Friday, December 30, 2016

Our Present Struggle with Marxism

This war with Marxism did not stop when the Soviet Bloc fell. We were too far gone, because the Marxists already occupied high places in our government and institutions, universities, colleges and our churches, the massive array of endowed "foundations" and the newer "think tanks" and cults they created, these had so thoroughly taken control of the dialectic through Politically Correct Speech SLAVERY, that if you dared to mention this very obvious fact you were mocked and scorned as a "Red Baiter" and a "McCarthyite." "Ignorant" and "Reactionary." 

The War with Marxism continues and has taken on an Islamic element, evidenced in Obama's Marxist/Islamism, and the hidden Globalist Agenda of the Neo-Conservative Movement, which became much more obvious, or should I say exposed, in 2016, by their hysterical attempt to keep a Nationalist from the Office of the Presidency, up to and including trying to create yet another coup, post election. 

On every level, in every institution we have experienced an anti-American Insurgency and have at this point in our history one card to play before blood runs in the streets, and that is the Trump Card.

BTW, this video is from the early 1980s when Reagan was President. Those "layers" of internal security Larry mentions WERE NOT rebuilt. And when "internal security" was installed after 9/11 it was a marxist/dhimmi instrument of Globalist control, suppression of constitutional governance, and LIBERTY. It created instead of "layers of security" and "Layer of OPPRESSION" an Omni-Surveillance National Security Police State, of which Joseph Stalin would be proud. 

NOTHING but a RAW POWER Political Movement, the one Trump has created, has any hope of SHATTERING this Marxist/Muslim Politically Correct Apparatus.  Do you really think that Trump running post-election "Rallies," something that we have NEVER witnessed before, was because he just could not wait to get on a plane and make another speech!?  Do you think that him inviting MILLIONS to come to D.C. on Inauguration Day was anything other than RAW POWER Politics?  After his election, he had to operate RAW PEOPLE POWERED Politics to stave off a coup, because they tried and probably will still try to deny him the office. 

Think about the tools, the deeply ingrained institutional tools these MARXISTS have used to try to keep Trump from office.  (1) The lying CIAmerican Media, (2) The CIA itself openly challenging the legitimacy of Trump's election (3) The President, the Director of National Intelligence constructing and backing the coup attempt.  Since November the 8th 2016 we have looked like a Banana Republic with the "intelligence agencies" and military commanders, and government bureaucrats having to choose sides and Trump having to rally his "mob" giving them the choice of open CIVIL WAR or his being sworn in.

DO NOT BE MISTAKEN. Trump taking office will be a huge victory, a single BATTLE won, but we are still in the middle of the very same CIVIL/Internal WAR, Congressman Larry McDonald outline, and was KILLED in.  It is a different battlefield, BUT THE SAME WAR. 

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