Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Julian Assange COWED and Locked in Fear

Prayers for Julian Assange, he may not be as adaptable as he thought.

I was up all night in anticipation of Jilian Assange's "October Surprise" that he had publicly promised would be a Clinton "knock-out punch."  Each time he would make such a statement of "bravado" I would observe, "Him making these statements is insanity. He is pulling an Andrew Breitbart, bragging in public about the great intel he is sitting on, only to be likely killed before he can reveal it." People would assure me that Assange had "a death switch it would trigger in the event of his being assassinated."  I don't thank the man is stupid, so I have assumed this to be true, in fact, I have heard the claim out of Assange's own mouth, more than once.

Having a "dead man switch" and being brave enough to die are two very different things.  The CIA/Globalists have been very quick to pull the trigger in the last few years. One of the latest victims,
Gary Welsh, who was shot in a stairwell only a few miles from my own house [LINK]was a career lawyer, a local truth blogger who published the pictures of Rafael Cruz with Lee Harvey Oswald, tying Ted Cruz and his family to two generations of service to the CIA/Bush Crime Family, being as it were for Rafael, a field asset, tied to Zapata Oil, George H.W. Bush's CIA Front Company, and for Ted, a groomed political operative, prepared to be the Globalist Presidential Puppet if needed. 

The only significant words out of Jullian Assange's mouth during the video interview - a T.V. screen in Berlin, which replaced his much vaunted October Surprise announcement on the Ecuadorian Embassy Balcony, canceled because of certain sniper fire, was, after two hours of droning promotion of Wikileaks, was his stating the list of people assassinated around him, key contributors and his lawyer. The video and audio were so poor, and Assange appeared either in shock or drugged, or both, it was very difficult to hear the list he mumbled, but we know from record those words were absolutely true.  He also talked about the enormous pressure being placed on the Ecuadorian government, and the real possibility that his asylum might be coming to a close.  But unlike Edward Snowden, Julian Assange burned his bridges to Russian asylum even before he was targeted for assassination by Hillary Clinton and the U.S. State Department.

As aggravating as it was to drink coffee and a little wine, eat a bag of popcorn, (a rare thing for me) out of boredom, awaiting the momentous announcement of the Assange October Surprise, only to be played for a three hour infomercial for Wikileaks and the Wikileaks book, (which I already own),  it was even more sad to see the frightened Assange.  Yesterday someone stated that they could not understand why these people hype information they are going to release, instead of just releasing it.  I replied, "
I think the RT leaked this information (about Hillary Clinton actually targeting Assange for assassination) to make him think better of it. To let him know that the Globalists don't just want to prosecute him, but are willing and able and wish to assassinate him if given the opportunity. After all, they tried to get a hit man into the embassy a month ago. He was mere feet away from Assange's quarters when security stopped him.  You have to remember these people have huge egos and tend to see themselves as invincible. It is a real ego bust to face the fact that you have to hide in the cracks like a roach and squeal like a rat just to survive."  If you want the image of the rat screaming, find the youtube video of Lee Harvey Oswald's arrest, where, as he is being manhandled by multiple police officers he is screaming to the top of his lungs, "I Am Not Resisting Arrest. I Am Not Resisting Arrest. I Am Not Resisting Arrest." Had he not screamed to the top of his lungs, he would have never arrived at the Dallas County Jail alive. Also note, getting there alive did not mean leaving there alive.

Please note* I am not putting down Julian Assange who has sacrificed his freedom to live at the mercy of the Ecuadorians in what is a comfortable prison at the Ecuadorian Embassy. Despite his "virtual connections" to the world, able to project his face around the world and engage in interviews, and "events," still, physically he has not stepped a foot outside his quarters in over four years.  Now he is under the certain assumption, that when he does, he is dead.  The assassination of Seth Rich, the 27-year-old staffer at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) who leaked the documents exposing the DNC sabotage of the Sanders campaign and destroyed Debbie Wasserman Schultz' political career, shook Assange to his core.  While never naming Mr. Rich as the source of the Wikileaks revelations, Assange offered a $20,000 reward and mournfully mentioned Seth Rich's name several times in public interviews, leaving everyone to assume that Rich was the source. This is the massive psychic weight of WAR, from which, it appears at the moment, Julian Assange is shell-shocked, resigned, and unfit for battle.  Don't expect anything earth-shattering to come from Wikileaks anytime soon, or maybe ever again.  We also now have to be very careful of new revelations from Wikileaks, since Assange will naturally be bargaining for his life, and playing Psy-opts for the Globalist is a card he may choose to play.  Please mark my word on this, that I stated it October 4th, noon EDT.


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