Friday, February 19, 2016

FEAR Trump? Why?

Patrick Buchanan, the only other America FIRST Nationalist to run for President in Modern Times, before Donald J. Trump.

Not going to bother linking the Breitbart article, because the writer blathers on obscuring what Pat Buchanan says about the Bush Crime Family and Globalism. The last paragraph reads:

Buchanan observed that there is nothing about Bush Republicanism that is particularly attractive to American conservatives. He said, “After the judges (ed note = and one of the Judges has been a DISASTER - John Roberts - who TWICE rubber-stamped ObamaCare, that any IDIOT knows is unconstitutional) and tax cuts, what is there about Bush that is conservative? (ed note = I can't say that even the particular type of tax cuts were conservative.) His foreign policy is Wilsonian. (Meaning Globalist) His trade policy is pure FDR. (Meaning Globalist) His spending is LBJ all the way. (Meaning NeoCon-Globalist - plunging America into debt) His amnesty for illegals is Teddy Kennedy’s policy…(Meaning Open Borders Globalist) In smearing as nativists, protectionists and isolationists those who wish to stop the invasion, halt the export of factories and jobs to Asia, and stop the unnecessary wars, Bush is attacking the last true conservatives in his party.”

I've been telling you this since June 30th 2015 about Donald J. Trump, here is what I said:
Those people calling Donald Trump a liberal have been conned by the NeoCons. They no longer know the meaning of the word conservative.
Donald Trump is a Traditional Conservative. If you are not willing to "conserve" the Nation, and to save the Nation as a Nation, you cannot claim conservatism on any other level.

A traditional conservative is for:
(1) True Sovereignty, which is Sovereignty in military command, Sovereignty in Governmental and Political matters, which includes economic Sovereignty
(2) Truly Secure Borders, because without secure borders none of the above are possible
(3) Exercise of that sovereignty creates protection of American Business and Industry.
(4) Which as a secondary effect protects both the American Middle Class and American Labor.
(5) Respect for the Bill of Rights, and all Constitutional Principles.
Because without that, you do not have a system of Constitutional Governance, reflective of the will of We The People.
Common Sense Liberty, Health and Wealth, based on personal responsibility and enterprise are the Hallmarks of Traditional Conservatism. International Capitalist Cronyism is the hallmark of Neo Conservatism at the top, and Cultural Marxism and poverty at the bottom with the destruction of the Middle Class necessary for the Globalist Control Mechanism to work. We see in working very well in Europe at the moment.

By contrast what is a Neo-Conservative (NeoCon) except for the Judges and Tax cuts, (both questionable) there is nothing Traditionally Conservative about the last 30 years of Globalist Policies. In fact the policies are Neo-Conservative/Marxist.

Definition of Neo-Con 

(1) a Rhetorical Conservative, who wraps him/herself in Mom, Apple Pie, God and Country, who advocates the assertive promotion and spread of democracy (Read American/Globalist Control) and United States Government-Corporate interests in international affairs including by military means

(2) One who advocates U.S. Empire building in the form of U.S. economic, political and military dominance using occupation or other means of total influence and dominance, making of foreign nation states, mere Vassal States of the Anglo-American Globalist Empire. (It is modern day Colonialism as the United Fruit Company and Guatemala demonstrate or another example the Vassal States of NATO.)

(3) One who increases American National Debt for the purposes stated in 1 and 2.

and I can add, One who demonized the idea of Constitutional America FIRST nationalism as, nativists, protectionists and isolationists.

Donald Trump is the ONLY Traditional Conservative Running for President, the rest are philosophical Neo-Cons, and Puppets of the Globalist Criminal Financiers.

SINCE DONALD TRUMP IS LEADING BY A LOT IN ALL THE POLLS, even when blasted by many international leaders, across Europe and even the POPE, says that the American people are waking up.   Those national leaders and the POPE blasting trump, are in the same Globalist Cabal as the Bushes, claiming that Donald Trump's Common Sense America FIRST Nationalism (our only path to survival as a Nation) is "hate-filled, UN-Christian, Nativist, Protectionist and Isolationist.   NOT ONE WORD OF THIS CRITICISM IS TRUE.  In this case even the POPE LIED and the LIE is so obvious, since he lives and works at the Vatican City State, a WALLED City. 

NOTICE the people lined up OUTSIDE the Vatican's Walls, waiting to visit the Sovereign Nation of Vatican City, LEGALLY. 

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  1. Thank you for writing these blogs...I know in my heart I'm voting for the right candidate but as a Christian and dealing with politics it gets confusing bc people make you feel less of a Christian if you vote Trump

  2. I feel very fortunate that somehow I stumbled onto your blog (through Pinterest.) Thank you so much for writing such thought provoking subjects. I have learned so much and I share your blog with readers/commentators from sites I frequently visit, i.e., The Gateway Pundit. Party wise, I am neither R or D but I instinctively felt we as a nation needed Trump to win this election. I am so proud that I voted for Mr. Trump! And sir, your blog proved that we did the right thing.


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