Saturday, December 31, 2016

Writing the Literature of Truth and Liberty

On Facebook and my blogs, I wrote One Million Thirty-NineThousand words in 2016. I'm certain I wrote as many words last year in support of Truth and Liberty. That is the equivalent of writing a 3000-word essay every day. People wonder why I am impatient with them when they try to post trivial nonsense on my FB page or make stupid comments on my blogs.

Here is my motivation for writing so much. Years ago I read the arrogant words of B.F. Skinner, in his book "Beyond Freedom and Dignity" which described the methods of the MIND WAR, the Behaviorist Psychological Conditioning tools used in education and media to DUMB DOWN the American Population. That book was published in 1971, and I read it as a Railroad Engineer two years later on a trip from Atlanta to Chattanooga. It shook me to my core as I recognized the Luciferian ground upon which it was written, and the massive acclaim this demonic psychologist garnered from the sick academic culture. Skinner said that people held the notions of Freedom and Dignity only because they had read the "literature" of Liberty. I began to write my sermons and thoroughly research them, and research the state of politics and education. After Charlotte Iserbyt published her book, "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of Americans" between the two books, I was on FIRE to make the LITERATURE OF LIBERTY so voluminous one would have a hard time missing it.

I wrote under many different names for Church newsletters, and underground Militia newsletters. Seeing and perceiving the MEANING of Ruby Ridge and Waco, and experiencing the governmental conspiracy to suppress nearly free energy, having by then read every word of the Pike Committee hearings of the House, and the Church Committee hearings of the Senate, the full text of Vatican II and hundreds of other volumes, I knew that only REAL INFORMATION, containing REAL facts of our history and FACTS about the Marxist enemy we faced and still face, that covers its actions via infiltration in the work of MEGA-Capitalist Foundations and their spawn,
the so-called "Think Tanks," and through Cultural Marxist funding of college and university academia, the grooming of operatives via "fellowships" etc, and now K-12 indoctrination, the only answer was to be willing to be viewed as a "fanatic" by the brainwashed, and smeared as a "Conspiracy Theorist" by the CIA. I took my spiritual discernment and my lower genius I.Q., and turned it, not to "movements" that are ALWAYS quickly subverted and controlled, but to the simple spread of information.  I intended always to be "shocking" but not for the sake of being shocking but to create permanent memories, breaking through the person's own hypnotically induced false consciousness.  I was always satisfied if I made someone angry enough to kill me or at least wish me harm, knowing that sooner or later, that seed would be fertilized by their own painful circumstances and produce FRUIT. In this process, I cannot count the hundreds of times that people have returned to me to "teach me" what they did not ever recall I had taught them FIRST.  I would always act surprised and then ask leading questions causing them to dig deeper. Now, in 2016 I have been thoroughly vindicated. 

I wrote a complete book in 1993, gave it to my brother, a friend of Newt Gingrich, and an important man in his own right, he turned me into the FBI as a possible Uni-Bomber suspect, because what I wrote was so shocking to him, and it put me under constant FBI monitoring.  A few years later, witnessing the Clinton Crime Family operate with impunity, he came to me and apologized profusely. I was told by a close associate of my brother, after his repose a decade later, that my brother thought I was crazy, but later came to view me as a Patriot and hero. He wasn't telling me anything I had not witnessed in his own words to me.

George Orwell said, "In time of Tyranny, speaking the Truth is revolutionary." What I was exposing was so "controversial" that for a period from 1993 until 1996 and then 1996 to 2003 the FBI assigned to me undercover agents to be my best buddy, one following the other. I knew who/what each was on the first day, and let them think I was clueless. Then I took them for a ride, challenging everything they thought was true. The first FBI wonk became a huge Patriot and truth-teller in his retirement.

During the time of FBI harassment, we as a family experienced many no-knock covert searches of my home and papers. Finding "bugs" old style listening devices in our home was commonplace. What was the crime of which I was suspected? I was suspected of telling the truth and the truth is dangerous to regimes built on the BIG LIE. Somehow, I managed a middle line where they did not kill me or plant evidence and imprison me. Some around me were not so lucky. Every day for the past 40 years I have been willing to DIE rather than shut up. The greatest surprise of it all for me is that the odds are ever increasing that I may live long enough to die of natural causes.

Even today, on New Years Eve 2016, the CIA/NSA/FBI whatever WONK, harassed and mocked me via private message on Facebook. IT is a badge of HONOR. I wrote:

"One of the Cultural Marxist Government Wonks who monitors my writing and loves to taunt me via private message just told me that I "must be stuffed with pride having helped sway the ignorant mob to turn out for Trump."

"I told him, "I feel no pride in success less the work become a Pyrrhic Victory and merely a vain effort, or that I become deluded believing the victory mine and not the Lord's. On the other hand, you may know for certain, I would have most certainly felt shame and grief had we lost. It would have been hellish shame, knowing hell and the demon possessed, like yourself, had won and grief beyond comfort, knowing that hundreds of millions would needlessly suffer as the result of our failure. 2016 brought "a BLOW for life," knocking the wind out of the culture of death. It was just one blow, so prepare yourself, there are hundreds more to come."

Happy New Year's Eve

To all my friends and strangers in the Truth and Liberty movement, especially the most deplorable of deplorable "hobbits." 

In 2016, We have been shown a mercy of God and deserve to celebrate and spend time in thanksgiving, WITH the caution given by Steve Bannon, Trump's top policy advisor, "This is just the bottom of the first inning." He uses friendlier terms than I do. I say we have merely won one battle in a new Civil War - and even that is not actually won for the next 20 days.

BIG THANK YOU to EVERYONE who helped challenge the Luciferian Globalist Cartel and dared to throw off their Politically Correct SLAVE COLLAR and speak TRUTH to power regardless of ramifications. 

Special Thanks to Donald Trump for stepping into harm's way. Without his courage, the TRUTH and LIBERTY Movement would still be marginalized. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are no longer marginalized, we are an ARMY ENGAGED.

Please continue reading about the nature of the WAR we face.

Wounded and Grieving Slavic Pride - WWIII BAIT

Сербские баскетбольные фанаты исполнили песню в память об ансамбле имени Александрова - Serbian basketball fans sang a song in memory of the Alexandrov Ensemble

People do not understand the provocation that was the downing of the plane carrying the Alexandrov Ensemble. Nothing was a greater symbol of "Slavic" Pride than this music group. One would have to murder an Orthodox Patriarch or Putin himself to cause such a wound in the Slavic mind. 1200 miles away in Serbia, the crowd at a basketball game sing 'in memory."

This act of provocation would be like killing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Boston Pops Orchestra, Blowing up the Grand Ole Opry with the top forty country stars and killing the top five NFL coaches and players all in the same act.

