Monday, October 3, 2016

Globalists, YOU DIE Before We Sacrifice Our Children to You.

I submit to you that Donald J. Trump , instead of an innate racism and hatred for his fellow human beings (as Hiterly Clinton claims) has rather an innate appreciation for human dignity, the LIBERTY that dignity requires and the God Given Natural Human Rights attached thereto.

Is he a strict "constitutionalist"? No. But again neither were most of the men who signed the constitution, or the men who in each state ratified it. I was a "compromise" of good men, but so very flawed that it created the conditions for a civil war 80 years later that cost the lives of Seven Hundred Thousand men.

Even the ones who agreed to the Iconic words by which I have lived my life and accorded human dignity to every soul I have ever encountered if at all possible, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, among these (but not limited to these) are life, liberty (and in the original) property" . . . Even these men who signed this document were not angelic and had to change the word "property" to "pursuit of happiness" because the slaves they owned were under British Common Law, considered property and some did not want to codify this, to place it in writing in a New America document. I point these things out, as a mean to break you away from the brittle images and fantasies naively held by many about an American Golden Age.

It is very obvious that when Donal Trump looks at person, he is not looking at some subset of humanity like most of the founders looked at "Negroes", nor like Obama does, and Clinton does, some "basket of deplorables" or ignorant people who "cling to their God, their guns and their constitution", nor does he view them a defective, and infected with hatred, prejudice, "The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic," but rather individual EQUAL human beings who he addresses eye to eye without condescension.

Even the protesters at his rallies who he would make fun of, "go back home to mama" etc, he would immediately say, "No, I think they are misguided and just don't know. I bet if I could sit down with them for just one hour and calmly talk, they would come to understand what I'm saying." You see, he even gives the radical George Soros, USEFUL IDIOTS, the benefit of Human Dignity, seeing them as rational creatures worthy of dignity, capable of reason and better understanding.

Why does Trump view people with Human Dignity? Because Trump holds those words from the Declaration of Independence burned in his heart, ALL people have worth, ALL people have dignity and I dare say, because of that, he just naturally likes most everyone he sees. Why? Because he sees the image of God in them and the image of God in himself, which is our ONLY economy of understanding above the level of the animal, devouring one another  for the sake of mere dystopian survival. This latter is the Materialist/Luciferian view of the Globalists, the REASON they can slaughter tens of millions by war, hundreds of millions by war and artificial starvation and artificial diseases, and billions by all the above plus abortion - and say glibly, "The Price was Worth it."

On October 3rd, 2015, Donald Trump made a statement about "The Natural Right of Self-Defense" (an aspect of Human Dignity and unalienable LIBERTY). He stated that that right does not come from the Constitution or from Government, but from GOD. He stated that the 2nd Amendment restricts the Government from interfering with OUR Natural Rights, which includes the Natural Right of Self Defense. - you can find the statement toward the end of his Franklin, Tenn, speech 10.3.2015

We will NEVER disarm, and leave our children helpless in the face of these Luciferian Monsters. Globalist you are on notice, YOU die before our children do.

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