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Satan, Hiding In Plain Sight - The Seduction of 20th Century America

what is good and what is evil is
directly corresponding to what is life
and gendering and what brings to us
destruction without the knowledge of our
Creator what is truly for our well-being
is impossible to define a true statement
impossible to refute

The great tragedy of the 20th century was that despite it being the bloodiest century in human history, Satan pulled the most amazing trick! Surrounded by the witness of his carnage, he sacrificed the easy roll of "victor"  and chose instead to disappear into plain sight, hoping to convince the world that he was a "mere myth." People today talk easily of the presence of evil in the world. At least for the last decade witnessing the pure evil of Islamic Jihad the word evil has had a context. One could say, becoming convinced of the irrationality of mayhem, the possibility of mass carnage, and the witness of both wrought upon our shores .  the idea of cunning evil was easier to access for the average American the day after nine eleven than it was the day before nine eleven.  Mid-twentieth century the mention of the cunning presence of evil in the world would have been met with pure scoffing. Sadly 9/11/2001 caused in one respect, a "window of sanity," that is quickly closing in America.  It also caused mass delusion where people were convinced that any means to battle evil was justified, that it was the result only that mattered and not the means of battle.  This is the delusion of pragmatism, and is certainly not Christian.  The pragmatist is capable of any evil.  What was the result? The renewed drumbeat of atheism and the rationalism of radical materialism took hold and once again it is impossible to speak of the reality of evil without ones sanity and or intelligence being questioned.  Our military became a sanctuary for Satanists and Luciferians, the homosexual LGBT insanity gain ascendency, and the evil we thought we faced, radical Islam has festered. and increased, exponentially.  Pragmatism destroyed Liberty in our country. Pragmatism destroyed privacy in our country.  Pragmatism, called national security, destroyed our "Republic" and created an Omni-Surveillance Totalitarian Police State.  So we see, that even though many came to realize that evil was not a myth, it is obvious from the result that people were clueless what it "really" was, and how to battle it. 

What would our world be like if we ceased to worry about "right" and "wrong," or "good" and "evil," and simply acted so as to maximize well-being, our own and that of others? Would we lose anything important? - Famed Atheist, Sam Harris. - Harris probably thinks this line has some originality. If so he never listened to John Lennon's song, "Imagine." Both reflect the spiritual dumbing down of Europe and America. It is the Satanic lie that what is wrong with the world is the battle for what is good. If we could just give up that concept and go for what seems pragmatic and expedient for our immediate security and "well being" all would be paradise.


Imagine there's no heaven

It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...

Imagine there's no countries

It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

You may say I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions

I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one
- John Lennon 1970.

Let me make a suggestion as to what both Sam Harris' words, and John Lennon's words represent.  Lennon was correct to name his song "Imagine."  Why? It is certainly no projection of man's future and represents nothing real.  But it does represent what we may call the Realm of the Imaginary, which some psychological speculators have opined is a longing for our infant, pre-verbal state. Raymond Lloyd Richmond, in his book "Disasters and Trauma" gives as good a definition as I've seen saying, "As children, we need  and desire  others to take care of our needs  but  being without language  we conceive of this care-taking  imaginally,  that is  as images in our minds.  Hence the realm of the imaginary is all in our heads, so to speak, it is all based in the expectation that our need 'should be' fulfilled without our having to say anything  and it provokes anger when our needs aren't fulfilled as we expect." Picture the infant screeching away, because it's bottom is wet.  That is the basis of Sam Harris' anger.  He has made a career out of complaining about the simple fact  that all goals worth having  must be fought for.  He is offended in his deepest self that this world is not paradise, and that everything he desires is not just handed to him.  Some others, for instance 'anthropologists' have couched this feeling, this longing for utopia,   longing for paradise  as a genetic memory of our pre-civilized days, humanity's primordial days, when man was innocent. In both cases this is pure mythology, but both pictures serve to show this emotion to be not only in the realm of the imagination only, but fanciful and unconnected to reality. You see, in reality we have no choice, we have to struggle against everything that is death engendering - why?  For life.  You see, imagine no possessions, as John Lennon suggested, what does that mean?  It means certain death.  Basic human demands cannot be met as Sam Harris opines,  because what is right and wrong, what is good and and what is evil is directly corresponding to what is life engendering and what brings to us destruction.

Without the knowledge of our Creator, what is truly "for our well being" is impossible to define - a true statement impossible to refute.

William Peter Blatty, talked about his reasons for writing the novel "The Exorcist" in 1970. He said that he did so because evil had achieved the status of quaint mythology. Evil had become something most people, including Church people, had ascribed to mere human failings and the psychological need to explain human failings. One thing that the New Testament and the early Church Fathers made clear was the literal battle with wicked spiritual forces present upon the earth. Where the Psalmist described evil as the enemy, the New Testament exposed more clearly the malignant forces seeking to destroy humanity. Jesus is witnessed conquering demonic forces that challenged him and caused suffering in those whom he would free. Jesus described Satan as a malevolent power, roaming about as a ravenous lion seeking whom he may destroy. Saint Paul gave us the imagery of the spiritual battle in which every Christian and truly every good person on earth must be engaged, saying, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Surely if any century in all of time proved this reality of St Paul's words, it was the 20th century where the actions of the evil rulers of the Turks . and then Stalin, . Hitler, . Mao, . Poll Pot . and others caused the slaughter of at least 130 million people. This slaughter has not slowed. If we count the abortions produced by the genocidal monsters of UNESCO, the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, the Ford Foundation, The Carnegie Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundations and all the other Non-governmental organizations they control, that number of abortions was more than one point six billion abortions just since nineteen ninety.

Despite this clear witness of evil, at the time Peter Blatty wrote his book there was but one practicing Roman Catholic exorcist in America. In the latter part of the 20th century when someone in the psychological establishment chose to open the discussion about the reality of evil, he couched his argument in "People Of The Lie" by subtitling it, "The Hope for Healing Human Evil." Now admittedly there is no shortage of human evil, but human evil does not explain the massive intelligence of The Evil One and his hypnotic powers. Nor does the idea of "merely human evil" comport with the Christian world view or the spiritual knowledge of those actively engaged in the battle. In the 20th century we all became too Enlightened (including most Protestant Christians and the American Catholic Bishops) to accept the actual presence of the fallen angelic hosts and their demonic minions. Satan succeeded in hiding in plain sight; through our pride we became too Civilized to admit the existence of the Evil One. The irony of this disconnect between American society and the suffering of so much of the rest of the world was never lost on me, even at a very young age. I was raised on the stories of Corrie Ten Boom and had no doubt of the massive destructive power of Satan left unchecked by societies that had ceased to be moral and faith-filled.

A Victim of Satlin's Holodomor - one of tens of millions.

In the 20th Century, those same evil angelic powers that could inspire the slaughter of millions in Turkey, Asia Minor, Europe, Ukraine, Russia, China . . . could not manage mass murder in the U.S., so blessed with God's Grace and Mercy we were.  So The Evil One took a different tactic here, using our Enlightened-Academic pride, he made us complacent and arrogant in our security while he whittled away at every foundation of our Great Civilization.

Joseph Campbell - The supposed "non-theologian" religion philosopher who did more to popularize the notion of Satan as mere myth than any other person in America in the 20th Century. His series of books "Joseph Campbell's Power of Myth" and the subsequent PBS series with Bill Moyer, were all part of the spiritual dumbing down of America.
  The foundation is crumbling folks and if we want to avoid the mass slaughters that have accompanied the down fall of so many systems, we had better learn to name evil, as evil. The spiritual blindness of Marxist Progressive-ism has systematically darken the "lights" of our institutions for the last eighty years - (all of them) - and this IS evil.  The New Conservative Movement, which is the Marxist Left and the Fascist Corporate structure, joining forces to create the New World Order.  This is evil and we need to understand that. There are great religious movements that are part of this attack on spiritual reality. The Marxist origins and kinship of the so called Gospel of "Social Justice" has been well documented. But the attack is far more sophisticated. This dumb-downed spirituality has also come to us in the writings of countless New Age writers and countless Christian writers contaminated with gnostic/new age heresy. These attacks are not a "semblance or symbol of evil" but expressions of the deceiver Himself, stooping to teach theology to those he fears will slip from his grasp. It is a radical fact, but a fact none the less that one of the most prolific "religion writers, inspirational writers and teachers, and theology writers" is none other than the spirit of the Evil One Himself.  What comes to us in "little tingly packages" of inspiration and enlightenment is often times the carefully packaged temptation to the Big Lie,  which is the primordial force seeking the humiliation and destruction of humankind. We can no longer allow him to hide in plain sight, but must name him where he is found.

Someone close to me said to me years ago, "You know, Satan's no big deal. When he arrives to tempt you all you have to do is say, 'Get away from me Satan' and he has to obey you."  I was flabbergasted as this ignorance was very familiar to me. Yes it is true, that the dismissal of Satan from the scene is "easy" as Martin Luther said, "One little word shall fell him." Yet, Satan and his hoards do not battle according to genteel rules of engagement.  Satan never arrives in open and clear view, until you are conquered and ready for the slaughter.  He never arrives and says, "Oh good fellow.  I am Satan here to temp you. I'm hoping to increase your spiritual blindness, so would you please accept this additional lie?" This elementary school idea of the Cunning Deceiver is foolishness upon foolishness.  No better anatomizing of the deep psychological and hypnotic methods of the Deceiver exists than in the books called "The Philokalia" (The Love Of The Good), which is the record of Christian Spiritual Warriors, seeking God, and battling the demonic evil that resists our quest for the good. . Satan is no pushover, he is a cunning psychological genius whose talents are custom fitted for whatever weakness a person possesses. Besides all the ways one would expect Satan to attack, in recent times it has been via the lust for sudden spiritual wisdom and insight and his demons have been working overtime filling books and Christian airwaves with some of the most destructive and hellish theology I've witnessed in my life time. So when we list the institutions where Satan has had his way, we have to include at least some Christian broadcasting, book publishing and theology schools.
The late famed atheist, Christopher Hitchens, who expressed many times that the most evil force on the planet were people like yours truly - Christians.

If you took the following statement of Dr. Newt Gingrich and substituted the term, "the left" with "those in league with Satan" would the statement be less true?

“Those in league with Satan have thoroughly infiltrated nearly every cultural commanding height of our civilization. That is, they hold power, influence and control of academia, the elite news media, Hollywood, union leaders, trial lawyers, the courts, the Congress, and the bureaucracy at all levels of government. They are radically redefining our very culture by deciding what is news, what is entertainment, what our children learn in school, and what kind of government we should have.”

Watching the sickening end to the Grammy Award Show, where was depicted a demoniac intimidating a Catholic priest (and I describe the skit most mildly) - I was reminded once again of the reality of the battle. It isn't civilized; it is primordial. It is the clash between everything that is strong and has force for the good, what is kind, gentle, loving, good, life engendering, soul healing and strengthening, against everything that is violent and destructive, harsh, crude, hateful, bad, death producing, soul destroying, evil and weakening. But it is more complex than that, since sometimes the latter comes in the disguise of the former. Sadly, Conservative Political Christianity has become a tool of evil, empowering genocide around the world.  Who would have thought this could ever be the case.  But it was the Neo-Conservatives we looked to as saviors, along with the Leftist and Marxists  . we viewed as enemy .  that have destroyed our Republic, and slaughter now millions for no reason, just since the fall of Soviet Communism.

The pillars of our civilization (not just our nation - our civilization) are teetering . while our little "personal religions" (plural) .  our little pridefully held theological constructs have failed us. All the while we have been practicing "faiths" that require little of us, except the wish to succeed in life, gain personal wealth and heap goods upon ourselves, like termites gnawing in the basement, evil has been destroying the foundations of our security.  And everything, and I mean everything we have through politics reached to .  for security, has produced violence and evil.  It is time to grasp our Christian Heritage, our TRUE Christian Tradition with ALL its wisdom and power against the forces of evil.

The battle that most perceive . to be .  the entire war . is but one battle "in the war" .  this WAR requires Christian Soldiers not gnostic egoists. People not just of "faith" but people of discipline, baptized in love. No where will you find in scripture that "faith" covers a multitude of sins. In fact some of great faith who have done great miracles will be discovered to be strangers to the True knowledge of our Lord, to the true spirit of our Lord, which is love.  "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."

It is not love for some nostalgic image of America, some penchant to spout lines from the Constitution, that makes me battle for the recovery and health of my country, nor is it some nostalgic longing for the good ole days. It is my love for my people, for my friends, relatives, children, my community, my city, my state that makes me battle what is clearly evil and name it so.  It is the realization that we are suffering, what I have to call . a soft holocaust . . literally soft genocide . massive drug induced insanity.  This will keep me battling for life to my very last breath, for the sake of my grand children, and yours, too. . .  When events have been drawn with such clarity as they have been these last thirteen years, and fifty percent of the people approve of the death throws and the satanic force causing the struggle, we are very far gone. And do not think that I am speaking of the Socialist Democrats. Well, yes.  I am speaking of them, but I am also speaking of the Fascist Republicans as well.  You see "that" ,  is the trick.  Each side in this masterful Hegelian Dialectic called "two party governance" fights only half the evil, while they support the other half, and this is true whether you always vote republican or you always vote democrat. That is the great trick of evil.  No political philosophy, and  No pridefully held, personally invented theology/spirituality is going to stand against this!  It is time to get real.

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C.I.A. History 101

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CIA History 101

The Real Power of the New World Order.
You may see this complete presentation on YouTube at
It is my intention to teach you in an hour and a half, all of the primary history of the Central Intelligence Agency, to give you a basic foundation in that history, so that, you will be able to understand America's Shadow Government, and from this information be able to research both 'history' and current 'events' in context.  

America was conquered by a Trojan Horse called "national security." The two lungs of that national security cancer, are the Central Intelligence Agency, which was sold as a foreign intelligence tool, and The National Security Agency, which was tasked with collecting all "so-called" open source intelligence, all public communications. Because of Edward Snowden, we now know that the National Security Agency has morphed into an omni-surveillance apparatus, vacuuming up all communications, both public and private,  from, 'everyone', all the time, 'everywhere', using 'sophisticated' spy hardware, light years more powerful than any computer technology allowed in the private sector. There is nothing said on any device of communications that is not recorded by the N S A.  (On February 2, 2015, the Administration submitted its Fiscal Year 2016 budget request, including a request of $54.9 billion for the National Intelligence Program (NIP) The Department of Defense requested $17.9 billion for the Military intelligence Program.)

And beyond that, when they choose to, they have the power to record anything said in the vicinity of any communications device, even if that device is turned off, and even dormant with a dead battery.


Add to this the fact that they record the movement of all vehicles via their hidden G.P.S. transponders, and for older vehicles barcodes on tags.  They also have the ability to view anything in range of a computer camera, and all new Televisions are equipped with two way viewing of which you are not aware.  And this viewing is so powerful that it not only sees you, but reads and reports your moods. 

( )

You may say, "But that is just corporations gathering information so that they know how to select advertisement for us."  And you would be partly right.  But what you will learn in this lesson, is that the massive corporate structure of the New World Order and the N S A, and, the C I A, are merely different heads on the same beast. 

Rather than start with the birth of the C I A, in 1947 and its NAZI roots, let us begin with how the C I A, operates today.  First, it operates by controlling politics, everywhere, all the time.  This includes control of the political process in America.   Some of you have heard Jessie Ventura tell the story about, when he was elected governor of Minnesota, getting an urgent request from the C I A, to come to Washington and meet with them.  Thinking their might be some security problem in Minnesota he needed to understand, he complied with the request, only to be 'grilled' by a committee of C I A agents, some who would not even identify themselves,  about how 'he' managed to become governor. )  

Remember, this was in the era, when according to public law, the C I A, did not have the legal right to operate inside the borders of the U S A.  Yet, it was obvious to Jessie that they were very much concerned about his election.  You see, his election was a popular uprising, and that is not allowed under the present C I A control.  They control 'all' elections in the US including state offices, and most city and county offices, as well.  First we must realize that there is no demarcation line between the 400 wealthiest people in America and the half of the nation's wealth they own, the “corporated” power they control, and the C I A. i They are one.  This is the nature of the Fascist Rule that has taken hold in America, the control of Government via the Corporate C I A structure, which George Herbert Walker Bush called, the New World Order.  To look at Corporate America, is to look at the C I A, to look at the C I A, is to look at Corporate America. This has nothing to do with true 'free' enterprise, but rather about statist omni-control.  One major tool of corporate C I A power, is a grand money laundering scheme, created by congress, called the National Endowment for Democracy. 

( )

This is an excerpt of the Book Rogue State, A Guide to the World's Only Superpower, which is a 'must' read for anyone hoping to have a clue about the state of American Liberty, and its shadow government.   What he exposes is the unshakable tie between America's most wealthy and their enforcement arm, called the Central Intelligence Agency.   I have made some very minor 'edits', necessary for the use of my mechanical voices, but have not altered the meaning even in the slightest degree. I have changed C I A,
to The Company, and N E 'D', to The Endowment.  Here we go.