Adding insult to injury (in this case, the injury is SLAUGHTER) Obama kicks the Russians in the teeth a few days later by kicking out Russian diplomats, while not offering a word of condolence. Vladimir Putin's restraint in the face of such provocations will go down as one of history's most important moments. It will take a generation or two before the full implication of his heroic calm knows its full implications and what blessing Putin has shown the world.

Obama will continue to bait Putin into War for the next 22 days. Except for a direct Nuclear attack by the U.S. upon Russia, Putin will not react.

If Obama gave an order for a Nuclear attack, Nuclear Command would ignore it.

This represents how much Donald Trump is already in control, even before he takes office. Both Putin and American Nuclear command are not responding to Obama

Suffice it to say that on Labor Day Weekend, 2013 I correctly reported that Nuclear Command was in Mutiny and that was the reason for the Friday Evening Rose Garden lecture and Obama's calling off the bombing of Damascus which was mere hours away. That fact was proved true by Obama's gutting of the Nuclear Command over the next six months and the False Flag terror attack on the Naval Yard trying to take out the highest ranks of Nuclear Command, immediately after that weekend. (They took the Nuclear key away from Obama then - the attack on Nuclear Command at the Naval Yard was to regain possession.)

The fact that Obama has not been able to create Nuclear conflagration between the U.S. and Russia is his greatest failure, and only by the Mercy of God.

Lucky for us, there are more patriots in the Military than Obama bargained for, and the present Nuclear Command is just as much in mutiny as the previous command was. They have given their word to other Nuclear Powers, that they will not follow a "first strike" order coming from Obama.

Obama tried to get past this "first strike commitment" in late Fall 2013 when rogue elements under Obama's direct control, took possession of two nukes, (the size of which is unknown) for false flag attacks on two U.S. Cities. One was recaptured in a military standoff by Nuclear Command, and the other was detonated off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina, in an act of heroic mutiny. Obama has no control over Nuclear Command at this point.

I don't mind saying these facts because the NSA knows full well what I am saying is fact and most of the rank and file in the NSA and even the CIA are THANKFUL it is fact. How I know, they will have a harder time learning that. Good luck to them.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Our Present Struggle with Marxism

This war with Marxism did not stop when the Soviet Bloc fell. We were too far gone, because the Marxists already occupied high places in our government and institutions, universities, colleges and our churches, the massive array of endowed "foundations" and the newer "think tanks" and cults they created, these had so thoroughly taken control of the dialectic through Politically Correct Speech SLAVERY, that if you dared to mention this very obvious fact you were mocked and scorned as a "Red Baiter" and a "McCarthyite." "Ignorant" and "Reactionary." 

The War with Marxism continues and has taken on an Islamic element, evidenced in Obama's Marxist/Islamism, and the hidden Globalist Agenda of the Neo-Conservative Movement, which became much more obvious, or should I say exposed, in 2016, by their hysterical attempt to keep a Nationalist from the Office of the Presidency, up to and including trying to create yet another coup, post election. 

On every level, in every institution we have experienced an anti-American Insurgency and have at this point in our history one card to play before blood runs in the streets, and that is the Trump Card.

BTW, this video is from the early 1980s when Reagan was President. Those "layers" of internal security Larry mentions WERE NOT rebuilt. And when "internal security" was installed after 9/11 it was a marxist/dhimmi instrument of Globalist control, suppression of constitutional governance, and LIBERTY. It created instead of "layers of security" and "Layer of OPPRESSION" an Omni-Surveillance National Security Police State, of which Joseph Stalin would be proud. 

NOTHING but a RAW POWER Political Movement, the one Trump has created, has any hope of SHATTERING this Marxist/Muslim Politically Correct Apparatus.  Do you really think that Trump running post-election "Rallies," something that we have NEVER witnessed before, was because he just could not wait to get on a plane and make another speech!?  Do you think that him inviting MILLIONS to come to D.C. on Inauguration Day was anything other than RAW POWER Politics?  After his election, he had to operate RAW PEOPLE POWERED Politics to stave off a coup, because they tried and probably will still try to deny him the office. 

Think about the tools, the deeply ingrained institutional tools these MARXISTS have used to try to keep Trump from office.  (1) The lying CIAmerican Media, (2) The CIA itself openly challenging the legitimacy of Trump's election (3) The President, the Director of National Intelligence constructing and backing the coup attempt.  Since November the 8th 2016 we have looked like a Banana Republic with the "intelligence agencies" and military commanders, and government bureaucrats having to choose sides and Trump having to rally his "mob" giving them the choice of open CIVIL WAR or his being sworn in.

DO NOT BE MISTAKEN. Trump taking office will be a huge victory, a single BATTLE won, but we are still in the middle of the very same CIVIL/Internal WAR, Congressman Larry McDonald outline, and was KILLED in.  It is a different battlefield, BUT THE SAME WAR. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Great Leftist Warrior Cowers in Fear.

Check out the great Leftist Warrior, who now cowers in her own home, filled with unfounded demonic fear. When you confront evil it flees. She was confronted and she fled. This spineless woman, willing to attack you and me as racist, homophobic, islamophobic, white supremacists, etc - and we did not run and hide for fear, instead we marched for TRUTH and LIBERTY. The woman dares to talk about "coping skills" in her classroom as she slandered you and me and all the Truth and Liberty Movement as TERRORISTS, only to discover herself cowering in her own home devoid of any spiritual coping skills. Were she skilled she would have stepped to the debate like a WARRIOR instead of skulking off wrapped in paralyzing FEAR.

This stupid dyke who has been brainwashing generations of impressionable young people is not a victim of Terrorism, as the CIA-Washington Post claims, but is merely EXPOSED for the spiritually vacuous COWARD and BULLY she has ALWAYS been. Over the years, how many Christian and Conservative students has she BULLIED with her Cultural Marxist LIES, painting them as "haters" etc.?

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Traitors vs Revolutionary Heroes

IF you do not get this, and understand that Trump's election was just the first step, the first battle won in the counter-revolution, NOT the completion of the counter-revolution, you cannot understand anything that is happening now.

Did you know that in the Revolutionary War, there were officers and soldiers who served the Continental Army under General Washington, that had previously served in the British Army? There were some "Loyalists" (serving with the Brits) who changed sides during the war?

When we experienced our THIRD successful Revolution in November of 1963, when the Globalists took complete control of the U.S., using the CIA as their Pit Bull Gestapo, it was a "coup d'etat" meaning it was a revolution, not from outside forces, but a betrayal of America by people already in the government, a subversive FORCE grown up INSIDE the government.

The counter-revolutionary force of 2016, is lead by an outsider, Donald Trump, but the force itself is (and has to be) comprised of people outside and inside the Globalist System. JUST as our original Continental forces were populated by people who had been outside and inside the British Empire System.

