Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wounded and Grieving Slavic Pride - WWIII BAIT

Сербские баскетбольные фанаты исполнили песню в память об ансамбле имени Александрова - Serbian basketball fans sang a song in memory of the Alexandrov Ensemble

People do not understand the provocation that was the downing of the plane carrying the Alexandrov Ensemble. Nothing was a greater symbol of "Slavic" Pride than this music group. One would have to murder an Orthodox Patriarch or Putin himself to cause such a wound in the Slavic mind. 1200 miles away in Serbia, the crowd at a basketball game sing 'in memory."

This act of provocation would be like killing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Boston Pops Orchestra, Blowing up the Grand Ole Opry with the top forty country stars and killing the top five NFL coaches and players all in the same act.

Adding insult to injury (in this case, the injury is SLAUGHTER) Obama kicks the Russians in the teeth a few days later by kicking out Russian diplomats, while not offering a word of condolence. Vladimir Putin's restraint in the face of such provocations will go down as one of history's most important moments. It will take a generation or two before the full implication of his heroic calm knows its full implications and what blessing Putin has shown the world.

Obama will continue to bait Putin into War for the next 22 days. Except for a direct Nuclear attack by the U.S. upon Russia, Putin will not react.

If Obama gave an order for a Nuclear attack, Nuclear Command would ignore it.

This represents how much Donald Trump is already in control, even before he takes office. Both Putin and American Nuclear command are not responding to Obama

Suffice it to say that on Labor Day Weekend, 2013 I correctly reported that Nuclear Command was in Mutiny and that was the reason for the Friday Evening Rose Garden lecture and Obama's calling off the bombing of Damascus which was mere hours away. That fact was proved true by Obama's gutting of the Nuclear Command over the next six months and the False Flag terror attack on the Naval Yard trying to take out the highest ranks of Nuclear Command, immediately after that weekend. (They took the Nuclear key away from Obama then - the attack on Nuclear Command at the Naval Yard was to regain possession.)

The fact that Obama has not been able to create Nuclear conflagration between the U.S. and Russia is his greatest failure, and only by the Mercy of God.

Lucky for us, there are more patriots in the Military than Obama bargained for, and the present Nuclear Command is just as much in mutiny as the previous command was. They have given their word to other Nuclear Powers, that they will not follow a "first strike" order coming from Obama.

Obama tried to get past this "first strike commitment" in late Fall 2013 when rogue elements under Obama's direct control, took possession of two nukes, (the size of which is unknown) for false flag attacks on two U.S. Cities. One was recaptured in a military standoff by Nuclear Command, and the other was detonated off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina, in an act of heroic mutiny. Obama has no control over Nuclear Command at this point.

I don't mind saying these facts because the NSA knows full well what I am saying is fact and most of the rank and file in the NSA and even the CIA are THANKFUL it is fact. How I know, they will have a harder time learning that. Good luck to them.

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