(The National Endowment for Democracy – )

How many Americans could identify the National Endowment for Democracy? An organization which often does exactly the opposite of what its name implies. The Endowment was set up in the early 1980s under President Reagan, in the wake of all the negative revelations about the company, in the second half of the 1970s. 

It was a remarkable period. Spurred by Watergate-the Church Committee of the Senate, the Pike Committee of the House and the Rockefeller Commission, created by the president, were all busy investigating the company. Seemingly every other day there was a new headline about the discovery of some awful thing, even criminal conduct, the company had been mixed up in for years. The Agency was getting an exceedingly bad name, and it was causing the powers-that-be much embarrassment.

Something had to be done. What was done was not to stop doing these awful things. Of course not. What was done was to shift many of these awful things to a new organization, with a nice sounding name, that is, the National Endowment for Democracy. The idea was that the Endowment would do somewhat overtly what the Company had been doing covertly for decades, and thus, hopefully, eliminate the stigma associated with the Company's covert activities.

It was a masterpiece Of politics, of public relations and of cynicism. Thus it was that in 1983, the National Endowment for Democracy was set up to "support democratic institutions throughout the world through private, nongovernmental efforts". Notice the "non governmental"-part of the image, part of the myth. In actuality, virtually every penny of its funding comes from the federal government, as is clearly indicated in the financial statement in each issue of its annual report. The Endowment likes to refer to itself as an, N G O, a (non-governmental organization) because this helps to maintain a certain credibility abroad, that an official US government agency might not have. But N G O is the wrong category. The Endowment is Clearly a G O, that is, a Governmental Organization.  )

Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the legislation establishing The Endowment, was quite candid when he said in 1991: "A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the Company." In effect, the Company has been laundering money through the Endowment.

The Endowment has 'four' principal initial recipients of funds: the International Republican Institute; the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs;

Editor's Note: Let me point out, that the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, are direct payments to the Republican and Democrat parties, through foundations they OWN, the which exposes one of the C I A's direct control of the two American Show parties.  You see, they are one. They are controlled by the same corporate C I A over-lords.  End Editor's Note 

an affiliate of the AFL-CIO (such as the American Center for International Labor Solidarity); 

and an affiliate of the Chamber of Commerce (such as the Center for International Private Enterprise). These institutions then disburse funds to other institutions in the US and all over the world, which then often disburse funds to yet other organizations.

In a multitude of ways, The Endowment meddles in the internal affairs of foreign countries by supplying funds, technical know-how, training, educational materials, computers, fax machines, copiers, automobiles and so on, to selected political groups, civic organizations, labor unions, dissident movements, student groups, book publishers, newspapers, other media, etc. The Endowment programs generally impart the basic philosophy that working people and other citizens are best served under a system of free enterprise, class cooperation, collective bargaining, minimal government intervention in the economy and opposition to socialism in any shape or form. A free market economy is equated with democracy, reform and growth, and the merits of foreign investment are emphasized.

From 1994 to 1996, the endowment awarded 15 grants, totaling more than $2,500,000, to the American Institute for 'Free' Labor Development, an organization used by the company for decades to subvert progressive labor unions. 
( )
The American Institute for 'Free' Labor Development's work, within Third World unions typically involved a considerable educational effort very similar to the basic Endowment philosophy described above. The description of one of the 19 96 the Endowment grants to AIFLD includes as one its objectives: "build union-management cooperation". 
Carew, Anthony (February 1998). “The American Labor Movement in Fizzland: The Free Trade Union Committee and the CIA.

Like many things that the Endowment says, this sounds innocuous, if not positive, but these in fact are ideological code words meaning "keep the labor agitation down...don't rock the status quo boat". The relationship between the Endowment and AIFLD very well captures the company's origins of The National Endowment for Democracy. 

The Endowment has funded centrist and rightist labor organizations to help them oppose those unions which were too militantly pro-worker. This has taken place in France, Portugal and Spain amongst many other places. In France, during the 1983 to 84 period, The Endowment supported a "trade union-like organization for professors and students" to counter "left-wing organizations of professors". To this end it funded a series of seminars and the publication of posters, books and pamphlets such as "Subversion and the Theology of Revolution" and "Neutralism or Liberty". ("Neutralism" here refers to being 'non' 'aligned', in the Cold War.)

The Endowment describes one of its 1997-98 programs 'this way': "To identify barriers to private sector development at the local and federal levels in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and to push for legislative change...[and] to develop strategies for private sector growth." Critics of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milošević have been supported by The Endowment  grants for years.

Editor's Note. Mr Blum's book was first published in 2000, but this entry about Yugoslav's president, Slobodan Miloševic shows that he was writing in the year 1999, and possibly before the Kosovo war and the bombing and invasion of both Kosovo and Serbia, by NATO, when it was the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which no longer exists.  He has just very subtly introduced the fact that the very CIA front groups he is outlining, were working in Yugoslavia, to undermine its legally elected president and as history has proved to blow the country apart, making each little independent country easier for the CIA to dominate and exploit. 

( )

As all such wars are couched in the illusion of humanitarian intervention, so was this war.  But what actually happened, is the CIA, worked hand in hand with Al Qaeda in Kosovo, to create Islamic unrest. Like they did a generation earlier in South America, CIA assets, killed priests, raped and killed nuns, attacked monasteries, burned churches, and when the Serbs fought back, they were labeled the aggressor.  Here is a picture of the, then, NATO Chief Commander, General Wesley Clark, who later became a presidential candidate, with two Al Qaeda commanders. From left to right, Albanian terrorist chief Hachi Tachi, French Minister Bernard Couchner, General Michael Jackson, Albanian terrorist, Agim Ceku, and General Clark. With all the bloody groups the CIA has incorporated to do their evil work, Al Qaeda and now ISIS are at the top of the list. But then again, they armed the Indonesian Muslims who slaughtered upwards of 200,000 Christians in the 1980s and 1990s in East Timor. These things are rarely reported in the American Media, for obvious reasons, and when they are reported, the fact that the victims are Christian is NEVER mentioned, unless it is to obvious or already too well known to ignore the fact.  For the entire history of 20th century -  CIA media, they identified the slaughter of Christians as quote, victims of ethnic strife.  End Quote. End Editor's Note. 

In short, The Endowment's programs are in sync with the basic needs and objectives of the New World Order's economic globalization, just as the programs have for years been on the same wavelength as US foreign policy.

Because of a controversy in 1984-when The Endowment  funds were used to aid a Panamanian presidential candidate backed by Manuel Noriega and the CIA-Congress enacted a law prohibiting the use of The Endowment  funds "to finance the campaigns of candidates for public office." But the ways to circumvent the spirit of such a prohibition are not difficult to come up with; as with American elections, there's "hard money" and there's "soft money".

... The Endowment  successfully manipulated elections in Nicaragua in 1990 and Mongolia in 1996 and helped to overthrow democratically elected governments in Bulgaria in 1990 and Albania in 1991 and 1992. In Haiti in the late l9 0s, The Endowment  was busy working on behalf of right wing groups who were united in their opposition to former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his progressive ideology. The Endowment  has made its weight felt in the electoral-political process in numerous other countries.

The Endowment would have the world believe that it's only teaching the ABCs of democracy and elections to people who don't know them, but in all five countries named above there had already been free and fair elections held. The problem, from The Endowment's point of view, is that the elections had been won by political parties not on The Endowment's favorites list.

The Endowment maintains that it's engaged in "opposition building" and "encouraging pluralism". "We support people who otherwise do not have a voice in their political system," said Louisa Coan,  The Endowment  program officer. But The Endowment  hasn't provided aid to foster progressive or leftist opposition in Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua or Eastern Europe-or, for that matter, in the United States even though these groups are hard pressed for funds and to make themselves heard. Cuban dissident groups and media are heavily supported however.

The Endowment's reports carry on endlessly about "democracy", but at best it's a modest measure of mechanical political democracy they have in mind, not economic democracy; nothing that aims to threaten the powers-that-be or the way-things-are, unless of course it's in a place like Cuba.

The Endowment played an important role in the Iran-Contra affair of the 1980s, funding key components of Oliver North's shadowy "Project Democracy" network, which privatized US foreign policy, waged war, ran arms and drugs and engaged in other equally charming activities. At one point in 1987, a White House spokesman stated that those at The Endowment  "run Project Democracy". This was an exaggeration; it would have been more correct to say that The Endowment  was the public arm of Project Democracy, while North ran the covert end of things. In any event, the statement caused much less of a stir than if-as in an earlier period-it had been revealed that it was the Company which was behind such an unscrupulous operation.

The Endowment also mounted a multi-level campaign to fight the leftist insurgency in the Philippines in the mid-1980s, funding a host of private organizations, including unions and the media. This was a replica of a 'typical' Company operation of pre-Endowment days.

And between 1990 and 1992, the Endowment donated a quarter-million dollars of taxpayers' money to the Cuban-American National Fund, the ultra-fanatic anti-Castro Miami group. The CANF, in turn, financed Luis Posada Carriles, one of the most prolific and pitiless terrorists of modern times, who was involved in the blowing up of a Cuban airplane in 1976, which killed 73 people. In 1997, he was involved in a series of bomb explosions in Havana hotels.

 The Endowment , like the  Company before it, calls what it does supporting democracy. The governments and movements whom  The Endowment  targets call it destabilization.

(Now you know why Vladimir Putin kicked the NGO's our of Russia last year.)

The Quotation from Rogue State, A Guide to the World's Only Superpower, ends here.

Next is an article written by the late Steve Kangas, a former intelligence expert, who doggedly harassed the Company with many truthful revelations until he was suicided in 1999.  The same year they suicided my brother-in-law for the same reason.   My brother-in-law was a Jew, hidden by the Jesuits as a child in NAZI Germany, given a Christian name and baptized. Trained by the Jesuits, he was recruited by NATO CIA, as a teen, by 'that' time he had mastered several languages fluently.  His parents were Palestinian Jews who had moved to Germany, but were lost to the death camps. I share this because of his olive complexion and his master of Farsi, Arabic, Turkish, French, English, German, Spanish and several other languages.  He was able to pass as a native, in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and all the Arab countries. He had many different identities, and to this day, I don't know for certain if the name he used was his birth name.  

In the year before his CIA assassination, he had become very introspective. He had amass much wealth, working the European Mid-east black markets, his cover, as it were. He told me that prior to the fall of Communism, he had convinced himself that his work as a CIA NATO intelligence asset was done with the conviction that it was the KGB and the Stasi who were truly evil . and even though terrible crimes were used to defeat them, these crimes were necessary and would stop . if . communism ever collapsed of its own weight.  What he discovered, at the end of the cold war, was instead, .  the evil deeds of the western intelligence establishment continued, as if communism never collapsed, but now the victims were sympathetic.  Where the communists to him, had not been sympathetic in his eyes.  

(UN Court And Western Military Witnesses Confirm NATO Claims of Genocide by Serbs In Kosovo Were FALSE. )
So in the first days of the attack on Serbia and Kosovo, when the CIA ran a massive psychological operation on the American people.  The actually FAKED a genocide, in Kosovo. They hired Kosovars to pretend to be refugees, fleeing the evil Slobodan Miloševic's blood thirsty army.  They hired about 2000 people to play victims. I have video tape of the same victims fleeing the evil Christians of Kosovo-Serbia . one day, fleeing into Albania, the next day fleeing into Montenegro, the next day fleeing into Macedonia. This went on for several days, as they drummed up support for the NATO slaughter of Kosovar Christians, here in the U.S. . . I noticed that these were the cleanest, best groomed refugees I had ever seen.  We know the term False Flag Operation now. This was a massive false flag operation. These were ethnic Albanians who were living in Kosovo. Everyday when they would come flooding over the border into CNN and FOX camera range, they were wearing clean clothes and had poofy hair, like they had showered 'that' morning. You see, when they were supposed to be suffering in, no-mans-land 'camps' . in dire conditions, having been driven from their homes, and reporting that the reason they were on the run, was that Slobodan Miloševic's soldiers had killed one hundred thousand ethnic Albanians, that is Muslims, and had stuffed them down a famous an huge mine shaft. Actually they were picked up each evening by bus, taken to hotels for the night, and the next day dropped off a few miles from the border to make their next escape.  Of course following the war, the U N Human Rights Agency investigated and did not find a single corpse in any mine in Kosovo.  I put this news on our church website. Our website was immediately shut down by the N S A. . The next day, my brother-in-law was shot dead early morning on his front lawn.  His wife was treated to losing her mother to natural death, and her husband to murder, on the same day.  The cruelty of this event rests with me, and is a constant reminder of the evil Americans face, of which . most . are oblivious.  . 

If you think this assassination was cruel, wait to you hear about the reward given the 2000 ethnic Albanians who cooperated with their NATO CIA Saviors. These Albanians realized that they had been used as useful idiots.  They demanded to return home, and made statements in the media, of course . not . reported in the American CIA media, that they did not fear their Christian neighbors.  They organized a convoy, of all the tractors and wagons and farm equipment they had been induced to use as their transportation, (seems the CIA thought the automobile was rare in Kosovo) . or maybe the sight of the tractors and wagons gave them the . aura . of noble peasants . at any rate, about twenty miles into Kosovo, they were incinerated by American bombs. Men . women . fathers . mothers . grand parents . children . even infants, between 1500 and 2000 of them snuffed out for psychological operations reasons.  Hear that phrase again, for psychological operations reasons.   So you can't believe the same New World Order Monsters would slaughter 3000 souls on 911, for psychological operations reasons?  If you think . not . you need to wake up.   End Editor's Note.  

“The Special Relationship” With Militant Islam, NATO backed Islamic Terrorism In the Balkins, The West's Secret Islamic Jihad )

Steve was a classic Liberal, but his analysis of the Company history has proved to be 'deadly' 'accurate.'  ( )  

The wealthy have always used many methods to accumulate wealth, but it was not until the mid-19 70s that these methods coalesced into a superbly organized, cohesive and efficient machine. After 1975, it became greater than the sum of its parts, a smooth flowing organization of advocacy groups, lobbyists, think tanks, conservative foundations, and Public Relations firms that hurtled the richest 1 percent into the stratosphere.

Editor's note.   Mr Kangas just gave a most accurate description of the elite . of the New World Order.  We are not talking about the richest one percent in the U.S., but the richest one percent in the world. These people have taken control of America, her technology and power, turned the European states in to vassal states. One German reporter stricken with conscience .  for his propaganda work for the CIA, said that Germany was little more than an American Colony. That the German Intelligence service was merely a department of the CIA.  We know that European defense spending, the money they put up for their own armies is about 2 point 6 percent of America's defense budget, not counting the hundreds of billions of CIA off budget operations, hidden in the budgets of other departments, and from its many other enterprises and sources of income.  This 1 percent in control of international banking and finance, the chiefs in every institution of genocidal manipulation . the world bank . the international monetary fund . UNESCO . USAID, the Endowment for Democracy and on and on, are all controlled by the same political and police force. That is the 1 percent, with their pit bull called America, and America's military and CIA.  

What you cannot seem to yet grasp, is that they are also in control of the two political, show parties, the Republican and Democratic parties. So than anyone acting inside that system, feigning to be a candidate for national office, feigning to be your next savior, is mere puppet of the system, just as surely as the Chancellor of Germany is a puppet of the same system, just as surely as is the president of the Omni-Surveillance Totalitarian New World Order Police State of America.  They are puppets of a system the one percent have installed and operate, like puppet masters, they pull the strings of the most powerful appearing people in the world.  

You say, in your hypnotized state, believing the political system real, "but I will be very active and work inside the system to make a difference." and you say, "we can take back control by this method."  You make the elite very happy when you say that, because then they know they can control you, keep you chasing the puppet rabbit like a greyhound on a track. Crushed and disappointed when you catch one, only to realize it is a puppet.  But like a lowly beast, unable to rationally connect the dots, you remain ever ready to believe in the reality of the next puppet . in the next race.  This time it is a real rabbit. Now add the name of your candidate. . . .  End Editor's Note

The origins of this machine, interestingly enough, can be traced back to the CIA. This is not to say the machine is a formal CIA operation, complete with code name and signed documents. (Although such evidence may yet surface — and previously unthinkable domestic operations such as MK-ULTRA, CHAOS and MOCKINGBIRD show this to be a distinct possibility.) But what we do know already indicts the CIA strongly enough. Its principle creators were Irving Kristol, Paul Weyrich, William Simon, Richard Mellon Scaife, Frank Shakespeare, William F. Buckley, Jr., the Rockefeller family, and more. Almost all the machine's creators had CIA backgrounds.