Some Globalists had a false view of Globalism. I wrote many years ago that the majority caught up in the Globalist System believed themselves to be good people working for good goals of world financial stability, human rights, and world peace. They honestly did not know that the people at the top, the super-elites; they had no idea the super-elites were Luciferians. A great many of these good people, over time, have come to realize that they were betrayed, just like many of the Colonists, loyal to the British Empire, proud to serve the British King as Emperor, realize they had been betrayed, when the King decided to relegate them from their status as free citizens of the British Empire to mere subjects of the English Crown. They had not crossed an ocean on rickety vessels, endured privations, and hard labor building up their personal holdings and their Godly Communities, to remain mere subjects of England, nor to live under de facto military occupation and martial law. My point being, during a Revolution, which this period in American History CLEARLY is, people CHOOSE sides and swear loyalty, they are not permanently condemned by their previous wise or unwise loyalties.

Why is this important to learn? Because the VAST MAJORITY OF OUR POPULATION WAS BORN after November 1963 AND GREW UP INSIDE THE GLOBALIST SYSTEM, just like the majority of American Colonists of the Revolutionary War, grew up in the British Empire System, and when the Revolution came they had to Choose Sides.

Even George Washington through his participation in The French and Indian War, and his commission as commander of the Virginia Regiment was a military officer in the British Empire System and at the time of the Revolution had to choose allegiances, the same process is at work with people today, people parading in and out of Trump Tower, people inside the financial and business establishments, people inside the DIA, CIA, NSA, and the thirteen other SHADOW GOVERNMENT institutions, that are the core of Globalist Power Projection. People at all levels of the Federal and State Governments, have to Choose. Do they remain loyal to the Globalist System, and battle against Trump, seek to sabotage his every action? For many of them, Globalism, with its accompanying Cultural Marxism is ALL THEY KNOW. Or do they join forces with the Old and New Nationalists, in America and all across Europe and Russia and completely restructure the system.

Remember, many people, even of high rank were awakened by the Globalist's betrayal and destruction of America. Some were as shocked as others when it became evident that Globalism was purposely creating chaos and genocide abroad, and had made us vulnerable to Marxist and Muslim Insurgency here at home. They could not have in their wildest dreams pictured the complete betrayal of Europe to Muslim Invasion, or have imagined the complete loss of the simple Bill of Rights on EVERY major college and university campus, and K-12 becoming an Atheistic/Marxist incubator, nor people blacklisted from Corporate Employment, and Government Service, Communications, Publishing, and Academia, for the crime of being a Constitutionalist, Nationalist, simply believing in Christian Moral Principles and the promise of the Declaration of Independence, and the Liberty goals of the U.S. Constitution, LIFE, Liberty and Property.

The Truth and Liberty Movement is expanding every day, and we cannot block the majority of Americans who were born and raised in the Globalist System, from it.

 +++You've been ButchSlapped-TruthBombed. Get over it!  Better than Get over it, LEARN from it.

Friday, December 9, 2016

The Prophet Butch and his 2015 Trump Prophecy

Prepare to feel a tingle down your spine!

End of August 2015, The Lord came to me in a vision and said, "My Servant and Prophet Butch, Hearest thou me, the Lord thy God Almighty has spoken and you must proclaim to the faithful few that Donald Trump is the weapon I will use to defeat the Luciferian Hillary Clinton and the mighty Globalist Towel of Babel, and I, the Lord thy God, will raise him up, financially to the height of her hip, and he shall slay her at the knees, cutting asunder all her mighty support, and like the Tower Babel of old, the abomination will crumble and lay in waste at thy feet for all to see. And they will know that thou art the Prophet of the Lord."

As it turned out the prophecy was true, and Trump won the nomination and beat the Criminal/Globalist Machine, which included the CIAmerican Media, using half the money of the Clinton Campaign (rise to the financial height of her hip).  But more, he used a fraction of the money the Clinton Pacs used, his Pacs vis Clinton's Pacs. And we are not counting the BILLIONS of dollars in Psychological Operations by the CIA-Main Stream/Globalist Media.  Without a doubt, Donald Trump slew Goliath, just as certainly as the young boy (future King of Israel) did.

Now, the first paragraph is MOCKING, and purposely MOCKING.  Because the ability to prophesy is simply the ability to perceive and speak the truth, TRUTH who is a PERSON and walked among us.  Through, not the PRISM of, HE who is TRUTH, but the neutron microscope of his vision, TRUTH, breaks free of Time and Space and states what is REAL. So no, I did not state what I knew in King James Version English, but I prophesied none the less.
The end of August 2015,

I predicted the most likely scenario for the election, (1) Trump wins the nomination, (and old friends, many of them, called me many names, about 300 people unfriended me on FB) and (2) that in the General Election Trump would beat Hillary using half or less, the money and win by a landslide.

Hillary Clinton's Campaign cost exactly twice the Trump Campaign.

I know it does not make your spine tingle but is was no less prophetic and TRUE.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

True Patriotism False Patriotism, Feit/Counterfeit

Saint Maria of Paris, the Russian Orthodox Martyr to the NAZIS, said that there are two types of Patriotism, one true, the other false. She said that the false type of Patriotism was marked by false love, love of country that wants to see the nation dominate, at the cost of other nations and people. It is a false love of nation that makes people become monsters in the name of Patriotism. The true form of Patriotism is reflected in the people that will do anything to protect their fellow countrymen, and at the same time be equally focused on the type of nation, the society is creating, and thus working for, striving to create a nation that more closely reflects the Love of Christ, honoring the dignity of its own people and where at all possible living peaceably with all men.

I see great patriots every day expressing the False love of country, willing to use any means to "make our country Great" and vanquish all competitors. There is no difference whether this False love of country is called America or NAZI Germany or Red China, they are all equally dangerous. On the other hand, the kind of Patriotism that seeks to create a good society, a humane society, no matter what form of government it may be, is preferable to what is false, even if what is false glitters like a "shining light on a hill."

I very much appreciate Franklin Graham's words. To me, he is a rare individual who greatly outshines his famous and good Father, Billy Graham. 

- The Orthodox Philosopher.

John Robert Fulton, the right kind of Patriot.

Dear Friends and all of President Elect Donald J. Trump Fantastic Fans.

Here is a letter from Franklin Graham Son of Billy Graham.

God is never surprised. The election of Donald Trump shocked the pundits and Washington elite and even some of the candidates's own voters---but it is God who cleared the way for him, whether he fully realizes that or not. That's because, whichever person had been elected the rise and fall of a nation's leaders happens under the sovereignty of God, who is often working in larger ways and with a longer perspective than we can know. The Bible says, "Wisdom and might are his. And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings" ( Daniel 2:20--21, NKJV).

