Sunday, February 5, 2017

Trump - "You think this country is so innocent"?

This is the most hopeful statement I have heard out of Trump's mouth since he became president.

The IDIOT Bill O'Reilly is pushing Trump with NEO-CON BS, demonizing Vladimir Putin - O'Reilly says, "Putin's a killer!" repeats it three times belligerently - meaning that if you don't agree with me you are naive and not fit to be president. Trump responds, "Putin's a killer. There are a lot of killers. What? Do you think our country is so innocent?"

O'Reilly and FOX are guilty of millions of those killings, whipping up fever for wars that were nothing but Luciferian Globalist Conquest.  This is the FIRST president since World War ONE, that is willing to admit that our country is not innocent and virginal and has engaged in UNNECESSARY killing. Research the Phoenix Project, just to name one American holocaust, it was Barbaric and BRUTAL.

Even this CNN report had to admit that "America has made some mistakes."  That's the understatement of the 20th and 21st Centuries!  It doesn't matter how they attack Trump for this statement that, "Shock! Oh God! America is not innocent." With this statement, he has opened a can of worms, lanced a festering wound, given permission and encouraged the topic and it is a topic the CIAmerican Media, the Neo-Liberal/Neo-Con Globalist Media has totally ignored. All anyone has to do is play the few seconds of Madeline Albright saying that for "foreign policy reasons" killing FIVE-HUNDRED THOUSAND Iraqi children was "worth it."

The reason I mention "The Phoenix Project," is that it operated with constant "False Flag" operations. They, the CIA with military special forces, would dress as the enemy, murder and maim innocent South Vietnamese villagers, purposely leaving witnesses to the atrocities. That is what a False Flag is and where the name came from, staging false attacks, dressed and purported to be the enemy, killing innocent people for propaganda purposes. This country will never heal until the government becomes honest enough to admit the hundreds, maybe thousands of False Flags overseas, and the ones they have conducted ON OUR SOIL, KILLING OUR PEOPLE, to HERD US.
The Mother of all False Flags

Believe the lies of the damned, or find the courage to face the truth!  ONLY the Truth can set us free.


  1. It is remarkable that all that the CIA has done has only been exposed by the alternative media, that there have never been, at least to my knowledge, one if not some, who would come forth in the MSM, with the truth about the CIA's involvement in NWO building.

    1. The Fascist DEEP STATE, is a partnership between the American Intelligence Establishment, and the wealthiest Americans and Globalist Corporations; together they literally own the media. The MSM is the Deep State's propaganda tool. Remember I am not speaking figuratively but literally. This is documented fact. The Washington Post is the flagship of the CIAmerican Media, Next the NY Times. Neither make a profit and are subsidized for propaganda purposes. CNN is the T.V. flagship for the same, owned by Time-Warner, etc.


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