Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Trump's speech tonight 2/28/2017, before the Joint-Session of Congress:

I am really tempted to anatomize it since most of it I liked, but a couple of things I HATED.

But I'll save that for later reference because what I will remember most dearly was the genuine respect Trump showed the first casualty of our armed forces which he, Trump, ordered into battle and the respect he showed his widow, punctuated by the longest standing ovation I have ever witnessed in six-plus decades of watching Presidential Speeches.

That ovation and the genuine emotions he expressed and the congress and spectators expressed, TOTALLY destroyed the DEEP STATE's FAKE NEWS narrative that Navy Seal, Chief Petty Officer William "Ryan" Owens, died in vain. That applause was people acknowledging that the mission was successful, that the intelligence gathered was crucial to the future war, and the total REJECTION of the FAKE NEWS LIE that the mission was ill planned, botched, and unneeded.

BTW, the deep state is so pernicious they edited and shortened that standing applause and posted this "edited version" within minutes of the event. Trust me, the applause was at least twice this long.

It is time for Trump Supporters to STOP reacting to FAKE NEWS and start MAKING NEWS. We have to OVERWHELM the Deep State's FAKE NEWS MEDIA. We have to put people in the streets. 

Trump stated it last week. We his supporters are going to have to frighten the Deep State, we have to OVERWHELM THEM; we have to SHOW OUR NUMBERS IN THE STREETS to PROVE they cannot con and control us with their FAKE NEWS MEDIA, and show them that we will accept nothing short of the restoration of LIBERTY and the restoration of our Republic and its truly democratic processes, by the deconstruction of the Totalitarian National Emergency State.
The Ghost of the Republic - a History Lesson

We cannot and must not allow the Deep State to rob us of our LIBERTY any longer. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO ACT in support of President Donald Trump. This was NOT an election, but a Counter-Revolution Fifty-Three Years in the Making.
We have to understand that Trump's Election Win was merely the first battle in a NEW CIVIL WAR.

STAND against the DEEP STATE GLOBALIST or DIE!  It is that time in our history. We have been given a chance, now WE must take it.
March 4th 2017 - Trump Support Rallies

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Media Mind Control: These media wonks keep confessing what I have been saying about them for many years.  "It is our job to control exactly what people think" - Amazing!

 Trump busted through this thought control mechanism in the first week of December 2015 and has been breaking through it over and over again since.

The Hypnotic Assault on Your Soul

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Globalist Federal Judiciary vs America and America's Survival.

(Mirror Video at end - in case this link is ever taken down.)

If what is left of the American Judicial establishment, particularly the Federal Court System, was AMERICAN and held some semblance to the Institution as fashioned by our founders, that is, if it conformed to Constitutional SANITY, saying that the Federal Judiciary needed to be BROKEN would be a treasonous statement. It would be tantamount to calling for the overthrow of American Constitutional Governance. But the truth is, the Federal Court System has beaten us to it; it HAS overthrown American Constitutional Governance.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just proved they are not bound by American Law, Constitution or Federal Statute, they are Trotskyite-GLOBALISTS writing LAW out of whole cloth and have ceased to be an American Court. Their ruling against the executive power to control immigration "to promote the general welfare of our people" was a Globalist attack on our Sovereignty AS A NATION. Any country unable to control its own borders for the sake of its own citizens ceases to be a country and is in fact, merely a district in some higher overarching entity, i.e., Globalist Governance. WE see this model in operation clearly inside the Globalist European Union, we see the 9th Circuit Court bring the same model HERE.

This court ruled that INCONVENIENCE to families with GLOBALIST MEMBERS holds more legal sway than does the Security of the American People as interpreted by the person elected to make that Judgement, i.e., the President of the United States.

