Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trump Audits and Cuban Heel Biters

Smell the desperation. The Globalist Republican Criminals, are using Rubio as a place holder, hoping he can wound Trump enough so that he enters the convention with not enough delegates to seal the deal, throwing the convention open after the first ballot, and then nominating some faithful criminal party hack, who has not run in the primary "because those who participated in the primary are too wounded," they will say, "because Trump ruined the process" they will say. 

They have already run the lame Dhimmi Mitt Romney up as a trial balloon in the media.  (*Dhimmi, a non-muslim that submits to muslim rule, and/or an apologist for Islam, willing to lie for Islam)

So what is the present attack besides the Cuban Heel biting antics, like calling Trump a Con Man.  They are IDIOTS if they think that will stick?  Were Trump criminal in business, he would have been indited decades ago. Such an indictment would have made careers for government bureaucrats, law enforcement agent (FBI, FTC, etc.) and set a prosecutor up to become governor and possibly president one day.

The lie that he started his enterprises with a 200 million dollar inheritance.  I read this same lie in the New York Times and ignorantly help spread it. I was impressed that Trump has taken 200 million and turned it into 10.1 Thousand million dollars. (10.1 Thousand Million is what 10.1 Billion Dollars is.)  Yet, the Cuban heel biters who have gotten government checks for most of their adult lives, think this is a put down. 

FACT IS: what Trump inherited from his father happened when Trump was already worth Billions. And Fred Trump's estate all total did not amount to 200 million dollars.

FACT IS:  Trump borrowed a million dollars from his father and paid him back.  That is even more impressive.

So they are slamming him on his tax return, which is under audit.

Do you remember Trump telling about the Bush White House sending a representative to his office to warn Trump to stop complaining about the Iraq War.  Trump was vocal in opposition to it. There were newspaper articles about it.  What was the result, he has been audited by the IRS, every year since. Do the math.  Trump said that he had been audited the last 12 years. The last return was fiscal year 2015.  Subtract 12 from 2015 and what was happening in 2003-2004?  He is being punished for exercising his 1st amendment right of free speech.


 The Cubinadian, Ted Cruz said that Trump does not want to release his Tax Return because it would prove that Trump is not as rich as he claims.  Trump is right about these guys being ignorant. ANYONE should know that tax returns do not show a measure of wealth. A tax return shows only an amount of "income."  Remember the line on the form "Adjusted Gross Income" and "Net Income"?  Have you ever seen a line on a income tax form that said, "adjusted gross worth"? or  "net worth"?  The Federal Election Commission filing did state Gross Worth and Net Worth.  He has already filed it.

Now follow me closely.  When one is being audited, one's latest tax return, and possibly previous years as well when there are depreciation schedules and other instruments that spread across years, is NOT the final return.  The IRS, to justify their time and expense usually finds something to alter to their advantage, making an amended return necessary.  Trump is right not to make public an instrument that is in the active hands of the IRS. The public scrutiny would be a challenge to the IRS to try to "look good" to Trump's detriment. Can you grasp the common sense and the politics of what I have just shared?

Next: Trump University.
Trump University was a Real Estate School. It was closed when the Real Estate Market CRASHED, and the last thing you wanted to be was in Real Estate, unless you were mega wealthy and young and so able to purchase distressed properties at dirt cheap prices to sit on for future profit.  The law suits, all that have gone to court, Trump has won, and one just this week was withdrawn, knowing they did not have a case, is the penalty of having deep pockets, in a country of slimy lawyers.

Watching the Cuban Heel Biters bark their lies, honest I see an image of Trump walking and two Chihuahuas clinging to the cuffs of his pants.  Look at these two, huddled together, thinking they have drawn Trump blood, when they have called each other LIARS over and over again. Which is about the only time either one has said anything true in this campaign.  

 You have to listen to Stephen Miller explain the reality of the perils of Globalism and where it presently stands.  Trump knows all about this and this is the "extraction" he keeps talking about.

YES, I want to help stop the Republican establishment from stealing the Presidential nomination from Donald Trump!

Join the fight to stop another theft at the Republican National Convention here -->

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