No one should think that electing Donald Trump will fix our country. America is still a sin-saturated and divided nation, and Trump himself is a leader with human flaws. Elections matter, and this one will have lasting consequences, but only God can heal and restore a nation---- and that comes through committed, faithful prayer.

We as God's people can have a huge impact if we take our responsibility seriously and are diligent " always to pray and not lose heart" Franklin Graham asks all of us to Pray for Donald Trump.

Ask God to use this man He has allowed to be put in place, despite human shortcomings, to further His great purposes in the nation and the world. God Bless and Protect Mr. Donald Trump and his precious family and God Bless The United States of America.

The International Cultural Marxist Attack on The Orthodox Church

Read this link and then let me explain it to you.
How Orthodox Christianity Became the Spiritual Home of White NationalismBy Katherine Kelaidis November 30, 2016 [LINK]

The Roman Catholic Church has been the target of the Marxists in America for seventy-five years, complete with the American Communist Party flooding the Roman Clergy with Marxist-Perverts in the thousands as early as the 1930s. (Public Record - book by Bella Dodd, who was former head of the American Communist Party) The Orthodox Catholic Church has remained under their radar, viewed I think as merely a colorful form of Roman Catholicism.

As we saw the other day, the European Union has begun a systematic attack on the Russian Orthodox Church, and now we American Orthodox are being attacked by the Marxists of the "Religious Dispatches" of the Annenberg Foundation of the University of Southern California as the "spiritual home of White Nationalism."

This is the result of the Trump Election, as they try to lick their wounds and anatomize their stunning DEFEAT, and look to the voices that were most influential against them to destroy them. The question for them as Cultural Marxists is "How can we defame them? Delegitimize them? Demonize them?" This is straight from the Marxists, Saul Alinsky, and Antonio Gramsci, directly from their playbook.
As to the Charge of Orthodoxy being White Supremacists or the "welcome home" for the same:

What absolute LYING DRIVEL! The Cultural Marxists and their useful idiots know no bounds of decency. Probably the most valued Saint of Orthodoxy to WHITE American Converts is Saint Irenaeus, who so early refuted all of the heresies we see in different forms challenging the Church today. Most of us "WHITE" converts know that he was a redheaded black man, his mother a Celt and his father African. Although, Orthodoxy has appreciated local cultures, and never tried to be a (cultural melting pot) never expecting a Russian to adopt Greek sensibilities, or visa versa, finding rather our commonality in the Life of the Church, yet as a church we are probably the most racially diverse Church in the World, matched only by the racial diversity of the Roman Catholic Church.

The basic lie hurled at Conservative Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians, anyone who believes in Traditional Christian Moral Values, was stated succinctly by Mike Pesca in the Cultural Marxist Rag, "Slate" . . . "Basically, the alt-right is a group of thinkers who believe that Western civilization is inseparable from European ethnicity—which is racist, obviously." i.e White Supremacy/The Master Race! It has nothing to do with race and these Cultural Marxists know it. Anyone who objects the modern hedonistic Culture of Death, to them fits this category. It is the present Cultural Marxist BIG LIE.

Context: The Cultural Marxists are servants of the Luciferian Globalists. Orthodox Catholics have been philosophically and morally opposed to the Marxists and the Globalist agenda from the start, understanding their grand plan as yet another Tower of Babel Distopa, but it was not until recently that we started getting in their way.

I exposed the Cultural Marxist infiltration of the Kevian Patriarchate, both in the U.S, Canada, and Ukraine, in the 1990s and the CIA's plot to take over Ukraine, my first article on the subject was in 2007. By 2010 the CIA Patriarchate (The Kevian Patriarchate - of which I was a member under Archbishop Alexander {Bykowetz} of Detriot) was being pressured by the CIA operatives, to kick us both to the curb and they did. It was financially advantageous to them. And as we see, every prediction I made happened in the subsequent years, costing thousands of lives. Except, their ultimate plan FAILED. Instead of creating an enemy of Russia on Russia's border, they merely created another failed state, just chaos, one in which Russia has as much control and sway as the weak puppet CIA Government. This was the result of American Orthodox Faithful communicating with Faithful Orthodox Christians in Ukraine and Russia, and teaching them the CIA's role in their Church's disunity and national calamity. By demographic and natural resources, Ukraine ought to be a near paradise or at least a stable and prosperous Nation. Instead, it is a weak vassal state of the CIA. We Faithful Orthodox got in the CIA's way.

Communication between Orthodox Christians in America and Russia, America and Ukraine, America and Syria, America and Iraq, America and Egypt, has CHANGED HISTORY in the last six years. And by changed history, I mean thwarted the Cultural Marxist/Muslim Globalist plans.

It was Orthodox Christians in America who with the Coptic Orthodox of Egypt, uncovered the real reasons for Benghazi, and DESTROYED Obama's credibility abroad, including among his Sunni Brothers. Obama's credibility was so destroyed on the international stage that in the exact same location in Germany a mere three years apart, he gave speeches to nearly a Million People, and the second speech, after we exposed Benghazi, less that five thousand showed. (There is not comparative collapse on the world stage in history, except Hitler pre and post WWII. )

This exposure lead to the Egyptian UPRISING where they threw off their Muslim Brotherhood President with whom the Globalists and Obama had gifted them. WE created THIRTY-THREE-MILLION PEOPLE standing in the streets of Chiro and Alexandria, for weeks until the CRIMINAL MB government fell and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was placed in CHAINS.

It was communications between the Syrian Orthodox Christians in Syria, and the Syrian and other Orthodox Christians in the U.S. that got the word out about the False Flag Gas Attack and destroyed Obama's cover to bomb Damascus; we stopped it by only a few hours, but Orthodox Christians communicating with anyone who would listen in the U.S. created an aware American Population who were 95% AGAINST Bombing Syria.

I could tell you much more, but I will stick with what is commonly known and this includes information concerning this presidential election. Suddenly, the Cultural Marxists have awakened, wounded from their election defeat, and first, they smear us as "Russian Agents" "Russian Propagandists" now they smear us as "White Supremacists." Next, these Luciferians will be claiming we are actually FAKE Catholics and real Satanists.

Thank Holy God, Holy Mighty, the Holy Immortal ONE, that HE allowed us to get in the way and screw up the best-laid plans of the Luciferian, Cultural Marxist/Muslim Globalists.

We Have to be Smarter than these MIND CONTROLLERS.

One of my favorite Psyops Masters.

 This fellow always encourages me and alarms me. NO, his fear-mongering vis a vis ISIS and Jihad do not frighten me, that is his goal and he is a DEEP STATE Operative, a MIND WAR Operative, who is speaking here with General Paul Vallely, co-author of the New Mind War Playbook, co-authored with then Col Michael Aquino, the famous Satanist, hypnotist, and Psyops Master.

