Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Donald Trump the Unlikable

This exchange is VERY informative and shows how freak'n hypnotize people are by the shattering, nattering nabob punditry class on T.V. telling them WHAT to think. My GOD PEOPLE pull you head out of your . . . . hypnosis.

PAB writes:
I know you are a strong Trump supporter. What do think of supposed high unfavoriability polls up against Hillary? Serious question because right now still for Trump.

Butch Robinson:
I don't understand the question? Are you saying Hillary has high unfavorability stats? That's a fact. All the recent polls show Trump beater her in the General handily.

No. That Trump has the highest unfavoriabilty in a run against Hillary

Butch Robinson:
That is BS - If you accept the CIAmerican Media Propaganda, you will deserve what you get. The public has been so brainwashed they cannot think rationally in steps. Let me walk you up the steps and see if you can make it to the top.

(1) Trump has the highest unfavorable ratings of all the Republican candidates in ALL the polls taken so far.

(2) Trump is the least likable Republican candidate in ALL the polls taken so far.

(3) Trump has spent the LEAST money of any candidate still in the race, even less than Ben Carson.

(4) Trump has lead in ALL the real scientific polls by a lot since July 2015.

(5) Trump broke records for voter turnout even in Iowa where he technically came in second.

(6) Trump broke records for voter turnout in New Hampshire where he won by a BLOWOUT.

(7) Trump broke records for voter turnout in South Carolina, where he won by a BLOWOUT.

What is the reasonable Conclusion PAB - I mean straight rational conclusion?


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