Wednesday, February 8, 2017

 Herman Cain is an impressive man.  He was the FIRST person to make a statement of TRUTH on a NATIONAL SCALE inside the GLOBALIST-Cultural Marxist Dialectic (GCMD), that was a breath of fresh air and held the power to break the GCMD.  What did he say?  Something that was so VERY TRUE. "Stupid People are ruining our country." Think about it people, Maxine Waters is not just a political voice, but a very influential political voice, and she has proved repeatedly that she is clueless, that is STUPID, and that her value as a political entity exists solely as a useful idiot of those who "handle her."   Do you think she has a clue about world geography? Honest, if you gave her a 9th-grade world geography test, can you in your RIGHT MIND, imagine that she could pass it? IF she is ignorant of world geography, can she possibly have a clue of Geo-Politics?  I remind you of Herman Cain's LANDMARK statement in 2012, "Stupid People are ruining our country", as you watch this video.

(1) Trump and Allepo have no relationship, really. It was Vladimir Putin that freed Allepo from ISIS. Trump's first military order was in YEMEN, hundreds of miles away.

(2) Vladimir Putin, never invaded KOREA.

BTW, Vladimir Putin nor Russian forces ever "advanced in Korea."  WERE NEVER NEAR KOREA.

Now, of course we know, that the geographically challenged useful idiot Maxine Waters mean Crimea, and even there, what I stated is UNTRUE, "Vladimir Putin nor Russian forces ever 'advanced in Crimea'".  Rather, without a military presence, NINETY-THREE percent of the population of Crimea VOTED to return to their ancestral home, Russia. 

More Stupid people, ignorant and lazy people put into office.

The Navy official testifying here placed his finger under his left eye. Do YOU know what that means?  That is the UNIVERSAL signal for BULL SHIT - Oh . . excuse me, BRAVO SIERRA.  It says, 'this communication is BS.'

Will you wake up, and VIEW what is before your eyes?

Lest you think I am bashing black people, because that are black:

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