Thursday, February 18, 2016

Trump and the Pope.

It is truly Amazing that Donald Trump has the raw political power, to expose the leader of Western Christianity for the Marxist/Globalist he is. 


Just by being in the race, Donald Trump has caused Pope Francis to thoroughly expose his Open Borders, Marxist/Globalist Agenda.

I am a very, very, very strong Donald Trump for President Supporter, because he is the only non-Globalist America FIRST Nationalist in the race. But criticism to whom, criticism is due.

Trump does not mis-speak often, but he did this morning. He said "For a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful . . . no leader, especially a religious leader should have the RIGHT to questions another man's religion or faith." (Emphasis mine - and that single word is the issue here.)

Now he is speaking as an American Candidate for President, who was just attacked by a MARXIST Roman Catholic Pope, and while it is true that the American Election is none of the Pope's business, especially none of a MARXIST Pope's business, Trump's reaction is ridiculous on the face of it. Tell me where this commandment is written, that "a leader especially a religious leader" should not have the RIGHT to question another man's faith? In practice Trump does not believe this himself as he has demonstrated by saying, "How can Ted Cruz call himself an Evangelical and lie so much." ANDTrump has by implication many times questioned the Christian Faith of Barrack Obama, and RIGHTLY So.
The only word Trump uttered, to which I strongly object, is the word, RIGHT, as in should not have the RIGHT to. That is antithetical to Liberty, and Trump does not even believe it himself, since he questioned Ted Cruz's faith, several times, saying, "How can Ted hold his bible up and claim to be an Evangelical and LIE so much?" Trump has the RIGHT to do that. The Pope also has the RIGHT to do what he did. Turning the subject to a subject of RIGHTS is foolish. Rather Trump should question the Pope's MOTIVES. For instance, "We know the Pope works in the Vatican, which is surrounded by a massive wall, what motivates him to say that building walls is UN-Christian? Were the popes that built the Vatican, UN-Christian?  Is the protection of the innocent, UN-Christian?"
Take heart - these are a few ill advised words, and considering the massive psy-opts against Trump, very, very, understandable.

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  1. I disagree Butch. I believe Mr. Trump was right to speak out against the words of this POPE. Mr. Trump is fighting for the life of our Republic against a new world order. When the Pope interjects himself into our politics, he opens himself up to Mr. Trump's strategy.
    Now the Trump supporters are uniting in their efforts to win this election. Not one of the other candidates has dissed Mr.Trump's words.(Yet).
    Trump is not the Pope and as a USA citizen has every right to question our POTUS on anything.
    I find it very regrettable that the POPE would stoop to this level and believe it will have a negative impact on the standing of the Catholic Church and its members, (of which I am one).

  2. Where did I say that Trump was NOT right to speak out against the Pope? I never said it. READ AGAIN. And next time understand what you read before you waste my time reading your comment.

  3. Well, I don't think he meant the word RIGHT in a very literal way as you are taking it. I think it was just a manner of speaking. Remember, he speaks largely off the cuff and his statements aren't pre-scripted and written out in advance.

    Just my two cents.

    1. I believe that is pretty much what I said. However, constitutionalist and libertarians, and anyone else critical of Trump immediately grabbed the mistake and started saying, "See, he doesn't respect the bill of rights. He wants to dictate what leaders and especially religious leader can legally say."

  4. Father Jonathan Morris, a Fox News regular commentator just came out on Varney & Company. He was questioned by Varney about Trump and the fact that the pope said he was not a Christian. father Morris stated that the pope was wrong and that only God can make that judgement. He further stated that the Vatican should issue a statement to that effect!

    1. The pope's statement and more so his actions were BEYOND the PALE and impossible to defend, so Fr Jonathan stated what is obvious. But let us not forget that Fr Jonathan defended the Roman Catholic Bishop's Conference, when they arranged a Mass on the border, and during that Mass, called for an open border, just like the pope did. I found the exercise blasphemous.


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