Monday, February 29, 2016

TRUMP: The Virtuous Warrior.

Lao Tsu said over two thousand years ago. "The man of highest virtue, acts without regard to virtue and that is why he has virtue."

Reading about some of people Trump has helped over the years, just because he could; seeing him speak out against Globalism over the years, just because he had a bully pulpit and could;  watching him endure years of persecution by the IRS, for his opposition to the war in Iraq; seeing him at the pinnacle of his life's success and wealth willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING, pledging his life, his wealth and his sacred honor, truly placing himself and his family in harm's way, to try to save our Nation as a Nation, how can I say that Donald Trump does not act on virtue, without regard to virtue.

Lao Tsu described what battle was like for such a virtuous person:

"When going one way means life and going the other way means death, one third will choose life, one third will choose death and there are those who so value life, and as a result willingly move into the realm of death.

"Why is this? Because they value life so greatly.

"I have heard it said that one who values life deeply, does not meet with rhinoceros or tiger when traveling on land nor is he touched by weapons when charging into an army.  You see, there is nowhere for the rhinoceros to pitch its horn, nowhere for the tiger to hang it claws; there is nowhere for the weapon to lodge its blade. 

"Why is this so?

"Because for him, there is no realm of death."
Watching the Globalist/Luciferian Machine, the lying politicians, and psy-opt media, try for months and months to sink a hook into Donald Trump to destroy him has been the most joyful and entertaining, though tense and prayerful, time in my life.  He walks through wolf and wild dog packs and they cannot sink a tooth in him. He sits down in the snake pits and is "interviewed" by VIPERS, and he charms them, then destroys them.  Every weapon of the enemy has been used and reused, and he remains unscathed, un-bruised, unharmed and VICTORIOUS. 

Those people who try to paint Trump as an greedy and lustful megalomaniac, don't have a clue about LIFE, and don't have a clue what they are seeing.
Donald Trump's vision is well past his own heartbeat, well past his concerns for his own safety and mortality. Those who cannot see that are blind to the Holy Boldness of a Virtuous Warrior.  

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Trump and the Psy-Opts Media

All you really need to know is in the picture below. But if you do not know this already, you probably will not accept the truth of it.  
 If you do not believe it, I plead will you to listen to this short interview of Steve Miller, an honest political expert as he explains what Globalism is and why Donald Trump is battling it. You see we are on the brink of a hostile take-over, ceasing to be a Sovereign Nation. This is our last chance to save our Nation as a Nation.  This is our last chance to wrest the control of our country out of the hands of the Globalist, who are very close to completely destroying it.

If you understand what Mr. Miller just said, then please listen to the video below as Roger Stone explains the battle ahead.

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trump and Muslim Immigration.

Have any of you noticed this "worldly" Christian heretic, Donald Trump, speak passionately about the protection of Christians against HELLISH persecution?

There are some antecedents in History. The man we call SAINT Constantine today, was a PAGAN, all his life. Baptized ONLY upon his death bed. Yet, HE and HE alone stopped the Pagan Roman Persecution of Christians and insured the survival of Christianity in Europe for two-thousand years. Wait for it . . . . and he too was a Heretic.  He preferred the Heresy of Arianism. Why? Because in his pagan consciousness, he could understand Arianism, but could not really grasp the complexities of Christian Orthodoxy.

Next was Prince Lazar. When the historians (even the Western Christian Historians) recount the tale of Christian Europe's stand against Muslim DOMINATION, they NEVER mention Saint Lazar. Who faced with the Moslem Hordes coming up from the middle east through Eastern Europe, in a pincer move, intent on the conquest of ALL of Europe, raised an army of twenty two thousand men, mostly herder and farmers, and engaged the Islamic Sultan's army of over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND MEN, and at the sacrifice of every Christian warrior, Twenty-Two Thousand of them, including the Prince Himself, halted the Muslim Sultan's advance. 

Licking their wounds the Muslims decided that if these Christians would fight this hard, they could not conquer them.

Please tell me why Donald Trump's clear statement on Muslim Immigration is different.

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Trump Audits and Cuban Heel Biters

Smell the desperation. The Globalist Republican Criminals, are using Rubio as a place holder, hoping he can wound Trump enough so that he enters the convention with not enough delegates to seal the deal, throwing the convention open after the first ballot, and then nominating some faithful criminal party hack, who has not run in the primary "because those who participated in the primary are too wounded," they will say, "because Trump ruined the process" they will say. 