Please understand, Dr. Gorka's work is not really about training the military, though his "companies" CIA fronts have engaged in some low-level forms of that, teaching zombies from our dumbed-down Cultural Marxist Education system, basic facts they never learned in history or comparative religion class in college, or high school. His real role is to guide YOU into support of the Level of War, the Deep State has decided already to use. Or at least in the case of the Trump Administration, HOPE to use.

But here is the frightening part. The Deep State is the source of ISIS. The Deep State (the American Shadow Government) CREATED, ARMED, SUPPLIED, TRAINED AND POLITICALLY SUPPORTS ISIS. For shorthand's sake, I say, "Remember, ISIS is just one more of the CIA's Jihadi Legions."

This existential threat he outlines would quickly disappear if the U.S. Shadow Government withdrew their support of ISIS. But they don't want that. He does not want to quickly defang ISIS, destroy their economic base, make it impossible for them to repair the BILLIONS of DOLLARS of ARMS and equipment we have supplied them, impossible to buy munitions, food and pay their soldiers. No, he is a MIND WARRIOR, he wants a protracted hot war with ISIS, so there is time to operate thousands of false flags, that is, brutal insane carnage inflicted on Muslims mostly, by ISIS, but enough of them on us, to keep us supporting the protracted scheme, so that he can turn the greater Muslim world community against the idea of Jihad, and ever seeking another Caliphate.

Please understand, these DEEP STATE Mind Warriors have evolved the NAZI Herman Goring's theory of taking a nation to war. Herman said basically, "Tell them they are under attack." These DEEP STATE Shadow Government MIND WARRIORS, of the U.S., have evolved that idea into creating the enemy and creating ACTUAL attacks. Remember how many times I have said to you, "Just because there is a stack of corpses, does not mean it is not a False Flag Attack."

ALL of ISIS is FALSE FLAG, ALL CREATED by the DEEP STATE, Shadow Government MIND CONTROLLERS. Do they have a bunch of brain-dead Muslim fanatics dancing to their tune, thousands of Muslim Useful Idiots, ready to "give it all" for their warped religion? Yes, they do. But, without the power of the DEEP STATE behind them, they would be some useless off-shoot of Al Qaeda, an obscure name you have never heard and ZERO threat to you.

Now, before you call me a nutcase, what I am saying is Public Record, the fact that the U.S. Created, Armed, Supplied, Equipped, Trained and Political and economically support ISIS. The Trial from Benghazi through Turkey, to Syria and Iraq with the aid of Saudi Arabia, and Qatar - this now public record.

So with the FACTS ON THE GROUND in mind, take the time to listen to this man's spin. Between what I have written and what he says, there is much Truth to be gleaned.

Friday, December 2, 2016


Donald Trump Two Miles from my house.

I for one, believe that the anger engendered by the abuses of George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, was the healthiest event since the Civil War for the American People; that ANGER to see Liberty, Privacy, and Our Republic Restored DROVE Trump's candidacy, and together with wisdom and intelligence expressed in Cold Anger got him elected. Understanding the difference between the COLD ANGER of the Trump Movement and the Hot Anger of the Marxist revolutionaries presently in the streets is very important. This vigilant COLD ANGER should not be abandoned or the temptation to business as usual accepted nor the subservient role of "TRUSTING" assumed. We need to look at Trump and his moves with open and CRITICAL eyes and eschew the temptation to sing Kum Bah Yah as we lull ourselves back to sleep, thinking we have won something. The Fact is, we have not won anything yet, except a place on the Battlefield. 

Rather than blind "unity," we should strive for intelligent and wise COLD ANGER, that will settle for NOTHING less than what was promised us in our founding, LIFE, LIBERTY and Private Property, ALL of which remain either absent or deeply challenged in this Ghost Republic, this Omni-Surveillance National Emergency Security Police State. The Government has not been attacking and battling the ENEMY, but rather US.  Having stripped us "legally of all rights"; this is the state of present law. We have EVERY right by Natural Law and Common Sense to TEST Trump's EVERY move. How does this move us toward the restoration of Constitutional Governance? How does this dismantle the Omni-Surveillance National Emergency Security Police State? How does this attack and/or weaken Globalism?

Some of us have worked our fingers to the bone tapping out TRUTH in the alternative media and challenged our eyesight reading tens of thousands of documents of propaganda and partial truth, executive orders, 40, 50, 60 years old Federal Statues and educating ourselves on the means and methods of the Cultural Marxists and the Muslims. (The Ghost of the Republic - LINK) KNOWLEDGE is power and as a population, we have been naive as SHEEP, until about six years ago, when people, in mass, began reading and listening to us.

Almighty FAITH is not blind trust, and it was BLIND TRUST that Christians held in George W. Bush, and Almighty FEAR, which is what the Globalists have spent decades generating in the American People is paralysis and slavery. Obama constantly operated by triggering fear in us.

Trump, early on, joined the Massive Liberty Movement and operated on the principles I laid down in this blog post Four Years ago. It teaches (1) Sobriety, (2) Clear Headed Thinking and (3) throwing out our FEAR, ignoring the Globalist-Media's Psyops, learning to see and think outside the paradigm of fear THEY have created for us. We all Walked the Plank of Liberty in this Election. We have to keep Walking it.

Do I have Blind Trust in Donald Trump? Not just NO, but HELL NO. Do I have FAITH in the future of our country? ABSOLUTELY, but from this article I wrote four years ago you will see that faith is not new, nor based upon Donald Trump. WE are the drivers of our own LIBERTY, and refusing to accept the LIES and refusing to be herded by the HUGE false flags and being SHAMED into disarming, has preserved our Liberty, THE GOVERNMENT HAS NOT. We do not look to the Government for our Liberty, we rather DARE them to try and take it away.

Here is the link to the original article from four years go and a mirror below. LINK

Come on, Walk the Plank to LIBERTY!: Liberty is EASY. It just looks hard.

Read a moment and learn something you already know, but do not realize is being used against you.

If we were standing in a room with a beautiful heart of pine plank floor, and the planks were about 10 inches wide, and I said to you, I will give you $100 if you can walk that plank without touching the planks on each side. You would look me in the eyes to assure yourself I was serious, quickly negotiate the plank and put your hand out for your money. Easy as PIE. Quickest 100 bucks ever!

If I were to arrange the same plank, with the same strength, and unbending sturdiness, so that walking it would have the EXACT SAME qualities of feeling and reality under the feet, but this time lay it between the top of two 20 story buildings, offered you the same $100, you would say, "What? Do you think I'm suicidal?!"


It is the exact same task, a twenty foot walk across a 10 inch wide plank. The first example you could almost dance across, but the second activates an autonomic trigger instilled in you at a very early age about the dangers of "edges" and "heights." So that suddenly that identical plank, plenty wide enough for your six inch wide shoe to fit, with two inches to spare on each side, ceases to be a plank at all, but rather two edges of a twenty story drop.