Trump is right saying that the immigration law is clear, he has read the statutes, saying any elementary school child can understand their meaning, i.e., that he has the power to bar anyone or group or class of people HE deems necessary, for the "general welfare" of American Citizens. THIS statute has power outside the confines of mere, National Security. This is the statutory law this 9th Circuit Court just arbitrarily re-wrote, making NEW LAW, claiming that the INCONVENIENCE to families with Globalist members voids the statutory law

Trump has the power to override the 9th circuit's ruling, under previous Declarations of National Emergency, but for public perceptions, he needs to issue a specific Declaration of National Emergency about the danger pose by the present "migration crisis" AND THE DANGER POSED BY THE 9TH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS, in their failure to uphold long functioning CONSTITUTIONAL statutory law and arbitrarily legislating from the bench writing NEW LAW, and order the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, vacant, and order the border sealed between the U.S. and any country whose system of governance has created a population of unidentified persons, as all failed states do. Further, the open border policy between the U.S. and Europe has to be shored up, since hundreds of thousands of these unidentified persons, who have immigrated to Europe, are being given "invented identities" and qualify to come to the U.S. without any vetting of any kind.

The sum total of this IS a National Security problem, and Trump has voiced his concern verbally stating it as a matter of "protecting the American People," but he has not WRITTEN IT in the language of NATIONAL SECURITY (a key legal phrase) in the executive orders he has signed, leaving his Executive Orders open to interpretation by Globalist Controlled Courts. WHY?

Is he merely exposing the Globalist Control of the Federal Judiciary so then that the common person will come to understand the need to BREAK the Globalist Court System, which has usurped the right to "legislate from the bench" and has been legislating from the bench for 50 years, contrary to the WILL of the American People? OR is he acting a role as a foil in the next stage of Globalist development? There is no middle ground here, it is one or the other. Only time and dead bodies will tell. 

The Federal Judiciary is a bed of Cultural Marxist/Globalist snakes from top to bottom, and the judges want to be treated like gods as if they are above reproach, but their activism has made them "POLITICIANS" that is "political activists" and not impartial arbiters of Constitutional Principle as reflected in statutory law. They make absurd rulings, twisting the law into the kind of lying ruling conformed to Cultural Marxism/Globalism, which they have previously conceived and THEN want US to treat them as if their rulings are from GOD on HIGH and not from their Cultural Marxist-Anti-American CORE. 

99% of the Federal Judiciary fits this definition, the idea of finding a "Constitutionalist" for the supreme court is zero to none. All you people getting excited over this Gorsuch fellow are deluding yourselves. The only difference between these judges is their level of corruption and whether they want to implement Cultural Marxism/Globalism quickly or less quickly.

Gorsuch Calls Trump Tweets About Judges 'Demoralizing' And 'Disheartening'

February 8, 2017

Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch told a U.S. senator today that he found President Trump's recent attacks on judges to be "demoralizing" and "disheartening." Gorsuch made the comments during a private meeting and was quoted later by Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut. Blumenthal told reporters, "He certainly expressed to me that he is disheartened by the demoralizing and abhorrent comments made by President Trump about the judiciary."

Pat Buchanan writes:

“Disheartening and demoralizing,” wailed Judge Neil Gorsuch of President Trump’s comments about the judges seeking to overturn his 90-day ban on travel to the U.S. from the Greater Middle East war zones.

What a wimp. Did our future justice break down crying like Sen. Chuck Schumer? Sorry, this is not Antonin Scalia. And just what horrible thing had our president said?

A “so-called judge” blocked the travel ban, said Trump. And the arguments in court, where 9th Circuit appellate judges were hearing the government’s appeal, were “disgraceful.” “A bad student in high school would have understood the arguments better.”


- Archpriest Symeon Elias.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

 Herman Cain is an impressive man.  He was the FIRST person to make a statement of TRUTH on a NATIONAL SCALE inside the GLOBALIST-Cultural Marxist Dialectic (GCMD), that was a breath of fresh air and held the power to break the GCMD.  What did he say?  Something that was so VERY TRUE. "Stupid People are ruining our country." Think about it people, Maxine Waters is not just a political voice, but a very influential political voice, and she has proved repeatedly that she is clueless, that is STUPID, and that her value as a political entity exists solely as a useful idiot of those who "handle her."   Do you think she has a clue about world geography? Honest, if you gave her a 9th-grade world geography test, can you in your RIGHT MIND, imagine that she could pass it? IF she is ignorant of world geography, can she possibly have a clue of Geo-Politics?  I remind you of Herman Cain's LANDMARK statement in 2012, "Stupid People are ruining our country", as you watch this video.

