Friday, February 12, 2016

Donald Trump the Raging Liberal

What is a True Conservative?
These people calling Trump a liberal, don't have a clue what being a conservative is. They have been conned by the Neo-Conservatives (NeoCons) who have kept them in an emotional state fighting for political solutions to social and spiritual problems. WRONG tool for the job folks. A traditional conservative is for:

(1) True Sovereignty, which is Sovereignty in military command, Sovereignty in Governmental and Political matters, which includes economic Sovereignty

(2) Truly Secure Borders, because without secure borders none of the above are possible

(3) Exercise of that sovereignty creates protection of American Business and Industry.

(4) Which as a secondary effect protects both the American Middle Class and American Labor.

(5) Respect for the Bill of Rights, and all Constitutional Principles.

Only respect of the Bill of Rights and Constitutional Principles can create items 1 thru 4
This election has nothing to do with saving souls, or promoting religion, or giving witness to Christ, it is about the life and death survival of a broken country. YES, the core social and spiritual problems have to be confronted, but with the message of the Gospel and not by the State with a gun.


Is sealing the border conservative?

Is ditching ObamaCare conservative?

Is deporting the criminal illegals conservative?

Is profiling and monitoring mosques to stop Jihadism/terrorism conservative?

Is removing the Globalist ideology from trade deals, conservative?

Is approaching international trade with an America FIRST Nationalist Agenda conservative?
Is NOT taking millions from the puppet masters conservative?

Is revamping the tax code conservative, lowering taxes for the Middle Class and Poor?

Is solving Corporate Inversion Conservative?

Is making the American Homeland once again competitive, conservative?

Is getting serious about ISIS conservative?

Is really reforming the Vets Admin conservative?

Is guaranteeing and removing obstacles to the 2nd amendment conservative?

Is getting rid of gun free zones, conservative? 

Is arming our military men, at recruitment centers and on their own military bases, conservative?

Is stopping liberal judges from getting appointed conservative?

Is spending tax money more wisely conservative?

Is stopping the Jihadi invasion conservative?

Is rolling back the mass stopping of fetal heartbeats conservative?

Is giving up tens of millions in TV contracts to run for POTUS conservative?

Is having the best tax plan (Ludlow) conservative enough?

Is having a clear slogan “#MakeAMERICAGreatAgain” conservative?

Is speaking w/o prompters but from the heart in simple terms conservative?

Is saving our Nation AS a Nation conservative?

Tell me then, what is conservative enough?

Go ahead, feed me baloney, feed me some personality or style crapola excuses. Tell what an intelligent puppet robot Rubio is and how HOLY Ted Cruz is. All that is smoke an mirrors, politics as usual.

Wait there is more. About health care Donald Trump has said he would:

1.) Repeal of the McCarran Ferguson Act so health insurance can be sold across state lines. Let us see.  Is Competition of Insurance Companies across state line conservative?

2.) Expansion of Health Savings Accounts to promote price transparency & accountability.
Is keeping your own money, free of taxes for the purpose of healthcare, and making those savings accounts portable among family members (an exercise of LIBERTY) conservative?

3.) Tort (or Medical Malpractice Reform) - Is cutting into the trial lawyers personal pork barrel conservative?

4.) Reform of our health care social safety nets such as Medicaid.
 This is the indigent care mentioned above - is it conservative?

5.) Mr. Trump has most recently added necessary reforms to be made to our broken Veteran’s Administration health care system specifically because it, like all other Single Payer systems is an unmitigated disaster! - That that conservative?

Mr. Trump and We The People are FIGHTING to save a rotting nation!

Trump in 1988 on Oprah
Trump has spent a small fortune over the years, taking out full page ads in major newspapers, advocating for core conservative principles like sound money, secure borders, protection of american industry and small free enterprise business from unfair trade deals, protection of the American Middle Class and American workers, scolding the Globalist and their Empire Building, he was a lone voice against the Iraq war, that produced exactly what he said it would produce. This is a 30 plus years history of consistent stance. Here he is on the Winfrey show saying in 1988 exactly what he is saying today.
Trump in 1988

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