot - and it is shot. I don't care what he said back then - he is the only hope we got. God be with him.
Like · Reply · 2 · 7 mins

Jack Marino I'm shocked, shocked that men talk this way.... knock me over with a feather ???
Like · Reply · 1 min

Connie Clark I agree! I am so sick of this piddely crap that the left keeps throwing out there! And worse yet, that the media just runs with! So sick of it! Our country is in despair and this is the crap they're talking about!
Like · Reply · Just now

Jeanette Amalfitano Who cares..... He's not the first man that hit on a married women.... And I'm sure there are married women that have hit on married men.... Who gives a fk...!! JUST VOTE FOR HIM SO HE CAN GET BUSY SAVING OUR COUNTRY!!!!


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Prayer to Break Free of the Cultural of Death.

Come to our aid, Oh Lord

Make haste to help us!

Your Children are asleep

and suffer destruction.

We are disarmed in this battle

we cannot rightly name our enemy.

We are taught that evil does not exist

that there is no cunning intelligence, seeking to destroy all of mankind.


here we are in the age of Genocide!

When the stated goal of the most powerful empire history has ever produced, is a population reduction in the 21st Century of 90 percent of the world's population!

That means erasing seven billion people from this planet, in the next 85 years.

Is this the future you want for your children, Lord?

Is this suffering we are required to suffer?

Would that the premise of this prayer were the rantings of an insane man, and not the Real, World, Reality, and the publicly stated plans, of the International Globalists, who have taken control of Western Civilization.

Julian Huxley, the first head of UNESCO, outlined the plan of Genocide we see unfolding all across the Globe, with the help of Non-governmental organizations and the IMF, the World Bank and American A.I.D.

Poor, African nations, are told that to gain protection from Islamic Jihadis, they have to accept the gay agenda, abortion, and other means of soft genocide.

The Powerful empire of Chaos has created wars, destroyed peaceful countries, created false, that is artificial famines, artificial droughts, and engaged in weather and earthquake terrorism.

They have erased 250 Million people in the last 120 years, with their world revolutionary movement.

Following the cold war, they have redoubled their genocide and paid for, and accomplished fifteen hundred million abortions. That is one and a half Billion abortions, just from 1990 to 2012.

Lord, the increase of Christian persecution is obvious, and even our own Luciferian State Department and the U.N. officially recognize the Christian genocide under ISIS, in Iraq and Syria.

Lord, would that these facts were not true, but they are true.

The horror of it, is beyond the mental and emotional capacity of most people to grasp, to retain, so damaged are their souls by the Mind, War.

They remain hypnotized by the pop culture and news media propaganda.

Lord, they rave, and write billions of words every day, on social media, expressing their dissatisfaction, pointing their finger at each other, while the true enemy remains hidden in plain sight.

They cannot name him, nor can they recognize his henchmen in powerful positions.

Instead, they sacrifice their time and talents, playing a fake political game, supporting politicians, who are Malthusian monsters, like they are rock stars.

And they are idols.

Idols, they look to, for salvation.

Nothing they can opine or conjecture about the sociological problems of their own families, their own communities can have any real world meaning until they face the genocidal nature of the enemy, and all the ways those dark forces use, to get them to destroy themselves, to actually participate in their own soft-genocide.

Lord, a famous social commentator, Christopher Hedges said, a generation ago.

We now live in a nation where Doctors destroy health

lawyers destroy justice

universities destroy knowledge

government destroys freedom

religion destroys morals, and, our banks destroy the economy.

In a generation, Lord, we have discovered that Mr. Hedges' dark assessment, actually did not come close to telling the truth of the story.

Now having discovered the over-arching agenda of the international Globalists

we know that needless wars are created for the purpose of genocide.

economics is being used as a tool of genocide.

the new morality of the new religion, of the New World Order, is all seen as a tool of soft genocide

modern health care in America has become a tool of Eugenics, a means of soft genocide.

It may feel soft, to the young adult in good health, but it is not soft, for the infant or senior denied critical care and allowed to die.

Some schemes of modern medicine, are clearly for genocidal purposes, like the massive amount of poisons a poor infant born into this country has to endure.

At this point in time, Lord, the mental health professions have been exposed to us as tools of the Marxist, Mind War,

designed to keep people calm, while the genocide continues, and to label, any one who resist and opposes the agenda, as, mentally ill.

Lord, they have better than one in five adults on psychotropic, mind altering drugs.

And almost one in five minors on the same mind-altering poisons.

A great portion of modern science has become demonic-scientism.

It has turned anti-human and is being used as an instrument of control and genocide.

Lord, why are so many so blind?

The genocide is so well documented, it takes one who is nascent, or purposely ignorant not to see it.