(1) Trump and Allepo have no relationship, really. It was Vladimir Putin that freed Allepo from ISIS. Trump's first military order was in YEMEN, hundreds of miles away.

(2) Vladimir Putin, never invaded KOREA.

BTW, Vladimir Putin nor Russian forces ever "advanced in Korea."  WERE NEVER NEAR KOREA.

Now, of course we know, that the geographically challenged useful idiot Maxine Waters mean Crimea, and even there, what I stated is UNTRUE, "Vladimir Putin nor Russian forces ever 'advanced in Crimea'".  Rather, without a military presence, NINETY-THREE percent of the population of Crimea VOTED to return to their ancestral home, Russia. 

More Stupid people, ignorant and lazy people put into office.

The Navy official testifying here placed his finger under his left eye. Do YOU know what that means?  That is the UNIVERSAL signal for BULL SHIT - Oh . . excuse me, BRAVO SIERRA.  It says, 'this communication is BS.'

Will you wake up, and VIEW what is before your eyes?

Lest you think I am bashing black people, because that are black:

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


In the Dialectic of this Cultural Marxist Culture, we have come to expect that instead of seeking truth and speaking it clearly, we must be "nice."  To be perceived as being "nice" we have to be polite, we are supposed to pander to the prejudices and delusions of others; We are expected to place the most damnable lies on par with what is real and true and call it "my truth" vs "your truth" as if Truth may be personalized. We've created a swamp of lies in our culture, where if you do not tolerate the lying and the delusional politely and even assent to some degree of imaginary truth possessed by the deluded, you are thought to be dangerous.

In a recent article, I used Emily Dickinson's little verse to illustrate the state of our culture:

Much madness is divinest sense
To a discerning eye;
Much sense the starkest madness.
'T is the majority
In this, as all, prevails.
Assent, and you are sane;
Demur, - you're straightway dangerous,
And handled with a chain. -

Donald Trump has, for twenty months, caused this lying demonic mechanism of Political Correctness to DEMONSTRATE and Expose its lying insanity. How? By speaking some very simple truths, clearly and without apology.  Anyone daring to do this in a dialectical Culture of LIES, is immediately called angry, bitter, vengeful, dangerous, and a little or a lot off his rocker. Why? Because he has repeatedly broken the unstated rule of the Cultural Marxist Globalist Media, he has refused to accept the delusional, absurd, and even ridiculous foundations, ripping asunder the web of deception and framed his arguments in REALITY.

In 2012 Newt Gingrich candidly stated on one of the Sunday news shows, that he was literally struck mute, watching Mitt Romney stand, look him in the eye and lie, "and he knew what he was saying was a lie, and he smiled and lied bold face, with every apparent conviction!" Newt said, "I was so taken aback. I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing." What Newt was witnessing was an amoral cultist, whose conscience was not challenged by the lies he was telling because the man's conscience had simply ceased to exist. We see the exact same circumstance with all of the CIAmerican Media "Talking Heads" who parrot any lie given them to read, having long ago sold their souls for greed and celebrity.

It is not so unusual in the human experience for the conscience to be destroyed in the process of life. The Holy Fathers recognized this. Saint Paul talked about one losing sanity, ceasing to understand what was right and wrong, good and evil, moral and immoral. The Fathers teach that even such a one is not without hope, saying, "O mindless man! How long will you busy yourself like a bee, collecting your wealth? For it will perish like dust and ashes soon. Remember, miserable man, how you are enslaved to lies, misrepresentations, theft, illnesses, wild beasts, on account of sins" "Only you O Lord, may restore a conscience turned to dust."