During the 1970s, these men would take the propaganda and operational techniques they had learned in the Cold War and apply them to the Class War. Therefore it is no surprise that the American version of the machine bears an uncanny resemblance to the foreign versions designed to fight communism. The CIA's expert and comprehensive organization of the business class would succeed beyond their wildest dreams. In 1975, the richest 1 percent owned 22 percent of America’s wealth. By 1992, they would nearly double that, to 42 percent — the highest level of inequality in the 20th century.

Editor's note.  C B S reported in January of 20 15, that Economic in-equality is set to reach a worrying tipping point next year, when the richest 1 percent will control more than half of the world's wealth.  You see, this one percent, with the power of the shadow, but true government power, are the over-lords, of the New World Order.  We can identify them.  The C B S article further stated.  

  (The “1 percent” are richer than you thought – )

That's the prediction from the charity Oxfam, which will deliver its report on the world's growing wealth gap at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which kicks off on Wednesday. The report tracks the startling rise in the fortunes of the world's rich, who have seen their control of global wealth rise from 44 percent in 2009 to 48 percent in 2014.

Oxfam is aiming to gain the notice of the world's leaders at Davos, where billionaires gather to discuss some of the planet's most pressing issues, such as climate change and Ebola. Yet observers may wonder if the report's message will fall on deaf ears, especially given the attendees at Davos include many of the world's richest people, including Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt, who is worth $8.1 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires index. End Editor's note.

How did this alliance start? The CIA has always recruited the nation’s elite: millionaire businessmen, Wall Street brokers, members of the national news media, and Ivy League scholars. During World War II, General "Wild Bill" Donovan became chief of the Office of Strategic Services (O S S), the forerunner of the CIA. Donovan recruited so exclusively from the nation’s rich and powerful that members eventually came to joke that "O S S" stood for "Oh, so social!"

Another early elite was Allen Dulles, who served as Director of the CIA from 1953 to 1961. Dulles was a senior partner at the Wall Street firm of Sullivan and Cromwell, which represented the Rockefeller empire and other mammoth trusts, corporations and cartels. He was also a board member of the J. Henry Schroeder Bank, with offices in Wall Street, London, Zurich and Hamburg. His financial interests across the world would become a conflict of interest when he became head of the CIA. Like Donavan, he would recruit exclusively from society’s elite.

By the 1950s, the CIA had riddled the nation’s businesses, media and universities with tens of thousands of part-time, on-call operatives. Their employment with the agency took a variety of forms, which included:

Leaving one's profession to work for the CIA in a formal, official capacity.

Staying in one's profession, using the job as cover for CIA activity. This undercover activity could be full-time, part-time, or on-call.

Staying in one's profession, occasionally passing along information useful to the CIA.

Passing through the revolving door that has always existed between the agency and the business world.

( the mighty wurletzer: HOW THE CIA PLAYED AMERICA – by Hugh Wilford – Harvard Press.  - Note** “Played” past tense.  It would take a fool not to realize that what has been the history, is not expanded exponentially, by the power and resources dubbed, “Homeland Security.” That earlier reference to the NIP, the National Intelligence Program's budget should give you a hint.  What Hugh Eilford tells of the past, has to be extrapolate into the present. Why?  Because we know for certain the direction of government has not changed. )
Historically, the CIA and society’s elite have been one and the same people. This means that their interests and goals are one and the same as well. Perhaps the most frequent description of the intelligence community is the 'old' boy network, where members socialize, talk shop, conduct business and tap each other for favors well outside the formal halls of government.

Many common traits made it inevitable that the CIA and Corporate America would become allies. Both share an intense dislike of democracy, and feel they should be liberated from democratic regulations and oversight. Both share a culture of secrecy, either hiding their actions from the American public or lying about them to present the best public image. And both are in a perfect position to help each other.

How? International businesses give CIA agents cover, secret funding, top-quality resources and important contacts in foreign lands. In return, the CIA gives corporations billion-dollar federal contracts (for spy planes, satellites and other hi-tech spycraft). Businessmen also enjoy the romantic thrill of participating in spy operations. The CIA also gives businesses a certain amount of protection and privacy from the media and government watchdogs, under the guise of "national security." Finally, the CIA helps American corporations remain dominant in foreign markets, by overthrowing governments hostile to unregulated capitalism and installing puppet regimes whose policies favor American corporations at the expense of their people.

The CIA’s alliance with the elite turned out to be an unholy one. Each enabled the other to rise above the law. Indeed, a review of the CIA’s history is one of such crime and atrocity that no one can reasonably defend it, even in the name of anti communism. Before reviewing this alliance in detail, it is useful to know the CIA’s history of atrocity first.

The Crimes of the CIA
The Central Intelligence Agency: History and Documents

During World War II, the OSS actively engaged in propaganda, sabotage and countless other dirty tricks. After the war, the OSS was decommissioned. But that did not last long. It was re-created as the CIA in 1947 and sold to the American people as strictly an intelligence gathering agency.  But even at that time, 1947 it was hip deep in former NAZIS and war criminals.  That same year its covert action wing, innocuously called the Office of Policy Coordination was created. Its first director was Wall Street lawyer Frank Wisner. According to its secret charter, its responsibilities included propaganda, economic warfare, preventive direct action, including sabotage, anti sabotage, demolition and evacuation procedures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups, and support of indigenous anti-communist elements in threatened countries of the free world.
Special Activities Division
By 1953, the dirty tricks department of the CIA, had grown to 7,200 personnel and commanded 74 percent of the CIA’s total budget. The following quotes describe the culture of lawlessness that pervaded the CIA: Stanley Lovell, a CIA recruiter for "Wild Bill" Donovan: "What I have to do is to stimulate the Peck's Bad Boy beneath the surface of every American scientist and say to him, 'Throw all your normal law-abiding concepts out the window. Here's a chance to raise merry hell. Come help me raise it.'" 

(Mind Manipulators, Scheflin and Opton. p.241)

Cia's LSD Experiments on Private, non-informed citizens. 

George Hunter White, writing of his CIA escapades: "I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun... Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all-highest?" ( Captain George White in a letter to Dr. Sidney Gottlieb.) 

Espionage Spies and Secrets p by Rihard M Bennett. 

A retired CIA agency caseworker with twenty years experience: "I never gave a thought to legality or morality. Frankly, I did what worked."

Blessed with secrecy and lack of congressional oversight, CIA operations became corrupt almost immediately. Using propaganda stations like Voice of America and Radio Free Europe, the CIA felt justified in manipulating the public for its own good. The broadcasts were so patently false that for a time it was illegal to publish transcripts of them in the U.S., 

The NDAA Legalizes The Use of Propaganda on The US Public; 

(Editor's note.  The same propaganda weapon, formerly known as the American Information Agency, now known as the National Board of Broadcast Governors, controls every word presented to the American People through every branch of the American media, literally writing the scripts red on News Programs.  It is a 24-7, 365 day a year, psychological operation that has wiped from the American consciousness any true understanding of what is really happening in the world, and what the state of their own liberty is. End Editor's note)

This was a classic case of a powerful organization deciding what was best for the people, and then abusing the powers it had helped itself to. During the 40s and 50s, most of the public was unaware of what the CIA was doing. Those who knew thought they were fighting the good fight against communism, like James Bond. However, they could not keep their actions secret forever, and by the 60s and 70s, Americans began learning about the agency’s crimes and atrocities. 
(All history concerning CIA intervention in foreign countries is summarized from William Blum's encyclopedic work, Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions since World War II (Monroe, Maine: Common Courage Press, 1995).  Sources for domestic CIA operations come from Jonathan Vankin and John Whalen's “The 60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time – Secaucus, N.J.: Citadel Press, 1997).  Information about CIA drug running can be found at

CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade by Alfred W. McCoy. )  

It turns out the CIA has:

Corrupted democratic elections in Greece, Italy and dozens of other nations;

Been involved to varying degrees in at least 35 assassination plots against foreign heads of state or prominent political leaders. Successful assassinations include democratically elected leaders like Salvador Allende (Chile) and Patrice Lumumba (Belgian Congo); also CIA-created dictators like Rafael Trujillo (Dominican Republic) and Ngo Dinh Diem (South Vietnam); and popular political leaders like Che Guevara. Unsuccessful attempts range from Fidel Castro to Charles De Gaulle.

Helped launch military coups that toppled democratic governments, replacing them with brutal dictatorships or huntas. The list of overthrown democratic leaders includes Mossadegh (Iran, 1953), Arbenz (Guatemala, 1954), Velasco and Arosemena (Ecuador, 1961, 1963), Bosch (Dominican Republic, 1963), Goulart (Brazil, 1964), Sukarno (Indonesia, 1965), Papandreou (Greece, 1965-67), Allende (Chile, 1973), and dozens of others.

Undermined the governments of Australia, Guyana, Cambodia, Jamaica and more;

Editor's Note,  The CIA, and the American New World Order propaganda machine go to great lengths to point out the failed attempts of CIA operations.  They try to paint them as a group of bumbling idiots who cannot distinguish between their anus and a hole in the ground.  What you have to remember, is that every action the CIA takes, is not necessarily to create an end, in itself, . that is a completed goal in that one action, but rather all of these actions and thousands more, have to be viewed like a cowboy, with a cattle prod, herding the world's population towards a series of goals, a series of outcomes. And they can act and chew gum at the same time, and have very different types of operations going in different locations in the world, as they herd toward that series of goals.  
The goal of this era, is clearly genocide. To kill as many people as possible and to make it look like the natural order of things. To make it appear that every war is a local problem, and if those people would just be reasonable there would be no need for killing.  Yet, these same powerful people have publicly announce their intention to reduce the human population to a . sustainable level.  And have written in stone that level is a world population of one half billion people. And written documents explaining that they intend to reach this goal in the first one hundred years of the 21st century. There are 7 billion people on the planet in 2015.  There will be 9 billion by 2050, without a massive culling.  So you do the math.  This time do not view the problem like a dumb beast, but engage rational thought and ask yourself, how do the world's elite, move the population from 7 billion to one half billion in the next 85 years as they have stated is their wish, and goal, for this period of time, without a mass culling of the human herd, a period of genocide, where death is the most common thing.   end editor's note. 

Supported murderous dictators like General Pinochet (Chile), the Shah of Iran, Ferdinand Marcos (Phillipines), "Papa Doc" and "Baby Doc" Duvalier (Haiti), General Noriega (Panama), Mobuto Sese Seko (Zair), the "reign of the colonels" (Greece), and more;

Created, trained and supported death squads and secret police forces that tortured and murdered hundreds of thousands of civilians, leftists and political opponents, in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Haiti, Bolivia, Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Iran, Turkey, Angola and others;

Helped run the "School of the Americas" at Fort Benning, Georgia, which trains Latin American military officers how to overthrow democratic governments. Subjects include the use of torture, interrogation and murder;
Used Michigan State "professors" to train Dee-m’s secret police in torture;
Conducted economic sabotage, including ruining crops, disrupting industry, sinking ships and creating food shortages;

Paved the way for the massacre of 200,000 in East Timor, 500,000 in Indonesia and one to two million in Cambodia;
Launched secret or illegal military actions or wars in Nicaragua, Angola, Cuba, Laos and Indochina;
Planted false stories in the local media;
Framed political opponents for crimes, atrocities, political statements and embarrassments that they did not commit;
Spied on thousands of American citizens, in defiance of Congressional law;
Smuggled Nazi war criminals and weapon scientists into the U.S., unpunished, for their use in the Cold War;
Created organizations like the World Anti-Communist League, which became filled with ex-Nazis, Nazi sympathizers, Italian terrorists, Japanese fascists, racist Afrikaaners, Latin American death squad leaders, CIA agents and other extreme right-wing militants;

Conducted Operation MK-ULTRA, a mind-control experiment that gave LSD and other drugs to Americans against their will or without their knowledge, causing some to commit suicide;

Editor's Note: Of course this is just 'one' of the mind control programs of the CIA.  Just as they have run drugs, connected to the mind control experimentation and programs, they have operated child sex slave cartels. this is now well documented.  End-note.

Penetrated and disrupted student antiwar organizations;

Kept friendly and extensive working relations with the Mafia;

Actively traded in drugs around the world since the 1950s to fund its operations. The Contra/crack scandal is only the tip of the iceberg –- other notorious examples include Southeast Asia’s Golden Triangle and Noreiga’s Panama and presently the Heroin production of Afghanistan. 

Editor's Note: Alfred W. McCoy, writes in his encyclopedic book, The Politics of Heroin, CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade, Afghanistan, Southeast Asia, Central America, Colombia, 

Quote, Covert Warfare in Afghanistan . Long something of a backwater in U.S. foreign policy, Central Asia emerged in the late 1970s as a flash point of cold war confrontation.  As America and its allies dispatched covert operatives, secret arms shipments, and military aid to fight a covert war in Afghanistan, opium production 'soared' .  and heroin poured out of the region into European and American markets.  Although the causality was more complex than such a simple sketch allows, there was nonetheless a close correspondence between covert operations and the regions' rising heroin exports. end quote. 

 I suggest that the tie between the increased heroin production connected to CIA intervention in Afghanistan, is as close a tie, as it appears, on the surface. The intervening years have exposed the reality of this close tie.  The years have uncovered the CIA's use of drugs for control of populations, to keep the people 'docile' and non-responsive, anesthetized, as it were, while those same populations participate in their own soft genocide. 


Soft genocide is affected by many means, birth control, abortion, infanticide, poor and artificial diet, neglect of normal health precautions, destruction of the human body's natural immune system through the exposure of drugs and other chemicals, sexual promiscuity promoting life shorting social diseases, and the immune destroying drugs used for cure. 

** Note there is not evidence whatsoever of 'bio-chemical embalance, the excuse the psycho-political operators are using to drug the American people.  “No biochemical, neurological, or genetic markers have been found for Attention Deficit Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Depression, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Compulsive Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Over-eating, Gambling or any other so-called mental illness, disease, or disorder.”  - Bruce Levine, Ph.D., psychologist and author of Commonsense Rebellion. Commonsense Rebellion: Taking Back Your Life from Drugs, Shrinks, Corporations, and a World Gone Crazy

We are at a point that one in 4 American Adults are on some form of 'legal' doctor prescribed, mind altering drugs, and one in five minors on the same poisons. And this is just the legal stuff.  Anyone who does not believe there is an overarching plan in this sea of drugs is willfully ignorant. We can note, that 911 did not happen, and the overt war in Afghanistan did not happen, until the Taliban, outlawed the growing of poppies and began to kill the CIA's poppy farmers, and burn their fields.  The mental haze created in the West, to keep the populations from arising in defiance while they are being  . genocided  .  requires as one element of the genocide, this supply of drugs from Afghanistan.  

Note** Less than 4 months before 911 – New York Times Report UNITED Nations, May 18- The first American narcotics experts (CIA) to go to Afghanistan under Taliban rule have concluded that the movement's ban on opium-poppy cultivation appears to have wiped out the world's largest crop in less than a year, officials said today. - by Barbara Crossette – Published: May 20, 2001. 

Had their fingerprints all over the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcom X. 

(Note: The Immaculate Deception: the Bush Crime Family Exposed – Russell S. Bowen.)

(Note: George Hebert Walker Bush and the JFK Assassination, )

Even if the CIA is not responsible for these killings, the sheer amount of CIA involvement in these cases demands answers;

And of coures they have from the start routinely lied to Congress about all of the above.
The Association for Responsible Dissent estimates that by 1987, 6 million people had died as a result of CIA covert operations. 

(The Association for Responsible Dissent's list of CIA atrocities, expanding of Blum's list;

(Coleman McCarthy “The Consequences of Cover Tactics”  Washington Post, December 13, 1987 )

Former State Department official William Blum correctly calls this an "American Holocaust."
We should note that the CIA gets away with this because it is not accountable to democratic government. Former CIA officer Philip Agee put it best: "The CIA is the President's secret army." Prior to 1975, the agency answered only to the President (creating all the usual problems of authoritarianism). And because the CIA’s activities were secret, the President rarely had to worry about public criticism and pressure. After the 1975 Church hearings, Congress tried to create congressional oversight of the CIA, but this has failed miserably. One reason is that the congressional oversight committee is a 'sham', filled with Cold Warriors, conservatives, businessmen, and even ex-CIA personnel.

