Monday, October 10, 2016

News Media VS Propaganda Apparatus

"There a none so blind as those who will not see."

Some of you suffer cognitive dissonance, and cannot mentally process the fact that ALL AMERICAN NEWS IS FAKE. Rather you see it in terms of "personalities . . . I LIKE this personality or don't like another personality . . . this one is real and honest and the next is dishonest. And you believe that the "failure of journalism" is all about money and sensationalism. You see a "focus group" you think it is real and cannot wrap your mind around the fact that the participants are FAKE, hired Psy-opts ACTORS. It is as if you are infants, and T.V. Consciousness is the Womb, and you just cannot imagine cutting the umbilical cord.

What you see as "unprofessionalism" relegating legitimate journalism to the level of supermarket rags, is actually a very, very effective, planned, scripted MIND WAR. There is NO Free Press in America, and that includes the supermarket rags. Under the National Emergencies Act, we have been under TOTAL CENSORSHIP and Government Scripted Propaganda Programing for a LONG TIME.

Even that "Townhall" with Trump and Clinton last night, was set up by a Psy-Opts Planning Group called the Commission on Presidential Debates. That is why CIA Agents, like Anderson Cooper, and/or CIA Assets are the only ones allowed to moderate. That is why the audience is stacked with FAKE questioners. That is why the questioners and the questions they ask are put through four levels of screening. IT IS ALL A CONTROLLED SHOW. If you cannot grasp this, you cannot grasp how POWERFUL The Trump MOVEMENT is, and how courageous and talented Donald Trump is because WE TOGETHER are BLOWING THROUGH the FAKE SYSTEM, SMASHING IT WITH TRUTH. We have, in FACT, OVERWHELMED the Mind War's Apparatus, made fools of its Apparatchiks - but some of you STILL DON'T GET IT. You think the election "process" is REAL, that the "parties" are real and the media coverage is REAL, just "biased." If you think that you are still asleep.

If Hillary is the replacement, NOTHING WILL CHANGE, except the eradication of the illusion of liberty that remains.

No! This is RAW POWER produced by a MASSIVE MOVEMENT, SMASHING a RIGGED and TOTALLY CONTROLLED SYSTEM, using the TOOLS they have created and OVERPOWERING THEM and against all odds. This is Biblical Movement of History, where Hundreds of Millions of lives are at stake, where the fate of Christianity hangs in the balance, where even nuclear war is being contemplated as a False Flag Operation by the Globalists to create a CRISIS, to justify keeping control. They are literally pondering the annihilation of tens of millions for "political manipulation purposes."

This is not an election, this is a Counter-Revolution to overcome the Globalist Psychopaths that have stolen our Republic. HERE IS THE REAL HISTORY IS YOU DARE VIEW IT[LINK].

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  1. Love your articles.

    But...the holocaust is a hoax and you should know that already.
    The Bad War by MS King (


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