They have already run the lame Dhimmi Mitt Romney up as a trial balloon in the media.  (*Dhimmi, a non-muslim that submits to muslim rule, and/or an apologist for Islam, willing to lie for Islam)

So what is the present attack besides the Cuban Heel biting antics, like calling Trump a Con Man.  They are IDIOTS if they think that will stick?  Were Trump criminal in business, he would have been indited decades ago. Such an indictment would have made careers for government bureaucrats, law enforcement agent (FBI, FTC, etc.) and set a prosecutor up to become governor and possibly president one day.

The lie that he started his enterprises with a 200 million dollar inheritance.  I read this same lie in the New York Times and ignorantly help spread it. I was impressed that Trump has taken 200 million and turned it into 10.1 Thousand million dollars. (10.1 Thousand Million is what 10.1 Billion Dollars is.)  Yet, the Cuban heel biters who have gotten government checks for most of their adult lives, think this is a put down. 

FACT IS: what Trump inherited from his father happened when Trump was already worth Billions. And Fred Trump's estate all total did not amount to 200 million dollars.

FACT IS:  Trump borrowed a million dollars from his father and paid him back.  That is even more impressive.

So they are slamming him on his tax return, which is under audit.

Do you remember Trump telling about the Bush White House sending a representative to his office to warn Trump to stop complaining about the Iraq War.  Trump was vocal in opposition to it. There were newspaper articles about it.  What was the result, he has been audited by the IRS, every year since. Do the math.  Trump said that he had been audited the last 12 years. The last return was fiscal year 2015.  Subtract 12 from 2015 and what was happening in 2003-2004?  He is being punished for exercising his 1st amendment right of free speech.


 The Cubinadian, Ted Cruz said that Trump does not want to release his Tax Return because it would prove that Trump is not as rich as he claims.  Trump is right about these guys being ignorant. ANYONE should know that tax returns do not show a measure of wealth. A tax return shows only an amount of "income."  Remember the line on the form "Adjusted Gross Income" and "Net Income"?  Have you ever seen a line on a income tax form that said, "adjusted gross worth"? or  "net worth"?  The Federal Election Commission filing did state Gross Worth and Net Worth.  He has already filed it.

Now follow me closely.  When one is being audited, one's latest tax return, and possibly previous years as well when there are depreciation schedules and other instruments that spread across years, is NOT the final return.  The IRS, to justify their time and expense usually finds something to alter to their advantage, making an amended return necessary.  Trump is right not to make public an instrument that is in the active hands of the IRS. The public scrutiny would be a challenge to the IRS to try to "look good" to Trump's detriment. Can you grasp the common sense and the politics of what I have just shared?

Next: Trump University.
Trump University was a Real Estate School. It was closed when the Real Estate Market CRASHED, and the last thing you wanted to be was in Real Estate, unless you were mega wealthy and young and so able to purchase distressed properties at dirt cheap prices to sit on for future profit.  The law suits, all that have gone to court, Trump has won, and one just this week was withdrawn, knowing they did not have a case, is the penalty of having deep pockets, in a country of slimy lawyers.

Watching the Cuban Heel Biters bark their lies, honest I see an image of Trump walking and two Chihuahuas clinging to the cuffs of his pants.  Look at these two, huddled together, thinking they have drawn Trump blood, when they have called each other LIARS over and over again. Which is about the only time either one has said anything true in this campaign.  

 You have to listen to Stephen Miller explain the reality of the perils of Globalism and where it presently stands.  Trump knows all about this and this is the "extraction" he keeps talking about.

YES, I want to help stop the Republican establishment from stealing the Presidential nomination from Donald Trump!

Join the fight to stop another theft at the Republican National Convention here -->

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Trump, Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and Lech Walesa.

Ronald Reagan with Ed Fulner, who ran the Solidarity Project in POLAND.
Ronald Reagan who aided the Solidarity Project, with the cooperation of a very young, Donald Trump.
Lech Walesa, friend of Pope John Paul II (Now saint John Paul) who headed the Solidarity Movement in POLAND.
Pope (Saint) John Paul II, who was instrumental in helping President Ronald Reagan bring down Soviet Communism, by exposing it, using the Solidarity Movement as an example of its failure.
Marco Rubio, who with the cooperation of Mr. New World Order, himself, the ancient George Herbert Walker Bush, tried to sandbag our Next President, Donald J. Trump.

The Cuban Chi Wai Wai, Marco Rubio, attacked Donald Trump, at the CNN Debate, 2/25/2016, for providing work for Polish refugees 38 years ago, in violation of then "fair employment laws."  Trump honored Reagan and kept his mouth shut. I will NOT.   The program was put in place by George Herbert Walker Bush at Reagan's command.

Have you asked yourself WHY, the RNC/GOP trotted out the feeble and ailing Elder George Herbert Walker Bush, to attend the GOP debate, AFTER Trump destroyed his son Jeb Bush?  Read again AFTER Trump destroyed his son Jeb Bush?

