Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Why is the Media so Unfair to Donald Trump?

For those that do not follow politics, but are supporting Trump and don't understand why the media does not cover Hillary's lies and record, and Ted Cruz's lies and record and Rubio's lies and record, but constantly attacks Trump. Here is the abbreviated answer:

Folks we have to understand that the demarcation line in this election is between the Globalists and their Puppets in BOTH Parties, and the ONLY America FIRST Nationalist in the race, who is of course Donald Trump who is SMASHING the control mechanism of the Globalists over the primary process, just as he will HOPEFULLY, SMASH the control mechanism the Globalist have over our Government and Nation.

This election is about restoring our Sovereignty, that is what Trump means when he talks about taking control of our Borders and immigration. 

"Without borders you don't have a country, you just don't" - Donald Trump

How many times have you heard him say that? I've heard him say it probably more than a hundred times now. And he also says, "This is a movement, and lately he has been using the word, "revolution." And indeed the Trump Movement IS a peaceful Revolution, that IF SUCCESSFUL will wrest power FROM the Globalists, and back to the American People. That can only happen IF our Sovereignty is restored.

Sarah Palin, understands this and also talked about "Restoring our Liberty and Sovereignty." And that is the correct equation, because as our sovereignty has been wounded, our liberty has been destroyed, power has shifted FROM the people to the International Criminal Financiers, who have been robbing our nation for four decades. 

Donald Trump calls this, "extraction," i.e. extracting our wealth, by extracting our job base, extracting our manufacturing base, which destroys the Middle Class and has created Great Depression type unemployment, in our Nation

In 2006, 80 percent of full time workers worked for SMALL Business in America, not for the Giant International Corporations. The extraction, which is destroying the middle class has destroyed our Small Business Base.

 As for the media lying and promoting first Fiorina, then Carson, then Cruz, now Rubio, it is all part of trying to take the only Nationalist Down - WHY? Because the media is owned and operated by OPEN BORDERS, Globalists, who FEAR Trump is about the spoil their monopoly on control and restore power to the American People, where it belongs.

When you think in Liberty Terms (something lost to a great many Americans) some things become clear. 

For instance: 
What was/is Obamacare?
It is the removal of the power of the American People over their own healthcare and bodies and placing that power, that control, by government force, into the hands of the Globalist Corporations?  It is the very picture of a Crony-Capitalist/Fascist systemFolks, that is NOT LIBERTY. Trump is here to SMASH that system and restore practical and true Liberty.

For the Ideological Eunuchs, who have harped about Constitutional Governance for decades while being powerless to effect any restoration of Power to the People, Donald Trump is not "pure enough."  So you see the Ideological Eunuchs like Rand Paul, complaining that Trump is not an Ideological Constitutionalist.  Paul is right, Trump is not an Ideological Constitutionalist, but rather an advocate for practical humanitarian governance, while respecting and empowering the people according to constitutionals principles.

For the Programmed Neo-Conservatives, who have been divided and conquered for FOUR DECADES, all clamoring for their particular program, pro-life, flat tax, fair tax, traditional marriage, states rights, etc, etc, etc. They too, are Ideological Eunuchs, sacrificing our nations Liberty and Sovereignty, as they squabbled with each other about "ideological purity." And in the process, just like the Constitutionalists, they have been powerless to effect any restoration of Power to the People. In fact the very opposite has happened as they became more prominent in the national political debate.

The Programmed Neo-Liberals, who have destroyed Classical Liberalism and replaced it with pure Socialist Marxism, they have been in charge of the changes of the last decades that have destroyed our sovereignty and liberty, and they have controlled both the Republican and Democrat Parties, for their Globalist Masters, as they took your power and gave it to the Globalist Institutions, both international governmental institutions and private institutions called Corporations.

What they are and have been creating is a Master Globalist/International Capitalist Class at the top, unfettered by any nations borders, able to operate like a super-class of super-men. They have extracted OUR Nation's wealth, reduced us to a debtor nation,(Twenty TRILLION in debt - $20,000,000,000,000.00) and covered their robbery by reducing people to a Marxist/Socialist poverty state.  Trump describes this poverty state in every speech he makes, our crumbling infrastructure, our massive unemployment, the national debt, the destruction of the middle class etc., etc., etc.    

The Globalist DO NOT want you listening to, much less supporting and voting for Trump.  Of course the media is relentlessly attacking and trying to diminish and destroy Trump because ALL OF IT, is owned by the Globalists.

If the Globalist Media is protecting and/or promoting other candidates, what does that mean?  It means they are puppets of the Globalists. 

Shirley Teague Elswick:
I wish more people could understand this. All too many of them see is the usual conservative versus liberal when it's actually globalists versus nationalists as you point out. We're going to end up losing our country because of people who refuse to inform themselves.

Butch Robinson
Shirley, the left/right Hegelian Dialectic is the core psychological mechanism the Globalist have used to institute their sovereignty destroying agenda. For several decades a Republican or Democrat win, has meant simply the same thing, less sovereignty, more regulation, more taxes, more control by International Finance over government, less power to the people, rights and privacy eroded etc., etc., etc.

The people who allowed this to happen are the "true believers" in the Republican and Democrat Parties, each side always voting for the lesser of two evils (in their perception). They cannot comprehend, that the Globalists control both party apparatuses, and they together form one singular controlling apparatchik. Donald Trump is an existential threat to the apparatchik control mechanism.

Many people comprehend this intrinsically. They see Trump assailed equally by the neo-conservatives of the right, and the marxist liberals on the left, using nearly identical language. In fact, this is so true that I did a little exercise with the articles written by the gang of 22, at the Neo-Con Review, (Against Trump) and one can substitute the word Marxist, every time the word "conservative is used" and it does not change the meaning of the whole one whit. Why? Because the neo-conservatives on the right and the marxist on the left are all GLOBALISTS.