In 2012, people wondered why I reacted so forcefully swearing that I would never vote for Mitt Romney because of witnessing him using Saul Alinsky Big Lie tactics in Florida. You see, suddenly things became very clear for me to see. It is one thing to shade the truth in the rough and tumble business of politics. It is something else to be in league with The Liar. For me, it is a bright line I cannot morally and with good conscience cross. Let me explain why it is such a bright line for me.

We need to understand that the debate in this election cycle and indeed in this culture, isn't merely a matter of differing opinions. It is a spiritual battle against a lying Satanic stronghold we have allowed to grow in our country. Quoting a friend, "Deception is the glue that holds every spiritual stronghold together . . . Remember, Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44) no truth is in him. However, his specialty is twisting a lie until it seems true." The list of lies our culture has accepted is very, very long. We need to identify them and expose those lies loudly. So in 2012, instead of being a source of "light" and "truth" Romney and his hoards stepped clearly to the dark side. Their "stronghold" was, just as Obama's was The BIG LIE, which they have adopted from Saul Alinsky's blueprint, published in a book called "Rule for Radicals" which is actually (no joke) dedicated to Lucifer. (Satan - The Liar)

Many deluded by the lies of our culture scream to live in freedom. A lot of the libertarians fit into this group, but sadly many conservatives as well. They want freedom, thinking that Liberty is license, hedonism, and acquisition. Sadly the liberty they seek is their enslavement and in their delusional state, they cannot comprehend what I am saying. Any sane person must crave Liberty because sanity requires liberty like the human body craves breath. To be free is the natural state of the human person imbued with Truth. To be enslaved is the natural consequence of believing lies. It is not New Testament "poetry" saying, "Believe a lie and be damned" and that "only the Truth can set you free." To gain freedom we must first gain the character to abandon THE LIE in ourselves. By that I mean all the delusions we have entertained and accepted as true. The most glaring example is that abortion is a victimless act. How can this be, when each violent act ends in the death of a human being? Yet we saw two weeks ago MILLIONS of demonic murderous women, in unison proclaiming this existential, empirical LIE.

Another is that justice is possible in a land that rejected the higher laws of God. How can that be, when without deference to God, the constitution and the bill of rights become merely "parchment rights" that is mere words on paper, vulnerable to any lie "authority" wants to tell of their interpretation. We see the result of this loss of Godly Principles in our Judiciary, where the interpretation of law becomes as my friend stated, twisting a lie until it seems true. Every ruling by judicial activist judges, pressing the Cultural Marxist agenda, is accomplished by this means, twisting the law until it fits the lie they have previously chosen.

Another is that all actions of Capitalists are pure, even when the acquisition of profit is by legal but immoral means. How can it be that mandates of honest actions end where capitalism begins? Capitalism removed from morality and ethics, is every bit as dangerous, enslaving, and deadly as Communism/Marxism. In fact, in the Globalist Model we see emerging as the result of Donald Trump's Nationalist Win, the Globalist at The World Economic Forum, at Davos, adopted Communism/Marxism and promoted the great slaver, the Premier of Communist China as the anchor of their "Capitalist - Free Trade" Globalist System.

Another is that hedonism may be rightly called marriage. How can that be, unless the union between a man and a sheep may also be called marriage? In other words, unless the word marriage is flushed of all its historical and moral content, rendering the word meaningless.

Another is that Islam is a Religion of Peace and must be tolerated under our Constitution as equal to other religions. How can that be when no century of Islam's existence may prove its peacefulness and when even our founding fathers said it was antithetical to Freedom, the U.S. Constitution, our way of life and our Bill of Rights.

Another is that the government has our best interests at heart.

Another is that the government is genuinely concerned about the survival and quality of life of each of us.

Another is that the government is not willing to sacrifice even a major American city or two to gain absolute control.

Another is that the media tries to disseminate objectively the events of the day.

Another is that we can trust any assessment of any candidate or politician's position on any issue.

Another is that the media will accurately define the issues for us, even the issues upon which our survival depends.