He was there to witness the "Polish attack" on Trump so that he could testify if Trump violated his Top Secret vow. 

Donald Trump employed an unusual number of Polish workers 38 years ago and even violated anti-discrimination laws to do so. AND paid a fine for doing so - all part of keeping the cover in tact.

What was happening in Poland at the time? 

Wałęsa was an electrician by trade. Soon after beginning work at the Lenin Shipyard (now Gdańsk Shipyard), he became a trade union activist. For this he was persecuted by the Communist authorities, placed under surveillance, fired in 1976, and arrested several times. In August 1980 he was instrumental in political negotiations that led to the ground-breaking Gdańsk Agreement between striking workers and the government. He became a co-founder of the Solidarity trade union movement. Arrested again after martial law was imposed in Poland and Solidarity was outlawed, upon release he continued his activism and was prominent in the establishment of the 1989 Round Table Agreement that led to semi-free parliamentary elections in June 1989 and to a Solidarity-led government.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Tax Audits

Are you awake enough to understand what I am saying? 

Ted Cruz is a puppet of the Globalist Psychopaths, who own both the Republican and the Democrat parties and control the Federal Government, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

You witnessed the IRS persecuting Christian Conservatives, Constitutionalists and Tea Party Groups.

Do you remember Lois Lerner?

The IRS has been PERSECUTING Donald Trump for Twelve Years, trying to destroy him.  Why?   Because they knew he was not a New World Order Globalist, but an America First Nationalist. 

Who was it at the CNN Debates this evening who tried to paint the IRS persecution of Donald Trump, as a character flaw on Trump's part?   TED CRUZ.

If you think there is a hare's breath difference between the Marxist Louis Lerner and Globalist/Marxists Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio - you are hypnotizes and a fool.

John Kasich, is an excellent governor, but not ONCE has he mentioned in ANY of his statements the FACT, that the only reason that he enjoyed any success in the Congress was because of the work of the America FIRST Congressman, Newt Gingrich.  Without Newt Gingrich and his Republican Revolution of 1994, you would have never heard the name John Kasich.

Ben Caron, God Bless him - is a troubled young boy, who by God's mercy escaped his childhood and youth and became an impressive character - with a LOT of help from Affirmative Action.   I think he is a decent, sort, despite it all. 

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Donald Trump and the American Constitution


Donald Trump is NOT an ideological eunuch, like Ron and Rand Paul, who have sputtered the word "constitution" in every other sentence for 30 years while accomplishing absolutely NOTHING.

Donald Trump is NOT a constitutional huckster, like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, ACTING on Globalist, Constitution Destroying principles while sputtering the word "constitution" in every other sentence.

What Trump has lacked in "speaking" he has PROVED a thousand times over in ACTING.

For Instance:

Donald Trump is the ONLY candidate that has challenged the eligibility of Obama, Cruz and Rubio ON CONSTITUTIONAL grounds. 

In fact, he forced Barrack Obama to produced a FORGED Birth Certificate (are your memories too short to remember that). He constantly questioned Obama's birth place in the media for MONTHS, forcing Obama to produce a FORGED document. 

KNOWING it was forged, he subsidized the expense of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "forgery posse" that used forensic analysis to expose the FAKE Birth Certificate as the forgery it is. He did that so ORDINARY people could see it and begin to catch on to the Globalist destruction of our Nation, held hostage by GLOBALISTS PUPPETS, even a foreign born Muslim in the White House.  Why do you think that Trump has made such a big deal out of touting Sheriff Joe's endorsement, and paid his expenses so he could attend several of Trump's rallies and make a short speech at the beginning.  He is trying to wake you up! 

And in Huckster, Ted Cruz, we have another FOREIGN born man, born on foreign SOIL, to an American Mother and a FOREIGN National Father.  Do you think these Globalist were financing his campaign because he is a loyal Constitutionalist?  NO, he is a Globalist Puppet, BORN a Canadian Citizen who sputters the word Constitution in every other breath while he TOTALLY ignores it.  His own candidacy PROVES he ignores it.

And what do we have in Rubio, but an Anchor Baby? A man born to FOREIGN nationals on American soil.

Now tell me again how Donald Trump does not MENTION the Constitution enough.

(1) He talked about the Constitutionality of barring Muslim immigration and was proved RIGHT.

(2) He talked about the Constitutional necessity to secure our borders and has been proved RIGHT. 

(3) He talked about Obama's executive order abuses to the Constitution.

(4) He has been loudly vocal about the collective abuses of the Second Amendment, (to the Constitution - for the dunderheads reading) and the absolute necessity of honoring the Constitution.

(5) And he has talked about the Constitutional necessity and meaning of "Natural Born Citizenship." 

