Friday, December 9, 2016

The Prophet Butch and his 2015 Trump Prophecy

Prepare to feel a tingle down your spine!

End of August 2015, The Lord came to me in a vision and said, "My Servant and Prophet Butch, Hearest thou me, the Lord thy God Almighty has spoken and you must proclaim to the faithful few that Donald Trump is the weapon I will use to defeat the Luciferian Hillary Clinton and the mighty Globalist Towel of Babel, and I, the Lord thy God, will raise him up, financially to the height of her hip, and he shall slay her at the knees, cutting asunder all her mighty support, and like the Tower Babel of old, the abomination will crumble and lay in waste at thy feet for all to see. And they will know that thou art the Prophet of the Lord."

As it turned out the prophecy was true, and Trump won the nomination and beat the Criminal/Globalist Machine, which included the CIAmerican Media, using half the money of the Clinton Campaign (rise to the financial height of her hip).  But more, he used a fraction of the money the Clinton Pacs used, his Pacs vis Clinton's Pacs. And we are not counting the BILLIONS of dollars in Psychological Operations by the CIA-Main Stream/Globalist Media.  Without a doubt, Donald Trump slew Goliath, just as certainly as the young boy (future King of Israel) did.

Now, the first paragraph is MOCKING, and purposely MOCKING.  Because the ability to prophesy is simply the ability to perceive and speak the truth, TRUTH who is a PERSON and walked among us.  Through, not the PRISM of, HE who is TRUTH, but the neutron microscope of his vision, TRUTH, breaks free of Time and Space and states what is REAL. So no, I did not state what I knew in King James Version English, but I prophesied none the less.
The end of August 2015,

I predicted the most likely scenario for the election, (1) Trump wins the nomination, (and old friends, many of them, called me many names, about 300 people unfriended me on FB) and (2) that in the General Election Trump would beat Hillary using half or less, the money and win by a landslide.

Hillary Clinton's Campaign cost exactly twice the Trump Campaign.

I know it does not make your spine tingle but is was no less prophetic and TRUE.

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