(NOTE***  Afgan opium cultivation 'grew 40-fold' during US operation – Russia Security Council chief Published time: April 14, 2015 )

Editor's Note: By this time in history, it is made clear for anyone doing serious research, and by that, I mean anyone not hypnotized, so that they are able to look past the CIA, and Government's own propaganda, understands that the Intelligence committees of the House and Senate are merely a different division of the Intelligence establishment, and they are both links in the New World Order machine, giving merely the public pretense of, oversight.  In fact, the American public has no oversight of the CIA, much less any control over it. Quite the opposite is true as the history of the CIA proves. American citizens are viewed by the intelligence establishment as chattel to be experimented upon, brainwashed, herded and totally controlled from cradle to grave.  End note.
The Business Origins of CIA Crimes

(Note* Former Maryland Banker Reveals He Used to Work for CIA;

Although many people think that the CIA’s primary mission during the Cold War was to "deter communism," Noam Chomksy correctly points out that its real mission was "deterring democracy." From corrupting elections to overthrowing democratic governments, from assassinating elected leaders to installing murderous dictators, the CIA has virtually always replaced democracy with dictatorship. It didn’t help that the CIA was run by businessmen, whose hostility towards democracy is legendary. 
( Note** Rise of the Nation Security State
The CIA's links to Wall Street 

Wall Stree, CIA and the Global Drug Trade
Former Los Angeles policeman Mike Ruppert blows the whistle of Wall Street's role in laundering drug money for CIA enterprises, and warns that Colombia could be the centre of the next regional conflict;   BTW Mike Ruppert was also “suicided.” )

The reason they overthrew so many democracies is because the people usually voted for policies that multi-national corporations didn't like: land reform, strong labor unions, nationalization of their industries, and greater regulation protecting workers, consumers and the environment.

So the CIA’s greatest "successes" were usually more pro-corporate than anti-communist. Citing a communist threat, the CIA helped overthrow the democratically elected Mohammed Mussadegh government in Iran in 1953. But there was no communist threat — the Soviets stood back and watched the coup from afar. What really happened was that Mussadegh threatened to nationalize British and American oil companies in Iran. Consequently, the CIA and MI6 toppled Mussadegh and replaced him with a puppet government, headed by the Shah of Iran and his murderous secret police, SAVAK. The reason why the Ayatollah Khomeini and his revolutionaries took 52 Americans hostage in Tehran in 1979 was because the CIA had helped SAVAK torture and murder their people.

(Note* )

Another "success" was the CIA’s overthrow of the democratically elected government of Jacabo Arbenz in Guatemala in 1954.

(Note* Testimony of CIA Participant in Jocobo Arbenz Coup d'etat )

 Again, there was no communist threat. The real threat was to Guatemala’s United Fruit Company, a Rockefeller-owned firm whose stockholders included CIA Director Allen Dulles. Arbenz threatened to nationalize the company, albeit with generous compensation. In response, the CIA initiated a coup, that 'overthrew' Arbenz and installed the murderous dictator Castillo Armas. For four decades, CIA-backed, dictators would torture and murder hundreds of thousands of leftists, union members and others who would fight for a more equitable distribution of the country’s resources.

( Note*  How the drama and repression developed as a US-backed coup overthrew Allende's government on 9.11.1973 )
Another "success" story was Chile. In 1973, the country’s democratically elected leader, Salvadore Allende, nationalized foreign-owned interests, like Chile’s lucrative copper mines and telephone system. International Telephone & Telegraph (ITT) offered the CIA $1 million to overthrow Allende — which the CIA allegedly refused — but paid $350,000 to his political opponents. The CIA responded with a coup that murdered Allende and replaced him with a brutal tyrant, General Augusto Pinochet. Pinochet tortured and murdered thousands of leftists, union members and political opponents,  as the economists, trained at the University of Chicago under Milton Friedman, installed a "free market" economy, which always means abandoning the workers of the nation, leaving a great portion, permanently unemployed for the benefit of the most wealthy.  Since then, income inequality has soared higher in Chile than anywhere else in Latin America.

Editor's Note. We used to view this type of rhetoric as leftist propaganda, when the liberals began to talk about income inequality.  After all, Obama has waxed poetic about income inequality, while he has presided over an exponential expansion of the wealth of the people at the very top, the people he works for.  But we have to understand, that when we are to the point that the wealthiest one percent own more than half the worlds wealth, and they have used that wealth to take control of governments, and have subjected ordinary people to a haze of drugs, propaganda and generational debt, we have to admit that we have reached a new kind of old feudalism, with the ruling Oligarchy firmly in control . but this time, because of massive advances in technology, no longer needing the peasant's labor for production.  Technology has made the need for huge amounts of human labor un-necessary and un-needed. that makes a huge amount of the world's population, in the eyes of the elite, un-needed as well as un-welcome.  They have openly described these un-needed people as . useless eaters.  My caution is that conservatives and Christians have to look past the false idea of trickle down economics. When half the worlds wealth is held by one percent of the population it is very clear that the idea of trickle down was a lie. Wealth has flowed up hill, and we were extremely naive not to have expected it. This wealth has bonded itself to the most powerful tool of violence on the planet, that being, the American Military and America's Secret armies and America's now, not so . secret . government. They have almost . succeeded in creating a one world fascist state. Since, there is very little power in the world, not subject to Anglo-American domination. At this point in history, nations that are not totally submitted to this power structure are constantly harassed, undermined, subjected to sabotage, economic privation, blockades, sanctions, and war, or the constant threat of war.  Those nations not subjected to this power structure are said, euphemistically to be, outside the order of civilized nations.  This label is placed upon Russia  - which is an emerging Republic, with greater political freedom than exists in CIA America. End Editor Note.

Even when the communist threat was real, the CIA first and foremost took care of the elite. In testimony before Congress in the early 50s, it artificially inflated Soviet military capabilities. A notorious example was the "bomber gap" that later turned out to be grossly exaggerated. Another was "Team B," a group of hawkish CIA analysts who seriously distorted Soviet military data. These scare tactics worked. Congress awarded giant defense contracts to the U.S. military-industrial complex.

( Note* The “bomber gap” was the unfounded belief in the Cold War-era United States that the Soviet Union's Long Range Aviation had gained an advantage in deploying jet-powered strategic bombers;

The same NEO-CON propaganda was used with the fake Missile Gap twenty years later;

Team B concluded that the Soviet Union did not adhere to the doctrine of mutual assured destruction, but rather believed it could win a nuclear war outright.  This was the BIG LIE and scare tactic.  They have to keep us fearful. ) 

And not even the fall of the Soviet Union and the challenge to American's defense contractors,  have stopped the CIA from serving the elite. Journalist Robert Dreyfuss writes:

Since the end of the Cold War, Washington has been abuzz with talk about using the Company, for, economic espionage. Stripped of euphemism, economic espionage simply means that American spies would target foreign companies, such as Toyota, Nissan and Honda, and then covertly pass stolen trade secrets and technology to U.S. corporate executives. 

Robert Dreyfuss, “Company Spies,” Mother Jones;

The CIA As Economic Spy:
The Misuse of US Intelligence After the Cold War  )

If this isn’t bad enough, a worse problem arises in that the CIA doesn’t hand over this technology to every American auto-related company, but only the Big Three: Ford, Chrysler and General Motors.
In a 1975 interview, Ex-CIA agent Philip Agee summed up his personal observations of the agency:

To the people who work for it, the CIA is known as The Company. The Big Business mentality pervades everything. Agents, for instance, are called assets. The man in charge of the United Kingdom desk is said to have the "U.K. account"…
American multinational corporations have built up colossal interests all over the world, and you can bet your ass that wherever you find U. S. business interests, you also find the CIA… The multinational corporations want a peaceful status-quo in countries where they have investments, because that gives them undisturbed access to cheap raw materials, cheap labor and stable markets for their finished goods. The status quo suits bankers, because their money remains secure and multiplies. And, of course, the status quo suits the small ruling groups the CIA supports abroad, because all they want is to keep themselves on top of the socioeconomic pyramid, and the majority of their people on the bottom. But do you realize what being on the bottom means in most parts of the world? Ignorance, poverty, often early death by starvation or disease…

Editor's Note: Surely anyone taking an honest look can see that this power structure of the corporations with its secret army, the CIA .  has sabotaged the Free Enterprise System in the United States, removing the national protections for American small business, and making them compete with international capital.  It has destroyed free enterprise in America, and replaced it with International Capitalism, which is the structure of the New World Order. It has used government then, to create a collectivist system, covering over the poverty they have created with welfare subsistence. 

( Our Hidden History of Corporations in the United States  )

The president of Gallop reported that he feared for his life, for candidly sharing unauthorized information on national media, stating that the present ratio of able-bodied workers, in the U.S. to the number of jobs in the U.S. is worse than during the Great Depression.

( The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment – )

  A friend stated that the only reason we don't see soup lines, like in the great depression, is because people are issued E B T cards.  When you consider this thought, then it makes the Obama's encouragement to people to apply for food stamp come into focus.  Why would he purposely try to increase the number of people on food stamps? The answer is obvious, if you think about it. To help cover over the poverty the New World Order elite are purposely producing.  Certainly, it is to a lesser degree that our poor, our people at the bottom, experience for now, less ignorance, less poverty, and less death by starvation and disease than in the third world.  But can we honestly argue that the trend is not in that direction?  Can we honestly argue that George W Bush's massive increase in national debt, more than all preceding presidents 'combined' was not equally a plot to cover over the poverty they are purposely creating.  End editor's Note. 

There was a time when the CIA pretended to be an instrument of the President.  Since the CIA has been instrumental in taking down at least two presidents in the last 50 years, I think we can safely say that the CIA's real master is not the president, but the American Corporations, the Military Industrial Complex, the Banking Oligarchs, whose purpose they always serve. 

(Philip Agee: The Playboy interview
Transcript  )

Domestic Recruitment
The CIA had no trouble recruiting elites who sought a more exciting life. Between 1948 and 1959, more than 40,000 American individuals and companies acted as sources for the U.S. intelligence community. 

(Lara Shohet, “Intelligence, Academia and Industry,” The Final Report of the Snyder Commission, Edward Cheng and Diane C. Snyder, eds., Princeton University: The Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, January 1997

Editor's note:  When you understand, that a 'mere', 400 people in the US, own nearly 50 percent of American wealth, you can bet that the movers and shakers of the CIA can directly trace their blood and loyalty ties, to this elite group of Oligarchs.  End Editor's note.  

Let’s look at each area of recruitment, and see how they enabled the CIA to conduct its crimes:

Big Business

The CIA co-opted big business right from the start, beginning with the most famous billionaire of the time: Howard Hughes. Hughes had inherited his father’s million-dollar tool and die company at age 19. Anxious to expand his fortune, he made a conscientious decision "to go where the money is" — namely, government. With a few well-placed bribes, Hughes secured defense contracts to build military planes. The result was the Hughes Aircraft company. By 1940, he had also acquired a controlling interest in Trans World Airlines. His government connections and international airline soon caught the attention of the CIA, and the two began a lifelong relationship. 

NOTE**  Many TWO Stewardesses operated “honey pot” CIA operations, gaining intelligence from foreign officals and foreign businessmen.

Many TWA Pilots were CIA, and they operated a covert aerial photo reconnaissance mission for decades, on all international flights.  This was when photogrammetry was the state of the art surveillance means.

Hughes, whom the CIA dubbed "The Stockbroker," became the agency’s largest contractor. Not only did he let the CIA use his business firms as fronts, but he also funded countless CIA operations. Perhaps the most notorious was Operation Jennifer, an allegedly failed attempt to recover nuclear codes from a sunken Soviet submarine. Hughes’ right-hand security man, Robert Maheu, Maheu, was a CIA agent who at one time represented the CIA in negotiations with the Mafia to assassinate Fidel Castro.

The CIA’s contacts with big business quickly spread. The agency showed a preference for international companies, public relations firms, media companies, law offices, banks, financiers and stockbrokers. The CIA didn’t limit its activities to recruiting businessmen; sometimes the CIA bought or created entire companies outright. 

(Note * List of “known” CIA Front Companies )

One benefit of co-opting big business was that the CIA was able to create a secret source of funds other than from government. With stock portfolios multiplying their profits, it’s impossible now to say how flush the CIA really is.

 (Editor's Note:  Twenty years later, we can say with certainty, that it is impossible to tell where the CIA ends, and the corporate interests begin. We have seen the meld into one, and we have witnessed this new structure of government, called the New World Order, become more destructive and militant of anything and any one who stands in their way. End Editor's note. 

 If Congress ever cut off funds for a mission, the business fraternity could easily replace them, either by donations or even setting up profitable businesses in the target country. In fact, this is precisely what happened during the Iran/Contra scandal.  By allying itself with the business community, the CIA received the funds and ability it needed to remove itself from democratic control.

The Media PSY-OPTS

Journalism is a perfect cover for CIA agents. People talk freely to journalists, and few think suspiciously of a journalist aggressively searching for information. Journalists also have power, influence and clout. Not surprisingly, the CIA began a mission in the late 1940s to recruit American journalists on a wide scale, a mission it dubbed Operation MOCKINGBIRD. The agency wanted these journalists not only to relay any sensitive information they discovered, but also to write anti-communist, pro-capitalist propaganda when needed.

The instigators of MOCKINGBIRD were Frank Wisner, Allan Dulles, Richard Helms and Philip Graham. Graham was the husband of Katherine Graham, today’s publisher of the Washington Post. In fact, it was the Post’s ties to the CIA that allowed it to grow so quickly after the war, both in readership and influence.

MOCKINGBIRD was extraordinarily successful. In no time, the agency had recruited at least 25 media organizations to disseminate CIA propaganda. At least 400 journalists would eventually join the CIA payroll, according to the CIA’s testimony before a stunned Church Committee in 1975. (The committee felt the true number was considerably higher.) The names of those recruited reads like a Who's, 'Who' list of journalism:

Philip and Katharine Graham (Publishers, Washington Post)
William Paley (President, CBS)
Henry Luce (Publisher, Time and Life magazine)
Arthur Hays Sulzberger (Publisher, N.Y. Times)
Jerry O'Leary (Washington Star)
Hal Hendrix (Pulitzer Prize winner, Miami News)
Barry Bingham Sr., (Louisville Courier-Journal)
James Copley (Copley News Services)
Joseph Harrison (Editor, Christian Science Monitor)
C. D. Jackson (Fortune Magazine)
Walter Pincus (Reporter, Washington Post)
Associated Press
United Press International
Hearst Newspapers
Newsweek magazine
Mutual Broadcasting System
Miami Herald
Old Saturday Evening Post
 and the
New York Herald-Tribune

Editor's note: Remember the source of this information is very dated, 
since it is a combination of information from the Church Committee, from Whistle Blowers, like Philip Agee,  and information gathered from many “Freedom of Information Requests.”  At present all “journalists are CIA, Homeland Security assets, since they all function under a National Security letter, that is actually a gag order, naming the things they cannot mention in their broadcasts. At present any talking-head working for any facility that requires a broadcast license, or editors, writers, and reporters for commercial print news,  they are all under such a Security Letter.  Also they are required to carry the government's propaganda, under the regulations of the National Emergencies Act (of Sep. 14, 1976).  So now, it is a completely different circumstance than when this writer was writing.  When he was writing the Government was not in complete control of American Media, it merely held sway over the dialectic.  Today it holds total control, complete with DHS “minders” in every news room, both broadcast and print media. Recently, one reporter told me that this was not so, that there was no “minder” in her office.  Only to discover that her editor was a CIA operative.  End Editor's note.

Perhaps no newspaper is more important to the CIA than the Washington Post. Its location in the nation’s capitol enables the paper to maintain valuable personal contacts with leading intelligence, political and business figures. Unlike other newspapers, the Post operates its own bureaus around the world, rather than relying on the standard wire services. Owner Philip Graham was a military intelligence officer in World War II, and later became close friends with CIA figures like Frank Wisner, Allen Dulles, Desmond FitzGerald and Richard Helms. He inherited the Post by marrying Katherine Graham, whose father owned it. After Philip’s suicide in 1963, Katharine Graham took over the Post. Seduced by her husband’s world of government and espionage, she expanded her newspaper’s relationship with the CIA. In a 1988 speech before CIA officials at Langley, Virginia, she stated:

We live in a dirty and dangerous world. There are some things that the general public does not need to know and shouldn’t. I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows.
This quote has since become a classic among CIA critics for its belittlement of democracy and its admission that there is a political agenda behind the Post’s headlines.

Ben Bradlee was the Post’s managing editor during most of the Cold War. He worked in the U.S. Paris embassy from 1951 to 1953, where he followed orders by the CIA station chief to place propaganda in the European press.  

(Deborah Davis, Katharine the Great and the Washington Post, 2nd ed. - Bethesda MD:  National Press, 1987 )

Most Americans incorrectly believe that Bradlee personifies the liberal slant of the Post, given his role in publishing the Pentagon Papers and the Watergate investigations. But neither of these two incidents are what they seem. The Post merely published the Pentagon Papers after The New York Times already had, because it wanted to appear competitive. As for Watergate, we’ll examine the CIA’s reasons for wanting to bring down Nixon in a moment. Someone once asked Bradlee: "Does it irk you when The Washington Post is made out to be a bastion of slanted liberal thinkers instead of champion journalists just because of Watergate?" Bradlee responded: "Damn right it does!"

(“Forum for Ben Bradlee,” Watergate. )

It would be impossible to elaborate in this short space even the most important examples of the CIA/media alliance. Sig Mickelson was a CIA asset the entire time he was president of CBS News from 1954 to 1961. Later he went on to become president of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, two major outlets of CIA propaganda.