Deborah Shiels 
I hate them all. As I have said, Trump is the real 'underdog' here in this race.
Shirley Teague Elswick
I think you have it right, Bruce (SIC). I've tried to tell people this but they just can't or won't see it. They insist on believing that if they can just elect a "pure" conservative then everything is going to go back to what the Founders intended and it won't. The powers that be won't allow it. Trump, as flawed as he may be, is our only hope.
Butch Robinson
Absolutely, everything is against him, except We His Supporters, who are vilified and demonized, just as he is. Supposedly, according to the relentless media, we are filled with hate, bigoted etc., etc., etc., when all we want to do is save our Nation as a Nation for ourselves and our children. Seems such a natural hope and it is.

The destruction of our nation through extraction is most unnatural and has to be stopped. If not now, NEVER. America will be merely an administrative district in a world system, governed by regional politburos like the E.U. and you see how that is working out for the people of Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgian, etc., etc.

 Butch Robinson
Shirley, I call the people you describe, "Ideological Eunuchs" They have a fanciful goal, pursue it for decades, have no impact, and like Einstein's definition of insanity, keep repeating the exact same processes, expecting EACH TIME, different results.


Shirley Teague Elswick
Educating people is the key to getting them to change their voting patterns. Too many don't want to be informed though and just vote the way they always have. I still have hope because of the size of the crowds Trump is getting though. People may be waking up to what is really going on. Let's hope there are enough of them and they actually go vote.


Butch Robinson
There are ten of millions awakening and stepping out of the Matrix. But the apparatchik is working overtime to repair the breech in the illusion and re-hypnotize the tens of millions who have awakened. For instance, I recently had a run-in with a long time GOP wonk and Trump supporter, (one of the few people Trump has quoted extensively) who was floating the meme, that "Donald Trump made it okay for Republicans to PROUD of their party again."

I would take a book to describe all the ways that idea is wrong. But people were jumping on the meme, ready to be a "party regular" again.


Shirley Teague Elswick

Trump isn't really ideological. He strikes me as more of a problem solver. I think he'll look at each issue and do what seems most likely to solve it. Some conservatives have a problem with him not being a Ted Cruz type hard right conservative. I believe that kind of conservative would end up doing what Obama has done. He would try to force the country to the right just as Obama has tried to force us Left and would end up alienating a large segment of the country. That would hurt the country and the party. The other candidates are all establishment types to one degree or another. They would move us further toward the global form of government you are talking about. Trump is the only one I see who isn't beholden to the establishment and could do the things it takes to get us on the right path. He is facing so much opposition from everybody that I worry he might decide it isn't worth it and give up. I hope people stick with him. Too many are too easily swayed by all the push polls and negative articles put out by the establishment. Trump is in the fight of his life and needs our support. When this is over maybe we need a third party kind of like the nationalist parties in Europe. We need an organized way to oppose the globalists.

Butch Robinson:
Shirley - I know you know all this but want to share for others who may be reading.

Trump is certainly ideological in this sense. He is an ideological American, with his image of what America needs to be for her people and to the world. His ideology is the ideology that held the Greatest Generation, shared by both Traditional Conservatives and Classical Liberals - like John Kennedy.

I, know that some of the Republican Candidates are good men. But none is an exception to this simple fact. They cannot mount a viable run for the Presidency, which the experts are saying is likely to cost between 500 million and a billion dollars, without sucking at the teats of the Globalist Criminal Financiers who have destroyed the American Middle Class and plunged our children and grand children into perpetual war and debt slavery.

When Trump entered the race, Jeb Bush whored on K-Street for five days and came away with 110 million dollars. That money comes with strings attached.

Ted Cruz did like wise and by June 30th had raised 38 million dollars, - the second highest amount.

For all the candidates except Trump, it is a catch-22, to retain his integrity, he cannot whore on K-Street/Wall Street, and without the money from K-Street/Wall Street, he cannot mount a viable campaign.

This is the cord Donald J Trump has strummed, that is resonating all across America and giving Classic Liberals, and Traditional Conservatives MUCH HOPE.

Here is what true American Liberals and American Traditional Conservatives SHARE, which is different than what Neo Conservatives and Marxist Leftist share.

(1) True Sovereignty, which is Sovereignty in military command, Sovereignty in Governmental and Political matters, which includes economic Sovereignty

(2) Truly Secure Borders, because without secure borders none of the above are possible

(3) Exercise of that sovereignty creates protection American Business and Industry.

(4) Which as a secondary effect protects both the American Middle Class and American Labor.

(5) Respect for the Bill of Rights, and all Constitutional Principles.

NeoCons and Leftist Marxist share the goal of Utopian Empire Building. And they are willing to make America and Americans suffer any price both in body bags and in wealth to accomplish their Conquest of the World. The Bush's New World Order, and Universal Marxism are the SAME THING. That is World Government Controlled by the Globalist Financiers.

Trump is challenging this "empire building." He has a 30 plus year history of standing against Globalist Policies that have destroyed the American Middle Class, caused nearly 30 percent REAL unemployment (according to the President of Gallop) and plunged our Children and Grand Children into generational debt slavery. Trump is an America FIRST nationalist, and his willingness to take the abuse of this presidential run proves he is also a Patriot.

Trump in in 1988. Trump has not changed, he has been an American FIRST Nationalist for 30 plus years. Trump in 1988

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  1. This sums things up. Why can't most see the treachery that has been happening to them? And they seem to fight bitterly to keep the status quo! The Cruzbots seem smitten with the idea. Cognitive dissonance much?


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