Another is that we may remain apathetic and somehow our future will be okay.

Another is that America can't fail, simply because it is America.
This is a most incomplete list.

We are presently in a CIVIL WAR, and it is real.  It is a war between the Truth and Liberty Movement, and a hoard of lies, Civilization Jihadism, lying media, lying pundits, lying politicians. Why?  Because for too long we had not the character to do the work to KNOW the truth and to expose the lie in ourselves first, in our families, in our communities, in our cities, in our states, and in our national government. We have generation by generation, year by year accepted greater levels of deceit to the point that now most of us cannot distinguish between fact and fiction.

Newt Gingrich recently lectured about God in our History and shared the fact that it was the Great Spiritual Awakening that began decades before our Revolution that allowed us our Revolution to occur. He rightly explained that in the process of that Spiritual Awakening it had become more or less common knowledge among the people that our Liberty derived from God and no one else. The fact is, at this point in time IF we are going to secure our Liberty once more, it cannot happen without another Spiritual Awakening and once again grasping the reality of who we are before God, and from whence our Liberty is derived.

The Psalms are the greatest freedom engendering documents upon the Planet. I will even suggest that without the knowledge of the Psalms the Declaration of Independence would not have been possible. Let me share a little of what I mean:

"Show me your paths and teach me to follow; guide me by your truth and instruct me. You keep me safe, and I always trust you." Ps 25:4-5.

How do we come to distinguish between the media spin, the hype, the lies, the illusions and delusions, and the truth? "Put me in the scales, O Lord, so that I may be tested; let the fire make clean my thoughts and my heart. For your mercy is before my eyes; and I have gone in the way of your good faith. I have not taken my seat with foolish persons, and I do not go with false men. I have been a hater of the band of wrongdoers, and I will not be seated among them." Ps 26:2-3 - Don't you know that as a culture we have become celebrants of a list of evil doers. We slowly became accustomed to celebrating evil, and the media over the decades fed to us darker and darker "ANTI-heroes."

Who can deliver our country from the lying culture that has enslaved us?
"Thou wilt bring me out of this snare, which they have hidden for me: for thou art my protector. Into thy hands I commend my spirit: thou hast redeemed me, O Lord, the God of truth." Ps 31: 4-5

"Withhold not thou, O Lord, thy tender mercies from me: thy mercy and thy truth have always upheld me. For evils without number have surrounded me; my iniquities have overtaken me, and I was not able to see. They are multiplied above the hairs of my head: and my heart hath forsaken me. Be pleased, O Lord, to deliver me. look down, O Lord, to help me." Ps 40:11

We need to learn the prayers of our heritage, so that we may be imbued with truth. It is only by the perception of Truth that what is false becomes apparent. It is an absolute truth that "perception of truth is primarily a matter of character."

"Lord God, surely You desire truth in my inner parts; You teach me wisdom in the inmost places. Teach me to walk in Your truth; give me an undivided heart, clear mind and moral conscience."

We have to come to the point where upon pain of death we will support NO lies or the Liars who tell them.  - Archpriest Symeon Elias.

JIHAD via Subversion

When considering Donald Trump's Travel Ban, we have to think smarter. Our battle is not against "Radical Islamic Terrorism" as Trump defines, but Islam and Islam's partnership with Marxist Globalism. You saw this "partnership" clearly demonstrated with the "Women's Anti-Trump March on D.C." where a Sharia Compliant Muslim Woman was the leader. What the march represented was everything Sharia DOES NOT ALLOW, yet there she was, lying like a good Jihadi, telling any lie necessary to destroy the only thing that can stop them, which is America First, Christian Culture.

Butch Robinson
February 7, 2015 at 4:02pm ·

Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser and the group he founded, “American Islamic Forum for Democracy” (A.I.F.D.) is the most DANGEROUS Civilization Jihadi group in America. His job is to brainwash the American People concerning Islam, to make Americans think Islam CAN be reformed. The in-your-face Council on American-Islamic Relations (C.A.I.R) is play time compared to the A.I.F.D.

