Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dr Jim Garrow CIA, Psy-Opts Provacateur

Dr Jim Garrow, the ex-CIA Agent (there are no ex-cia people) and psy-opts disinformation officer for the New World Order, is trying to create civil war.  He is carrying out his duty in the Hegelian Dialectic, to create a problem, so it can be "solved" to our detriment.  To show you his lying nature, he was last week hawking for Ted Cruz, this week he is encouraging armed vigilantism.  Any idiot knows there are many steps to take before armed rebellion.  We are not in the streets, not because of our goodness, as he suggests, but because we are smarter than this CIA, psy-opts herder. 

To wit, his latest FB Post:

Counting on the Goodness of Americans:
It may not be as obvious as the "nose on your face" but it certainly fits the bill of the left. These folks who want to rip apart the fabric of the country and replace it with their "wisdom" as espoused by leftist university and college professors are counting on Christians and right wingers to sit there and take it. They are counting on us playing nice and are always shocked should one of us stand up and give them a good thrashing. Note that it is rare for any reporting to be done on a a lefty trying to bully a Christian/right winger/gentleperson and seeing the victim rising to the occasion and laying a well deserved beating on the malefactor. And let me tell you why. They are afraid that if it were known that Christians can and will stand up when it counts, then the left would have much to fear. The "gentle Jesus, meek and mild", casper milquetoast, dumb downed drooler, is what they count on. After all, can you imagine a small group of well trained, motivated, armed and ready vigilantes walking into a situation like Ferguson, or any other town where rioting and theft and damage, and assault and rape (the thing they never report) are happening? The words "fast and furious" would take on new meaning. It would be an accurate summation of the quick end to the violence that street justice would impart on those who flaunt the law and ridicule mainstream America.
And now let us speak to the issue of "officials"; you know them, "the high priced spread", the paid help, our public servants who no longer serve. The great fear that they have is that they will be replaced by an armed populace fully capable and ready to put an end to those who overrun the justice system and gobble up resources and tax dollars that would be better spent on giving a hand up, rather than a hand out. Why is the second amendment such a threat to the criminal class and the servant class both? Because one group would see its demise because an armed populace would wipe the floor with them and the second group would see its demise because the public would no longer support them, believe in them, or allow them to continue to stop enforcing law and restoring order and stop paying them for their non-performance.
All of this is predicated on the notion that "good, law abiding Americans" will not rise up, armed and ready, to say "NO MORE". Obama knows the fear of what could happen, and when permission is granted by those in the pulpit to overthrow the evil that is now in control of the land, his jig will be up. I pray that it comes quickly.
- Dr. Jim Garrow -

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