The CIA also secretly bought or created its own media companies. It owned 40 percent of the Rome Daily American at a time when communists were threatening to win the Italian elections. Worse, the CIA has bought many domestic media companies. A prime example is Capital Cities, created in 1954 by CIA businessman William Casey (who would later become Reagan’s CIA director). Another founder was Lowell Thomas, a close friend and business contact with CIA Director Allen Dulles. Another founder was CIA businessman Thomas Dewey. By 1985, Capital Cities had grown so powerful that it was able to buy an entire TV network: ABC.

For those who believe in "separation of press and state," the very idea that the CIA has secret propaganda outlets throughout the media is appalling. The reason why America was so oblivious to CIA crimes in the 40s and 50s was because the media willingly complied with the agency. Even today, when the immorality of the CIA should be an open-and-shut case, 'debate' about the issue rages in the media. Here is but one example:

In 1996, The San Jose Mercury News published an investigative report suggesting that the CIA had sold crack in Los Angeles to fund the Contra war in Central America. A month later, three of the CIA’s most important media allies — The Washington Post, The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times — immediately leveled their guns at the Mercury report and blasted away in an attempt to discredit it. Who wrote the Post article? Walter Pincus, longtime CIA journalist. The dangers here are obvious.

Editor's note. What this writer was chronicling was the process by which the CIA was taking control of the media.  That process is now complete.  We have to come to understand, that the first amendment is dead. There simply is no freedom of the press in America. The pretense that we have a free press in 2015 is just one of the Big Lies this omni surveillance totalitarian police state tells us.  The pretense that we have a free press, that reporters actually function as a watch dog, sniffing out government abuses, corruption and overreach is part of the grand psychological operation to keep you pacified, to keep you from rising up and re-taking your Liberty.  Likewise, the pretense of elections in America are part of the same psychological operation, to make you think that you have a voice, when this has been empirically proved to be a lie.  

(Note****  Princeton University, in a many years study, conclusively proves that America is the Oligarchy, I am describing to you, and the Political process is FAKE. )

Now, think . . . If there is not free press, and they are telling you about supposed free elections, can it be true that we have free elections?  What you will learn before this lesson is over, is that both the Republican and Democrat parties have become propaganda arms of the government.  There are no free elections in America, except for some local, inconsequential locations.  It has been documented by Charlotte Iserbyt that even the local school boards have become weapons of the Agenda.  The same is true of most municipal governments. All one has to do, is to observe the statist policies passed on the local level as local law, that actually reflect the Agenda 21 protocols. It has been a 30 year crushing of small business, family farms, all small manufacturers, in favor of multi-national corporate interests, the confiscation and massive regulation of private property under bogus zoning laws, the usurping of private property rights, over, land use and land resources.  Any one who at this point in history who does not understand the complete conquest of American Society, simply does not want to know.  They choose ignorance, that is “ignore”-ance. Christopher Hedges has it absolutely right, when he says that the American people have lost the memory of Liberty, and that this loss is a government induced hypnosis.  I would suggest that you watch my video, entitled 

Luciferian Marxist Mind Control.

You see, the Marxists and the Neo Cons, joined forces. The CIA was the instrument used for that partnership. It is a partnership of multi-national corporations, using capitalism and the covert operations of the CIA, as weapons of conquest, creating statist governments in its wake, utilizing collectivists and marxist means to keep populations of the countries they have conquered, quiet, calm and stupid. Those who believe themselves awake, are like greyhounds on the track, who are constantly chasing the fake rabbit, as they expend their time, talent and fortune trying to get puppets of the Over Lord's elected.  Of course each person so hypnotized, will passionately defend their-guy, as being 'not' a puppet, but the real deal.  End Editor's 


By the early 50s, CIA Director Allen Dulles had staffed the CIA almost exclusively with Ivy League graduates, especially from Yale. (A disproportionate number of CIA figures, like George Bush, come from Yale’s "Skull and Crossbones" Society.) 

(America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones – by Antony C Sutton. )

CIA recruiters also approached thousands of other professors to work in place at their universities on a part-time, contract basis. Not stopping at recruiting scholars, the agency would go on to create several departments at elite universities, including Harvard's Russian Research Center and the Center for International Studies at MIT.

Although most academics were supportive of the CIA in the 50s, most were unaware of its abuses. In the 60s, academia would become outraged to learn that anti-communist organizations like the National Student Association were actually creations of the CIA. The most audacious CIA front was the Congress for Cultural Freedom, an organization that attracted liberal, freethinking artists and intellectuals who nonetheless deplored communism.

(Modern art was CIA 'weapon' )

Editor's note.  On a personal level, as a visual and also a musical artist, I was always mystified why there was such a market for truly horrible and ugly art and music. It has been disclosed through freedom of information releases, that the like of artist Andy Warhol, and composers like John Cage, were actually financed by laundered CIA money.  In fact, following the cold war, the market for much of the insane, and truly ugly art, collapsed. Some people who were very popular, and their art sold for thousands, cannot give the stuff away, and few remember their names.  They were, in the marxist term, useful idiots, and their usefullness ceased. This distortion of the culture has been repeated in other countries as well. Literature, was also equally distorted, and at least, 90 percent of Hollywood productions are a purposeful distortion, use for mind manipulation purposes. Of course we have recounted and documented the government support of the hellish Kinsey Institute, and the support for what was actually academic fraud and what could rightly be charged under 'RICO' law, like they did the teachers and administrators in the Atlanta School system who were caught faking test results.  Every study released by the Kinsey Institute, were academic frauds, none of it was real, and none of it could even now take the test of peer review, except for the fact that so much of peer review in these times is as rigged, and fake as the election process.  End Editor's note.
(The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship
An Examination of Epistemic Autocracy.
From the 19th to the 21st Century – Paul and Phillip Collins – Self-published.  What it lacks in polish is overcome by the massive amount of information.) 

By the late 60s and 70s, growing reports of CIA crimes and atrocities had deeply alienated academia. Scholars were further troubled to learn that the CIA had penetrated and disrupted student antiwar groups. Unlike business and the media, academia overwhelmingly denounced the CIA after the Vietnam era. This eventually forced the CIA to turn to new places to find their analysts and scholars. The most important source was the conservative think-tank movement, which it helped to create. More on this later.

The Roman Catholic Church

Although the CIA began as a mostly Protestant organization, Roman Catholics quickly came to dominate the new covert-action wing in 1948. All were staunchly conservative, fiercely anti-communist and socially elite. Just a few of the many Catholic operatives included future CIA directors William Colby, William Casey, and John McCone. Another well-known personality from this period was William F. Buckley, Jr., editor of the National Review and gadfly host of TV’s Firing Line. Buckley, it turns out, served as a CIA agent in Mexico City, and his experiences there served as fodder for his Blackford Oakes spy novels.  

Editor's note.  It is important to note here, that William Buckley was one of the first neo-conservatives, who today we call neo-cons.  These are not traditional conservatives at all, rather, they are internationalist, one world government advocates, hiding their marxist utopian agenda, under the guise of traditional Christian and moral conservatism.  In the last twenty years, they have proved to be the driving force in world genocide, and the practice of constant war. End Editor's note. 

There were several reasons for this influx of Catholic elites. First, Wisner (himself a Wall Street lawyer) had an extensive and glamorous circle of friends to recruit from. Second, Italy was in constant crisis in the 1940s, both during World War II and after. Throughout this troubled period, the American intelligence community’s greatest ally in Italy was the Roman Catholic Church.

The Roman Catholic Church, of course, is one of the most anti-communist organizations in the world. The Marxist doctrine of atheism threatens Catholic theology, and its equality threatens the Church’s strict tradition of hierarchy and authoritarianism. When Hitler invaded Communist Russia, the Vatican openly approved. Jesuit Michael Serafian wrote: "It cannot be denied that [Pope] Pius XII's closest advisors for some time regarded Hitler's armoured divisions as the right hand of God."

(Lewy, Guenter, The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany – London and New York, 1964, pp, 249-150 )

But Hitler persecuted Catholics as well, and ultimately drove the Church to the Americans. In 1943, the Vatican reached a secret agreement with OSS Chief Donovan — himself a devout Catholic — to let the 'Holy' See become the center of Allied spy operations in Italy. Donovan considered the Church to be one of his prize intelligence assets, given its global power, membership and contacts. He cultivated this alliance by sending America’s most prestigious Catholics to the Vatican to establish rapport and forge an alliance.

After the war, half of Europe lay under Communist control, and the Italian communist party threatened to win the 1948 elections. The prospect of communism ruling over the heart of Catholicism terrified the Vatican. Once again, American intelligence gathered their most prestigious Catholics to strengthen ties with the Vatican. Because this was the first mission of the new covert action division, the American Catholic agents acquired positions of power early on, and would dominate covert operations for the rest of the Cold War.

At a public level, the U.S. government sunk $350 million in social and military aid into Italy to sway the vote. On a secret level, Wisner spent $10 million in black budget funds to steal the elections. This included disseminating propaganda, beating up left-wing politicians, intimidating voters and disrupting leftist parties. The dirty tricks worked — the Communists lost, and the Catholic Americans’ success permanently secured their power within the CIA.

The Knights of Malta

(National Catholic Reporter, Jan 89, Mar 89, Apr 89, May,89, “Nazis, the vatican and the CIA,”  
Covert Action Information Bulletin, Winter 1986, Number 25 )

The Roman Catholic Church did not forget the American agents who had saved them from both Nazism and Communism. It rewarded them by making them Knights of Malta, or members of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM).

SMOM is one of the oldest and most elite religious orders in the Catholic Church. Until recently, it limited its membership to Italians and foreign heads of state. In 1927, however, an exception was made for the United States, given its emerging status as a world power. SMOM opened an American branch, awarding knighthood or dame-hood to several American Catholic business tycoons.

(The Forgotten Treason.  The Plot to Overthrow Roosevelt   NOTE Raskob was also Chairman of the Republican Party ) 

 This group was so conservative that one, John Raskob, the Chairman of General Motors, actually became involved in an aborted military plot to remove Franklin Roosevelt from the White House. SMOM has also been embarrassed by knighting or giving awards to countless people who later turned out to be Nazi war criminals. This is the sort of culture that thrives within the leadership of SMOM.

AT LEAST 1,000 ex-Nazis were hired by the U.S. As spies during the Cold War . . . the CIA even helped them move to America  )
Officially, the Knights of Malta are a global charity organization. But beginning in the 1940s, knighthood was granted to countless CIA agents, and the organization has become a front for intelligence operations. SMOM is ideal for this kind of activity, because it is recognized as the world’s only landless sovereignty, and members enjoy diplomatic immunity. This allows agents and supplies to pass through customs without interference from the host country. Such privileges enabled the Knights of Malta to become a major supplier of "humanitarian aid" to the Contras during their war in the 1980s.

(Besides the Rockefeller, Carnegie, Mellon, Bush, Walker and other Oligarchs in the U.S., a leading figure in Hiter's coming to power was SMOM Franz von Papen, known as “the devil in a top hat.”  A devout Catholic aristocrat from an old family of Westphalian nobility, a former military attache and spy against the U.S., in 1915)
A partial list of the Knights and Dames of Malta reads like a Who’s Who of American Catholicism:

William Casey – CIA Director.
John McCone – CIA Director.
William Colby – CIA Director.
William Donovan – OSS Director. Donovan was given an especially prestigious form of knighthood that has only been given to a hundred other men in history.
Frank Shakespeare – Director of such propaganda organizations as the U.S. Information Agency, Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. Also executive vice-president of CBS-TV and vice-chairman of R K O General Inc. He is currently chairman of the board of trustees at the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank.
William Simon – Treasury Secretary under President Nixon. In the private sector, he has become one of America’s 400 richest individuals by working in international finance. Today he is the President of the John M. Olin Foundation, a major funder of right-wing think tanks.
William F. Buckley, Jr. – CIA agent, conservative pundit and mass media personality.
James Buckley – William’s brother, head of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty.
Clare Boothe Luce - The grand dame of the Cold War was also a Dame of Malta. She was a popular playwright and the wife
of the publishing tycoon Henry Luce, who cofounded Time magazine.
Francis X Stankard - CEO of the international division of Chase Manhattan Bank, a Rockefeller institution. (Nelson Rockefeller was also a major CIA figure.)

(The Rockfeller/Heritage Connection
The money Trail of the New Right
Leads to the Edge of the Cliff  - Jed Brown passed away on 2009, but several of his article are available at this link.)
John Farrell – President, U.S. Steel
Lee Iacocca – Chairman, General Motors
William S. Schreyer – Chairman, Merrill Lynch.
Richard R. Shinn – Chairman, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

Joseph Kennedy – Founder of the Kennedy empire. 

Editor's Note.  We have to remember that Joseph Kennedy was also a American mafia don.  He created and gathered his empire by bootlegging whiskey during prohibition. His mafia ties have been well documented.  

(Joseph Kennedy and Mafia )

The reason that the CIA cooperated with the assassinations of both John Kenedy and Robert Kennedy is because these two brothers, went after the Mafia, exposing it to public scrutiny during the Kennedy administration.  For the CIA, the mafia's health and function for them, was more important than these two brave men, so they were sacrificed. 

Baron Hilton – Owner, Hilton Hotel chain.

Patrick J. Frawley Jr. – Heir, Schick razor fortune. Frawley is a famous funder of right-wing Catholic causes, such as the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade.

Ralph Abplanalp - Aerosol magnate.

Martin F. Shea - Executive vice president of Morgan Guaranty Trust.

Joseph Brennan - Chairman of the executive committee of the Emigrant Savings Bank of New York.

J. Peter Grace – President, W.R. Grace Company. He
was a key figure in Operation Paperclip, which brought Nazi scientists and spies to the U.S. 

Many were war criminals whose atrocities were excused in their service to the CIA.  Remember the source of that American shame every time you see one of those containers or truck trailers with W.R. Grace Company scrawled across it. 

Thomas Bolan – Of Saxe, Bacon and Bolan, the law firm of Senator McCarthy's deceased aide Roy Cohn. Note that Roy Cohn's paramour of many years was none other than the eternal Barbara Walters. 

Bowie Kuhn – Baseball Commissioner

Cardinal John O'Connor – Extreme right-wing leader among American Catholics.

Cardinal Francis Spellman – The "American Pope" was at one time the most powerful Catholic in America, an arch-conservative and a rabid anti-communist.

Cardinal Bernard Law - One of the highest-ranking conservatives in the American church.  

(Editor's note. I have long held the suspicion that the massive sex scandal in the Roman Church, which Cardinal Law, went to extraordinary, and inhumane means to cover up, was part of the CIA infiltration into the Church, choosing candidates for the priesthood from their mind control programs.  end note) 

Alexander Haig – Secretary of State under President Reagan.

Admiral James D. Watkins – Hard-line chief of naval operations under President Reagan.

Jeremy Denton – Rear Admiral and then Senator (Republican Alabama).

Pete Domenici – Senator (Republican -New Mexico).

Walter J. Hickel - Governor of Alaska and secretary of the interior.

When this group gets together, obviously, the topics are spying, business and politics.

The CIA has also used other religious and charity organizations as fronts. For example, John F. Kennedy -- another anticommunist Roman Catholic who greatly expanded covert operations -- created the U.S. Peace Corps to serve as cover for CIA operatives. 

(The CIA denies that they still use the Peace Corps, like they claim they have broken ties with the National Student's Union.  None of this stuff stops, it just take different forms.

The CIA has also made extensive use of missionaries, with the blessings of many right-wing, anticommunist Christian denominations.  
(CIA Finance of Evangelical Missionaries )

Editor's note.  The extent of this subversion of mainline Protestant, Baptists, Mormon, Evangelical, especially Pentecostal Charismatics has been exposed since this writer's death and it was uncovered that the late Paul Weyrich, was the point man for this operation, running many, many foundations out of one office in Washington, D.C. 

This even plays into the public embarrassment endured by the Rev. Jimmy Swaggart, who was supported by the CIA in his massive evangelical campaigns in Nicaragua.  It seems that he came to realize that Daniel Ortega was not the monster painted by the CIA media, was raising the standard of living for the poor of his country, and refusing New World Order compliance, he embraced Ortega as 'friend' and the CIA quickly leaked the information about his secret sins and set him up and ruined him. 

( Swaggart to Daniel Ortega in front of crowd of 90 thousand people, “They tell me you're a man of prayer, “Swaggart told Ortega. “Maybe God answered your prayer” speaking of the just passed congressional prohibition to fund the Contras.  Swaggart put his arm around Ortega, and said, “God loves, this ole boy.” )

Our writer mentioned that William Simon, Nixon's treasury Secretary and one of the 400 Americans who own almost 50 percent of America's wealth, became president of the John M Olin Foundation, which is a major player in the Neo Con New World Order.  What we have to understand here, just as the CIA dumped Jimmy Swaggart,  Olin dumped the CATO Institute, when it took the courageous stance against the first Gulf War.  According to scholars Jean Stefanic and Richard Delgado, in the early 1990s, Olin "withdrew support from the Cato institute following its position on foreign policy specifically its opposition to all foreign military engagements, including the Persian Gulf War."  They also document that scholars of the American Enterprise Institute, a recipient of funds from the Infamous National Endowment for Democracy (the CIA's foremost front group) and the John M Olin foundation, helped shape the "war on terror" policies of the President George W. Bush, another key think tank in this destruction of our Republic supported by the Endowment and the Olin foundation was the Hudson Institute.  It is all a huge money laundering scheme, providing the financial engine for the Neo Con One World Agenda.  end editor's note.

