Friday, February 12, 2016

Ted Cruz and the Great Evangelical Deception.

I just saw a picture that read, "Jesus must be very disappointed that Huckabee and Santorum have left the race since he told both of them that he wanted them to be president."

Evangelicals have actually cursed me to hell both for exposing who Ted Cruz really is, and for daring to support Donald Trump, who has a "worldly history."
What they fail to grasp is that Trump may and indeed does have a "worldly history" but not a DECEPTIVE ONE.

These same fanatics, willing to curse me to hell, tell me that Ted Cruz was "anointed" to be President.

All these silly Evangelicals miss the point. AS Christians, we are to be faithful to our calling, and our calling is to obedience, is to ACT as we are called to ACT, to ENGAGE, and in every and ALL instances the result of our actions is in GOD's Dominion NOT OURS.

When we start claiming the "sanctity of the RESULT" (anointed to be president) we fall into the same trap that Cruz finds himself, making every excuse for multiple lies and fraud, in fact becoming a deceiver (as he did through Cambridge Analytics & deceiving letters in Iowa & deceiving phone calls & deceiving press releases, & tens of millions of dollars wasted in lying ads, etc., etc.) in his mind, 'holy deceptions' justified by the sanctity of the goal. Christian people, you cannot create a Godly result by the methods of The Deceiver.

NO ONE has caught Trump in a lie during this campaign. He's engaged an a little political hyperbole, a little friendly exaggeration, but he has not lied. Not only has Ted Cruz lied, he has spent TENS OF MILLIONS Bearing False Witness, selling his lies in the media and social media.

So to all you "moralists" out there who are cursing me to hell, WAKE UP!


  1. thank you for the eye-opener!

  2. How right you are!! As Jesus said, the children of this world are wiser than the children of light. The evangelical churchy people who think Ted was "anointed" to be president have been totally deceived and are ignorant enough to believe this deception. God can choose exactly who He wants to choose to lead our nation, and His choice is so obvious to those of us who are using the good brains God has given us. Why can't these Cruz fanatics realize that Mr. Trump virtually "prophesied" about the serious problem in Brussels weeks before it took place. God is bringing truth to this country and exposing evil but still, the people claiming His name are rushing on blindly, thinking that His candidate is Ted Cruz. Total, total deception.


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