(6) He also talked about the unconstitutionality of Obamacare, saying "The government has no right to force a person to buy a product."

He doesn't sputter the word Constitution every other sentence he ACTS on it. 


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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Donald Trump the Unlikable

This exchange is VERY informative and shows how freak'n hypnotize people are by the shattering, nattering nabob punditry class on T.V. telling them WHAT to think. My GOD PEOPLE pull you head out of your . . . . hypnosis.

PAB writes:
I know you are a strong Trump supporter. What do think of supposed high unfavoriability polls up against Hillary? Serious question because right now still for Trump.

Butch Robinson:
I don't understand the question? Are you saying Hillary has high unfavorability stats? That's a fact. All the recent polls show Trump beater her in the General handily.

No. That Trump has the highest unfavoriabilty in a run against Hillary

Butch Robinson:
That is BS - If you accept the CIAmerican Media Propaganda, you will deserve what you get. The public has been so brainwashed they cannot think rationally in steps. Let me walk you up the steps and see if you can make it to the top.

(1) Trump has the highest unfavorable ratings of all the Republican candidates in ALL the polls taken so far.

(2) Trump is the least likable Republican candidate in ALL the polls taken so far.

(3) Trump has spent the LEAST money of any candidate still in the race, even less than Ben Carson.

(4) Trump has lead in ALL the real scientific polls by a lot since July 2015.

(5) Trump broke records for voter turnout even in Iowa where he technically came in second.

(6) Trump broke records for voter turnout in New Hampshire where he won by a BLOWOUT.

(7) Trump broke records for voter turnout in South Carolina, where he won by a BLOWOUT.

What is the reasonable Conclusion PAB - I mean straight rational conclusion?


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Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Demographics Favor Donald Trump

Take a good look, this is what is presently running against Donald J. Trump. (I'm discounting both Kasich and Carson as irretrievably marginal)

Think! From exist polling data in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, we know who is drawing from what demographic. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio - the only competition left to Trump have the polar opposite difficulties.

(1) Cruz's support is narrow and deep, passionately held, populated only by religious fanatics and cultists. It is almost identical to support commanded by Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum in the last election cycle, a very narrow Evangelical or Christian Right support which cannot transfer to national support. Which cannot translate to numbers to win the nomination much less the general election. (Huuuuuugely damaged by Trump's incursion into his Evangelical base.)

(2) Rubio is drawing votes from all across the demographic spectrum, JUST LIKE TRUMP - but mostly dispassionate last minute deciders, but a very "shallow" non-passionate support, very few dedicated supporters.

(3) Where Trump's cross-demographic support is very deep, very passionate and very dedicated.

Face it, there is no one left but Kasich as an establishment candidate and he will NEVER catch on in this anti-establishment year and Carson who is so wounded, he will never recover.

So, if Cruz's support is a block that cannot win the nomination, and Rubio's support is shallow and dispassionate - GAME OVER. It will take some time before the EGOS to admit it, but GAME OVER - IF, IF, IF, Donald Trump and his Revolutionary Movement double down and grant no space.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

FEAR Trump? Why?

Patrick Buchanan, the only other America FIRST Nationalist to run for President in Modern Times, before Donald J. Trump.

Not going to bother linking the Breitbart article, because the writer blathers on obscuring what Pat Buchanan says about the Bush Crime Family and Globalism. The last paragraph reads:

Buchanan observed that there is nothing about Bush Republicanism that is particularly attractive to American conservatives. He said, “After the judges (ed note = and one of the Judges has been a DISASTER - John Roberts - who TWICE rubber-stamped ObamaCare, that any IDIOT knows is unconstitutional) and tax cuts, what is there about Bush that is conservative? (ed note = I can't say that even the particular type of tax cuts were conservative.) His foreign policy is Wilsonian. (Meaning Globalist) His trade policy is pure FDR. (Meaning Globalist) His spending is LBJ all the way. (Meaning NeoCon-Globalist - plunging America into debt) His amnesty for illegals is Teddy Kennedy’s policy…(Meaning Open Borders Globalist) In smearing as nativists, protectionists and isolationists those who wish to stop the invasion, halt the export of factories and jobs to Asia, and stop the unnecessary wars, Bush is attacking the last true conservatives in his party.”

I've been telling you this since June 30th 2015 about Donald J. Trump, here is what I said:
Those people calling Donald Trump a liberal have been conned by the NeoCons. They no longer know the meaning of the word conservative.
Donald Trump is a Traditional Conservative. If you are not willing to "conserve" the Nation, and to save the Nation as a Nation, you cannot claim conservatism on any other level.