Listen to his very sophisticated propaganda.
Speaking of ISIS he said today on CNN:

“First of all, there is the military . . . you cannot defeat groups like ISIS ideologically, these are savages, militants, barbarians who will only stop when they are stopped militarily. You have to unite; the coalition has to strengthen, and you can't get rid of ISIS without getting rid of Assad."

Really? That is the Globalist LIE. Muslims are cooperating with Trotskyites to create Globalism, thinking they will control the Global Government System. The Trotskyites could care less if the Globalist system is Marxist or Muslim and long as the Elite dominate.

What is Jasser's motivation to take out Assad, the president of Syria? It is a Globalist MUSLIM motivation. Jasser is Sunni Muslim and Assad is Alawite, a Shi'ite sect, considered worse than Kafirs to Sunnis. Alawite's have to some extent "Reformed," reformed to the point that Sunni Muslims no longer consider them ISLAM. So, Jasser is using the American media for primitive Tribal and Sectarian conflict advantage.

He continued:
"They (ISIS) are a by-product of the Assad Genocide against the moderate Sunnis, like our families in Aleppo and Damascus, while the radicals have been left to thrive and go into Iraq."

Please show me this history of Assad's Genocide? It does not exist. And look at the absolute insanity, claiming that Assad created ISIS when ISIS was created by the Sunnis in cooperation with the CIA/Muslim Brotherhood to take out Assad! Jasser is claiming that Assad CREATED the Syrian Rebels he Assad has been battling for two years! This is Orwellian magic speak, and half the country BELIEVES IT.

He continues:
"Secondly is the ideological battle for reform. The Islamic State did not come out of thin air. They came out of the ideology being infused from Islamic theocracies like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan, Islamic Republics that whip blasphemers, that kill apostates, that target women and others. This is an ideology that we have to counter and in the West especially Muslims are uniquely positioned in a laboratory to address these issue and reform, to separate Mosque and State and counter political Islam.” - No Dr. Jaffer, they came out of ISLAM, merely reflecting TRUE ISLAM.

If you know anything about Islam, you have to see the mass of lies this one statement by Jasser contains. Jasser is part of the psychological operation to make you think that Islam can conform to the requirements of a Constitutional Republic. It cannot. Islam and the U.S. Constitution are diametrically opposed, they cannot coexist, without one being in submission to the other, and according to Islam, ALL  THINGS, including Government has to submit to ISLAM.  So while you think this mix of Sharia Law and Constitutional Republican Law may work, the civilization Jihad will continue in the U.S. and YOU will listen to “reasonable sounding” even “sweet and humble voices” like
Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser to the Sharia Slavery of your own children and grandchildren.

We have to be smarter than this!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Trump - "You think this country is so innocent"?

This is the most hopeful statement I have heard out of Trump's mouth since he became president.

The IDIOT Bill O'Reilly is pushing Trump with NEO-CON BS, demonizing Vladimir Putin - O'Reilly says, "Putin's a killer!" repeats it three times belligerently - meaning that if you don't agree with me you are naive and not fit to be president. Trump responds, "Putin's a killer. There are a lot of killers. What? Do you think our country is so innocent?"

O'Reilly and FOX are guilty of millions of those killings, whipping up fever for wars that were nothing but Luciferian Globalist Conquest.  This is the FIRST president since World War ONE, that is willing to admit that our country is not innocent and virginal and has engaged in UNNECESSARY killing. Research the Phoenix Project, just to name one American holocaust, it was Barbaric and BRUTAL.

Even this CNN report had to admit that "America has made some mistakes."  That's the understatement of the 20th and 21st Centuries!  It doesn't matter how they attack Trump for this statement that, "Shock! Oh God! America is not innocent." With this statement, he has opened a can of worms, lanced a festering wound, given permission and encouraged the topic and it is a topic the CIAmerican Media, the Neo-Liberal/Neo-Con Globalist Media has totally ignored. All anyone has to do is play the few seconds of Madeline Albright saying that for "foreign policy reasons" killing FIVE-HUNDRED THOUSAND Iraqi children was "worth it."

