Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bernie and the Abyss: Fantasy ROCK

If it were not for the systematic Cultural Marxist - "Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" Bernie Sanders would be talking to crowds of ones and tens, instead of the thousands of ignorant souls mesmerized by his socio-economic fantasies and fairy tales.

What is Bernie selling but Unicorns mounting Rainbows, farting Chocolate Flavored Lightening from their butts.

OOOh! Feel the burn,
as they yearn, to govern in the dark,
following the pipers sweet nocturne,
blind leading blind, as they sojourn,
into genocidal oblivion;
the modern, stubborn, unlearned,
their sanity upturned,
their reason absent and unconcerned,
into to the abyss, into the abyss and gone.

Well NO!
As my friend Chris says, "pull you heads out of your collective asses! Me, my family have to live here, too!

Deliberate Dumbing Down dot Com - Exposing Global Ruin Through Cultural Marxist Education

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