The media uses this fear in you continually. They use it in their language, constantly describing edges, x-crises, x-breaking points, x-cliffs, x-abyss, danger of collapse, the danger that acting might "trigger" worse result, even the idea that a mere 30 thousand fanatics in the desert in the Middle East are a "threat to the whole world" but more especially a threat to you, if you don't freeze in fear and give them permission to act on your frozen behalf.

A young friend framed it this way, "This Politicalamity infuses your mind with dangerous doses of lies, debt, anxiety, fear and a culture of death to ‘help’ you choose to give up precious liberty for false security. When you resist, they change the story until you comply. You are given choice, after crisis, after choice, after calamity, after choice until you choose precisely that which they want you to choose." _ Rex Christi.

When I left to Peacefully March in D.C. last year, I had NSA/FBI WONKS (FAKE FB accounts) all over my FaceBook page telling me how stupid I was and how my actions placed EVERYONE in danger, that our March on Washington was going to "trigger Martial Law."


Some of the people you think are telling you the straight scoop daily are Government MIND CONTROL WONKS HERDING YOU into NON-ACTION, whose job it is to keep you FROZEN IN FEAR.

Our Steps to Liberty are CLEAR.

FIRST we have to stop being afraid.

We have to stop letting them ACTIVATE Autonomic Triggers, or AT THE VERY LEASE come to understand it when they do.

The path is a simple plank on the floor, NOT a high-wire twenty stories in the air.

The plank exists IN OUR EVERY DAY LIVES.

We have to REFUSE the DRUGS,


REFUSE the genetically engineered poisonous, contaminated foods,

REFUSE to participate in collectivist health care,


REFUSE to give our consent to more WAR abroad when our government is engineering Islamization and Collectivist Slavery here at home.

REFUSE to ALLOW new Mosque to be constructed,

REFUSE to sit by while our children are being BRAINWASHED by Behaviorist Conditioning they have the GAUL to call "education."

RESUFE to participate in the FAKE "democratic process" of THIS Omni-Serveillance Totalitarian Police State.


“Liberty is the very last idea that seems to occur to anybody, in considering any political or social proposal. It is only necessary for anybody for any reason to allege any evidence of any evil in any human practice, for people instantly to suggest that the practice should be suppressed by the police.” – G. K. Chesterton

(UPDATE 12/14/2015)
Something has changed with Donald Trump entering the Presidential Race.  He is outside the control mechanism explained in this video by Professor Lessig of Harvard.  He is in the process of SMASHING IT!

It could very well be, that we have been given one last chance to save our nation as a nation, and restore our Sovereignty and Liberty!

December 2015 and something has changed. A landslide for Trump in the Primaries, and in the General Election, large enough that the CIAmerican Media and Political Wonks cannot cover it up, and we will have (at least for a time) SMASHED the Globalist Control Mechanism. His election will NOT be victory in the WAR against the Globalist Psychopaths, but it will be a 'uuuuuuuuuugh' VICTORY of a Battle inside the WAR. And it will change the strategic dynamic back toward National Sovereignty and Liberty. (Update end)

There are only 10 thousand or so of the Oligarchy - of the NEW WORLD ORDER psychopaths that have stolen our country and there are more than THREE-HUNDRED MILLION of US!

All these things are fully in our personal power, or at least partly in your power cooperating with others, just a PLANK in the ordinary every day of our lives, NOT some high-wire to negotiate at 20 stories high.

YOU have to take OWNERSHIP of your own FEAR,

YOU have to remove the LEASH from your SLAVE COLLAR, and stand like HUMAN BEINGS in control of your own FEELINGS. AND ACT IN YOUR OWN LIVES.

If not all of us, WHO will stand for our Liberty?

If not NOW, WHEN? WHEN will it get easier, or safer? DAYS are WASTING.

Cleveland Trump REVOLUTION - How and Why.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Down the Spirit Cooking Rabbit Hole

The idea that part of the Christian experience is blissful ignorance of evil, the methods and means of evil, is a modern fantasy. Even in the New Testament is the evidence of "stealth-Christians" biding their time very close to the seats of pagan power. That power of Pagan Rome, which seems a sort of kindergarten compared to the hellish pagans of today, after all, the Roman Pagans were enlightened by the Greek Philosophers and though this was a stage of human ignorance, it was far more humane ignorance than the modern pagans, who hold none of the light of the Ancient Greeks, but rather purposely align themselves with the Ancient Death Cults, which in recorded history the Ancient Hebrews, and Ancient Greeks, for the most part, vanquished. We speak rightly of the "decadence" of Ancient Pagan Rome, not the Death Cult of Rome.

Not all of you are prepared for this information. I know for some it is "a bridge too far." But let me ask you a few questions: 
(1) When you removed God from Government did you think you were freeing yourself from evil? 
(2) Did you really believe that literal Ancient Evil did not exist?
(3) Did you believe that light and life would break out all over in God's absence, and the very seats of power would turn angelic and heavenly?

No, in your "enlightenment" they turned Satanic and Hellish, ugly and deadly, morbid and warped. Now, people in these seats of power, celebrate what is Satanic, Hellish, ugly, deadly, morbid and warped.  The following is a reasonable account of how that came to be and presently, what IS.

As this researcher admits, he cannot say that every detail of this history and current history is accurate, but that the main premise is absolutely true, and that the Globalists are Luciferian.

Let this bright young lady lay it out for you, first. It is in simple, knowable language, she points out the code in the verbiage of the Podesta emails, that can be, nothing rational, except CODE.  I LOVE it that YOUNG people are waking up and getting it!


Friday, November 25, 2016

Donald Trump vs the Globalists

This Macedonian Author, Krum Velkov, has been reading my blog. He is the first writer to articulate exactly what I have been telling you for 8 years on my blogs and Facebook, as the events have unfolded.

The next few days, (not even the next few weeks, but mere days) is going to tell us which Donald Trump we elected.
(1) He faces powerful foes, he may or may not conquer, and
(2) he may or may not be the bold America First-Anti Globalist, whose image he built during the election.

I'm hoping against hope he is that America First-Anti Globalist. But this analysis is as CLEAR and Dispassionate as you will ever read. It gives a clear picture of what we are about to see played out before our eyes. And yeah if you have been reading my writing the language will sound VERY, in fact unusually, familiar. Hell, maybe Krum and I are Russian propagandists? The fact is we are a world apart and seeing the same reality. - Archpriest Symeon Elias.

Krum Velkov

Krum Velkov is professional freelancing journalist, analyst, author; in 2002-2003 founder and Editor-of-chief of the Manifest magazine, the first known regular geopolitical and antiglobalistic publication in Macedonia; before, journalist and editor in different papers, performing a constant struggle against unipolarity; his work is a foundation for later development of the antiglobalistic and multipolar tendencies in Macedonia.