And the propaganda apparatchiks are very willing to keep the innocent nascent and the ignorant entertained and distracted like cats ever chasing elusive mice in a political maze. Never catching the prize. Or catching it, only to discover it is a puppet and not real.

At this point, they are without excuse.

Lord, the propaganda apparatus is a powerful demonic influence, and many cooperate with it, totally unaware they are being controlled by the father of all lies.

The lying propagandists are the agents of genocidal monsters among us!

Lord, we cannot accept this agenda of genocide and hold respect for you, and respect for the dignity of the human person who is created in your own image.

Father, we know that the paleo-Hebrew symbol for Satan was a set of jaws with big teeth. Satan was understood even in ancient times, as the one, who chews up humanity.

And we know that Jesus confirmed this, saying that Satan roamed the earth like a hungry lion, seeking whom he might devour.

In this age of Global Genocide, with evil men pressing even for nuclear conflagration with Russia, we know that Jesus was not speaking metaphorically.

We are witnessing the great harvest

There were More Christian martyrs in the last century, more than all the previous centuries of church history, Combined.

We witnessed great tribal wars in Africa, three world wars in the 20th century if you count the Cold war with all its proxy wars.

Now we experience world war four, with its proxy wars, rampant jihadism and terrorism, and accompanying genocides.

Plus, the billions of infants offered on the pagan altar to Moloch, by abortion and infanticide.

We used to know, Lord, and had the sense to ask a woman,

are you with child?

understanding that the life within her was a human child, a person.

Now, she is just pregnant, a word the Cultural Marxist medical establishment adopted to wipe away the personhood of the child in her womb.

We ask, how pregnant are you? 6 weeks? 6 months? As if being with child is a condition like cancer

stage 3

stage 4?

In the midst of the great harvest, most who were waiting to see it, are absolutely blind to it.

Lord, Jesus, open our eyes

teach us to arm ourselves to defeat this evil, that is devouring mankind.

teach us to recognize the insanity of Trans-humanism.

What vision of mankind could exhibit more insanity than a man trying to migrate his soul into some hybrid, humanoid, cyborg, monstrosity, mocking your image, while he slaughters billions of his own kind!

I know, it is ridiculous, even comical in a truly sick way. But, here we are.

Is this insanity less insane than was Hitler's slaughter of millions to produce his master race?

It is, on the face of it, much, more, insane, but we talk about it in our society as if it is an academic discussion, when millions, no, actually, Billions suffer.

Of course, it is more insane! The master race we are trying to create is a cyborg, a demonic mockery of the human person.

This devouring evil is so intelligent and cunning, it has us denying it even exists!

Come to our aid, Oh Lord!

We are weak, foolish, arrogant and blind.

We have turned a blind eye to this slaughter, filled our bellies, and allowed Satan to lull us into a sleep of death, using entertainment

political games


illusions and delusions of the gay agenda, the mythology of the singularity, and trans-humanism.

We have expended our passions on video games, sports, lotteries, parties, drugs, fake Christianity, arrogant ego-driven spirituality, in Mega Churches, using the tools of mass hypnosis to keep us blind and temporarily satisfied.

Teach us how to take hold of the True Christian Faith, that engenders life.

Teach us to become strong in the Lord, and in the power of your MIGHT.

Our strength is feeble in the face of the Luciferian Genocide.

Teach us to put on the whole armor of God, that we may be able to stand against the wiles of Lucifer

Our struggle is not against mere men of flesh-n-blood, but against authorities and against fallen angelic and demonic powers

against the rulers of the darkness who have assumed high offices of authority.

Teach us how to gain, hold and use, Truth, that has the power to slay evil.

Teach us how to gain, hold and use the protection of righteousness

Ground us in the truth that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Let us take hold of the faith, once and for all delivered unto the saints as our shield

the shield that has the power to protect us from the lies of the propagandists

the propaganda that has produced this culture of death

May our minds become healed and freed from the hypnosis and mind control of the Globalist Mind War Apparatus

May our swords be sharpened with your wisdom

He who is the eternal word of God, the source of all life.

teach us to pray always

to establish constant communion with you, Lord

Give us the prayer of the heart, that we may plead your mercy always, covered in the sacrifice of your blood.

Fill our hearts with gladness that we

may be joyful warriors of God

frightening to the enemy with the energy he cannot understand, nor cope

Cause debilitating fear to rise in the hearts of all who maim and murder

Cause fear to rise in the hearts of those who plan and execute the Genocide

Let their victims haunt them night and day

cause them to use their own mind destroying drugs to seek relief from their tormentors.

cause them to become the victims of their own cunning, of their own diabolical plans

Awaken to repentance those who will.

in the Name of the Father, the author of all good gifts.

in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God, by whom all things exist.

In the name of the Holy Spirit the Lord and giver of life

one god

unto the ages of ages


(Prayer by Archpriest Symeon Elias - in the world Butch Robinson)

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