Friday, October 7, 2016

Trump Salacious Tape

The Globalists Just Shot their wad. This is it, they have nothing left.

Donald Trump engaged in some salacious locker room talk. DID YOU HEAR ME? DONALD TRUMP ENGAGED IN SOME SALACIOUS LOCKER ROOM TALK!

Hillary Clinton engaged in Christian GENOCIDE and the slaughter and displacement of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. She ARMED and FINANCED Jihadis. She ran cover for a SERIAL RAPIST. She LIED under oath before Congress and together with Obama have corrupted both the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

But remember, Donald Trump engaged in some salacious locker room talk!

You all need to be reminded of the MASSIVE Globalist Psychological Operation to KILL Donald Trump. I wrote this a year ago and the method has not changed.

Catherine Lee I don't care about locker room talk. The Middle East is in flames, Europe is invaded, and they're poised at our door. I want a Patton, not a venal, thieving, lying policywonk.

Jack Marino 

It doesn't matter what he said eleven years ago or twenty-five years ago, he wasn't President or running then. He is better than having both these white trash Clintons back in the White House. We had them for 8 years and now she wants to get in there and complete the mess they started. Hillary Clinton couldn't run a lemonade stand and make it work.

Tim Flaherty I agree with you Jack.

Ron Sewell
Can you say Heil Hitlary???? I fear the end is near...Goodbye America.....Hello communism!!!!
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Esther Merritt Worsham This is probably their best shot - and it is shot. I don't care what he said back then - he is the only hope we got. God be with him.
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Jack Marino I'm shocked, shocked that men talk this way.... knock me over with a feather ???
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Connie Clark I agree! I am so sick of this piddely crap that the left keeps throwing out there! And worse yet, that the media just runs with! So sick of it! Our country is in despair and this is the crap they're talking about!
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Jeanette Amalfitano Who cares..... He's not the first man that hit on a married women.... And I'm sure there are married women that have hit on married men.... Who gives a fk...!! JUST VOTE FOR HIM SO HE CAN GET BUSY SAVING OUR COUNTRY!!!!



  1. Sharing.... You nail it every single time... AWESOME!

  2. Sweet-talking Bill Clinton raped women. So, addressing the Democrats . . . The Bible says, "Thou HYPOCRITE, first cast out the BEAM out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou SEE CLEARLY to cast out the MOTE out of thy BROTHER's EYE." (Matthew 7:5)


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