Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Obama Attacks Trump at TPP Conference - WHY?

"You will never be president of the United States." _ Spoken to Donald Trump before an audience in excess of 20 million people by Globalist/Marxist Jeb Bush - El Heb Boosh (as his wife calls him).

"Donald Trump will never be elected President" _ Spoken to reporters by Barrack Obama, before an audience, ultimately much larger and international in scope by Globalist/Marxist Barrack Obama.

Do you see a pattern here? How could it be, that the supposed conservative Jeb Bush, and the marxist/muslim leftist Barack Obama could be saying the EXACT SAME THING?

Listen to the psy-opts exchange on CNN, as they were reporting Obama's condemnation of Trump.

CNN wonk 2: 

A truly stunning news conference by President Obama, naming names in the presidential race, on both sides talking way, way more about the specific candidates, example, Donald J. Trump, than you historically hear any president do, and finally, opening the door wide, wide open to the notion that he might endorse in the Democratic primary race. Again something you never, never see a sitting president do.

Douglas Brinkley (presidential historian from Rice University):

No it is very unusual and why did president Obama do this? I think part of the answer is, he's out there at Rancho Mirage, and all of these South East Asian leaders are going to him constantly saying, 
"Can Donald Trump really be president?
Are you guys crazy in America?
Is this really the real thing?"
And so the president wasn't just talking to interfering in South Carolina politics, he was addressing a WORLD COMMUNITY (i.e. New World Order plutocrats) or global journalists, if you like, saying it's my opinion, as somebody who has won the White House twice that this guy will not be able to win because the American people do not want someone who is a climate denier, who's a bigot, who um . . somebody that is irrational, that has his fingers on the nuclear code . . and on and on and on (meaning Trump's negatives are endless) It was something that was quite a very pointed message that Barack Obama was telling the world (NWO) that Donald Trump's not fit for command.

CNN Wonk 2: 

And yet, Ron Brownstein, as I was just discussing with JB durning the break . . . (irrelevant BS about the sandwich JB was eating) . . he (JB) was saying that this probably winds up helping Trump and obviously President Obama is very savvy. Why do this, why fan flames of the Trump Train?

Ron Brownstein: 

Well first of all it doesn't hurt him in the Republican Primary. Look, there's history between them, obviously Donald Trump was the leading voice questioning President Obama's birth. I was at the White House correspondents dinner, a few years ago, where the president, Trump in attendance, delivered an extended lacerating riff, on Donald Trump. But I would say this is an escalation but it is not unprecedented for Presidents to WANT to be involved in the race that succeeds them. I remember in 1988 the most defining line in the Republican Convention was Ronald Reagan rebutting the Democrats. He said "We are the change." And in 1999 Bill Clinton, jabbed George W. Bush over the claim that he was a compassionate conservative. . . . what is unusual here is how explicit this was, how early it was, and how many candidates the president addressed. I think it is part of the general escalation that we are seeing, the breaking down of all the boundaries of what has previously limited political combat' . . .

OKAY - After saying it was not unprecedented, Brownstein outlines why it was unprecedented, (1) the explicit language, (2) the targeting (3) the very early date - months before the convention (so not in the usual democrat vs republican "Theatre form" exchanges) (4) signaling a breaking apart of the previously limited political combat.


REMEMBER PLEASE that Obama did not say anything about Trump that Jeb Bush (the CENTER gravity of the Republican Party and FOX NEWS) has not said. And in Douglas Brinkley's lying diatribe, he didn't say anything that the Neo-Con . . um . . I mean Globalist . . . um I mean National Review's GANG of 22 didn't say - and a host of other Republican NeoCon pundits and wonks, and Democrat pundits and wonks.


What could have the Establishment Republicans and the Establishment Democrats sounding like a unified choir about Donald J. Trump, and oft times attacking him in vulgar and bombastic, but IDENTICAL language?

Is it because Donald Trump has funny hair?

Is it because Donald Trump speaks with a slight Brooklyn accent and easily lapses into common Brooklyn working class salty language?

Is it because Donald Trump has been enormously successful in private enterprise?

Or is it because Donald Trump is not sanctioned, approved, and groomed like the puppets the Globalist have readied; the puppets like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, John Kasich, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders? 

