Friday, February 3, 2017

EU MP says, "The Will of the American People means NOTHING."  Watch this EU MP (member of the European Union Parliament) tell the parliament that the election in America means nothing and that it is the job of the EU to stand against Donald Trump's agenda and the will of the American people. 

You see, we don't have the right of sovereignty in his mind, and like a typical Marxists he says that we should instead, stand with unelected "solidarity."  Well, he just said "solidarity" but solidarity by definition is unelected Marxist Consensus.

Unelected Marxist Consensus:
You saw the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators using "consensus solidarity" in their meetings and demonstrations, which is identical to the "consensus solidarity" of the loving anti-trump demonstrators, "you are welcome to be respected, speak and be safe in your person, ONLY if you agree with my party-line." Which in their case is Marxist, the Antonio Gramsci's brand of Marxism called Cultural Marxism, which is societal/cultural deconstruction.  Stating anything in their presence that has the slightest whiff of genuine Liberty, moral principles or traditional values, even if stated by a degenerate homosexual like MILO, is pouring gasoline on an already raging fire.  (Berkley proved that just a day or two ago.)   

The European Union is both Cultural Marxist, as is seen in their destruction of European Christian Civilization by any means possible, the latest being by Jihadi immigration, and Trotskyite, in that they have visions of a brand new peaceful one-world dystopia, where only "wise men and women" i.e. Luciferian Cultural Marxists, RULE.

If you doubt my characterization, George Soros, who has heavily financed this Globalist Movement recently said that the engine and center for this Globalism should be Beijing, i.e., the Capitol of Communist China.

This MP is INSULTED that anyone would dare question their right as the "wise ones" to RULE.

To Wit:

I remember in the darkest days of our history, when it appeared that the Globalists Trotskyite Luciferians were all powerful, and nothing could stop them,
Nigel Farage standing in the E.U. Parliament railing at their unelected status, robbery, and lawless outrages, and being the laughingstock of the place, much as Trump was/is MOCKED by the same Trotskyite-Elites hereThe EU-MPs would literally cat call, and mock as he spoke. Yet, time and again he stood unshaken by the mockery and told the truth to power.  Truthfully, I wondered how he had the stomach for it since it seemed a lost cause.  I held reasonable hope for America, but had written Europe off as "over."  Well, the tide has turned, at least in the E.U. Politburo, and they are not laughing now, that same EU rabble has turned to wounded animals, tricksters, and hissing snakes.

You just heard the wounded animal above, howling because someone was challenging the "consensus solidarity" and who were those EVIL challengers? Nationalists (i.e., people who believe in the Nation-State as opposed to Globalist Dystopia) and EVIL Populists (i.e., a politician who has the support of the ordinary, non-elite people. - What an EVIL DUDE a Populist must be!)  Here is Nigel speaking, rebutting the words of the wounded animal, watch the lying trickster and the hissing snake.

Notice that the hissing snake interrupted twice and demanded that Nigel show "respect" when he was saying nothing that was not true.  Yet, he ignored the little prissy trickster with his sign pointing at Nigel saying, "He's Lying."  And less you think that Nigel was blocking his view, he said nothing even after the disrespectful act was pointed out to him. 

I make the points in the paragraph above to show that the "spirit" in control of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, and the anti-trump violent demonstrations, and the Marxist European Union Parliament are IDENTICAL.  They are places where simple concepts of Sovereignty, Nation-State, Rule of Law, Freedom of Speech, and the Right of Self-Governance are anathema. For them, all that matters is the Cultural Marxist "society" which is anti-christ (Luciferian) and the government, Trotskyite Globalism. 

Had Trump not won, Brexit would have been crushed, instead, it just passed the lower house of Parliament by a vote ratio of 4 to 1 FOR the article 50 trigger to leave the E.U.  It still has to pass a committee and the House of Lords.

Had Trump not won, the E.U. would have finished their destruction of European Culture, instead, countries are beginning to take Trump's cue. Whether Europe can recover is another story.

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