(Jean Stefanic and Richard Delgado, No Mercy: How Conservative Think Tanks and Foundations Changed America's Social Agenda, Temple University Press 1996, pg 69. )

But the World Grows Wise…

It was only a matter of time before other nations caught on to these fronts. They learned that when the CIA comes to their countries to commit their crimes and atrocities, they come disguised as American journalists, businessmen, missionaries and charity volunteers. Unfortunately, foreigners are now targeting these professions as hostile. In Lebanon, terrorists held U.S. journalist Terry Anderson hostage for nearly seven years, on the not unreasonable assumption that he was a spy. Whether or not this was true is beside the point. The CIA has put all Americans abroad at risk, whether they are CIA agents or not. In hearings before the Senate in 1996, many organizations urged Congress to stop using their professions as CIA cover. Don Argue of the National Association of Evangelicals testified: "Such use of missionary agents for covert activities by the CIA would be unethical and immoral." 

( Anthony Collings, “Journalists tell Senate they want no CIA ties,”  CNN, July 18, 1996.  Note - broken link - no longer exists. )

From the Cold War to the Class War

As noted above, academia was the first major institution to denounce the crimes of the CIA. Why? One reason is that scholars conduct their own extensive research into world affairs, so naturally they were the first to learn the truth. This is the main reason why protest against the Vietnam War and the CIA erupted first among students on the nation’s campuses. 

(Editor's note.  You were told that this movement was an infiltration of communist agitators, just as in the 1950s and 60s, the CIA propagandists painted the Civil Rights movement as an insurgency of communist agitators.  What you have to understand, is that even though both movements were tried to be exploited by communist subversives, that the genus and motivation for these were 'honest' 'moral' and righteous indignation and not geo-politics.  On the other hand we see that the deconstructing cultural movements, have held a different motivation.  By deconstructing cultural movements, we reference the sexual revolution with all of its CIA foundations. end editor's note)    

By the end of the Vietnam War, the CIA had suffered a "brain drain" as its academic allies became its most articulate, passionate and eloquent critics.

The social revolutions of the 60s terrified the CIA. James Jesus Angleton, chief of counter-intelligence and a truly paranoid man, was convinced the Soviets had masterminded the entire antiwar movement. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover shared his conviction. The CIA had always spied on student groups throughout the 60s, but in 1968 President Johnson dramatically stepped up the effort with Operation CHAOS. This initially called for 50 CIA agents to go undercover as student radicals, penetrate their antiwar organizations and root out the Russian spies who were causing the rebellion. Tellingly, they never found a single spy. The agents also began a campaign of wire-tapping, mail-opening, burglary, deception, intimidation and disruption against thousands of protesting American civilians.

 (Editor's note.  It has since been exposed that part of the effort to quail the anti-war movement, by the CIA, was to flood the movement with illegal drugs.  The CIA was so successful with this drug operation they actually created the psychedelic aspect of the 1960s.  It was their aim to destroy the movement through drug haze and addictions. End Editor's note. 

By the time Operation CHAOS came to a close in 1973, the CIA had spied on 7,000 Americans, 1,000 organizations and traded information on more than 300,000 persons with various law agencies. 

(Morton Halperin, et al,eds., The Lawless State – New York: Penguin, 1976, p 153) 

When academia learned of this, its outrage grew.

The loss of academia was only the first blow for the CIA. Other disasters quickly followed; in the early 70s, the CIA was trying desperately to stave off a growing number of scandals. The first was Watergate.

The CIA’s fingerprints were all over Watergate. First, we should note the CIA had clear motives for helping oust Nixon. He was the ultimate "outsider," a poor California Quaker who grew up feeling bitter resentment towards the elite "Eastern establishment." Nixon, for all his arch-conservatism, was surprisingly liberal on economic issues, infuriating businessmen with statements like "We are all Keynesians now." He created a whole host of new agencies to regulate business, like the FDA, EPA and OSHA. He signed the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, which forced businesses to clean up their toxic emissions. He imposed price controls to fight inflation.  The elite were using instruments to create inflation as a weapon against him.  Nixon also strengthened affirmative action. Even his staffers were famously anti-elitist, like Kevin Philips, who would eventually write the bible on inequality during the 1980s, The Politics of Rich and Poor. Add to this Nixon’s withdrawal from Vietnam and Détente with China and the Soviet Union. Nixon and his Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, had not only tried to remove control of foreign policy from the CIA, but had also taken measures to bring the CIA itself under control. Not surprisingly, Nixon and his CIA Director, Richard Helms, couldn’t stand each other. (Nixon fired him for failing to cover up for Watergate.) Clearly, Nixon was fighting at cross-purposes with the CIA and the nation’s elite.

(Note***  It was at this point that the New-Conservatives, the Neo-Cons and the Marxist leftists joined forces in the U.S.  This was accomplished in the four years of Carter's reign.  His administration installed the legal framework to take down our nation, through the merger of International Capital for the elite, and collectivism for the common people. ) 

As it turns out, the CIA had inside knowledge of Nixon’s dirty work. Nixon had created his own covert action team, "The Committee to Reelect the President," more amusingly known by its acronym, CREAP. The team consisted of two CIA agents — E. Howard Hunt and James McCord — as well as former FBI agent G. Gordon Liddy. They also employed four Cubans with long CIA histories. In fact, a CIA front called the Mullen Company funded their activities, which ranged from disrupting Democratic campaigns to laundering Nixon’s illegal campaign contributions.

The CIA not only had intimate knowledge of Nixon’s crimes, but it also acted as though it wanted the world to know them. When the FBI began investigating Watergate, Nixon tried using the Company to cover up for him. At first the CIA half-heartedly complied, telling the F B I that the investigation would endanger CIA operations in Mexico. But a few weeks later it gave the FBI a green light again to proceed again with their investigation.

Furthermore, Watergate was exposed by the CIA’s main newspaper in America, The Washington Post. One of the two journalists who investigated the scandal, Robert Woodward, had only recently become a journalist. Previously Woodward had worked as a Naval intelligence liaison to the White House, privy to some of the nation’s highest secrets. He would later write a sympathetic portrait of CIA Director Bill Casey in a book entitled Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA. It was Woodward who personally knew and interviewed "Deep Throat," the unnamed source who revealed inside information on Nixon’s activities. Many Watergate researchers consider one of Woodward’s old intelligence contacts to be a prime candidate for Deep Throat. 

(Jim Hougan, Secret Agenda. 
Watergate, Deep Throat and the CIA.)

 Editor's note. Six years after this writer's death, 2005 the headline appeared in the Washington Post saying, "F B I’s Number two, Was Deep Throat: Mark Felt Ends 30-Year Mystery of The Post’s Watergate Source."  Understanding, now the Washington Post's clear position as the king of CIA mouthpieces and propaganda dis-information outlets, one has to wonder why the public was quickly satisfied with this answer to a mystery that had garnered speculation for thirty years.  The fact remains that we do not know who deep throat was, and if it was a single person, and not merely a collection of CIA assets. It is commonly held that the CIA with its Mafia ties, took out JFK, this breaking news from the Post, is most likely just the CIA using a slow news day to distance itself from the second president they took down. And to obscure the Post's clear CIA taint.  End Editor's Note. 

Despite all the facts of CIA involvement, Woodward and Bernstein made virtually no mention of the CIA in their Watergate reporting. Even during Senate hearings on Watergate, the CIA somehow managed to stay out of the spotlight. In 1974, the House would clear the CIA of any involvement in Watergate.

The CIA was not as lucky in 1974, when the Senate held hearings on James Jesus Angleton’s illegal surveillance of American citizens. These disclosures resulted in his firing. But that was nothing compared to the 1975 Church Committee. This Senate investigation looked into virtually every type of CIA crime, from assassination to secret war to manipulating the domestic media. The "reforms" that resulted from these hearings were mostly cosmetic, but the details that emerged shattered the CIA’s reputation forever. Interestingly enough, the two Senators who held these hearings — Frank Church and Otis Pike — were both defeated for reelection, despite a 98 percent reelection rate for incumbents. . . .

At a 1973 Conference Board meeting of top American business leaders, executives declared: "We are fighting for our lives," "We are fighting a delaying action," and "If we don’t take action now, we will see our own demise. We will evolve into another social democracy." 

(Quoted in Leonard Silk and David Vogel, Ethics and Profits – New York: Simon & Schuster, 1976, pp 44-47.) 

The CIA to the rescue

In the mid-19 70s, at this historic low point in American conservatism, the CIA began a major campaign to turn corporate fortunes around.

They did this in several ways. First, they helped create numerous foundations to finance their domestic operations. Even before 1973, the CIA had co-opted the most famous ones, like the Ford, Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations. But after 1973, they created more. One of their most notorious recruits was billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife. During World War II, Scaife's father served in the O S S, the forerunner of the CIA. By his mid-twenties, both of Scaife's parents had died, and he inherited a fortune under four foundations: the Carthage Foundation, the Sarah Scaife Foundation, the Scaife Family Foundations and the Allegheny Foundation. In the early 1970s, Scaife was encouraged by CIA agent Frank Barnett to begin investing his fortune to fight the "Soviet menace." 

(Karen Rothmyer,  “The man behind the mask,”  Salon, April 7, 1998.)  

From 1973 to 1975, Scaife ran Forum World Features, a foreign news service used as a front to disseminate CIA propaganda around the world. Shortly afterwards he began donating millions to fund the New Right. 

(Editor's note. This was the beginning of the Neo-Con movement that by 2001 had totally destroyed any reality of Constitutional Governance, voided the Bill of Rights, and even voided the right of Habeas Corpus.)

Scaife's CIA roots are typical of those who head the new conservative foundations. By 1994 the most active were:

Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation

Carthage Foundation

Earhart Foundation

Charles G. Koch

David H. Koch

Claude R. Lambe

Philip M. McKenna

J.M. Foundation

John M. Olin Foundation

Henry Salvatori Foundation

Sarah Scaife Foundation

Smith Richardson Foundation

Between 1992 and 1994, these foundations gave $210 million to conservative causes. Here is the breakdown of their donations:
$88.9 million for conservative scholarships;

$79.2 million to enhance a national infrastructure of think tanks and advocacy groups;

$16.3 million for alternative media outlets and watchdog groups;

$10.5 million for conservative pro-market law firms;

$9.3 million for regional and state think tanks and advocacy groups;

$5.4 million to "organizations working to transform the nations social views and given practices of the nation's religious and philanthropic leaders."  

(Study conducted by National committee for Responsive Philanthropy, July 1997, as reported by the Nation Education Association.  - broken link. 
Http:// )

Editor's Note: Considering the history of the demise of our Republic, the fact that American Constitutional governance has fallen into the dust bin of history.  One has to admit, that this political power based that now has complete control of our country, was NOT  about true conservative causes or about your Liberty.  In fact, when looking at this conglomeration of conservative structure, financed by the CIA, I hear Aldous Huxley's prediction ringing in my ears, where he said, "By means of ever more effective methods of mind-manipulation, the democracies will change their nature; the quaint old forms . elections, parliaments, Supreme Courts and all the rest . will remain.  . The underlying substance will be a new kind of totalitarianism . All the traditional names, all the hallowed slogans will remain exactly what they were in the good old days.  Democracy and freedom will be the theme of every broadcast and editorial . meanwhile the ruling oligarchy and its highly trained elite soldiers, policemen, thought manufacturers and mind manipulators will quietly run the show as they see fit"   

If you cannot see that this prediction has come to complete fruition, you are hypnotized and asleep.  He also explained more than fifty years ago, exactly how this would happen . he said, "There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak . producing a kind of painless concentration camp of entire societies . so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it . because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods . and this seems to be the final revolution.“ 

We are living in the post American, post revolution era.  Every prediction he made is now, the reality. If you are still working to get Republican or Democrat candidates elected, you are the fulfillment of his prediction.  You foolishly think that the election process is real . and if you work hard enough for your candidate . that it is possible to, Vote ourselves out of this totalitarian slavery. Every piece of empirical  evidence says that voting is merely a means of psychological control, at this point in our history.  End Editor's Note

The political machine they built is broad and comprehensive, covering every aspect of the political fight. It includes right-wing departments and chairs in the nation’s top universities, think tanks, public relations firms, media companies, fake grassroots organizations that pressure Congress (irreverently known as "Astroturf" movements), "Roll-out-the-vote" machines, pollsters, fax networks, lobbyist organizations, economic seminars for the nation’s judges, and more. 
Besides creating foundations, the CIA helped organize the business community. There have always been special interest groups representing business, like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers, and the CIA has long been involved with them. However, after 1973, a spate of powerful new groups would come into existence, like the Business Roundtable and the Trilateral Commission. These organizations quickly became powerhouses in promoting the business agenda.

Their efforts clearly succeeded. With the 1975 SUN-PAC decision, corporations persuaded government to legalize corporate Political Action Committees (the lobbyist organizations that bribe our government). By 1992, corporations formed 67 percent of all PACs, and they donated 79 percent of all campaign contributions to political parties. 

(Center for Responsive Politics, Washington, D.C., 1993. ) 

In two landmark elections — 1980 and 1994 — corporations gave heavily and one-sidedly to Republicans, turning one or both houses of Congress over to the GOP. Democratic incumbents were shocked by the threat of being rolled completely out of power, so they quietly shifted to the right on economic issues, even though they continued a public façade of liberalism. Corporations went ahead and donated to Democratic incumbents in all other elections, but only as long as they abandoned the interests of workers, consumers, minorities and the poor. As expected, the new pro-corporate Congress passed laws favoring the rich: between 1975 and 1992, the amount of national household wealth owned by the richest 1 percent soared from 22 to 42 percent. 

(Edward N. Wolff, “How the Pie is Sliced”  The American Prospect no. 22 (Summer 1995), pp 58-64.
Link no longer active. )

Editor's note: as of 2012, 400 of the wealthiest people in the U.S. own almost 50 percent of the nation's wealth.  The top ten percent owned over 90 percent of the nation's wealth.  For those of you, who have believed that our struggle was simply battling the leftist, marxists, socialist, and communists, you played your part well,  in the Hegelian Dialectic, as you surrendered your country into the hands of international Finance, who have created a new form of feudalism through generational debt.  end editor's note. 

The CIA also helped create the conservative think tank movement. Prior to the 70s, think tanks spanned the political spectrum, with moderate think tanks receiving three times as much funding as conservative ones. At these early think tanks, scholars typically brainstormed for creative solutions to policy problems. This would all change after the rise of conservative foundations in the early 70s. The Heritage Foundation opened its doors in 1973, the recipient of $250,000 in seed money from the Coors Foundation. A flood of conservative think tanks followed shortly thereafter, and by 1980 they overwhelmed the scene. The new think tanks turned out to be little more than propaganda mills, rigging studies to "prove" that their corporate sponsors needed tax breaks, deregulation and other favors from government. 

Editor's note. This was a gross under estimation of the conservative think-tank movement, which our author could not have foreseen, so diabolical has it been in reality and practice. I reference, the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) which provided us with the false flag of 9 eleven, and the host of wars and genocide, generated by that psychological operation, and of course, also the end of the Republic and the creation of the Omni-Surveillance Totalitarian Police State of America.  End Editor's note. 

Of course, think-tank studies are useless without publicity, and here the CIA proved especially valuable. Using propaganda techniques it had perfected at the Voice of America and Radio Free Europe, the CIA and its allies turned American radio into a haven for conservative talk show hosts. The air waves exploded with loud mouth and bombastic talking heads, using the same propaganda techniques that Muscovites once heard from Voice of America. The CIA has also developed countless other media outlets, like Capital Cities (which eventually bought ABC), major p r firms like Hill and Knowlton, and of course, all the Agency’s connections in the national news media. 

(For CIA involvement in the Capital Cities/ABC, see Dennis Mazzocco, Networks of Power (Boston: South End Press, 1994)  For CIA involvement in the PR industry, see John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton,  “Toxic Sluge is Good for You!”  Monroe, Maine: Common Courage Press, 1995, pp. 49-51, 153, 157, 160-163.) 

