Tuesday, February 7, 2017

JIHAD via Subversion

When considering Donald Trump's Travel Ban, we have to think smarter. Our battle is not against "Radical Islamic Terrorism" as Trump defines, but Islam and Islam's partnership with Marxist Globalism. You saw this "partnership" clearly demonstrated with the "Women's Anti-Trump March on D.C." where a Sharia Compliant Muslim Woman was the leader. What the march represented was everything Sharia DOES NOT ALLOW, yet there she was, lying like a good Jihadi, telling any lie necessary to destroy the only thing that can stop them, which is America First, Christian Culture.

Butch Robinson
February 7, 2015 at 4:02pm ·

Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser and the group he founded, “American Islamic Forum for Democracy” (A.I.F.D.) is the most DANGEROUS Civilization Jihadi group in America. His job is to brainwash the American People concerning Islam, to make Americans think Islam CAN be reformed. The in-your-face Council on American-Islamic Relations (C.A.I.R) is play time compared to the A.I.F.D.

Listen to his very sophisticated propaganda.
Speaking of ISIS he said today on CNN:

“First of all, there is the military . . . you cannot defeat groups like ISIS ideologically, these are savages, militants, barbarians who will only stop when they are stopped militarily. You have to unite; the coalition has to strengthen, and you can't get rid of ISIS without getting rid of Assad."

Really? That is the Globalist LIE. Muslims are cooperating with Trotskyites to create Globalism, thinking they will control the Global Government System. The Trotskyites could care less if the Globalist system is Marxist or Muslim and long as the Elite dominate.

What is Jasser's motivation to take out Assad, the president of Syria? It is a Globalist MUSLIM motivation. Jasser is Sunni Muslim and Assad is Alawite, a Shi'ite sect, considered worse than Kafirs to Sunnis. Alawite's have to some extent "Reformed," reformed to the point that Sunni Muslims no longer consider them ISLAM. So, Jasser is using the American media for primitive Tribal and Sectarian conflict advantage.

He continued:
"They (ISIS) are a by-product of the Assad Genocide against the moderate Sunnis, like our families in Aleppo and Damascus, while the radicals have been left to thrive and go into Iraq."

Please show me this history of Assad's Genocide? It does not exist. And look at the absolute insanity, claiming that Assad created ISIS when ISIS was created by the Sunnis in cooperation with the CIA/Muslim Brotherhood to take out Assad! Jasser is claiming that Assad CREATED the Syrian Rebels he Assad has been battling for two years! This is Orwellian magic speak, and half the country BELIEVES IT.

He continues:
"Secondly is the ideological battle for reform. The Islamic State did not come out of thin air. They came out of the ideology being infused from Islamic theocracies like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan, Islamic Republics that whip blasphemers, that kill apostates, that target women and others. This is an ideology that we have to counter and in the West especially Muslims are uniquely positioned in a laboratory to address these issue and reform, to separate Mosque and State and counter political Islam.” - No Dr. Jaffer, they came out of ISLAM, merely reflecting TRUE ISLAM.

If you know anything about Islam, you have to see the mass of lies this one statement by Jasser contains. Jasser is part of the psychological operation to make you think that Islam can conform to the requirements of a Constitutional Republic. It cannot. Islam and the U.S. Constitution are diametrically opposed, they cannot coexist, without one being in submission to the other, and according to Islam, ALL  THINGS, including Government has to submit to ISLAM.  So while you think this mix of Sharia Law and Constitutional Republican Law may work, the civilization Jihad will continue in the U.S. and YOU will listen to “reasonable sounding” even “sweet and humble voices” like
Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser to the Sharia Slavery of your own children and grandchildren.

We have to be smarter than this!

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