Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Trump's speech tonight 2/28/2017, before the Joint-Session of Congress:

I am really tempted to anatomize it since most of it I liked, but a couple of things I HATED.

But I'll save that for later reference because what I will remember most dearly was the genuine respect Trump showed the first casualty of our armed forces which he, Trump, ordered into battle and the respect he showed his widow, punctuated by the longest standing ovation I have ever witnessed in six-plus decades of watching Presidential Speeches.

That ovation and the genuine emotions he expressed and the congress and spectators expressed, TOTALLY destroyed the DEEP STATE's FAKE NEWS narrative that Navy Seal, Chief Petty Officer William "Ryan" Owens, died in vain. That applause was people acknowledging that the mission was successful, that the intelligence gathered was crucial to the future war, and the total REJECTION of the FAKE NEWS LIE that the mission was ill planned, botched, and unneeded.

BTW, the deep state is so pernicious they edited and shortened that standing applause and posted this "edited version" within minutes of the event. Trust me, the applause was at least twice this long.

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