The following is a typical example of how the "New Media" operates. As most political observers know, the Republicans suffer from a "gender gap," in which women prefer Democrats by huge majorities. This is, in fact, why Clinton has twice won the presidency. But, curiously enough, as the 90s progressed, conservative female pundits began popping up everywhere in the media. Hard-right pundits like Ann Coulter, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, Laura Ingraham, Barbara Olson, Melinda Sidak, Anita Blair and Whitney Adams conditioned us to the idea of the conservative woman. This phenomenon was no accident. It turns out that Richard Mellon Scaife donated $450,000 over three years to the Independent Women's Forum, a booking agency that heavily seeds such female conservative pundits into the media. 

(Jonathon Broder and Murray Waas, (Untitled) Salon, April 20, 1998. )

This marks the end of the late Steve Kangas excellent article.  To complete the lesson, we want to expose the place of the Evangelical Christian conservative Paul Weyrich's work as a CIA operative.  If you have followed the information so far, you know that we have established the CIA's founding by the American Elite, its co-opting and ties to powerful foreign interests, like SMOM. We did not cover its control of the Jesuits, but we could have.  We covered the CIA co-opting of the Christian Missionary movement, its use of missionary efforts, as cover for conquest. We did not tell the story of the CIA co-opting the American Red Cross, but we could have.  We established the joint CIA - Corporate creation of the New Right movement, in the U.S.,  that is the Neo-Conservative Movement, we commonly call the Neo Cons.  And surprise, surprise as Gomer Pile would say, they were financed by the same New World Order elite and foundations, and CIA laundered money, that funds the left.  So, as for the Christian Right movement in politics, you thought was some move to sanity, and away from collectivist and marxist policies, turns out to be, something of a completely different agenda.  

The Neo Cons are as militantly one world government utopia builders as any Marxists who ever lived.  What makes them so much more powerful than the Marxists ever were, is that they have co-opted the name and rhetoric of those who should be their avowed enemy, Christians and Conservatives. And next, they have the finances and power, owning as they do, nearly half the world's wealth. Now they have control of the most powerful military the world has ever seen, and control of the most dangerous secret army the world has ever known.  They are so powerful they put puppets into the presidency and congress, that swear to be liberal or conservative,  but all the while, pursue the same foreign policy of raw conquest, and the same social agenda marches forward, at home.  One the collection of wealth at the top, and two, collectivist pacification at the bottom, and Three, the destruction of the middle class. 

I purposely used left leaning voices here, who time has proved to have been telling the truth. When fifteen years ago, I would have argued to my death that for instance, this last writer, Steve Kangas, was clearly over stating things. I would have thought his left-leaning, prejudice, tainted his facts. I would have too easily dismissed his effort to expose truth as, unworthy.  But time has taught me a lesson. Yes his leftist slant shows, but time has proved his facts unassailable. 

What makes that strange to me, is that there isn't a fact he shared, that at the time I was not aware, through the works of others. But, I would have dismissed him, and his effort, merely by the way he presented his facts.  It is part of the Hegelian scheme, for the left to see the power structure as right-wing and corporatist, and the right to see the power structure as Marxists and Statists.  What the right and the left have to learn, is that it is both corporatist and statist, and in fact, there is no demarcation line between the corporations and the state.  What we cannot help but discover, from the right, or from the left, if we are honest with the facts, is that the CIA, and the CIA/Corporate funded foundations, action groups, political pacs, lobbyist, think tanks, etc, etc., are the glue that binds the International Corporate Structure and the Federal Government into one.  And it holds no kinship to what we thought America was, nor what America ought to be.  But we have to admit what it is.  It is no longer a constitutional republic, but an omni-surveillance totalitarian police state, controlled by the elite, classically called an oligarchy.  A person's participation in this structure of Government/Corporatism, by that, I mean, a persons 'electability' is solely determined, by the oligarchy, and not by the will, of “WE the People.”   What we discover is that the classic liberal, and the classic conservative face a common enemy of Liberty, an enemy that threatens their very survival. 

America's conservatives have been treated to a grand propaganda game. As a conservative, listening to only conservative CIA own voices, you never hear about these concrete ties of the Rightist movement to the CIA.  In the rightist paradigm, multi-national corporations are a good thing, they represent that golden word, capitalism. Most Americans who have forgotten Liberty, have also lost the history that capitalism was outlawed in the United States for the first 120 years of our history.  Did you know that? We fought a war, not just to free ourselves from the rule of King George, but from the control of the international bankers who owned, and controlled, him.  Our founders understood this. So while they encouraged free enterprise, and economic creativity of individuals and groups, they 'outlawed' corporations.  We have become so totally controlled by corporations, that the supreme court has name corporations as persons, holding all the rights of an individual. What that meant, was that they were free to control elections. The ruling was just a housekeeping detail, since through the CIA and CIA front groups they had been controlling elections for decades. 

Since we know that the CIA/Corporate Cabal, created the Neo Con movement, we should by reason realize that any candidate, who is running for national office, especially congress and the Presidency, who is a member of the Republican or Democrat parties, is either, (1) approved by the CIA/Corporate structure, or (2) tolerated by the CIA/Corporate structure as controlled opposition.  There are NO independent voices inside these two structures.  These are two lungs of the same New World Order Power and Agenda.  So to dismiss a candidate as, not real, reason would dictate that by merely pointing out their party affiliations would  sufficiently paint them as part of the BIG LIE.  As mere actors in a theatrical production.   If we must look deeper, let us examine the present shining star of April 2015, and that is Ted Cruz. Is Ted a constitution loving patriot, as he and his rhetoric indicate?  Well, like we have just said, the mere fact that he is a prominent Republican, having been supported in his career by a who's who list of Neo Con power, makes further investigation silly.  But let us labor under the delusion that Ted Cruz is an outsider, who is really hated by the power structure of the Republican Party.  That means he is controlled opposition. But how can we know this?  

No Republican insider ever hears a speech by Ted Cruz and is surprised by the content it, nor shocked by what he says or how he says it.  He is positioned as a shill to draw the participation of the Christian Conservative into the hypnotic game.  But accomplishing this attractiveness costs money.  Where did the money come from?  We are going to follow the story as told by a libertarian Christian, Kelleigh Nelson, an odd figure, who used to be a Playboy Bunny, but has been writing about the CIA/Corporate origins of the Christian Right for some time.  She begins by quoting my dear friend, Congressman Larry McDonald. "The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining super capitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control.... Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent." Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976. 

It is my premise and I think I have sufficiently proved it, that this power Larry describes has already taken complete control of the American Government and its political process.  Ms Nelson is still hypnotized to a degree, and is not yet willing to accept that the electoral process is FAKE, I'm sure she would say, it is thoroughly corrupt.  It is that, but it is also FAKE.  Now back to Ted Cruz. Ms Nelson first gives a boilerplate recitation of Curz's bio from birth to the end of law school.  We will start with her words concerning Ted Cruz's career, and oddly enough it seems to all be political. 

Cruz served as law clerk to Chief Justice of the United States, William Rehnquist. After his clerkships, he then took a position with the law firm of Cooper, Carvin & Rosenthal. In 1998, Cruz served as private counsel for Congressman John Boehner, during Boehner's lawsuit against Congressman Jim McDermott for releasing a tape recording of a Boehner telephone conversation.

After a couple of years at this D.C. law firm, Cruz became domestic policy adviser to the presidential campaign of then-Texas Governor George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Cruz brought to the table his own formidable, even astonishing, elite connections which, in 1999, helped enable candidate George W. Bush's lock on the 2000 election. In that same year, when Cruz was a George W. Bush campaign aide, he arranged a meeting between one of the key architects of the Christian right movement, Paul Weyrich, who played a pivotal role in drawing evangelicals into electoral politics, and one of Bush's campaign leaders, Timothy Goeglein. 

Editor's note.  WE have in the first fifteen minutes of this presentation outlined Paul Weyrich's deep CIA connections and his founding many foundations, most supported by the Endowment for Democracy, the CIA Front for laundering money to control politics.  This friendship with Paul Weyrich, ties Cruz to the very heart of the Neo Con, New World Order establishment. To the founder of two of the Think Tanks that created this present War on Terror, this BIG LIE that has created constant war and destroyed Liberty and Privacy. 

Goeglein went on to serve as Special Assistant to U.S. President George W. Bush and Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison from 2001 to 2008, and now works with Focus on The Family,(a U N . N G O). After President Bush took office, Cruz served as an associate deputy attorney general in the U.S. Justice Department and as the director of policy planning at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

Cruz' ties to Paul Weyrich are nonetheless even more jaw-dropping considering who Weyrich was. How did Cruz earn the friendship of the man who helped create the Heritage Foundation, the Moral Majority, Free Congress Foundation, and the American Legislative Exchange Council, (ALEC)?

Cruz' tenure as legal aid to Justice Rehnquist gained him inside access to the new "Christian right" leaders. He had inherited ties as well, through his father, Rafael Cruz, businessman and pastor, who explained his role at a July, 2013 Iowa pastors conference sponsored by Council for National Policy members and Dominionists, Don and Tim Wildmon, of American Family Association,(a U N . N G O), in helping get Ronald Reagan elected. This Conference was also attended by his U.S. Senator son, Ted. It was through Rafael's involvement in one of the earliest incarnations of the politicized religious right, Ed McAteer's Religious Roundtable, of which Paul Weyrich was a co-founder.

Did you get that.  Now we have tied Rafael Cruz, Ted's dad, to one of Paul Weyrich's foundations. 

In the massive book, Thy Will Be Done: The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil, authors Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett present the disturbing evidence of Rockefeller's use of American missionaries, and in particular, the Summer Institute of Linguistics, who cooperated in conducting surveys, transporting CIA agents, and indirectly assisting in the genocide of tribes in the Amazon basin. Colby and Dennett also describe the vital role of Wycliffe board member, Ed McAteer, in bringing together wealthy liberal and conservative patrons to fund and direct the Wycliffe organization which, in the name of Christ, was assisting Nelson Rockefeller in the conquest of Latin America. 

(Gerard Colby with Charlotte Dennett, “Thy Will Be Done: The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil (New York: Harper Collins, 1995)

Wycliffe recently attempted to publish a Bible removing the words "Father" and "Son" in order to be more appealing to Muslims Arab translations. However, an outcry temporarily stopped this. )

So, Just Who Was Paul Weyrich?

We need to take a look at the close friendship between the grand poo bah of the secretive Council for National Policy, (CNP) Paul Weyrich, and Ted Cruz. (The CNP was founded in 1981, allegedly to counter the CFR, yet there were five CFR members on the board of the new CNP). Weyrich was the founding president of the Heritage Foundation from 1973 - 1974. He was also the founder of the American Legislative Exchange Council, (ALEC) in 1973, and director from 1975 to 1978. (ALEC's membership is 95% corporate, along with 2,500 of the 7,500 legislators from every state. This is where state legislation originates. ALEC has long pushed for a Constitutional Convention. The Church of Scientology is also an ALEC member). 

Paul was also a member of The Interfaith Council for Environmental Stewardship (ICES), which amounts to a "green" Evangelicals and Catholics Together (E C T) document, with many involved already having signed the E C T or E C T (two) or other ecumenical ventures. E C T includes CFR member Dr. Richard Land. Their Cornwall Declaration on Environmental Stewardship, signed by Evangelicals, Catholics and Jews, is an environmental statement of faith uniting these same groups in yet another venue.

In 1971, Joe Coors, along with Jack Wilson and Paul Weyrich, founded Analysis and Research Inc., to establish a political research entity, that (became) the Heritage Foundation. Fellow CNP member, Joe Coors, donated the first-year Heritage budget of $250,000 for 1973 from the coffers of the Coors Corporation and for the next two years gave $200,000. He then pledged $15,000 per month. Coors and Weyrich set up the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress, which evolved into the Free Congress Foundation, to carry out political activities, and the Heritage Foundation as a tax exempt educational research entity. The Coors company provided Heritage Foundation with $20,000 per month during the foundation's first year. Weyrich was Heritage's president until February 28, 1974.

The Free Congress Foundation Board of Directors included Weyrich, who was an ardent supporter of the Society for the Protection of Tradition, Family and Property and Charles Moser, an editorial adviser to a publication that praises the Nazi Waffen SS. Weyrich, who for years represented the political interests of the Coors family in Washington, DC, sponsored the work of a convicted Nazi collaborator, Laszlo Pasztor, a Hungarian-American who was employed at Free Congress Foundation. The Heritage Foundation, funded by Richard Mellon Scaife and the Coors family, co-sponsored a 1989 forum with a pro-Nazi group, the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations. Jeff, Holly and Peter Coors were members of the secretive Council for National Policy board of governors in 1988 -- along with a former Indiana Ku Klux Klan leader, supporters of the apartheid government of South Africa, and Christian Reconstructionists, who call for the execution of homosexuals, adulterers and blasphemers.

Laszlo Pasztor, a convicted Austrian Nazi collaborator whose Coalitions of the Americas was housed as a subsidiary in the Free Congress Foundation, (the political arm of Heritage.) Pasztor was Weyrich’s right hand man and a former leader of the pro-Nazi Arrow Cross organization in Hungary which had collaborated with Hitler’s Reich. He only spent two years in prison for his Arrow Cross activities before coming to the U.S.  Pasztor was responsible for executing homosexuals and Jews during a German extermination effort.

Editor's Note: What Ms Nelson may or may not know is that Pasztor was a project "Paper Clip" Nazi, brought to America to work with the CIA.  Pasztor's history with the GOP goes back before the FCF. When Pasztor came to the U.S. in the 1950s, he joined the GOP's ethnic unit, and later became the leader of the Nixon-Agnew campaign's ethnic unit. The ethnic unit was only active during election campaigns and, according to Pasztor, Nixon told him that if he won the election, he would form a permanent ethnic unit within the GOP. True to his word, after Nixon won, Pasztor was made the organizer of the Republican Heritage Groups Council, and is considered to be one of its founders. End Note.

In the 1970s, Weyrich and Coors made appointments and set up political contacts on Capitol Hill for one Franz Joseph Strauss, Bavarian head of state, who helped émigré Nazi collaborators. Another fascist, Roger Pearson, writer and organizer for the Nazi Northern League of Northern Europe, joined the editorial board of Policy Review (Heritage’s monthly publication) in 1977. Pearson’s racialist theories are still circulated worldwide by neo-Nazi and white supremacist organizations.

(Roger Pearson – Anthropologist, and SMOM Knight, Eugenics “Expert” Nazi Northern League of N. Europe.

 Pearson was a recipient of white supremacist and pro-eugenics, Pioneer Fund grants to the tune of a million dollars. One of the funds founders was former Senator Jesse Helms, 33rd degree mason, and Council for National Policy charter member.

(Pioneer Fund )

Richard Mellon Scaife, (Chase Mellon Bank) and heir of the Carnegie-Mellon fortune, has been on the board of trustees of Heritage since 1985, and the Sarah Scaife Foundation has donated more than $16 million to Heritage, and initially funded them with $900,000 to get Heritage up and running.

(Richard Mellon Scaife )

There were other financiers of Heritage, Amoco, General Motors, Chase Manhattan Bank (through David Rockefeller) and Olin and Bradley, a right-wing foundation. Edwin Feulner was recruited in 1977 by Richard Mellon Scaife to become Heritage president. One must remember that Scaife funds both sides of the aisle and is a strong pro-abortion advocate and proponent of taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.  

( Richard Mellon Scaife for Government funding of Planned Parenhood )

Heritage's Richard Allen (Council for National Policy and Council on Foreign Relations member) first proposed the idea of creating a North American free trade zone from the Yukon to the Yucatan. In Charlotte Iserbyt's recent article on Heritage Foundation, she states,

"What we are looking at now in education is a result of NAFTA which got the ball rolling in the development of work force skills standards by the National Skills Standards Board, endorsed by the U.S. Labor Department Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) This study originated under Labor Secretary Elizabeth Dole. in 1990 and eventually led to the School-to-Work Opportunities Act and the dumbing down of American education curriculum for workforce training."

Education Agreements with the Soviet Union

And from education researcher, Chey Simonton's article on the Rockefeller/Heritage Connection, she states,

"The top men of the Heritage Foundation, first Weyrich, then Ed Feulner, and now Jim DeMint, with the trust and cooperation of masses of sincerely committed conservatives have been in a position to further elitist Rockefeller goals. Along with radical World Government advocate, Walter Hoffman of the World Federalist Association, they participated on the 16 member U.S. Commission on Improving the Effectiveness of the United Nations. Working with the US Information Agency, Feulner also participated in facilitating the infamous 1985 US-Soviet Education Technology and Cultural Exchange Agreement. Soviet pedagogy, based on behavioral conditioning for a compliant collective labor force, is a dream come true for the dozens of multinational corporations funding all the think tanks promoting American education reform. The humanist Carnegie Foundation, a century-long collaborator with Rockefeller philanthropy, facilitated the Soviet side of this Exchange Agreement." 

