Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Prayer to Break Free of the Cultural of Death.

Come to our aid, Oh Lord

Make haste to help us!

Your Children are asleep

and suffer destruction.

We are disarmed in this battle

we cannot rightly name our enemy.

We are taught that evil does not exist

that there is no cunning intelligence, seeking to destroy all of mankind.


here we are in the age of Genocide!

When the stated goal of the most powerful empire history has ever produced, is a population reduction in the 21st Century of 90 percent of the world's population!

That means erasing seven billion people from this planet, in the next 85 years.

Is this the future you want for your children, Lord?

Is this suffering we are required to suffer?

Would that the premise of this prayer were the rantings of an insane man, and not the Real, World, Reality, and the publicly stated plans, of the International Globalists, who have taken control of Western Civilization.

Julian Huxley, the first head of UNESCO, outlined the plan of Genocide we see unfolding all across the Globe, with the help of Non-governmental organizations and the IMF, the World Bank and American A.I.D.

Poor, African nations, are told that to gain protection from Islamic Jihadis, they have to accept the gay agenda, abortion, and other means of soft genocide.

The Powerful empire of Chaos has created wars, destroyed peaceful countries, created false, that is artificial famines, artificial droughts, and engaged in weather and earthquake terrorism.

They have erased 250 Million people in the last 120 years, with their world revolutionary movement.

Following the cold war, they have redoubled their genocide and paid for, and accomplished fifteen hundred million abortions. That is one and a half Billion abortions, just from 1990 to 2012.

Lord, the increase of Christian persecution is obvious, and even our own Luciferian State Department and the U.N. officially recognize the Christian genocide under ISIS, in Iraq and Syria.

Lord, would that these facts were not true, but they are true.

The horror of it, is beyond the mental and emotional capacity of most people to grasp, to retain, so damaged are their souls by the Mind, War.

They remain hypnotized by the pop culture and news media propaganda.

Lord, they rave, and write billions of words every day, on social media, expressing their dissatisfaction, pointing their finger at each other, while the true enemy remains hidden in plain sight.

They cannot name him, nor can they recognize his henchmen in powerful positions.

Instead, they sacrifice their time and talents, playing a fake political game, supporting politicians, who are Malthusian monsters, like they are rock stars.

And they are idols.

Idols, they look to, for salvation.

Nothing they can opine or conjecture about the sociological problems of their own families, their own communities can have any real world meaning until they face the genocidal nature of the enemy, and all the ways those dark forces use, to get them to destroy themselves, to actually participate in their own soft-genocide.

Lord, a famous social commentator, Christopher Hedges said, a generation ago.

We now live in a nation where Doctors destroy health

lawyers destroy justice

universities destroy knowledge

government destroys freedom

religion destroys morals, and, our banks destroy the economy.

In a generation, Lord, we have discovered that Mr. Hedges' dark assessment, actually did not come close to telling the truth of the story.

Now having discovered the over-arching agenda of the international Globalists

we know that needless wars are created for the purpose of genocide.

economics is being used as a tool of genocide.

the new morality of the new religion, of the New World Order, is all seen as a tool of soft genocide

modern health care in America has become a tool of Eugenics, a means of soft genocide.

It may feel soft, to the young adult in good health, but it is not soft, for the infant or senior denied critical care and allowed to die.

Some schemes of modern medicine, are clearly for genocidal purposes, like the massive amount of poisons a poor infant born into this country has to endure.

At this point in time, Lord, the mental health professions have been exposed to us as tools of the Marxist, Mind War,

designed to keep people calm, while the genocide continues, and to label, any one who resist and opposes the agenda, as, mentally ill.

Lord, they have better than one in five adults on psychotropic, mind altering drugs.

And almost one in five minors on the same mind-altering poisons.

A great portion of modern science has become demonic-scientism.

It has turned anti-human and is being used as an instrument of control and genocide.

Lord, why are so many so blind?

The genocide is so well documented, it takes one who is nascent, or purposely ignorant not to see it.

And the propaganda apparatchiks are very willing to keep the innocent nascent and the ignorant entertained and distracted like cats ever chasing elusive mice in a political maze. Never catching the prize. Or catching it, only to discover it is a puppet and not real.

At this point, they are without excuse.

Lord, the propaganda apparatus is a powerful demonic influence, and many cooperate with it, totally unaware they are being controlled by the father of all lies.

The lying propagandists are the agents of genocidal monsters among us!

