Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trump and Muslim Immigration.

Have any of you noticed this "worldly" Christian heretic, Donald Trump, speak passionately about the protection of Christians against HELLISH persecution?

There are some antecedents in History. The man we call SAINT Constantine today, was a PAGAN, all his life. Baptized ONLY upon his death bed. Yet, HE and HE alone stopped the Pagan Roman Persecution of Christians and insured the survival of Christianity in Europe for two-thousand years. Wait for it . . . . and he too was a Heretic.  He preferred the Heresy of Arianism. Why? Because in his pagan consciousness, he could understand Arianism, but could not really grasp the complexities of Christian Orthodoxy.

Next was Prince Lazar. When the historians (even the Western Christian Historians) recount the tale of Christian Europe's stand against Muslim DOMINATION, they NEVER mention Saint Lazar. Who faced with the Moslem Hordes coming up from the middle east through Eastern Europe, in a pincer move, intent on the conquest of ALL of Europe, raised an army of twenty two thousand men, mostly herder and farmers, and engaged the Islamic Sultan's army of over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND MEN, and at the sacrifice of every Christian warrior, Twenty-Two Thousand of them, including the Prince Himself, halted the Muslim Sultan's advance. 

Licking their wounds the Muslims decided that if these Christians would fight this hard, they could not conquer them.

Please tell me why Donald Trump's clear statement on Muslim Immigration is different.

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