The reason I mention "The Phoenix Project," is that it operated with constant "False Flag" operations. They, the CIA with military special forces, would dress as the enemy, murder and maim innocent South Vietnamese villagers, purposely leaving witnesses to the atrocities. That is what a False Flag is and where the name came from, staging false attacks, dressed and purported to be the enemy, killing innocent people for propaganda purposes. This country will never heal until the government becomes honest enough to admit the hundreds, maybe thousands of False Flags overseas, and the ones they have conducted ON OUR SOIL, KILLING OUR PEOPLE, to HERD US.
The Mother of all False Flags

Believe the lies of the damned, or find the courage to face the truth!  ONLY the Truth can set us free.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Who Commands the CIA? This is an excerpt from an hour-long interview on the Cobert Report. But this definition of the CIA (and it should be expanded to other three letter intelligence groups as well) is accurate. The CIA ceased to be an arm of "Administrative - that is Presidential Power" decades ago and became controlled by the entities this fellow rightly names as "The State" which I call the DEEP STATE or Shadow Government. You can bet this activist Judge who blocked Trump's Travel Ban, is, as many judges are, controlled by the CIA/Globalists.

Doug Valentine's statement that the CIA's activities are all "overseas and not here in the United States" is, of course, a joke.

The CIA has been very active in the control of American Elections from county commissioners, and city aldermen to Presidents. - Let us not kid ourselves. (Research, The American Legislative Executive Council - ALEC, which has written 90 percent of all state laws for decades.)  The Republican and Democrat FAKE parties have been an extension of CIA-DEEP STATE power. A control mechanism is their funding to the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, foundations owned by the Republican and Democratic parties respectively, funds from the National Endowment for Democracy a FAKE NGO, owned and completely funded by the Federal Government, a huge slush fund controlled by the CIA.  The National Endowment for Democracy is also the recipient of funds from USAID.

This is just part of the Domestic Power of the DEEP STATE, since the same corporate/CIA functionaries, Valentine mentions, have controlled EVERY election in the U.S. for decades, with the exception of the 2016 election where Trump defied and beat the RIGGED SYSTEM. THIS is what Trump was talking about when he was talking about the RIGGED ELECTION System.

Have you noticed how powerless your vote is? [LINK to Princeton Study]
Princeton University documented this rigged system, proving that the will of the people of the U.S. had not been expressed in public policy in 40 years. The rigged system was also exposed by Dr. Lessig of Harvard University, researching the flow of money into politics, proving that "the one percent of the one percent control all local, state, and federal elections." This is documented by accounting for the source of the money in politics just via public record, not to mention the hidden and subversive monies. Trump and the Truth and Liberty Movement in 2016 BEAT the RIGGED SYSTEM, but by NO MEANS have we destroyed this system. It is fully in place, today.

The WAR has just begun, and the supposed "most powerful man on the planet, the U.S. President" is anything BUT. You need to learn this, so that you can understand the landscape of the battle and the need for RAW POLITICAL POWER that only the Truth and Liberty Movement can provide Trump. Sit back, think you have won, and you have lost and will not get another chance to mount a significant battle.

Friday, February 3, 2017

EU MP says, "The Will of the American People means NOTHING."  Watch this EU MP (member of the European Union Parliament) tell the parliament that the election in America means nothing and that it is the job of the EU to stand against Donald Trump's agenda and the will of the American people. 

You see, we don't have the right of sovereignty in his mind, and like a typical Marxists he says that we should instead, stand with unelected "solidarity."  Well, he just said "solidarity" but solidarity by definition is unelected Marxist Consensus.