Trump Idol Worship or TRUTH? by Karen Bracken

(Intro by the Orthodox Christian Philosopher) I stated many times during the campaign that I held no loyalty to Donald Trump, only to Truth. I stated the following 16 months ago:

"If this nation does not elect Donald Trump, and if elected, Donald Trump does not create a "Truth Commission" to expose the CIA/State Department's Jihadi Reality, there is no hope for our country. These criminal Globalists, willing to sacrifice millions of people for their goals of Empire and Genocide, who have had complete control over our government and its enormous power since 1988, have to be exposed in the public square, the criminal CIAmerican Media exposed as well, and INDIVIDUALS Charged for their crimes against humanity! HEADS HAVE TO ROLL, literally, not figuratively, every one of these Traitors stripped of their civil rights, and punished according to their War Crimes guilt. Without this, America cannot be saved and our grand experiment with Republican Governance will be remembered in history with a worse stigma than Soviet Russia, Maoist China and Hitler's NAZI Germany. The unambiguous HISTORY of these evil times has to be written, and stupid Americans, who supported Globalist Republicans and Globalist Democrats have to be SHAMED for their willful ignorance, apathy and stupidity that allow EVIL to flourish and stalk the entire planet with death and destruction."

Pentagon Papers, leaked to Judicial Watch, PROVE that the U.S. purposely created ISIS. We all knew it, now it is documented. Here is Ben Swann telling about the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) papers.

The above represents only one area of Cultural Marxist deception and tyranny We The People have experienced under this criminal government. I have been writing about the Cultural Marxist Conditioning that has replace Education in America, for thirty years, since I first read the "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of Americans" by Charlotte Iserbyt.

Karen Bracken's reaction to the appointment of a NeoCon Cultural Marxist as Secretary of Education by Trump, is spot on. I have been "screaming" since election day that IN FACT we have won NOTHING. The defeat of the murderous Clinton Crime Family will be a Pyrrhic Victory if we do not realize that we are in a NEW CIVIL WAR, and ACT accordingly.  The Soros Marxists in the Streets are ACTING, and though we will not be killing cops and destroying property, we have to ACT, with far more FORCE. What do I mean by force?

End Introduction
 - Archpriest Symeon Elias.


Karen Bracken -
The only solution to our education situation now is an all out war. Parents and teachers must now walk OUT and refuse to return until the US Dept. of Education is shut down and education returned 100% to local control. I am going to post information about this new Secretary. She makes Arne Duncan look good. 

Here are 3 articles that should clear up any doubts about what a HORRIBLE choice Trump made and how uninformed Trump is about Charters/Vouchers. Or is he??? I am beginning to wonder. But it is now up to parents and teachers. No more begging people. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO LISTEN. READ these articles and then tell me if you truly believe Charters and Vouchers are for our children. THEY ARE NOT. 

How many times must you get kicked in the teeth? How many times are we going to let our kids get kicked in the teeth. After so many people on FB were saying Charters and Vouchers are not so bad I decided to pull the plug and deactivated my account. Well it is back but only for a few days. 

HOW MANY PARENTS AND TEACHERS ARE READY FOR WAR? If you are not then I will go off line permanently and one day you will only have your self to blame. 

Teachers! I have no pity for you. You could have stopped this a long time ago but you went along with the program to save your job. Well guess what when they implement their scheme in full force you won't have a job. Teachers are not needed to show children how to turn on their computer for the daily instruction and assessments. 

For all of you that do not understand that Charters and Vouchers are not about providing an education for poor children but all about corporate profits please tell me this: When Charters and Vouchers fail to deliver results what is next? Hmmmmm. Maybe they will decide parents are the real problem. Maybe we will have take kids away from their parents at a certain age and send them to 24/7 boarding schools. 

Do you really think this is, far fetch? If you do you do not understand the Cultural Marxism against which we battle.

Remember Arne Duncan once said "there will be some kids we will have to have 24/7. Was he hinting at the plans for the future? Sorry but you are being taken for a very dangerous ride. Many tried to make people see. We presented facts and documents but still you cannot see the tricks being played. The lies being told. The deceit.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Thanksgiving Thought

Thanksgiving always arrives with thoughts of my mother, who shared words that stuck to me like glue. It was a little verse by Helen Steiner Rice, that has seen me through huge challenges in this life, physical blows, wounds of the Mind War, losses and deaths.

"The joy of enjoying and the fullness of living springs from a heart that is filled with Thanksgiving"

I don't know if Mrs Rice understood fully what she was saying, I know my mother did only partially. The central focus of the Christian Faith is not just "being thankful" which is most certainly necessary, exercising a thankful heart in all things, good and bad, which is most certainly necessary, but participation in the Thanksgiving of the Church, which Jesus himself designed and instituted, the Church's Thanksgiving is the Ευχαριστία - Thanksgiving in Greek, the Eucharist, the Divine Thanksgiving, in the West called "The Mass." The name "Mass" for the Divine Eucharistia, derives from the last line of the Liturgy in Latin, "Ite, missa est" (the dismissal is made) but the proper name is The Thanksgiving.

Indeed, "The Joy of Enjoying, and the Fullness of Living Springs From a Heart that is Filled with Thanksgiving."

I have a friend, who has everything necessary for life, good health, good retirement, beautiful home, people who love him, and he is miserable, angry, bitter and often depressed. His religion is theory, his heart is stone, his driving emotion is fear, he radiates misery and recoils in anger, refuses to try anything new and rejects that something might be missing in his "formula for success."

I have another friend, who struggles for the things necessary for life, who has health struggles (and has overcome much health struggle) who has no "safety blanket" who takes care of her husband reduced to the state of a child by an industrial accident, who cares for and accepts help from her daughter who was paralyzed in an auto accident, locked in a wheelchair, who cares for and accepts help from her elderly mother (middles 80s), who has to work to keep all clothed and fed, and her heart is flesh not stone, and she is filled with Thanksgiving, enjoys her life, finds meaning in it, often is grieved but is NEVER depressed. The other day she told me how much she was enjoying life, and how many times she and her husband laugh together over silly things, which has to be since he has the mental capacity of a 3 or 4 years old.

Such lives tell us lessons if we have eyes to see. They tell us by example, that "The Joy of Enjoying, and the Fullness of Living SPRINGS from a heart that is filled with Thanksgiving." And this is not just the emotions of gratefullness, but the actions of prayer and worshipping the ONE TRUE GOD, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I'm not talking about happiness-seeking sickness or the experience of euphoria, or any other fleeting emotion, but rather the underlying spirit, the soul locked in love with its creator, able to storm the gates of hell, with power and strength, instead of fear and defeat.

