Saturday, December 3, 2016

We Have to be Smarter than these MIND CONTROLLERS.

One of my favorite Psyops Masters.

 This fellow always encourages me and alarms me. NO, his fear-mongering vis a vis ISIS and Jihad do not frighten me, that is his goal and he is a DEEP STATE Operative, a MIND WAR Operative, who is speaking here with General Paul Vallely, co-author of the New Mind War Playbook, co-authored with then Col Michael Aquino, the famous Satanist, hypnotist, and Psyops Master.

Please understand, Dr. Gorka's work is not really about training the military, though his "companies" CIA fronts have engaged in some low-level forms of that, teaching zombies from our dumbed-down Cultural Marxist Education system, basic facts they never learned in history or comparative religion class in college, or high school. His real role is to guide YOU into support of the Level of War, the Deep State has decided already to use. Or at least in the case of the Trump Administration, HOPE to use.

But here is the frightening part. The Deep State is the source of ISIS. The Deep State (the American Shadow Government) CREATED, ARMED, SUPPLIED, TRAINED AND POLITICALLY SUPPORTS ISIS. For shorthand's sake, I say, "Remember, ISIS is just one more of the CIA's Jihadi Legions."

This existential threat he outlines would quickly disappear if the U.S. Shadow Government withdrew their support of ISIS. But they don't want that. He does not want to quickly defang ISIS, destroy their economic base, make it impossible for them to repair the BILLIONS of DOLLARS of ARMS and equipment we have supplied them, impossible to buy munitions, food and pay their soldiers. No, he is a MIND WARRIOR, he wants a protracted hot war with ISIS, so there is time to operate thousands of false flags, that is, brutal insane carnage inflicted on Muslims mostly, by ISIS, but enough of them on us, to keep us supporting the protracted scheme, so that he can turn the greater Muslim world community against the idea of Jihad, and ever seeking another Caliphate.

Please understand, these DEEP STATE Mind Warriors have evolved the NAZI Herman Goring's theory of taking a nation to war. Herman said basically, "Tell them they are under attack." These DEEP STATE Shadow Government MIND WARRIORS, of the U.S., have evolved that idea into creating the enemy and creating ACTUAL attacks. Remember how many times I have said to you, "Just because there is a stack of corpses, does not mean it is not a False Flag Attack."

ALL of ISIS is FALSE FLAG, ALL CREATED by the DEEP STATE, Shadow Government MIND CONTROLLERS. Do they have a bunch of brain-dead Muslim fanatics dancing to their tune, thousands of Muslim Useful Idiots, ready to "give it all" for their warped religion? Yes, they do. But, without the power of the DEEP STATE behind them, they would be some useless off-shoot of Al Qaeda, an obscure name you have never heard and ZERO threat to you.

Now, before you call me a nutcase, what I am saying is Public Record, the fact that the U.S. Created, Armed, Supplied, Equipped, Trained and Political and economically support ISIS. The Trial from Benghazi through Turkey, to Syria and Iraq with the aid of Saudi Arabia, and Qatar - this now public record.

So with the FACTS ON THE GROUND in mind, take the time to listen to this man's spin. Between what I have written and what he says, there is much Truth to be gleaned.


  1. Why don't you just say that our president (current) really is responsible for the state of the world with the Muslim situation, add Benghazi, too, but leave Gorka our of it and Trump who will not go to war just for the sake of it which is what you imply. Frankly, you talk in too many circles.

    1. It is my blog you idiot and I will say what I will. Obviously you are short on history if you think the Muslim Problem began with Obama, the last round of Jihadism was created by Reagan and George Bush when the created Al Qaeda. (Which means "the list" that is the list of Jihadis on the CIA's payroll. Any why should I leave Gorka out of an article about HIM. And if you find my writing circuitous, why are you reading it? Get lost.


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