Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Demographics Favor Donald Trump

Take a good look, this is what is presently running against Donald J. Trump. (I'm discounting both Kasich and Carson as irretrievably marginal)

Think! From exist polling data in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, we know who is drawing from what demographic. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio - the only competition left to Trump have the polar opposite difficulties.

(1) Cruz's support is narrow and deep, passionately held, populated only by religious fanatics and cultists. It is almost identical to support commanded by Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum in the last election cycle, a very narrow Evangelical or Christian Right support which cannot transfer to national support. Which cannot translate to numbers to win the nomination much less the general election. (Huuuuuugely damaged by Trump's incursion into his Evangelical base.)

(2) Rubio is drawing votes from all across the demographic spectrum, JUST LIKE TRUMP - but mostly dispassionate last minute deciders, but a very "shallow" non-passionate support, very few dedicated supporters.

(3) Where Trump's cross-demographic support is very deep, very passionate and very dedicated.

Face it, there is no one left but Kasich as an establishment candidate and he will NEVER catch on in this anti-establishment year and Carson who is so wounded, he will never recover.

So, if Cruz's support is a block that cannot win the nomination, and Rubio's support is shallow and dispassionate - GAME OVER. It will take some time before the EGOS to admit it, but GAME OVER - IF, IF, IF, Donald Trump and his Revolutionary Movement double down and grant no space.

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  1. Trump beat the Bush crime syndicate. A year ago I never would have believed it possible. I had resigned myself to somehow having Jeb shoved down our throats.

    For that alone Trump deserves tremendous respect and admiration, as well as gratitude. If he can manage to become president and accomplish even half of what he's talking about (especially the wall) then he will have a very special place in history as the man who pulled our country back from the brink.

    1. I think it is one thing to say, Trump BEAT the Bush Crime Family, vs Trump thwarted one plan of the Bush Crime family, and forced them to leave one child behind - so to speak. Now they will go to ground, and on the dark side conspire with the Republican establishment first to destroy Trump before the nomination, and second to work with Hillary and the Democrats to defeat Trump in the General election.

      The Bush Crime family, and their Globalist Partners, have only lost their FIRST battle. There are many, many more battles to come.


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