The numbers have to be now in the many thousands, and via my blogs, in the tens of thousands, who I have CHIDED and shamed for their fear and defeatism. Just a tiny spark of TRUE hope and faith has saved this nation from LITERAL rule by Luciferians. This is not hyperbole! This Thanksgiving we have more than usual for which to be thankful. Are you enjoying it? Enjoying those around you? Enjoying your friends, family, pets and this beautiful place God has given us in the Feast Day of Living? Or are you caught in your quiet or chaotic demonic hell, locked in fear, bitterness, anger, or the pure demonic drudgery of depression?

Ευχαριστία! Ευχαριστία! Ευχαριστία!

A History Lesson: Please Take Time to Read and THEN listen to the video.

My favorite senator and family friend, Senator Herman Talmadge, explains in two short speeches July 29 and August the 1st 1975, the destruction of subsidiarity which was the design of the U.S. Constitution, the very opposite of the centralization of power, Soviet Style, which we have seen from the Socialist Roosevelt Administration, through the Coup d 'etat of November 1963, to the Emergency Powers State, which began in 1977 and continues to this day.

Subsidiarity is the premise that what can and should be done by families, should be left to families, and what can and should be done by communities, should be left to the communities; likewise with villages, towns, cities, counties, states. According to the rules of Subsidiarity, as Codified in the Constitution, only that which needs to be done, but cannot be accomplished by these lower structures should be done by a centralized national power.

Senator Talmadge speaks of the complete loss of Subsidiarity, and his office being covered up with requests from local people seeking answers to problems that are "local" most times "individual" the CITIZENS turned into Plebs. He clearly perceived the symptoms, articulating them well and if you listen closely he says some frightening things, like as a senator knowing there was "nothing he could do about it" and "being powerless." In other words, already some other power than the visible government had taken CONTROL.

He was battling the agenda of the DEEP STATE, which had begun collecting power prior to World War One and was completely in control and unchallenged since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Unless one understands the Soviet Style Centralization of power in the U.S., by the DEEP STATE, one cannot understand the New Civil War that is just beginning. When you see the Cultural Marxists in the streets as we have for the last two weeks, and the assassinations of police, that is not "anarchy" as the DEEP STATE's media claims, but rather the "domestic force" of the DEEP STATE, trying to use RAW POLITICAL POWER, to counter the TRUMP MOVEMENT's REVOLUTION which happened at the ballot box, where contrary to all prediction WE BEAT THE CHEAT and took control of the visible "Shallow" Government. This is HUGE, but this is not VICTORY. This win has only given us a "platform" whereupon we may battle the DEEP STATE.

I offer Senator Talmadge's lament, that is what it is a lament, lamenting the complete loss of Constitutional Governance, as he ticks off the symptoms, but is Clueless of the Disease, unable to grasp that the Marxists of the Roosevelt Socialist State, together with the Globalists of Wall Street, had already formed the DEEP STATE with the Dulles Crime Family, together with the Bush Crime Family, who formed the CIA, and the Huxley Crime Family, and the Rockefeller Crime Family, who formed the United Nations, in league with the Rothschild Crime Family, who together with the Rockefellers controlled the Federal Reserve and all international banking - This DEEP STATE control mechanism by 1975 when the Senator was lamenting, had already taken control of at least ninety-percent of the media, the CIA owning outright a great portions of it and the rest controlling through the various Crime Families.

Herman Talmadge was a good man, and as this video shows spoke honestly about the symptoms, the loss of the Republic, that some of you have YET to grasp has happened. He says, "In this, they have completely altered our form of government" speaking of the Soviet Style Centralization of Power in Washington D.C.

When we in the freedom and liberty movement talk about "The Restoration of the Republic" we are not using colorful language but speaking in literal terms.

BTW, the Free Enterprise System Herman describes in the last two minutes of the video has been destroyed by International Corporate Monopolies, like Walmart, the substitution of Crony Capitalism for Free Enterprise, only possible in a Globalist system. 


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

General Flynn and Islam - the Young Turks are NOT Happy!

If you are too stupid to know that the "Young Turks" (Cenk Uygur) are Civilization, Marxist/Jihadis . . . You see there is no conflict between Marxists and Islamists, they have the same goals and use the same methods, that of subversion, brainwashing, and violence . . . so if you are too stupid to know that, I can't help you. I say this because hundreds of "Libertarians" have cursed me claiming that the "Young Turks" are about "Liberty." Yes, they were HUGE Ron Paul fans, when Ron Paul was being financed by the Muslim Brotherhood. (Bet you did not know that, did you?)

But knowing they are "Civilization Jihadis," you can judge the reality of Donald Trump, by his National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn - and we can know Flynn, not just by his own clear words, but by the Jihadis' reaction to his words.

BTW, someone contact the Young Turk (Cenk Uygur) and ask him about "Christian Sharia Law" - like 

what is it? 
where is it written?
how did it come to be? 

what does it say about non-believers? 
what does it say about apostates?

Now Muslim Sharia, is derived from the Koran, the Sura and the Hadiths, it is codified in a book called, "The Way of the Traveller" (also printed in English), I've read it through twice. I know there is no Christian corollary, AND Cenk Uyger, the Muslim Civilization Jihadi knows full well there is no Christian corollary. Yet there he is saying it. "I don't want Muslim Sharia, but I don't want Christian Sharia either." AND SOME OF YOU STUPID PEOPLE TAKE THIS LYING IDIOCY, LITERALLY.

Cenk's little whore side-kick claims that anti-abortion laws are "Christian Sharia."  No, sweetheart. Anti-Abortion laws, honor the promise of the American Declaration of Independence, which states that ALL men are created equal, and endowed by our Creator with certain INALIENABLE Rights, among which (not limited to) are LIFE, Liberty and Property.  Anti-Abortion is RIGHT TO LIFE.  Each human being, conceived with a unique human DNA, not a match to another human in all of history, has the RIGHT TO LIFE.  Compare this "protection of life" with the death cults that are Marxism and Islam.




This is hard-hitting "stuff." It is about the Satanic ties of the Clintons and Gang. It was published two days before the election and shows why the investigations of the Clinton Crime family and their cohorts have to continue. Let me give you a hint, we are potentially on the verge of proving that the DEEP STATE and Luciferianism are ONE. WE have KNOWN IT for some time, but we are on the verge of DOCUMENTING IT. That being so, every effort will be used to bury this story, but we will not allow that to happen. This same Luciferian Cult has been exposed in Canada, Great Britain, and Australia, and this is just the mist on top of the swamp.



Obama Officials Spied on Trump Campaign Using at Least Five Methods | Donald Trump | Barack Obama | spying By Jasper Fakkert 10-13 minutes During the heat of th...