Lord, we cannot accept this agenda of genocide and hold respect for you, and respect for the dignity of the human person who is created in your own image.

Father, we know that the paleo-Hebrew symbol for Satan was a set of jaws with big teeth. Satan was understood even in ancient times, as the one, who chews up humanity.

And we know that Jesus confirmed this, saying that Satan roamed the earth like a hungry lion, seeking whom he might devour.

In this age of Global Genocide, with evil men pressing even for nuclear conflagration with Russia, we know that Jesus was not speaking metaphorically.

We are witnessing the great harvest

There were More Christian martyrs in the last century, more than all the previous centuries of church history, Combined.

We witnessed great tribal wars in Africa, three world wars in the 20th century if you count the Cold war with all its proxy wars.

Now we experience world war four, with its proxy wars, rampant jihadism and terrorism, and accompanying genocides.

Plus, the billions of infants offered on the pagan altar to Moloch, by abortion and infanticide.

We used to know, Lord, and had the sense to ask a woman,

are you with child?

understanding that the life within her was a human child, a person.

Now, she is just pregnant, a word the Cultural Marxist medical establishment adopted to wipe away the personhood of the child in her womb.

We ask, how pregnant are you? 6 weeks? 6 months? As if being with child is a condition like cancer

stage 3

stage 4?

In the midst of the great harvest, most who were waiting to see it, are absolutely blind to it.

Lord, Jesus, open our eyes

teach us to arm ourselves to defeat this evil, that is devouring mankind.

teach us to recognize the insanity of Trans-humanism.

What vision of mankind could exhibit more insanity than a man trying to migrate his soul into some hybrid, humanoid, cyborg, monstrosity, mocking your image, while he slaughters billions of his own kind!

I know, it is ridiculous, even comical in a truly sick way. But, here we are.

Is this insanity less insane than was Hitler's slaughter of millions to produce his master race?

It is, on the face of it, much, more, insane, but we talk about it in our society as if it is an academic discussion, when millions, no, actually, Billions suffer.

Of course, it is more insane! The master race we are trying to create is a cyborg, a demonic mockery of the human person.

This devouring evil is so intelligent and cunning, it has us denying it even exists!

Come to our aid, Oh Lord!

We are weak, foolish, arrogant and blind.

We have turned a blind eye to this slaughter, filled our bellies, and allowed Satan to lull us into a sleep of death, using entertainment

political games


illusions and delusions of the gay agenda, the mythology of the singularity, and trans-humanism.

We have expended our passions on video games, sports, lotteries, parties, drugs, fake Christianity, arrogant ego-driven spirituality, in Mega Churches, using the tools of mass hypnosis to keep us blind and temporarily satisfied.

Teach us how to take hold of the True Christian Faith, that engenders life.

Teach us to become strong in the Lord, and in the power of your MIGHT.

Our strength is feeble in the face of the Luciferian Genocide.

Teach us to put on the whole armor of God, that we may be able to stand against the wiles of Lucifer

Our struggle is not against mere men of flesh-n-blood, but against authorities and against fallen angelic and demonic powers

against the rulers of the darkness who have assumed high offices of authority.

Teach us how to gain, hold and use, Truth, that has the power to slay evil.

Teach us how to gain, hold and use the protection of righteousness

Ground us in the truth that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Let us take hold of the faith, once and for all delivered unto the saints as our shield

the shield that has the power to protect us from the lies of the propagandists

the propaganda that has produced this culture of death

May our minds become healed and freed from the hypnosis and mind control of the Globalist Mind War Apparatus

May our swords be sharpened with your wisdom

He who is the eternal word of God, the source of all life.

teach us to pray always

to establish constant communion with you, Lord

Give us the prayer of the heart, that we may plead your mercy always, covered in the sacrifice of your blood.

Fill our hearts with gladness that we

may be joyful warriors of God

frightening to the enemy with the energy he cannot understand, nor cope

Cause debilitating fear to rise in the hearts of all who maim and murder

Cause fear to rise in the hearts of those who plan and execute the Genocide

Let their victims haunt them night and day

cause them to use their own mind destroying drugs to seek relief from their tormentors.

cause them to become the victims of their own cunning, of their own diabolical plans

Awaken to repentance those who will.

in the Name of the Father, the author of all good gifts.

in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God, by whom all things exist.

In the name of the Holy Spirit the Lord and giver of life

one god

unto the ages of ages


(Prayer by Archpriest Symeon Elias - in the world Butch Robinson)

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