Sunday, December 11, 2016

Traitors vs Revolutionary Heroes

IF you do not get this, and understand that Trump's election was just the first step, the first battle won in the counter-revolution, NOT the completion of the counter-revolution, you cannot understand anything that is happening now.

Did you know that in the Revolutionary War, there were officers and soldiers who served the Continental Army under General Washington, that had previously served in the British Army? There were some "Loyalists" (serving with the Brits) who changed sides during the war?

When we experienced our THIRD successful Revolution in November of 1963, when the Globalists took complete control of the U.S., using the CIA as their Pit Bull Gestapo, it was a "coup d'etat" meaning it was a revolution, not from outside forces, but a betrayal of America by people already in the government, a subversive FORCE grown up INSIDE the government.

The counter-revolutionary force of 2016, is lead by an outsider, Donald Trump, but the force itself is (and has to be) comprised of people outside and inside the Globalist System. JUST as our original Continental forces were populated by people who had been outside and inside the British Empire System.

Some Globalists had a false view of Globalism. I wrote many years ago that the majority caught up in the Globalist System believed themselves to be good people working for good goals of world financial stability, human rights, and world peace. They honestly did not know that the people at the top, the super-elites; they had no idea the super-elites were Luciferians. A great many of these good people, over time, have come to realize that they were betrayed, just like many of the Colonists, loyal to the British Empire, proud to serve the British King as Emperor, realize they had been betrayed, when the King decided to relegate them from their status as free citizens of the British Empire to mere subjects of the English Crown. They had not crossed an ocean on rickety vessels, endured privations, and hard labor building up their personal holdings and their Godly Communities, to remain mere subjects of England, nor to live under de facto military occupation and martial law. My point being, during a Revolution, which this period in American History CLEARLY is, people CHOOSE sides and swear loyalty, they are not permanently condemned by their previous wise or unwise loyalties.

Why is this important to learn? Because the VAST MAJORITY OF OUR POPULATION WAS BORN after November 1963 AND GREW UP INSIDE THE GLOBALIST SYSTEM, just like the majority of American Colonists of the Revolutionary War, grew up in the British Empire System, and when the Revolution came they had to Choose Sides.

Even George Washington through his participation in The French and Indian War, and his commission as commander of the Virginia Regiment was a military officer in the British Empire System and at the time of the Revolution had to choose allegiances, the same process is at work with people today, people parading in and out of Trump Tower, people inside the financial and business establishments, people inside the DIA, CIA, NSA, and the thirteen other SHADOW GOVERNMENT institutions, that are the core of Globalist Power Projection. People at all levels of the Federal and State Governments, have to Choose. Do they remain loyal to the Globalist System, and battle against Trump, seek to sabotage his every action? For many of them, Globalism, with its accompanying Cultural Marxism is ALL THEY KNOW. Or do they join forces with the Old and New Nationalists, in America and all across Europe and Russia and completely restructure the system.

Remember, many people, even of high rank were awakened by the Globalist's betrayal and destruction of America. Some were as shocked as others when it became evident that Globalism was purposely creating chaos and genocide abroad, and had made us vulnerable to Marxist and Muslim Insurgency here at home. They could not have in their wildest dreams pictured the complete betrayal of Europe to Muslim Invasion, or have imagined the complete loss of the simple Bill of Rights on EVERY major college and university campus, and K-12 becoming an Atheistic/Marxist incubator, nor people blacklisted from Corporate Employment, and Government Service, Communications, Publishing, and Academia, for the crime of being a Constitutionalist, Nationalist, simply believing in Christian Moral Principles and the promise of the Declaration of Independence, and the Liberty goals of the U.S. Constitution, LIFE, Liberty and Property.

The Truth and Liberty Movement is expanding every day, and we cannot block the majority of Americans who were born and raised in the Globalist System, from it.

 +++You've been ButchSlapped-TruthBombed. Get over it!  Better than Get over it, LEARN from it.

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