A traditional conservative is for:
(1) True Sovereignty, which is Sovereignty in military command, Sovereignty in Governmental and Political matters, which includes economic Sovereignty
(2) Truly Secure Borders, because without secure borders none of the above are possible
(3) Exercise of that sovereignty creates protection of American Business and Industry.
(4) Which as a secondary effect protects both the American Middle Class and American Labor.
(5) Respect for the Bill of Rights, and all Constitutional Principles.
Because without that, you do not have a system of Constitutional Governance, reflective of the will of We The People.
Common Sense Liberty, Health and Wealth, based on personal responsibility and enterprise are the Hallmarks of Traditional Conservatism. International Capitalist Cronyism is the hallmark of Neo Conservatism at the top, and Cultural Marxism and poverty at the bottom with the destruction of the Middle Class necessary for the Globalist Control Mechanism to work. We see in working very well in Europe at the moment.

By contrast what is a Neo-Conservative (NeoCon) except for the Judges and Tax cuts, (both questionable) there is nothing Traditionally Conservative about the last 30 years of Globalist Policies. In fact the policies are Neo-Conservative/Marxist.

Definition of Neo-Con 

(1) a Rhetorical Conservative, who wraps him/herself in Mom, Apple Pie, God and Country, who advocates the assertive promotion and spread of democracy (Read American/Globalist Control) and United States Government-Corporate interests in international affairs including by military means

(2) One who advocates U.S. Empire building in the form of U.S. economic, political and military dominance using occupation or other means of total influence and dominance, making of foreign nation states, mere Vassal States of the Anglo-American Globalist Empire. (It is modern day Colonialism as the United Fruit Company and Guatemala demonstrate or another example the Vassal States of NATO.)

(3) One who increases American National Debt for the purposes stated in 1 and 2.

and I can add, One who demonized the idea of Constitutional America FIRST nationalism as, nativists, protectionists and isolationists.

Donald Trump is the ONLY Traditional Conservative Running for President, the rest are philosophical Neo-Cons, and Puppets of the Globalist Criminal Financiers.

SINCE DONALD TRUMP IS LEADING BY A LOT IN ALL THE POLLS, even when blasted by many international leaders, across Europe and even the POPE, says that the American people are waking up.   Those national leaders and the POPE blasting trump, are in the same Globalist Cabal as the Bushes, claiming that Donald Trump's Common Sense America FIRST Nationalism (our only path to survival as a Nation) is "hate-filled, UN-Christian, Nativist, Protectionist and Isolationist.   NOT ONE WORD OF THIS CRITICISM IS TRUE.  In this case even the POPE LIED and the LIE is so obvious, since he lives and works at the Vatican City State, a WALLED City. 

NOTICE the people lined up OUTSIDE the Vatican's Walls, waiting to visit the Sovereign Nation of Vatican City, LEGALLY. 

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Trump and the Pope.

It is truly Amazing that Donald Trump has the raw political power, to expose the leader of Western Christianity for the Marxist/Globalist he is. 


Just by being in the race, Donald Trump has caused Pope Francis to thoroughly expose his Open Borders, Marxist/Globalist Agenda.

I am a very, very, very strong Donald Trump for President Supporter, because he is the only non-Globalist America FIRST Nationalist in the race. But criticism to whom, criticism is due.

Trump does not mis-speak often, but he did this morning. He said "For a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful . . . no leader, especially a religious leader should have the RIGHT to questions another man's religion or faith." (Emphasis mine - and that single word is the issue here.)

Now he is speaking as an American Candidate for President, who was just attacked by a MARXIST Roman Catholic Pope, and while it is true that the American Election is none of the Pope's business, especially none of a MARXIST Pope's business, Trump's reaction is ridiculous on the face of it. Tell me where this commandment is written, that "a leader especially a religious leader" should not have the RIGHT to question another man's faith? In practice Trump does not believe this himself as he has demonstrated by saying, "How can Ted Cruz call himself an Evangelical and lie so much." ANDTrump has by implication many times questioned the Christian Faith of Barrack Obama, and RIGHTLY So.
The only word Trump uttered, to which I strongly object, is the word, RIGHT, as in should not have the RIGHT to. That is antithetical to Liberty, and Trump does not even believe it himself, since he questioned Ted Cruz's faith, several times, saying, "How can Ted hold his bible up and claim to be an Evangelical and LIE so much?" Trump has the RIGHT to do that. The Pope also has the RIGHT to do what he did. Turning the subject to a subject of RIGHTS is foolish. Rather Trump should question the Pope's MOTIVES. For instance, "We know the Pope works in the Vatican, which is surrounded by a massive wall, what motivates him to say that building walls is UN-Christian? Were the popes that built the Vatican, UN-Christian?  Is the protection of the innocent, UN-Christian?"
Take heart - these are a few ill advised words, and considering the massive psy-opts against Trump, very, very, understandable.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Obama Attacks Trump at TPP Conference - WHY?

