Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton is Fully Bat Shit Matrix Krazy!

Do you understand that at the debate last evening, Donald Trump had to speak to people inside of and outside of the Matrix?

Do you understand that were he to state "some" truths clearly, those in the Matrix would immediately reject him, as the "consciousness creators" in the Matrix Media painted him as insane, as any true thing stated in the Matrix is at best revolutionary and at worst, the insane rantings of madmen/conspiracy theorists.

As a witness, the only two questions Chris Wallace asked that had a basis of truth, one to which Trump commented, "True" and the other he commented, "Thank You" were called BRUTAL questions by the media. Every other question was based upon a lying assumption, a false consciousness, a fake dialectic, created by the Psy-Opt Masters. (What some of you falsely call "spin". But "spin" does not nearly tell the story.

Psychologists talk about in some cases having to enter a person's psychosis to manage to communicate with them. Whether you can grasp it or not, some of us have lived decades having to enter into the "common psychosis," the false consciousness created by the Matrix Psy-Opts Masters, to communicate with ninety-nine percent of the people we knew.

So understand what I mean when I say that Donald Trump had to communicate with people inside and outside of the Matrix at last evening's debate. For sixteen months at every Trump appearance, he has been speaking at first 95% inside the Matrix, then 90% inside the Matrix, then 85% inside the Matrix. Now he is speaking about 60% inside the Matrix. Like the Pied Pipper, he has been gently coaxing people towards REALITY, and away from Hillary Clinton's "fully bat shit matrix compliant KRAZY."

The level of mass hypnosis is so strong in our society, where has been installed a "false consciousness" unable to view objective fact and connect the dots. I have endured this week, a Ph.D. intellectual with a "following" (he actually broadcasts on Ancient Faith Radio) who just this week for the first time, entertained the idea that America "might not be a democracy" that it might actually be an "Oligarchy" and he posted an article to that effect, I first shared with him almost two years ago.

This is nothing short of mass hypnosis. People literally do live in the Matrix, unaware of the "reality of things" accepting as reality, the false reality, the Psy-Opts Masters paint as real.

If you think you have awakened, because you have learned that the Elite are Globalist, please understand that is only a degree of consciousness and you are anything but fully conscious. If you can get past your "programming" and realize there really is much more to learn, then guess what? There really is much more to learn, LIFE and LIBERTY depend on it.


Will the massive Wikileaks exposures of the Crimes of the Shadow Government cause Political Revolution?

That is what the Trump Movement is you know, a counter-Revolution. People are still hypnotized because they are not retaining the memory of the information they received last week, last month, last year and two years ago and five and ten years ago. For instance, NSA Whistleblower William Binney, revealed EVERYTHING that Edward Snowden revealed TEN YEARS before Snowden, and only a hand full of us noticed and remembered.

Even now after masses of people realizing that ALL PRIVACY has been erased, merely yawn, and go about business as usual.

When it is proved that the right of Habeas Corpus has been revoked, a right held by British Common Law for 800 years, and codified into our Constitution, people yawn - what difference does it make if people are arrested without charge and incarcerated without trial or right of Habeas Corpus?

NO, sadly people are STILL hypnotized and cannot recognize the powerful Stalinist-like state in which they live. Ignorance and blindness still abound. Although, few are absolutely comatose anymore, likewise, few are fully conscious.

(Archpriest Symeon Elias - The Orthodox Philosopher)
My life in Christ: "He who does not bellow the truth when he knows truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers." - Charles Peguy (Provincial Letter)
Some call me brash, some call me bellicose and a fool. Those experiencing healing call me friend. A grandson called me a "contrarian" - I like that.

"Christ as the light of the world, as light on the world, makes the believer see things differently, even contrarily." George H Niederauer - RC Archbishop of San Francisco, 2007)

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