(Editor's note.  This author is working under the handicap of not realizing that all these foundations and groups are, as we have previously documented in this lesson, either clear assets of .  or incestuously tied to the CIA.  The entire Neo-Con movement, which Ms Nelson is anatomizing, is a CIA operation, all part of the New World Order Apparatchik.  End Editor's note

Heritage's communist connections, were established rapidly after the historic meeting between Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev at the 1985 Geneva Summit. Feulner was appointed by Reagan as chairman of the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy. The Commission was responsible for expediting a signed Soviet/US Education Agreement. The Soviet polytech work force training system has been implemented in American government schools with students being tracked into specific training at an early age to suit the needs of the corporate fascist global economy.

At the same time, note that Heritage founder, Paul Weyrich, once served as advisor to former Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

Both Feulner and Weyrich were also involved with other powerful players and shadowy figures, some from the right and some from the left. They have been included in groups formed to reinvent the UN, supposedly to face the 21st century. It is becoming more and more evident that Weyrich and Feulner were in fact organizing a tight group that represented the merger of right and left, which we have seen over the past 65 years. Ted Cruz was a very close friend of Paul Weyrich, and in March of 2013, Cruz was the guest speaker at Coalitions for America’s Weyrich Awards Dinner, named for the late conservative icon, Paul Weyrich.

CNP member Ed Feulner took over Heritage Foundation leadership with a nomination from Richard Mellon Scaife who is still a Heritage board member. When Fuelner recently retired, former neo-conservative Senator, Jim De Mint, replaced him as president. De Mint continues the Heritage agenda.

In March of 1987, Paul Weyrich wrote an article entitled, A Conservative's Lament, which appeared in the Washington Post. He stated in that article, "We need some type of shadow government, in which leaders and top advisors can be identified and developed, and through which our politics can be better focused on policy choices. The world is a professional league, and we cannot win fielding amateur teams." Obviously, we have this "shadow government" in the Council on Foreign Relations. 

(A Conservative's Lament  )

Just for your information, since people, especially Evangelical Christians are buying the idea that Ted Cruz is the real deal. However, even a cursory look at his backers proves that he is supported by the same apparatchik just mentioned. 

Here are the top 20 contributors to the Leadership PAC for Senator Cruz.

And here are the top 20 contributors to his Campaign Committee (note Goldman Sachs).

 Here is a short list of those who endorsed Ted Cruz for Senate. 

Editor's Note, beside the link I want to punctuate some of these endorsements.   Cruz was endorsed first by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

Palin's actual record as governor might really surprise you, but that is an issue for another time. 

Cruz was endorsed by the Club for Growth - we have already traced its CIA/Corporate ties. 

I'm not yet familiar with Eric Erickson and RedState, except to say that I have seen a huge amount of CIA propaganda and fear mongering flow from their site. 

Cruz was endorsed by FreedomWorks 

I have already expose their clear Neo Con ties. 

Cruz was endorsed by Mark Levin, who is one of the herders trying to create an article five convention, so we can convince ourselves that the slavery we have created is our own. 


 I reccomend that you read my article, "Why are so many, so easily conned" 

Cruz was endorsed by Attorney General Edwin Meese

How establishment can you get?  - (Meese, another crony of the Heritage Foundation 

Cruz was endorsed by Tea Party Express

We have already exposed the Neo Con roots of the Tea Party Express.  

Cruz was endorsed by Jim De Mint, the head of the Heritage Foundation - ground ZERO for the Neo Con movement co-founded by CIA operative Paul Weyrich.  

He was also endorced by 

Mike Lee,

 Rand Paul 

Pat Toomey.
Does that sound like a republican 'outsider'? 

 He was also endorsed by former Texas Congressman Ron Paul,

George P. Bush, and how could it not be  . since this George Bush is the nephew of 'the' George Bush who, tossed the constitution into the dust bin of history, and created the omni-surveillance totalitarian police state of America.  This traitor to the American people, gave Ted his start and has supported him all the way. Anyone who believes Ted Cruz is an outsider, and not a creature, created by the Neo Con establishment, needs to wake up. 

Ted was also endorsed by, Former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum.  Whose voting record exposes him as a neo con's neo con. 


Money and Groups behind Ted Cruz:

Club for Growth (CFG) was founded by Steve Moore, who is on the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal, owned by CFR member, Rupert Murdoch. He has been paid to promote policies for the Koch funded Americans for Prosperity.

One World Religion – The aspen Institute and The Club of Rome 

 David Koch is a member of the globalist Aspen Institute, whose former director was none other than Maurice Strong, of UN Agenda 21 fame. Moore is also an American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) "scholar" as of 2011. On August 4th, 2011, he spoke at a Shell Oil-sponsored plenary session of the 38th Annual ALEC Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, along with fellow ALEC "scholar" Arthur B. Laffer. ALEC is a corporate bill mill. It is not just a lobby or a front group; it is much more powerful than that. 

List of member of the American Legislative Exchange Council

Through ALEC, corporations hand state legislators their wish lists to benefit their bottom line. Corporations fund almost all of ALEC's operations. ALEC has lobbied for a Constitutional Convention for decades. 

Club for Growth's leadership council reads like a who's who of the neo-con right. 

(CFG has more than 9,000 members dominated by Wall Street financier and executives. )
Moore has also served at the Heritage Foundation and as committee staff to pro-amnesty former Rep. Dick Armey, original founder and co-chair of FreedomWorks. In December of 2004, then CFG President, Steve Moore, left his position after accusations that he, and/or members of his new organization, the Free Enterprise Fund, had taken CFG's donor and mailing lists. Though there were threats of legal action, nothing came of the accusations.
 . . . 
FreedomWorks super Pac - In 2003, former Congressman Dick Armey, charter member of the secretive Council for National Policy, became co-chairman of Citizens for a Sound Economy, who, in 2004, merged with Empower America to become FreedomWorks. In 2004, Citizens for a Sound Economy split into two new organizations, with Citizens for a Sound Economy being renamed as FreedomWorks, and Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation becoming Koch's Americans for Prosperity. After Dick Armey (co-author of the Contract for America in 1994) left FreedomWorks in the fall of 2012, Matt Kibbe became president and CEO of FreedomWorks, Inc. Kibbe is a tea party architect, former chief economist for the Republican National Committee and policy analyst for Citizens for a Sound Economy. 

Editor's Note** I bet every time you have seen Matt Kib be on FOX, with his mutton chop side burns, talking about being a spokesman for the Tea Party . . I just bet . you believed his act . somehow . I just  know it .  I bet it is a shock to discover that he was the former chief economist of the RNC, a group that proved their Marxist reality in the primary season of 2012,  . . How did they prove their Marxist reality? You might ask. 

Just like the communist party of the old Soviet Union, they staged a totally scripted and phony convention.  They used every method the communists did, in the Soviet days, to stifle dissent.  Trust me when I tell you, that what happened at that convention and what you saw on television were two, totally, different, events.  But wow, this tea party figure, a real outsider . who just happened to be the . chief economist of the Republican . National  Committee, endorsed Ted. I'm impressed with Ted's rebel persona. 


Empower America was founded in 1993 by high stakes gambler and former Drug Czar William Bennett, who was Education Secretary under Reagan when the 1985 and 1988 US-Soviet education exchanges and treaties were signed, as well as implementing the Soviet quota system; former Secretary of HUD Jack Kemp (charter CNP member); former UN Ambassador Jeanne J. Kirkpatrick (CFR, TC); and former Representative Vin Weber, CNP/CFR member and co-director of the globalist Aspen Institute's Domestic Strategy Group.


Charlotte Iserbyt exposed Bill Bennett for his purposeful destruction of education as she worked under T. H. Bell in Reagan's education department. Bennett continued all of Bell's socialist/communist policies, especially O B E and the Pavlov/Skinner training method. Regarding Bennett's role in U.S./Soviet education agreements, he wasn't overtly involved, but he, when asked by Malcolm Lawrence about the agreements, responded "I'm not in that loop." 


Empower America was largely filled with Council for National Policy members, CFR members, Trilateralist members, as well as Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church members such as Josette Shiner Sheeran, now Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Program.

 Mark Levine (who is now actively promoting a Constitutional Convention, see Mark Levin Refuted by Publius Huldah)

Why Are So Many, So Easily Conned? Http://

Edwin Meese, former Attorney General, and Chief of Staff for Reagan-Bush, Heritage Foundation staff member, (see Chey Simonton's Rockefeller/Heritage Connection).

 Former Senator Jim De Mint, now President of neo-conservative, Heritage Foundation 

 De Mint is also a member of Doug Coe's secretive, "The Family."

 Senator Mike Lee, pro Constitutional Convention via the dangerous Balanced Budget Amendment. 

Rick Santorum (check out this neo-con, moderate's liberal voting record in my three-part article on Santorum).

Sarah Palin, McCain supporter, former Palin aide was on Soros payroll. Her staff all came recommended from John McCain. Palin believes in and signed bills promoting "climate change" legislation while governor of Alaska. 

Alaska is also a total sanctuary state for illegal aliens, including while Palin was Governor.  End Ms Nelson Quote. 

I have included this information about Ted Cruz at the end, to show that the golden shining saviors offered us, are mere puppets of the same financial power structure, no matter how golden they look, no matter how shining appears their light, no matter how much they appear to be a 'savior' .  I didn't include the other RINOS and Hillary Clinton, because you already know they are thoroughly part of the New World Order Agenda.  But Cruz and maybe to a lesser degree, Rand 'Paul' are very strong temptations to once again become 'true' believers. We are long past the time that we can regain our Liberty by voting.  If you think I am wrong, I challenge you to tell me one time in history where the wealth and power behind a totalitarian state, supported a candidate to take power, whose motivations were antithetical to their interests.  Or give me a single instance in history where a single totalitarian police state surrendered power because peaceful people voted for it.   Christopher Hedges a classical JFK liberal said something to the point, and I agree with him. 

"We, like those in all emergent totalitarian states, have been mentally damaged by a carefully orchestrated historical amnesia, a state-induced stupidity. We increasingly do not remember what it means to be free. And because we do not remember, we do not react with appropriate ferocity when it is revealed that our freedom has been taken from us. 

The structures of the corporate state must be torn down. Its security apparatus must be destroyed. And those who defend corporate totalitarianism, including the leaders of the two major political parties, fatuous academics, pundits and a bankrupt press, must be driven from the temples of power. Mass street protests and prolonged civil disobedience are our only hope. A failure to rise up . which is what the corporate state is counting upon . will see us enslaved."

 In your gut you know this is true. But like B.F. Skinner 'conditioned' cats, in a maze you keep chasing the puppet mice, and never realize they are puppets until you catch-one. You just elected a majority of them to Congress and they have given Obama every single thing he has demanded. EVERY single thing. And you believe that Obama and the Republican Ted Cruz are different.  That is most naive and leads to increased slavery. 

The very strange thing about this politics as mere show business, when nothing about it is real, the story line becomes like putty, or as one of Mitt Romney's advisers said, about Romney's pretenses to be conservative. "Those are etch a sketch statements."  Well these are not mere words but actions Ted Cruz cannot etch a sketched away. We have to ask, what was his tie, what were his actions for the man who drove the final stake into the heart of the Constitution?  Of course, I am speaking of George Bush.  Cruz joined the George W. Bush presidential campaign in 1999 as a domestic policy adviser, advising then-Governor George W. Bush on a wide range of policy and legal matters, including civil justice, criminal justice, constitutional law, immigration, and government reform.  Absolutely 'nothing' unexpected or unfortunate here.  But pay very close attention to these next sentences. 

We all remember the nail biting days of the Florida recount, in 2000 and the infamous hanging chads. At that time, Cruz assisted in assembling the Bush legal team, devising strategy, and drafting pleadings for filing with the Supreme Court of Florida and U.S. Supreme Court, the specific case being Bush v Gore, during the 2000 Florida presidential recounts, leading to, two successful decisions for the Bush team. Cruz recruited future Chief Justice John Roberts and noted attorney Mike Carvin to the Bush legal team.  Here we have Cruz, working feverishly for the man who would drive the final stake into the American Constitution, George Bush, and who did Cruz recruit to save Bush's presidential hopes? None other than Attorney John Roberts, who later as supreme court chief justice, could have struck a blow for Liberty, but instead, capitulated to tyranny, and created in one decision the Right of the U.S. Federal Government to tax your breath.  

Chief Justice Roberts, redefined ObamaCare Mandate as TAX 

He denied that the Obama Care mandate was a mandate. Roberts named it a tax, although the writers of the bill, denied it was a tax.  But Roberts named it a tax.  So that "if" you draw breath in America, having done nothing other than breathe, you owe this tax.  

Let us apply reason to all of this. 

Number one.  If the political process were real, and not a fake process, conducted by the shadow government, as Paul Weyrich and the C.I.A. designed. I would have to "realize" that Ted Cruz's claim to be an "outsider" fails the truth test.  When he was wet behind the ears he clerked for a U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice, and introduced another Chief justice to the man who would appoint him. Ted Cruz cannot be pictured as anything other than inside baseball, that is one of the promising . . how was it Paul Weyrich stated it, about the "shadow government" . . quote:

 "We need some type of shadow government, in which leaders and top advisors can be identified and developed, and through which our politics can be better focused on policy choices. The world is a professional league, and we cannot "win" fielding amateur teams."  

Please understand that when Paul Weyrich was using that "wee" pronoun, he was not, talking about you, and me, or the American people, but about the Shadow Government for which he worked all his life. He was talking about the very New World Order he worked all his life to create.  That New World Order is "NOT" for you and me. It is for the wealthiest one percent, the Oligarchy, of whom it is seen, that Ted Cruz was recruited, mentored, groomed to be a prominent puppet of the shadow government, and possibly some day, the chief puppet, called the President of the United States.  Could he actually become President of the United States of America, that would be one paradigm.  Sadly, a paradigm that no longer exists.  But he can become President of the Omni-Surveillance Totalitarian Police State of America, the imperial state of the empire of the New World Order.  

My premise is that if you are cheering for this, if you are working for this, if you are leading other people to this, you are hypnotized and part of the great evil we have just spent nearly three hours exposing to you.  And we have only scratched the surface of the depth of that evil.   I pray you will awaken, that you will gain your sanity, and be able to see past the show the great OZ is presenting, to keep you naive and foolish, blind and stupid, but rip the veil of blindness from your mind, and come to sanity.  

If you have managed to make it to the end, I congratulate you, and in all sincerity,  THANK YOU FOR LOVING OUR COUNTRY ENOUGH TO AWAKEN, TAKE THE TIME AND ENERGY TO LISTEN, READ AND RESEARCH.  We cannot produce Liberty from a base of ignorance. We must all learn better; work harder for Liberty. 

I would like to depart from the harsh facts of political reality, and share with you a weapon for truth.  I would also like to thank you fro enduring to this point.  My, sincere Thanks.  This is my morning prayer, these are the words and thoughts that even at this time in history give me hope. 

Saint Patrick's Breastplate. 
We bind unto ourselves today the strong Name of the Trinity, by invocation of the same, In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, the Three in One, the One in Three. 
We bind unto ourselves this day forever, by power of faith, Christ's incarnation; His baptism in the Jordan River; His death on cross for our salvation; His bursting from the spiced tomb; His riding up the heavenly way; His coming on the day of doom; 
We bind unto ourselves today.

We bind unto ourselves the power of the great love of the Cherubim; the sweet "Well done" in judgment hour; the service of the Seraphim, Confessors' faith, Apostles' word, the Patriarchs' prayers, the Prophets' scrolls; all good deeds done unto the Lord, and purity of simple souls.

We bind unto ourselves today the virtues of the starlit heaven, the glorious sun's life giving ray, the whiteness of the moon at even, the flashing of the lightning free, the whirling wind's tempestuous shocks, the stable earth, the deep salt sea, around the old eternal rocks.

We bind unto ourselves today the power of God to hold and lead, his eye to watch, his might to stay, his ear to hearken to our need. The wisdom of our God to teach, his hand to guide, his shield to ward; the Word of God to give us speech, his heavenly host to be our guard.

Against the demon snares of sin, the vice that gives temptation force, the natural lusts that war within, the hostile ones that mar our course; or few or many, far or nigh, in every place, and in all hours, against their fierce hostility, We bind to ourselves these holy powers. 

Against all Satan's spells and wiles, against false words of heresy, against the knowledge that defiles, against the heart's idolatry, against the wizard's evil craft, against the death wound and the burning, the choking wave and poisoned shaft, protect us
Christ, till your returning:
Christ be with me, Christ within me, Christ behind me, Christ before me, Christ beside me, Christ to win me, Christ to comfort and restore me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me, Christ in quiet, Christ in danger, Christ in hearts of all that love me, Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.

We bind unto ourselves the Name, the strong Name of the Trinity; by invocation of the same: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, The Three in One, and One in Three, of whom all nature has creation: Eternal Father, Spirit, Word, praise to the Lord of our salvation, our salvation is of Christ the Lord. Amen.
May Our Lord, give you wisdom to hear, feet to flee evil, heart to embrace his love, and courage to conquer the evil of our age, as you have to do, first . in your own mind. 

Can you break free of your hypnosis? 

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