Don't get me wrong. All these people haven't been groom to be the Puppet President, whose Puppet Masters are the Globalist Financiers. No, of course not, some were groomed as "shills" merely to play their part in the THEATRE that was the FAKE election process, PRIOR to Trump entering the race and MAKING IT REAL.

If you don't know the answer here, and if you are willing to cast a vote for anyone but Donald Trump, then you are willing to throw away the first chance we have had in my seven decades to truly challenge the Globalist DECONSTRUCTION of our Nation, and SAVE our Nation as a NATION for our Children and Grand Children.

What do you think that Barrack Obama is doing at Rancho Mirage? The Marxist Douglas Brinkley said that he was meeting with Southeast Asian leaders. 

Don't you GET IT! 

Obama finalized the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement this month, and the Southeast Asian Leaders and Obama are together in a posh resort, enjoying the luxury, working out the details to divide the spoils. These are THIEVES, after the ROBBERY, sharing the loot, and working out the details of the spider web of systematized tentacles, like the roots of a parasite burying deep into its host, to continue to rob it, quietly without the host, (me and you) noticing.

Donald Trump is an existential THREAT to this robbery. Donald Trump has been exposing this robbery for month, openly in the media, and before crowds of thousands and ten of thousands, and with the live streaming web, and media and social media coverage, MILLIONS and TENS OF MILLION. 

Trump, BECAUSE of who he is, the money he has amassed, the public personality he has created, has the POWER to expose what many of us already knew, but were power-LESS to expose to the Nation at large.  

Instead of criticizing him for who he is, you should be thanking your lucky stars that SOMEONE, has collected the RAW Political Power, to objectively, strategically and tactically, Challenge the parasite that is destroying us.

It is time to Save our Nation as a Nation, to remove it from the Globalist parasites that have been sucking our economy dry, and implanting toxin into our Culture, destroying its moral and Christian base, and replacing it with Cultural Marxist - Globalist New Ageism. They have been literally ripping our country from our hands, taking our jobs, taking our manufacturing base, taking our small businesses, destroying our middle class and substituting MARXISM in its place. YES, MARXISM. What do you think the Politically Correct/Multi-Cultural Program is but Cultural Marxism?

So what do you think that Jeb Bush and Barack Obama, the Republican Party and the Democrat Party SHARE, that makes them attack Trump in UNISON, most times using the exact same words? 

MARXISM is the answer, if you can grasp it. 

These MARXIST are disguised as Mom, Apple Pie, God and Country Patriots, wrapping themselves in images of the Constitution and are called Neo-Conservatives (NeoCons).  That's on the Republican side. And they are disguised as “compassionate Liberal/Progressives” on the democrat side. But they are ALL Marxist at their CORE.

You see, the World Revolutionary Movement (the drive to Globalism) adopted Marxist means of conquest, camouflaged in Globalist Capitalism. That is the Globalists International Financiers at the top, robbing and raping nations, hiding their robbery by Marxist means for the masses, keeping the masses sickly and docile, while they prepared them for their soft and hard genocide. This is not conspiracy theory, this is the FACT of the last decades of history, their stated goals and public record.

 My God, OPEN your eye and look around you and see how enormously successful they have been. Massive illegal Drug addiction, one in four American Adults on at least one of many psychotropic (mind altering) drug, one in five American minors on the same thing. Look at the intentional lead poisoning of the hundreds of thousands by the Federal, State and Local government in Flint, Michigan, look at the open borders, the jihadi insurgency, the GMOs, whatever they are spraying in the skies, (for years now) the Marxist confiscation of pasture lands, the cutting off water supplies to our richest farm areas, the epidemic of cognitive disorders via childhood vaccines, the neglect of the VETS, producing 22 veteran suicides a day,  the promotion and financing of abortions, the passing of assisted suicide . . . the list of abuses are encyclopedic.

Not one candidate, dependent upon these Globalists Psychopaths for their financing can claim ANY power over them. Can you comprehend that statement?
Not one candidate, dependent upon these Globalists Psychopaths for their financing can claim ANY power over them.    But TRUMP CAN, and has been demonstrating it, as he is running for President.  And they are squealing like PIGS in a pen, all squealing the exact same complaints, with the exact same sounds.


  1. Thank you for your time and effort writing and exposing this. Do you think Trump will be able to overcome all the cheating and fraud and schemes and avoid getting murdered? I am praying for him every day.

  2. Excellent. Shared. Praying for Trump's safety! Evil surrounds him!


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