"You will never be president of the United States." _ Spoken to Donald Trump before an audience in excess of 20 million people by Globalist/Marxist Jeb Bush - El Heb Boosh (as his wife calls him).

"Donald Trump will never be elected President" _ Spoken to reporters by Barrack Obama, before an audience, ultimately much larger and international in scope by Globalist/Marxist Barrack Obama.

Do you see a pattern here? How could it be, that the supposed conservative Jeb Bush, and the marxist/muslim leftist Barack Obama could be saying the EXACT SAME THING?

Listen to the psy-opts exchange on CNN, as they were reporting Obama's condemnation of Trump.

CNN wonk 2: 

A truly stunning news conference by President Obama, naming names in the presidential race, on both sides talking way, way more about the specific candidates, example, Donald J. Trump, than you historically hear any president do, and finally, opening the door wide, wide open to the notion that he might endorse in the Democratic primary race. Again something you never, never see a sitting president do.

Douglas Brinkley (presidential historian from Rice University):

No it is very unusual and why did president Obama do this? I think part of the answer is, he's out there at Rancho Mirage, and all of these South East Asian leaders are going to him constantly saying, 
"Can Donald Trump really be president?
Are you guys crazy in America?
Is this really the real thing?"
And so the president wasn't just talking to interfering in South Carolina politics, he was addressing a WORLD COMMUNITY (i.e. New World Order plutocrats) or global journalists, if you like, saying it's my opinion, as somebody who has won the White House twice that this guy will not be able to win because the American people do not want someone who is a climate denier, who's a bigot, who um . . somebody that is irrational, that has his fingers on the nuclear code . . and on and on and on (meaning Trump's negatives are endless) It was something that was quite a very pointed message that Barack Obama was telling the world (NWO) that Donald Trump's not fit for command.

CNN Wonk 2: 

And yet, Ron Brownstein, as I was just discussing with JB durning the break . . . (irrelevant BS about the sandwich JB was eating) . . he (JB) was saying that this probably winds up helping Trump and obviously President Obama is very savvy. Why do this, why fan flames of the Trump Train?

Ron Brownstein: 

Well first of all it doesn't hurt him in the Republican Primary. Look, there's history between them, obviously Donald Trump was the leading voice questioning President Obama's birth. I was at the White House correspondents dinner, a few years ago, where the president, Trump in attendance, delivered an extended lacerating riff, on Donald Trump. But I would say this is an escalation but it is not unprecedented for Presidents to WANT to be involved in the race that succeeds them. I remember in 1988 the most defining line in the Republican Convention was Ronald Reagan rebutting the Democrats. He said "We are the change." And in 1999 Bill Clinton, jabbed George W. Bush over the claim that he was a compassionate conservative. . . . what is unusual here is how explicit this was, how early it was, and how many candidates the president addressed. I think it is part of the general escalation that we are seeing, the breaking down of all the boundaries of what has previously limited political combat' . . .

OKAY - After saying it was not unprecedented, Brownstein outlines why it was unprecedented, (1) the explicit language, (2) the targeting (3) the very early date - months before the convention (so not in the usual democrat vs republican "Theatre form" exchanges) (4) signaling a breaking apart of the previously limited political combat.


REMEMBER PLEASE that Obama did not say anything about Trump that Jeb Bush (the CENTER gravity of the Republican Party and FOX NEWS) has not said. And in Douglas Brinkley's lying diatribe, he didn't say anything that the Neo-Con . . um . . I mean Globalist . . . um I mean National Review's GANG of 22 didn't say - and a host of other Republican NeoCon pundits and wonks, and Democrat pundits and wonks.


What could have the Establishment Republicans and the Establishment Democrats sounding like a unified choir about Donald J. Trump, and oft times attacking him in vulgar and bombastic, but IDENTICAL language?

Is it because Donald Trump has funny hair?

Is it because Donald Trump speaks with a slight Brooklyn accent and easily lapses into common Brooklyn working class salty language?

Is it because Donald Trump has been enormously successful in private enterprise?

Or is it because Donald Trump is not sanctioned, approved, and groomed like the puppets the Globalist have readied; the puppets like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, John Kasich, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders? 

Don't get me wrong. All these people haven't been groom to be the Puppet President, whose Puppet Masters are the Globalist Financiers. No, of course not, some were groomed as "shills" merely to play their part in the THEATRE that was the FAKE election process, PRIOR to Trump entering the race and MAKING IT REAL.

If you don't know the answer here, and if you are willing to cast a vote for anyone but Donald Trump, then you are willing to throw away the first chance we have had in my seven decades to truly challenge the Globalist DECONSTRUCTION of our Nation, and SAVE our Nation as a NATION for our Children and Grand Children.

