Thursday, February 25, 2016

Donald Trump and the American Constitution


Donald Trump is NOT an ideological eunuch, like Ron and Rand Paul, who have sputtered the word "constitution" in every other sentence for 30 years while accomplishing absolutely NOTHING.

Donald Trump is NOT a constitutional huckster, like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, ACTING on Globalist, Constitution Destroying principles while sputtering the word "constitution" in every other sentence.

What Trump has lacked in "speaking" he has PROVED a thousand times over in ACTING.

For Instance:

Donald Trump is the ONLY candidate that has challenged the eligibility of Obama, Cruz and Rubio ON CONSTITUTIONAL grounds. 

In fact, he forced Barrack Obama to produced a FORGED Birth Certificate (are your memories too short to remember that). He constantly questioned Obama's birth place in the media for MONTHS, forcing Obama to produce a FORGED document. 

KNOWING it was forged, he subsidized the expense of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "forgery posse" that used forensic analysis to expose the FAKE Birth Certificate as the forgery it is. He did that so ORDINARY people could see it and begin to catch on to the Globalist destruction of our Nation, held hostage by GLOBALISTS PUPPETS, even a foreign born Muslim in the White House.  Why do you think that Trump has made such a big deal out of touting Sheriff Joe's endorsement, and paid his expenses so he could attend several of Trump's rallies and make a short speech at the beginning.  He is trying to wake you up! 

And in Huckster, Ted Cruz, we have another FOREIGN born man, born on foreign SOIL, to an American Mother and a FOREIGN National Father.  Do you think these Globalist were financing his campaign because he is a loyal Constitutionalist?  NO, he is a Globalist Puppet, BORN a Canadian Citizen who sputters the word Constitution in every other breath while he TOTALLY ignores it.  His own candidacy PROVES he ignores it.

And what do we have in Rubio, but an Anchor Baby? A man born to FOREIGN nationals on American soil.

Now tell me again how Donald Trump does not MENTION the Constitution enough.

(1) He talked about the Constitutionality of barring Muslim immigration and was proved RIGHT.

(2) He talked about the Constitutional necessity to secure our borders and has been proved RIGHT. 

(3) He talked about Obama's executive order abuses to the Constitution.

(4) He has been loudly vocal about the collective abuses of the Second Amendment, (to the Constitution - for the dunderheads reading) and the absolute necessity of honoring the Constitution.

(5) And he has talked about the Constitutional necessity and meaning of "Natural Born Citizenship." 

(6) He also talked about the unconstitutionality of Obamacare, saying "The government has no right to force a person to buy a product."

He doesn't sputter the word Constitution every other sentence he ACTS on it. 


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  2. I forgot to add that he also has talked about the Constitutional necessity to deport Illegal Aliens. And yes the President not only have the RIGHT but the Constitutional DUTY to do so.

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  4. Weird here I thought you said trump believes in the Constitution... Seems he pay Mexicans who are here illegal aliens to build stuff for him sorry to kill your thread..but the chump isn't what you think he is being with the Rico law for fraud

    1. You are a lying slug. Trump is NOT under any RICO investigation. But tell me slug, who owns your candidate?

  5. Where's your proof? Current and recent within past 5 yrs only please.

  6. You are an absolute idiot if you think Ron and Rand never achieved anything. Rand shut down McConnell and prevented an automatic reauthorization of the so-called "Patriot Act" and that's only the first obvious thing that came to my mind.

    1. They authorized it anyway idiot and the second version was worse than the first.


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