Unelected Marxist Consensus:
You saw the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators using "consensus solidarity" in their meetings and demonstrations, which is identical to the "consensus solidarity" of the loving anti-trump demonstrators, "you are welcome to be respected, speak and be safe in your person, ONLY if you agree with my party-line." Which in their case is Marxist, the Antonio Gramsci's brand of Marxism called Cultural Marxism, which is societal/cultural deconstruction.  Stating anything in their presence that has the slightest whiff of genuine Liberty, moral principles or traditional values, even if stated by a degenerate homosexual like MILO, is pouring gasoline on an already raging fire.  (Berkley proved that just a day or two ago.)   

The European Union is both Cultural Marxist, as is seen in their destruction of European Christian Civilization by any means possible, the latest being by Jihadi immigration, and Trotskyite, in that they have visions of a brand new peaceful one-world dystopia, where only "wise men and women" i.e. Luciferian Cultural Marxists, RULE.

If you doubt my characterization, George Soros, who has heavily financed this Globalist Movement recently said that the engine and center for this Globalism should be Beijing, i.e., the Capitol of Communist China.

This MP is INSULTED that anyone would dare question their right as the "wise ones" to RULE.

To Wit:

I remember in the darkest days of our history, when it appeared that the Globalists Trotskyite Luciferians were all powerful, and nothing could stop them,
Nigel Farage standing in the E.U. Parliament railing at their unelected status, robbery, and lawless outrages, and being the laughingstock of the place, much as Trump was/is MOCKED by the same Trotskyite-Elites hereThe EU-MPs would literally cat call, and mock as he spoke. Yet, time and again he stood unshaken by the mockery and told the truth to power.  Truthfully, I wondered how he had the stomach for it since it seemed a lost cause.  I held reasonable hope for America, but had written Europe off as "over."  Well, the tide has turned, at least in the E.U. Politburo, and they are not laughing now, that same EU rabble has turned to wounded animals, tricksters, and hissing snakes.

You just heard the wounded animal above, howling because someone was challenging the "consensus solidarity" and who were those EVIL challengers? Nationalists (i.e., people who believe in the Nation-State as opposed to Globalist Dystopia) and EVIL Populists (i.e., a politician who has the support of the ordinary, non-elite people. - What an EVIL DUDE a Populist must be!)  Here is Nigel speaking, rebutting the words of the wounded animal, watch the lying trickster and the hissing snake.

Notice that the hissing snake interrupted twice and demanded that Nigel show "respect" when he was saying nothing that was not true.  Yet, he ignored the little prissy trickster with his sign pointing at Nigel saying, "He's Lying."  And less you think that Nigel was blocking his view, he said nothing even after the disrespectful act was pointed out to him. 

I make the points in the paragraph above to show that the "spirit" in control of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, and the anti-trump violent demonstrations, and the Marxist European Union Parliament are IDENTICAL.  They are places where simple concepts of Sovereignty, Nation-State, Rule of Law, Freedom of Speech, and the Right of Self-Governance are anathema. For them, all that matters is the Cultural Marxist "society" which is anti-christ (Luciferian) and the government, Trotskyite Globalism. 

Had Trump not won, Brexit would have been crushed, instead, it just passed the lower house of Parliament by a vote ratio of 4 to 1 FOR the article 50 trigger to leave the E.U.  It still has to pass a committee and the House of Lords.

Had Trump not won, the E.U. would have finished their destruction of European Culture, instead, countries are beginning to take Trump's cue. Whether Europe can recover is another story.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

CNN IN PAIN: I watched a little of CNN, MSNBC and Fox yesterday - just to view the "optics." Here is my conclusion, which is really a question. I wonder how long these talking Cultural Marxist WONKS can keep the expression on their faces like a bad smell every time the subject is Trump and/or one of his actions? 

You people watching the shite all the time are probably clueless to the visual cue your subconscious absorbs like a sponge. The visual message is that Trump is an uncomfortable and painful topic, like the expression you have on your face when circumstances dictate that you have to admit to your best friend, that he is the only stupid SOB who didn't know his wife had been cheating on him for years. It is really hilarious to watch the B-grade acting. Sad part is, most of you are so used to it, so conditioned by it, you don't notice it, you just absorb the message, and wish that Trump would just settle down and stop creating such a ruckus.

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