What do you think that Barrack Obama is doing at Rancho Mirage? The Marxist Douglas Brinkley said that he was meeting with Southeast Asian leaders. 

Don't you GET IT! 

Obama finalized the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement this month, and the Southeast Asian Leaders and Obama are together in a posh resort, enjoying the luxury, working out the details to divide the spoils. These are THIEVES, after the ROBBERY, sharing the loot, and working out the details of the spider web of systematized tentacles, like the roots of a parasite burying deep into its host, to continue to rob it, quietly without the host, (me and you) noticing.

Donald Trump is an existential THREAT to this robbery. Donald Trump has been exposing this robbery for month, openly in the media, and before crowds of thousands and ten of thousands, and with the live streaming web, and media and social media coverage, MILLIONS and TENS OF MILLION. 

Trump, BECAUSE of who he is, the money he has amassed, the public personality he has created, has the POWER to expose what many of us already knew, but were power-LESS to expose to the Nation at large.  

Instead of criticizing him for who he is, you should be thanking your lucky stars that SOMEONE, has collected the RAW Political Power, to objectively, strategically and tactically, Challenge the parasite that is destroying us.

It is time to Save our Nation as a Nation, to remove it from the Globalist parasites that have been sucking our economy dry, and implanting toxin into our Culture, destroying its moral and Christian base, and replacing it with Cultural Marxist - Globalist New Ageism. They have been literally ripping our country from our hands, taking our jobs, taking our manufacturing base, taking our small businesses, destroying our middle class and substituting MARXISM in its place. YES, MARXISM. What do you think the Politically Correct/Multi-Cultural Program is but Cultural Marxism?

So what do you think that Jeb Bush and Barack Obama, the Republican Party and the Democrat Party SHARE, that makes them attack Trump in UNISON, most times using the exact same words? 

MARXISM is the answer, if you can grasp it. 

These MARXIST are disguised as Mom, Apple Pie, God and Country Patriots, wrapping themselves in images of the Constitution and are called Neo-Conservatives (NeoCons).  That's on the Republican side. And they are disguised as “compassionate Liberal/Progressives” on the democrat side. But they are ALL Marxist at their CORE.

You see, the World Revolutionary Movement (the drive to Globalism) adopted Marxist means of conquest, camouflaged in Globalist Capitalism. That is the Globalists International Financiers at the top, robbing and raping nations, hiding their robbery by Marxist means for the masses, keeping the masses sickly and docile, while they prepared them for their soft and hard genocide. This is not conspiracy theory, this is the FACT of the last decades of history, their stated goals and public record.

 My God, OPEN your eye and look around you and see how enormously successful they have been. Massive illegal Drug addiction, one in four American Adults on at least one of many psychotropic (mind altering) drug, one in five American minors on the same thing. Look at the intentional lead poisoning of the hundreds of thousands by the Federal, State and Local government in Flint, Michigan, look at the open borders, the jihadi insurgency, the GMOs, whatever they are spraying in the skies, (for years now) the Marxist confiscation of pasture lands, the cutting off water supplies to our richest farm areas, the epidemic of cognitive disorders via childhood vaccines, the neglect of the VETS, producing 22 veteran suicides a day,  the promotion and financing of abortions, the passing of assisted suicide . . . the list of abuses are encyclopedic.

Not one candidate, dependent upon these Globalists Psychopaths for their financing can claim ANY power over them. Can you comprehend that statement?
Not one candidate, dependent upon these Globalists Psychopaths for their financing can claim ANY power over them.    But TRUMP CAN, and has been demonstrating it, as he is running for President.  And they are squealing like PIGS in a pen, all squealing the exact same complaints, with the exact same sounds.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Painful Awakenings

Only Painful Awakenings create real change. Most times it takes shock. For many MSNBC hypnotized Democrats and many more Fox Hypnotized Republicans, Barrack Obama, and the GOP, Congress of Traitors, has been shock enough to at least genuinely challenge many millions to actually WAKE UP.

I don't know how many thousands of times, I have witnessed the words cross my very active FB Page and groups, where people literally scream from their gut, 
"What?  How can that be?  I thought this was America." 
"Why don't they impeach him?"  
"How could the congress do that?"  
"How could the Supreme Court defecate on the Constitution?" 
"How could they abandon our men in Benghazi?"  
"How could they intentionally set up the ambush that killed most of Seal Team Six?" (Extortion 17) 
"How could they purposely run guns to the Mexican Drug Cartels, and empower drug lords in Mexico?" (Operation Fast and Furious)
"How could the IRS persecute Tea Party Groups and NO ONE pay, no one held accountable?"

