Thursday, February 11, 2016

An American Speaks:

Have any of you noticed, the more Globalist our Government became, the more foreign born "actors" were the representatives of our Government, were the experts, and finally were the president (Kenyan) and Presidential Candidates, (Cuban) (Canadian) (Indian) etc. Do you think that Kissinger's native tongue was English, or Brzezinsky, or the mass Murderer Madeleine Albright, or George Soros and a host of others. Now we have a host of Experts in Government and Media whose native tongue was Arabic, Pushto, Turkish, Turkmen, Farsi, German, French, Chinese, etc., etc. telling us what to think, when to think it and how to feel about it.

Because the schools have provided Marxist Conditioning, instead of education, so many have lost the ability to reason, and merely accept what they are told. I for one, do not need a host of foreign born people telling me what it means to be (1) a Christian and (2) an American.

There is an insanity that has gripped our nation. An insanity purposely created, where for two generations EVERYTHING Christian and American was/is attacked, and everything foreign and contrary has been idolized, by the media, by the Cultural Marxist Schools, in movies and books. This is so very true now, to the degree that Common Core is teaching both Marxism and Islam, to our children, in our schools.

There are some not caught in this insanity, and they are not all on the Right, or on the Left, nor are they all Christian, nor are they all native born, but they exist across every race, and across the entire political spectrum. As hard as it is to grasp, the perception of truth is primarily a matter of CHARACTER. These are people of CHARACTER, (non-ideologues) who have the ability to come to recognize what is objectively and factually true. Their conclusions are drawn from different angles, but nonetheless hold agreement. We are seeing this in the supporters of Donald J Trump, who are coming from ALL sectors of American Society, who have come to recognize the VITAL Objective Truths, the ACTIONS it will take to push back the Globalist Agenda, and Save our Nation as a Nation.

It takes character to suspend dis-belief long enough to hear and seek to understand what someone else is saying. To prove or disprove the validity of what is exposed. Sadly the majority of Ted Cruz supporters lack this character and are willing to accept as true, other people's lies.  The same holds for the Establishment Republicans who have blindly voted GOP and gotten only Globalist deconstruction and the Establishment Democrats who have blindly voted Democrat and gotten only Globalist deconstruction.  Yet, with all the evidence that they have been voting for their own slavery, they continue to accept, other people's lies. The same lies told the stock yard animals.  "You are safe, we will protect you."

It takes character to dispassionately examine facts, and character to be willing to accept what is factual, even if it doesn't fit our political philosophy, or preconceived notions, etc. In this day and time, since people are programmed by the media, which operates continual Mind War that is devoid of character, (constant lies) finding that Character is more difficult by far than in previous generations.

Without sufficient character to endure the exercise of "proving" what is True, we are doomed to live the life of other people's lies. The entire Cultural Marxist Mechanism, you know as Political Correctness, with its adjunct Multi-Culturalism, is a construction of Other People's Lies.

WE are in a period of almost universal lies. Orwell said, "In a time of Universal Lies, speaking the truth is an act of Revolution."  There is a TRUMP Revolution happening in this country.  If you doubt it, watch the Trump supporters at Rutgers University (a leftist bastion of Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness) shout down a group of Marxist Protesters who sought to block the speaker from speaking.

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