Tuesday, February 28, 2017

It is time for Trump Supporters to STOP reacting to FAKE NEWS and start MAKING NEWS. We have to OVERWHELM the Deep State's FAKE NEWS MEDIA. We have to put people in the streets. 

Trump stated it last week. We his supporters are going to have to frighten the Deep State, we have to OVERWHELM THEM; we have to SHOW OUR NUMBERS IN THE STREETS to PROVE they cannot con and control us with their FAKE NEWS MEDIA, and show them that we will accept nothing short of the restoration of LIBERTY and the restoration of our Republic and its truly democratic processes, by the deconstruction of the Totalitarian National Emergency State.
The Ghost of the Republic - a History Lesson

We cannot and must not allow the Deep State to rob us of our LIBERTY any longer. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO ACT in support of President Donald Trump. This was NOT an election, but a Counter-Revolution Fifty-Three Years in the Making.
We have to understand that Trump's Election Win was merely the first battle in a NEW CIVIL WAR.

STAND against the DEEP STATE GLOBALIST or DIE!  It is that time in our history. We have been given a chance, now WE must take it.
March 4th 2017 - Trump Support Rallies

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