"How can they allow Jihadi immigrants and unvetted illegals into our country?"  
"Why don't they enforce the existing laws and control the Border?
and on and on and on the outrages go.

They are like dogs in the street not recognizing the danger of traffic, only to feel the pain, and howl, and still be uncomprehending about what it is that has wounded them.

When one wakes up, and steps out of the comfortable matrix, with all its soothing "certainties" and sees what these Globalist Criminal Psychopaths have done to our country, if one is a normal human being, one goes through the normal stages of grief, since what one is giving up is the innocence of a child to say it kindly, (or the bliss of ignorance - to say it less kindly.  That "innocence" is a part of what one has been, a part of ones own identity. "I'm a proud Conservative. Bush was an awesome president." "I'm a proud Liberal, Clinton was an awesome president" etc. -

I will tell you that I have grieved deeply for my country, for the loss of the Republic, for the debt placed upon my children and grand children, for the destruction of America's core Christian culture. And I'm not talking about some longing for theocracy, merely for willing decency in the public square.

Instead we have been subjected to a grand social experiment, ripping the foundations of our society from under us, enslaving us and keeping us entertained as they extracted our nation's wealth, fed Marxism and Islam to our innocent children, and hobbled us with Cultural Marxism, you know as Political Correctness.  All the while claiming that free speech stifling Cultural Marxism was actually a better version of the previous decency.  What they mean by civil discourse is NEVER state the Truth.

Here are the stages of awakening:

First there is denial and isolation. Most people to whom I say true things, immediately deny it, and isolate themselves from me. Some come back again and again, like a moth to the flame.  No truer statement was ever made than George Orwell's reflection that "In a society of universal lies, to speak truth is an act of revolution."  In that way, I am most certainly a revolutionist. 

Second there is ANGER - as they begin to see reality they scream. "How can this be?" "Who is to be punished." "What the hell can we do about it!?" etc.

Then comes the Bargaining - if we could just elect John McCain, Mitt Romney, take control of the House and Senate - and surely the answer it a strong Republican or Democrat or Libertarian or Constitution or Communist party - the Bargaining has not and will not work. Even if Trump is elected that is only a point of BEGINNING, the beginning of a CHANCE to alter the direction of this country, to BEGIN to restore privacy and liberty.

Next is Depression - like mind numbing grief, haunting every moment of breath, as the magnitude of what has been lost in history, of the carnage caused, the hundreds of million dead, the nearly two billion abortions worldwide in this last thirty years, - most paid for through American Tax Payer DEBT the millions of persecuted, slaughtered, displace and suffering Christians, etc. etc.  One could write a book the size of the Unabridged English Dictionary just listing the atrocities of the last 60 years of overt and covert, government and shadow government "actions."  

Then finally comes acceptance and even militancy toward what is True and REAL, the willing, even enthusiastic search for and acceptance of Truth, because ONLY Truth will give us the tools to alter the course of our present tyranny. You can't fix it, if you cannot name it, if you cannot admit what it is, you will never place a name on it.

We are battling Globalism. It has been the underlying philosophy and goal of every action of the Federal Government for 60 plus years, the "INTEGRATION OF Nations, into some Globalist super structure, to prevent Nation States from warring with Nuclear Weapons. Globalism has created chaos across the Globe and plunged American into generational debt, and destroyed our Republic.  Donald Trump is a NON-Globalist, an America FIRST Nationalist. That is why you heart identical attacks against him from the left and the right, Bernie Sanders says the same things about him that Jeb Bush says.  


The Birth of Globalism

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"Everything in D.C. Is a Lie"  Donald J. Trump.

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American Zombification 

An American Speaks

All fantasies have to be rejected from the deepest parts of our psyche, or the evil powers that be will use our delusions, to create illusions as they lull us toward soft and hard genocide.

Please understand, what Donald Trump is doing, is not running for President, all the Globalist Puppets are doing that inside the FAKE political system.  Donald Trump is attempting to SMASH that system of control.

The Control Mechanism

Let this Harvard Professor explain to you, how 132 people were in total control of the political process in America, UNTIL Trump started SMASHING IT.

This Harvard professor of Law and Ethics (now there is a mind twister) explains cogently why 132 people in the U.S. totally control the election process and select the candidates. He also explains without realizing it how the Secret Government or Shadow Government controls the elections, since the CIA and the Elite are ONE. He also explains without realizing it the quandary Donald Trump causes for the election system, since he is not dependent upon the Elite for money. Anyone objectively viewing this data, would have to deny blue skies and smiling babies, to deny that the elections in the U.S. are total theatre. Mere "selections" by the Elite. Trump is a threat to this system, but no other candidate is, because they are dependent upon this system for money.


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